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Butchery This is possibly the most extreme piece I have ever done. It was actually just a small section of a sheet I was using to test various drawing ideas and styles. It came out so well however that I have excised it from the rest (which didn't work) to share with you.
This was one of the first color pictures I ever drew. It remains one of my best. Amazon
Oops! This is my very first piece of color art. It was in fact due to the fact that I was reasonably impressed with it that I continued to try to draw. It was deliberately toned down (believe it or not) so that I could feel comfortable showing it to a few people in RL to get feedback. I showed it to a couple of pro artists and a publisher friend and the consensus was unanimous, continue.
This is something I put together for a friend a while back. Mikefood
Skewered Something inspired by Dolcett. This is not what I would prefer to do with a consenting lady, but it certainly would be interesting.
This is one of my later attempts at a collage of scenes. It worked somewhat better than some of my earlier tries. In the end however, I found it to be just a little too repetitive, although I did like the way the girl handing her knife to the viewer came out.  Me Too
Blood & Guts This is an extract from a large poster sized piece I did a while ago. Unfortunately it does not all fit onto my scanner and so I can give you only bits of it at once. One of these days I will attempt to reassemble it from multiple scans so you can get the whole of it in one picture. 

It at least purports to be a battle scene (late in the battle) between naked amazon warriors (a favorite theme).

Here is one of my favorite poses. It is simple but this is what does it for me.  Pop!
Tit Slice While there is far too little blood in this drawing considering the kind of wounds she has taken, I like the effect of it.
I like this one for her body position. She is wide open and even while the blade plunges, unresisting. It bespeaks of unconditional surrender and acceptance of her fate. Indeed, her openness and the angle of the blades entry gives hint of her desire for it.
This one I like because it lends so much to the imagination.

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