If you are a parent I strongly recommend...

The material on this Web site is absolutely not suitable for children. Even if you believe your children should not have their exposure to the world curtailed, you should think hard as to whether or not you really want them seeing this sort of material. Especially young children could be very bothered by some of the things on these pages.

If you are able to view this site at all, it is likely that you have not installed any sort of filtering software on your computer. I strongly recommend that you do so as quickly as possible. While I am the last person on earth to suggest that censorship is a good thing, I do believe that parents have a right and a duty to help mold their children. Limiting their exposure to things they would undoubtedly find extremely disturbing is likely a good thing. The best way to achieve that while at the same time preserving the rights of consenting adults to express the truth of what is in their thoughts, is through the use of one of a number of filtering programs.

Safe Surf
Net Nanny
Smart Filter

If you are a parent new to the internet and aren't sure about things, an absolutely fabulous set of advice has been compiled by Stephen R. Savitzky.

A letter I wrote explains well my perspective on the subject of keeping the net 'safe' for children while at the same time protecting the freedom of speech of adults.


Dear SafeSurf People,

I am only too glad to keep my Web site out of reach of children. It contains material that is not suitable for most adults, let alone children!

While my site is absolutely ment for only a very tiny minority of people (it deals with fetish sex and death), it is essential that our little community have it's place on the Net. If we are silenced and forced to live in isolation with our guilts and self loathings, there are those among us who could find themselves sinking deeper into antisocial behaviors precisely because of having nowhere to go where they can be accepted.

Within our community those with fetishes that the rest of the world would prefer to believe don't exist, can belong and be accepted. Inevitably, simply due to human nature, in order to be secure in their acceptance, the members of our community come to accept our community standards. These standards enforce the idea that a sin committed in the mind is not a sin. That as long as no one is actually harmed, you are ok.

I find it most interesting to note how the level of misogyny and vulgarity that used to be expressed by some of our members has drastically diminished in the latest years as our community has become more established. Our community has not created new people with terrible fantasies, as these fantasies inevitably have their roots in infancy. What we have done however is to mitigate their effect on the rest of the world.

In a very real sense, I represent the pinnacle of what the forces of censorship would silence. I strongly believe in the principles of freedom. Freedom however is often misunderstood to mean lack of self restraint. For every freedom there is an equal responsibility, just as for every action there is consequence. I exercise my freedom of expression on the Web but fully understand my responsibility to see to it that the minimum of people are offended by my actions.

I heartily endorse the application of voluntary rating systems and embrace their use.



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