(Okay, lemme straighten my tie before I start to make this speech... gotta sound high-class here...)
Barbanne has long been recognized as one of the most talented and prolific writers we have around these parts. Here she turns her talents to mythical themes. I'm truly pleased to be able to offer these stories at Sam's Place.
   The Quest
   Land of Mystery
The Henge and the Druids
Once Upon a Time...
Hor Hus
More of Barbanne's Stories (from the Necrobabes Public Board Archive)
Even more of Barbanne's Stories (courtesy of Femmes Obscure)
Okay, now listen up: once you've read these, you're gonna drop Miss Barbanne - barbanne@hotmail.com - a line and let her know what you think of 'em. Hey, it's worth it to keep your knees, ain't it?