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I want to share with you a bit of my dark side, for it is in facing our demons that we conquer them.  We must not hide our demons, or hide from our demons.  To do that is to allow our darkness to reign free, to influence us unopposed.  In embracing our dark sides, we are in control, our demons are thereby harnessed by our conscience.  I have never hurt anyone in my life and I never will.  I'm a pretty nice guy, aside from being pretty twisted.
If we allow our fear of society's disapproval to silence us, then we cannot speak freely, we have no freedom of speech.  We must speak the whole truth, or we cannot speak truth.
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I do not wish to be anonymous. I believe that for deviancy to be accepted those who are deviant must speak, stand up, and show themselves. I am who I am and if someone does not like me as a result of knowing the truth about me then I do not wish to be that persons friend anyway. I have never been comfortable with lies, and masks are decidedly uncomfortable. Come what may, be it infamy or prison, I would speak the whole truth.

I have an incorrect fetish. The only politically redeeming aspect of my fantasies is that they invariably involve consenting adults. My fantasies excite me very much but if I, for an instant during masturbation, imagine my fantasies with someone unwilling, I lose my erection. Having said that, no one in their right mind would consent to fulfilling my fantasies. They would not survive the experience.

If you have fantasies that you are feeling guilty about, know this. I have spent most of my life feeling guilty about my fantasies. My guilt did not lessen their intensity or make them go away. When I finally accepted that I was never going to harm anyone, and that a 'sin' committed in the mind is not a sin, and accepted my fantasies, they did not increase in intensity either. How I feel about my perversion makes no difference to the fact that I have one. A person is defined in society by what they do, not what they think.

A couple of less extreme writings are also included in this site. I have met so many people who live in their fantasies for lack of any other way of finding fulfillment, that I have written (in response to posted questions) a couple of articles you may find useful or perhaps amusing. By way of breaking the ice with women of potential interest, I have written my thoughts. On the subject of 'normal' sex (yes, it happens) I have compiled my advice for those of little experience.

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