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Acroyear Death's Handmaiden  
Adventurer Spy Wars Part I  
Alex Just Desserts  
Sir Alucard A Story My Girl Wrote  
Ambush Untitled Story  
Andy28 Dying Crossdressed  
Anonymous Target Practice  
An X Schoolyear Fantasies I  
John Aphros The Swimming Lesson  
Bad Bart The Demise of Bad Barb and Bad Rose  
BB What If?  
Connie Black The Vampire's Touch  
Booblez Teen Cumslut Ends Up Without a Face  
Buddy_Bear Cut Scene  
Cas The Mysterious Letter  
Cindy123 Chat Session 1  
Claire The Basement  
Craig Killing Kendra  
Cybernarc Cocaine - a Gritty Little Poem  
Darklord The Erotic death of a Nurse  
Delgonian Namekujira  
Devid Two Stories  
Devout Films and Books  
DieByMyHands I Love Your Defeat  
Dirty Dave Tales From the Biowar Days  
Don The Mayor  
Dolungbridge Poor Patti Hirst  
Morgan Drake The Flowers of Hell  
Edamus Her Passage  
EnemySpy Firing Squad  
Erebus Lust, Sand, and Blood  
Max Fallen A Story for Tatianna  
The Finder One Stormy Night - When She Gets Revenge  
Gladifan Sam and Sarah  
Guzo Sophie  
Harris Lucy  
Hey TLL The Market Place  
High Priest Offering of Xilonen  
Honda Break-In  
Hufkens Sally's Ordeal  
Hunger Consuming Passions  
Hungry for More Juli's Tragic Ending  
Inspector Blake The Case of the Unique Suicide  
Jackie (Jacquena) Necro-Fantasy  
Jala Chuwan  
Kimberly My Mistake  
H. Kong Asian Snuff Story  
Ladydoc Stephanie  
Dick Larson Drugs, fucking, and Dying  
Little Bit DC Dolls  
The Lizarrd Carnage at Kappa Delta Kappa  
LR Deathboard Game Show  
Marcus The Unkindest Cut of All  
J.P. Meser Crazy for Daisy  
Michael and Amber True Story (Gas Chamber)  
NinjaCreamDream Nuriko's New Belt  
OGF The Weekend  
John Oliva The Wookie-Like Bartender*  
Papa Roach The Real Deal  
Persophone Three Responses  
Pete That Friday Feeling  
Phoenix Song of Death  
Plagiarist Twelve Very Short Stories  
Jacques Prevert Song in the Blood  
Quagmire de BogsideChecking the Homeworks  
Chips Rafferty Teenage Hitgirls for the Mob*  
Ken Randall Fifteen  
Reilly666 Introductions  
Richard A Strangulation Yarn  
Rick A Tribute to Hanged Girls  
RoiSensai Princess  
Sandman Murder Me  
Schizoid Prologue  
Shadowmn My Task  
Silkstocking Killing Taryn  
Skrape Botched Bank Robbery  
Sliplady None Noted  
Snipe The Show - A Beginning  
Snowden The Bar  
Splay Second Chance  
The Stalker The Strangled Scream Queen  
Swi287 Over My Dead Body  
Talltall Emily's Bad New Year  
Thomas A Story  
Trevor The Zipper Killer Enjoys His Morning  
T-Rex The Haunting Of The Sade Estate  
Uncle Spam Dan Rather Epic*  
Scott Urban Christmas Fantasia  
Avi Vice-Versa Upside-Downers  
Vidi Veni Another Christmas Story  
Vorgous Verna - Drumith and the Pygmys  
The Watcher In Memory of Megaton  
Wendy That Could Have Been Me!  
Whiplash Haiku  
Yesterday Past Nanny Nancy  

* Note: Stories marked with a * are deliberately bad, part of a "bad story" contest.