Virtually all of these links are broken due to time. These were the links that worked circa 1997.

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Necrobabes Necrobabes is the site that keeps my site and Vicki's site free of charge. You pay to join Necrobabes and the bandwidth charges for our two sites get paid out of the proceeds. The rest of the money (the majority) goes to pay the costs involved in the production of new material. This new material is created based on the fantasies of our members.

Our lady and Goddess, Vicki, has the most marvelous site. Necrobabe is one of the first places you must visit. Make sure you check out her page about IRC chat! Vicki's Toetag

Trickydicky has created a marvelous site that is home to (among other things) his Guide to Bellystabbing Films (that used to be found here).  A very active site.

Sam's Place Sam! One of my first Net friends and one of the best, has come to the Web! This is an utterly fabulous site that you could spend all day in. If you've not yet visited Sam, you ain't seen nothin yet.

Dque is a superlative artist who specializes in asphixia art. The wonderous world of DQue is indeed wonderous! 

I am in absolute awe of the slickness of DQue's Web site! This site is so pretty and nicely done that I feel it my duty to learn from DQue. I hope that DQue takes any of my imitations of his style as the sincerest compliment.


Punisher Punisher's Death and Dismemberment Page.  "This site wan't created to glorify death & pain, but to show what it truely looks like, to let you see what truely happens in our and other societies."

Chez Marquis is an archive of illustrated snuff stories by the Marquis. They cover a wide range of tastes. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for in one of the Marquis' stories, ask him, he may write one just for you. In fact, he wrote a story just for me!

The archive has a wealth of material that anyone serious about snuff really aught to check out.

A really good set of links to some of the most extraordinary Japanese art was sent to me by "jaguar". Most of this is not Snuff but all of it is way over the line (and some of it is snuff). This is an especially good site if you read Japanese. ;-) 

The most interesting site I found thus far on this page is SAKASAMA HIROBASAKASAMA HIROBA

Church of Euthanasia The Church of Euthanasia is truely bizzare variation on some of our predilections.

The article: Sex and Death, is a curious exercise in mental masturbation for the intellectually verbose.

There is an utterly fabulous article on snuff films from "The AFU and Urban Legend Archive / Classic / Snuff Films / snuff films chronicle debunking" There is so much misinformation about this subject. This article does much to shed light.

Another article in Exotic Magazine chronicles one reporters six month search for any evidence of the existance of an actual snuff film.

Samson Alexae's Asphyxia Movie Guide is a rather extraordinary effort! This is a really large and well done listing of movies of interest to those with an asphixia fetish.

If you still haven't noticed and followed the link to TrickyDicky's Guide to Belly-Stabbing Film Clips from my main page, you really should check this out. I maintain this site (do the html, etc.), but unfortunately cannot claim credit for it. It is written (and the content updated) by TrickyDicky.

One of my neighbors (on BlackPlague) is a company that produces custom snuff videos, Dark Fantasies Video. Their most often featured 'snuffee', Jackie, is a real fox! Dark Fantasies

W.A.V.E. W.A.V.E. produces original videos with a "Damsels in Distress" theme. These are all unrated horror movies and are intended for persons 18 and over.

One of my favorite companies maintains an excellent site. Troma produces B grade horror/shlock movies that many of you would recognise by title. Troma

A very slick, commercial web site: Film Wizards' Cult Movie Arcade is a good source for a lot of the movies we'ld all like to see.

For an interesting and well done set of horror movie reviews, check out Losman's Lair of Horror. This is nearly a scholarly work on the subject of cult movies.

Elizabeth's Hanging Site is an FTP site with quite a few pictures and stories.

The Electric Chair deals with things related to executions and the death penalty. Not a 'snuff' site persay, but potentially of interest.

 Lovers of Unconscious Women has some nice pictures, if perhaps a tad tame for some of us, they do stir the imagination. 

The The Pixel Fairy's Necrophiliacs Home Page would appear to be for the serious necro. While snuff fetishists and necrophiliacs are not necessarily the same thing, we share much in spirit if not in misunderstanding.

Finally I must insert a recursive link to the site that sponsers me. The Black Plague is the largest archive of snuff art that has thus far been attempted. This is the only place I know of that has the complete Dolcett collection (complete as per what has seen the net). If you haven't yet visisted this site, brace yourself.

If you are aware of any Web sites that really aught to go on this list, please let me know.

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