[upstairs hallway]
Well, here we are, upstairs; guess you're wondering what's up here besides my excuse for an office, huh? Yeah, you got it. Sort of a flophouse for some guys who're down on their luck. Hell, somebody's gotta look after these mugs, I figure it might as well be me... Sure, you can go talk to them if you want to.

On the right down there, first off, we have old Jake; he's a history buff, he's got lots of good stories to tell. In the next room is Denny, he usta work as a hit man. His story, well, it's something, all right... and he knows a few more besides that one. On the left side, first door, that's Ben's room. I'd watch him, he rambles, you can't believe a word he says. There are other rooms, too, several of them--and you never know who you'll find in the guest rooms. Wander on down the hall, you'll see what I mean.

So. Where to?