I'm hiding a smile that's just a little too much.

Suicidal Fantasies?

I believe in romance, in candle light and long kisses, in long slow arousal, in massage and cunnilingus, in stretching out orgasm after orgasm and afterwards, gentle caresses and sweet murmurings. I have however a dark depth to my soul.

I seek a woman who not only would let me do anything with her, but who would actually want me to do the worst. I seek a woman whose ultimate fantasy would be to die while making love with me. I will not tell you that I wouldn't actually do it. For I would want you to come to me absolutely certain that your life is forfeit in so doing, yet come to me anyway.

I am a good looking gentleman, well dressed, groomed and mannered, 38 years old (I look a lot younger), 5'10", 180lbs, with full blond hair and a goatee and mustache to mask a boyish face. I smile with my eyes and have an easy laugh. I am positive, intelligent, self educated, compassionate, and gentle. I am to a fault, generous, honest, open-minded, trusting and trustworthy. I am also hedonistic, devil-may-care, spendthrift, and have a tendency to procrastinate.

I am not in the best of shape, though you couldn't tell by looking at me. What extra weight I carry is very well spread and I carry myself well. Having said that, I believe that I have let myself go a bit too much and would welcome someone with whom I could share a workout.

I am looking for an intelligent, erotic woman with similar qualities, faults and fantasies to explore and hopefully, fall in love with. It is not necessary that you be a goddess in the looks department. If you are sensual, intelligent, reasonably fit, possessed of a positive personality and also smile with your eyes, I will likely find you attractive.

I have no preconceptions as to what kind of relationship I am looking for and am open to most possibilities. I have dabbled in BDSM and have discovered that while I can do a very good act of being submissive, it doesn't get me excited beyond the fact that I am giving pleasure to my partner. However when the roles get switched my arousal is instant and plainly apparent.

I find the idea of 'adopting into servitude' a young woman, and caring for her while she completes her education to be quite appealing. 'Owning' and caring for a 'slave girl', I'm certain I could enjoy and do well. That is not however necessarily the only idea that I can entertain.

If I interest you, please write. I have stories to share with you and thoughts to express. I live in Montreal, Canada, and if we hit it off, can help you to relocate. Montreal is a wonderful city and I have no real desire to leave here. If however you have firmly established professional roots where you are, I suppose in a pinch I could relocate. While I am very securely employed and not hurting financially, I am not a 'professional' and likely could survive quite nicely, pretty much anywhere.

Keep in mind however the dark side to my libido. You do not want to get involved with me if your libido does not share my darkness. I write stories about blood and impalement.

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