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Updated April 2008 (about time)

Most of this stuff you know. If you aren't of legal age, go away now. This stuff is meant for consenting adults only. If you're accessing this from someplace where severely twisted erotica is illegal, you might get busted if you don't go away, but I personally plan to leave that up to you. I'll be asking these questions again, so expect it.

This is fantasy. Don't go off and try any of this in real life and then come blaming me.

All this stuff, the text and the pictures, are copyrighted Sam Leo 1997-2008. What this means is you can save them or give them to your friends or post them on Usenet, but you can't sell them. If you do sell them and we find out about it, me and the boys'll be paying you a little visit.

If any of the pictures I'm using violates someone else's copyright, let me know about it and I'll take it down and replace it.

on the opening page is provided courtesy of Digits.com.

To ensure compatibility with laptops amd smaller monitors, most of the site is adjusted to fit an 800x600 screen, although some pages are allowed to self-adjust, such as the one you're now viewing.

If you have a very small or low resolution screen (less than 800x600), then of course some scrolling up and down and, in places, left and right, will be necessary. With some displays, the small window at the top might be unuseable; in such cases, you can right-click on the small window, then choose "open frame in new tab" or (in MSIE) focus your pointer on one of the elements (music is on the left, the map on the right in case they are just blurs), then choose "open link in new tab." Once you've done this you have the music/map structure tabbed and whenever you wish you can open it so that you can see what you're doing.


The site was originally optimized for Netscape 3+, when it was first launched at blackplague.org, back in May of 1997. In the eleven years it has existed, a succession of changes in browser protocols has taken place, and, although it really never has been "optimized" for it, the site is probably most trouble-free now in MSIE 7 - everything works properly and the user is not required to download or alter any plugins. Netscape is now essentially dead, but the site remains completely compatible with Netscape 4.8/MSIE 5 (for those using ancient systems) and has also been tested in Mozilla Firefox 2.


Popup windows other than "onclick" (which popup windows do not block) are no longer used at Sam's Place.


Reluctantly, I have given up using MIDI files for the main background music at Sam's Place. While MSIE handles MIDI files properly--and older Mozilla browsers like Netscape 4.8 do as well-- modern versions of other browsers such as Firefox do not. Firefox/Netscape 9 issue messages telling you you need to download a plugin, and if you try to, it'll either tell you there is no available plugin or suggest Apple Quicktime. My recommendation is that you DO NOT INSTALL THE APPLE QUICKTIME PLUGIN. It is extraordinarily intrusive, hard to get rid of, and renders MIDI files very badly. See below if you are a Firefox user for a solution.

The main background music (and other audio) files at Sam's are in standard Flash (.swf) format now. Thanks to Rathead for the construction of a streaming template for these and for the minimal player that allows the user to turn the sound on and off (see below).

As of this update, the background music has been eliminated in the no-frames mirror site. The reasons for this are given below.

There is also (as of Jan. 12, 1998) the option of changing the background music. THE ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FILES ARE STILL MIDI FILES. These work fine in MSIE, but if you want to use them in Firefox/Netscape, click here.

In the Framed Site:
To turn the music off, use the scroll bar in the little tiny top frame (the upper frame scrollbars). Use the "down" scroll arrow (the word "map" should progress upward). Scroll until you see the Flash console (this has only start/stop controls). If you're playing an alternative MIDI selection, you'll see a Media Player, Crescendo, or NPAUDIO console. With modern browsers, you can then use the off and pause buttons on the console to turn it off or pause it, and, in some applications, use the volume control. In some older browsers, especially older versions of MSIE, the "off" button won't work. If this happens, right-click on it, and choose "stop."

To change the musical selection, use the same scrollbar and scroll past the music console until you can see the words "CHANGE BACKGROUND MUSIC." Click on the words. You'll get a new window with more than fifty different musical selections. Make your choice, then scroll to the bottom of that page and click "close this window;" that'll return you to Sam's Place.
note: If you have no Javascript or have your Javascript disabled, you'll have to close these windows manually, as the "close this window" tags will not work. Actually a lot of things at Sam's won't work if you have no Javascript or have your Javascript disabled.

Momentarily (how long "momentarily" is depends on how fast downloading is tonight), your selection will begin to play. You can do this from any screen beyond the opener (the street scene), as many times as you wish.

You also have the option of making selections from Ric-QM's Midiphony site, directly from the "change music" page. If you do, you can then continue to explore Sam's Place while listening to selections from Ric's excellent site. These produce external consoles; don't forget to close them.

In the no-frame Site:
The only music available in the no-frames site is that integral to the pages themselves, not background music. Song selections for "The Leather Queen" and "The Redhead" in the "Three Dames" section continue to function, as does the music for "The Ballad of Ded Bob" in Room 213 upstairs. The sound effects at the Usher House, in the Aztec World, and in Room 213 function as well. If you want background music, use the framed site.


Since the background music files are now standard Flash files, you should not have any problems with these unless you haven't installed a Flash plugin yet. If you need one go HERE.


If you try to start one of these and it a) does not play, and b) does not tell you you need a plugin, or c) produces some kind of horrible racket instead of music, you may not have your browser properly configured for MIDI files yet. Those using older versions of Internet Explorer may find that you don't hear MIDI files at Sam's Place even though on some other sites, you do hear background music. This is because I have not used Microsoft's proprietary "BGSOUND" tag in conjuction with Netscape's "EMBED" command anywhere (this creates problems for MS Explorer 3 users, causing the music to start twice and overlap with hideous results).

A few years ago, I said that the most trouble-free audio plug-in I've found so far (and overall, still one of the best sounding) is the old reliable from Netscape, NPAUDIO.DLL. If you are using an older version of MSIE or Netscape, you can get a copy of this file (it's about 271K large), simply place it in your Netscape or Explorer plug-in folder (in the case of Explorer you may have to create a directory called "PLUGINS" in your MSIE directory to get things to work right) and it would then play all the MIDI files correctly (and still will, in older browsers like Netscape 4.8, even if you're running them on WinXP or Vista).

Sadly, this has changed with the times, and NPAUDIO.DLL will not work with Firefox, with current versions of MSIE, or even with the final releases of Netscape itself (7.2 and up). If you are still using an old browser and you want a copy of NPAUDIO.DLL, you can get one here, in ZIP file format.

Note for those using old browsers: By default, Netscape 4.8 installs the "Beatnik" player for MIDI sounds. This is a poor player for MIDI; it will cause severe distortion on some MIDI files. To fix this problem, use Windows Explorer (START - PROGRAMS - WINDOWS EXPLORER) and browse down to the directory PROGRAM FILES - NETSCAPE - COMMUNICATOR. Click the folder icon to open this folder. Now, with the mouse pointer in the right frame, RIGHT CLICK the mouse and choose NEW from the folder that pops up, Then choose FOLDER. Name this folder "disable."

Browse on down to the directory program/plugins (program files/netscape/communicator/program/plugins). Find and highlight the files called BEATNIK.CLASS and NPBEATNK.DLL. Drag-and-drop them to the folder "DISABLE" you just created.

Now download NPAUDIO.ZIP (32 bit for Win9x) as described above. Unzip the file and put the resulting NPAUDIO.DLL in the "plugins" folder you just removed Beatnik from.

Next time you start Netscape, it'll automatically configure itself to use NPAUDIO.DLL as its MIDI player.

In Netscape 7 NPAUDIO.DLL is again the default MIDI player, so no action is needed. In Netscape 7.2 and up this was disabled again, and the instructions for Firefox below should be followed.

In current versions of MSIE (5,6,7) Windows Media Player is the default MIDI player, and this works well enough to require no action.


Firefox presents some special problems. As mentioned, the Firefox plugin referece either suggests nothing or the troublesome Apple Quicktime plugin. To hear MIDI sounds in Firefox, you should download the Crescendo plugin, which also works with MSIE if you prefer it over Windows Media Player. On the download page of the site the above link refers to, choose the "Crescendo Max 5.1 Universal" plugin for Firefox 2. The "universal" version is designed for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Netscape, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, and Internet Explorer. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT WORK IN WINDOWS VISTA. At least not yet.

When you run the Crescendo installer (c51unimx.exe) you downloaded, it may try to insist that you install it to MSIE or to Netscape. Don't bother to install it in MSIE, it offers no real benefits over the default Windows Media Player that MSIE uses. For Firefox, quit the installation if you started it, and, before installing it, use Windows Explorer to locate the /plugins folder being used by Firefox. On a typical WinXP system, this would be at C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/plugins. Once you've determined this, run the install and choose the Netscape option. When it comes to the section that says, "install to this folder," type in the address of the Firefox plugin folder. Once you've done this, Crescendo should play the MIDI files correctly in Firefox.

If you accidentally install it in the wrong place, then proceed as follows: first, use add/remove programs in the control panel to remove Crescendo from your system. Then run it again after determining the location of the Firefox plugin folder, and proceed as above.

NOTE: When Crescendo starts in Firefox (the first MIDI song played), it generates a small "load" window that appears right in the middle of the window (WMP and NPAUDIO do not do this). This window will disappear on its own once the music begins to play, and it will remain hidden after that.

You might be wondering why all the MIDI files at Sam's Place haven't been converted to MP3 files or the current industry standard .swf (Macromedia Flash) sound files, both of which work without installing anything extra on most systems. In fact, the few .WAV sounds that are part of Sam's Place have been converted to Flash, since Firefox tries to get you to download Quicktime for those, too, and Crescendo won't play them. As either an MP3 or .swf file, the version of Mack the Knife that is the background music in the bar is 3.3M large. The .mid (MIDI) version is only 29K large--less than 1/10 the size of the MP3/.swf.

That's why.


In the old days, Win3.1 sometimes mapped drum sounds into MIDI channel 10 (by default drum sounds are channel 16), which could cause some songs to sound horrible. But MIDI map problems have vanished with Win 3.x, this is not ever, to my knowledge, a problem in Win9.x, WinXP, or Vista. The only MIDI issue you are likely to encounter in 9.x/XP/Vista are cases where a) the synth sound volume control is turned all the way down (fix this by double-clicking your speaker icon and adjusting the slider), or b) MIDI is directed to some other port than your sound card or onboard sound (fix this in the control panel, under "sounds and audio devices"). This latter will only occur if you sometimes use a MIDI module or MIDI keyboard with your computer.

It should be noted that this sort of problem can, however, arise when the plug-in for Apple's QuickTime is installed. QuickTime takes over the audio functions from NPAUDIO, WMP, or Crescendo, and does not always render MIDI sounds correctly. For Netscape/Firefox, the situation can usually be corrected by uninstalling QuickTime and re-installing NPAUDIO.DLL or Crescendo. For MSIE (at least under Win9x, I have never tested this in XP) it's an utter disaster. I know no way of correcting the various problems induced by QT short of a total reinstall of Windows.

I strongly recommend against installing QuickTime.

Although there are no Quicktime movies at Sam's, you may find this information useful: to view Quicktime movies, there is an alternative player for .MOV files (Quicktime) which has none of the problems QT induces. This consists of an installation of Windows Media Player Classic (Version and a .DLL file that handles .MOV files very nicely - and will handle many other types as well, including many RealPlayer (.RM, .RMI) files. Depending on the codecs you have installed, it will also play .WMV, ASX, and ASF files as well as the usual .MPG and .AVI. It even plays DVDs. All in all, a nice little player. Very unobtrusive, does not seem to interfere with anything. Free.

Get it here:

Download Quicktime Alternative 2.4.0 (7.2 MB)




From the framed site, the chat rooms can be accessed at

A listing of the chat rooms is in the frame on the left. For access from the NO FRAMES site, use:
To use MIRC-based chat, you do have to have a copy of mIRC on your system. There are ways to set up other IRC clients to work, but I'll only cover mIRC (which is designed to work this way) here. If you don't have it already, you can get a copy from:

The mIRC Home page.

Once you have it, set up your nickname and one alternate, enter an E-mail address and your "real name." Under "local info," set things for "always get local host" and "method=normal." For this purpose you don't have to worry about servers and ports and so on.

When you start up mIRC (version 6.31), the "about" window pops up first. You can avoid this by registering it (and paying for it). If you haven't registered it you can still use it, but you have to go through two passes of waits, clicking "continue" each time. There is apparently no way to avoid this (as there was in older versions).

The older version of web chat links, using .chat files and MLINK.EXE, has been discontinued. mIRC now supports direct irc:// statements, meaning your browser does not have to be configured to handle IRC. Note: this is mIRC specific, you must have a fairly current version of mIRC (such as 6.31) installed for this to work. When you click on one of these links, you may get a message saying "An external application must be launched to handle irc.links." Click "continue," of course, but before you do you might want to check the box that says "Remember my choice for all links of this type," otherwise you'll see this every time you use an IRC link. When IRC pops up, it may ask if you want to change servers. Click the button that says "change servers and join the channel," then OK.

Using IRC without going through your browser:

What the browser links do for you is to
1. Find you a server
2. Connect you directly to a channel.

You can do this manually without ever opening your browser, if you wish. Open mIRC (or any other IRC client) and choose a server as follows:
a. For Sam's_Place, Necrobabes, etc., choose any Dalnet server.
Recommended servers:
i. stlouis.dal.net
ii. groucho.dal.net
b. For #snuffsex (Undernet), choose any Undernet server.
Recommended servers:
i. los-angeles.ca.us.undernet.org
ii. stlouis.mo.us.undernet.org
c. For the Conference Room, choose as a server
Recommended servers:
ii. greennet.ma.us.webchat.org
Note: You'll probably have to add these to your list using "add" on the setup screen.
Once you're on a server, decide on your channel. Then join it according to the following examples (#1 assumes you're on Dalnet, #2 will work on Dalnet or Undernet, #3 assumes you're on irc.webmaster.com):
1. /join #Sam's_Place
2. /join #snuffsex
3. /join #blackplague
Now... start talking.



1. This is accessed as "The Conference Room" from the same list of IRC chatrooms. If you're using NS4 or MSIE4 this is reasonably automatic, you don't have to do anything except click on the link. If you're using MSIE3 you'll probably get a "numeric exception" message; you can access it using the link below if that happens. With non-Java browsers like the final release of NS3, you'll get a window informing you that Java is required; but, if you've configured your browser to use mIRC as described above, you can click on the link in the error-message window and access the channel from there--or, alternately, from the link below.

2. In the NO FRAMES version, the Java-chat is not offered. Instead, a simple mIRC based link is used to provide access to The Conference Room. You'll find it in the list with the other IRC chatrooms, and you can find that list here, or you can access The Conference Room immediately using the link below.

The Conference Room (does not require Java).

3. The Java-based Conference room was developed by Sonya.



1. The Main (framed) Site:

The Necrobabes Public Bulletin Board can be accessed at
In the bottom frame at the right, you'll see a "reload" tag and a "post" tag. Using this posting tag you can post immediately, you do not have to wait for all the previous posting headers to load first. Normally, however, you'd want to look at "what's new" on the BBS, then post. Reading a posting or clicking on the "post" button in the bottom frame will stop the BBS from loading.

Note:You can't use the "instant post" tag to post a followup, use the posting area inside the window for these (these normally don't take much time to download, since you're only downloading the individual posting, not the whole BBS).

This area is also known as "surf central" for boards in the community. By pulling down the scrollbar in the frame at the lower right, you can access links for several other message boards in the community. Selecting these will change the board you're viewing in the main window. The "post" and "reload" tags in the lower window always apply to whatever board you are currently viewing.

2. The No-Frames Site:

You can access the Necrobabes Public Bulletin Board at:
In this case, the "read" link takes you directly to the BBS and you must return to Sam's Place using your browser's "back" button. You can return at any time; the "Post" button will allow you to do an "instant posting" without ever even reading the board at all, if you so desire. "Surf Central" is not available to users without frames-capable browsers.


The Site Maps

The Main Site Map and the No-frames Site Map have been installed as aids to those who've been having problems finding their way around Sam's Place (and admittedly, that can be difficult). From the Site Maps, you can access brief descriptions of what's in each section of Sam's Place, and access is provided to all "top" pages in both the framed and no-frames sites.

1. In the framed version, there is a tiny icon in the upper right-hand corner of every upper frame (except for the "street scene" opening section) that'll take you back to the site map at any time (you may have to double-click this label, since you'll normally have "selected" the lower frame). The icon looks like this:

2. In the No-Frames version, there are similar "map" icons on all main pages and many secondary pages, but they are not available on every page. To get to the map from a page without an icon, return to any main "hub" page (such as, "back to the bar," "back to the babes," etc.); wherever you are you are never more than a few clicks away from a "map" icon.


The No-Frames Site

The concept of the No-Frames site has changed, given that all supported browers are now frames-capable; the need for a second site to support older browsers that could not use frames is a thing of the past. On the other hand, it may be difficult to refer a user to a particular subsection of the site (such as a guest page, a particular story, or a particular picture set) in a framed structure, and for this reason the no-frames mirror has been maintained as a reference site. In the no frames section the background music has been eliminated, but all other functions, such as JavaScripts, are identical between the sites.




You can now click on the link below to go back to the opening screen, or click on the neon sign above to start (unless you want to use the no-frames site, in which case you can use this link directly). Have fun.

best, Sam

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