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Well, here we are again - I can't get rid of you and you can't get rid of me.

For right now, though, the Public Board does not exist. The Necrobabes Public Board won't really ever exist again, I don't imagine, because Necrobabes does not exist. Thanks to CNB - and now, thanks to DFN - a ghost of it has reappeared here.

I haven't restored the board to functionality, at least not yet. If I were to receive a large number of emails at the above address - up there where it says "Email Sam" - I might. But in recent years the board has simply become an advertising venue, stories are not common anymore and discussions just aren't taking place.

So for the moment this will remain a placeholder - and a notification. Any stories that anyone wants added to their archive, email them to me and it will be done. If this happens, such stories will be linked in a "new" folder in the archive, so that the user does not have to plow through the whole thing looking for new stuff.

Also, with the transfer of whole sites like this, some errors - some places where the links were absolute and not relative - will inevitably occur. If you come across any such, I'd appreciate it if you pointed them out to me (again, at the address above).

As always,

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