Dream Girl

This is an exploration of my libido and my fetish with the focus being what I would want as an ultimate, in reality. The literal realization of my fantasy would be far different from the fantasy itself and I am very much aware of this. Hence I have no desire to actually carry out my fantasy in reality. I will never hurt you. No matter what else I say or do I swear you are safe. Please believe me, the fantasy excites me, not the reality! Even if I were 100% convinced that you really, actually, desperately wanted me to really do it, I wouldn't. I value your life as much as my own, far more than my own orgasm.

Having said that however, the crux of my fantasy is that I very much want to be 100% convinced that you really, actually, desperately want me to really do it.

I entered the bedroom to find my slavegirl naked, stretched enticingly across the bed. Her legs were wide apart and her back arched to extend her belly. Her arms were bent so that her hands nested in her hair. She had her eyes open and rolled back and her tongue fell lightly out of her open mouth. Her face was orgasmic and her cunt very wet.

"What are you thinking?" I asked, my rising excitement plainly obvious.

"I'm imagining you watching me and masturbating as I lay slowly bleeding from an arrow you have shot deep inside my belly." She replied in a voice husky with lust. "I can feel it penetrating to my soul. It's the ultimate fulfillment of our lives and our lust and it feels wonderful!"

I knelt below her and took her fully erect clit in my lips and started to eat. She moaned her pleasure and continued, "I am your Bellybutt, stretched before you dying with an arrow in her belly. You have burst my belly and I love you for it. I want you to split me wide open as you come!"

She continued to tell me how much she enjoyed being my Bellybutt as she slowly reached orgasm. I rose up and entered her. As we fucked she described how good it felt with an arrow in her belly.

In the afterglow of our mutual orgasm as we held each other she whispered to me. "I really am your Bellybutt. I know what that means and I want it. I want you to know that I want to die for your pleasure, and that if you ever really use me as your bellybutt, I will enjoy it and die happily."

It is the most important element to my fantasies that you not only would let me kill you but that you want me to, that you would actually enjoy the experience. I want to be able to believe that when we are apart you masturbate thinking about my fantasies. That my fantasies in essence are your fantasies and that they excite you even more than they excite me.

Philosophically, this is both total submission and the ultimate proof of your love, commitment and sacrifice. That you have submitted so totally to your love for me that you want to die for my pleasure.

Please understand that while the idea of actually carrying out my fantasy excites me, it is not the essential element. The essence of my fantasies is the desire of my lover to fulfill them.

I was reading a book, or at least trying to. I was finding my girlfriend to be extremely distracting as she puttered about the apartment. She was wearing nothing but a very long tee shirt that she had recently had printed. The word "Bellybutt" was stretched across her breasts and over her lower abdomen were three colored rings forming a bullseye target with the center of her belly the bullseye.

She was keeping a lovely posture which we had named the bellybutt pose. Her back was arched and her shoulders back such that her breasts rode high and her belly stretched wide. I watched her as she admired herself in the mirror, seemingly oblivious to my watching. She turned to and fro perfecting her pose and apparently rehearsing. She looked deep into the mirror seeing with both her eyes and her imagination as she spread her arms and to the mirror nodded her head vigorously. Her face was alive with the most adorable mix of innocent excitement and lust. Suddenly she gasped and her body quivered and she brought her hands briefly to her belly as if to grasp. She looked down at her belly then with heaving panting breaths hesitantly resumed her bellybutt pose, her face orgasmic and wild eyed. Her tee shirt was wet around her cunt.

She noticed I was watching and grinned sheepishly. She kept her bellybutt pose and turned to face me. "I love being your bellybutt." she said lustfully. "Promise me that one day you will use me as I was ment to be used. That you will fulfill my purpose as your bellybutt and shoot me in my belly with an arrow!" She closed her eyes and licked her lips, "I so much want to have your arrow inside my belly!"

I hesitated before saying, "There is nothing in the universe I would love more than to use you as my bellybutt."

"Oh Yes!" She exclaimed, "Use me, shoot me, fulfill our fantasy!"

"But I will not make such a promise unless I am absolutely convinced that you are truly my bellybutt. You must convince me totally that you wish to be fulfilled as a bellybutt before there is any possibility of me making such a promise. Even then I likely will not make such a promise as frankly, I enjoy your desire more than my fulfillment."

"Oh No Please! Master, please, I cannot bear the idea that you will never actually shoot me! Please be convinced. I want you to shoot an arrow deep inside my belly and then gut me as you fuck me to death. I want you to cut my belly wide open and cut off my breasts. I am your bellybutt, I live to be killed by you!"

"Keep trying my beautiful bellybutt. Perhaps one day I will believe you. Perhaps, one day as we pretend, you will surprised by an arrow plunging into your belly!"

"Oh Yes Master! Yes!" She flung herself into my embrace but not before grasping a dagger so that if the fancy might take me I might thrust it into her belly as we made love.

I would like for just a moment to write no holds barred. To go to and to use terms to the extreme. I would like to take the idea of your submission to me and the acceptance of my fantasies to their logical extreme and to describe the conclusion. This is territory that is new to me and if you find it disturbing or frightening, know that I do too.

I want you to be my slave girl, my pleasure slave. I want to own you. I want to pay 1 gold piece to buy you. I want you to sell yourself into slavery to me such that you are my property. Your life and soul would no longer be your own, you would be my property to use and dispose of in any way I choose. You would no longer have free will. Your will would be mine. Your only desire to follow my every command without hesitation no matter what it might be. From your perspective you would be nothing more than a piece of meat waiting to be butchered.

I want you to call yourself my Bellybutt. I want you to think of yourself as my meat. I want you to be excited about the idea of me actually killing you. I want to know that if I pick up a knife you won't shy away, but rather would bring your belly closer with an excited smile on your face. I want to know that if I really did carry out my fantasy with you, that you would die happily begging for more.

If I haven't lost you, read on.

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