True Life

I have been a most fortunate fellow. I have known some of the most extraordinary women, beautiful, inteligent, talented and sensual women who have gone so far as to embrace even me and my most extreme desires. I would share with you some tellings, that you might know that you need not be alone, despite what you may feel ails you.

First and foremost of these women was my first love. The Story of F. would seem to have nothing to do with these fantasies but I include it out of necessity and for the sake of completeness.

An increadible relationship from way back, still occasionally resurfaces, if only in dreams.

In the case of this fantastically sexy woman, I recount but one of one of the instances that would certainly interest you.

The most unbelievable sex was had in the arms of this woman, who knew no limits and often would strain my own.

Finally, I experienced what it must be like for my 'Bellybutts' myself at the hands of a wise woman.

This page would not be complete without a reference to what I search for now in terms of a woman. If what you read here seems extreme, it is. It is not that I would want nothing less, but in the context of dreams, why not ask for it all?

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