The Hostage Taker, Chapter 2

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The Hostage Taker, Chapter 2
by Jay_P

I carried the two 20 litre drums of acid as far as the door, I didnít see the point in showing my cards this early in the game so I placed them out of. I was looking forward to pumping our prisoner for some information; maybe even for some pleasure I knew she was going to be a tough to crack, leaving Barbanne to guard her should be giving her the feeling of superiority & lower her defences.

I entered the room, news reports flashed across the silent TV, two lengths of twisted rope lay on the floor, "fuck it" I pulled my 38 from the holster tucked in the back of my jeans waist. Flicked my phone out and called front security. "has anyone left the building this morning"

"Just Barbanne Jay, she exited in her car approximately 30 minutes ago"

I had no response, a feeling of anger and dread lingered as I slid the phone in my pocket staring at the ropes on the carpet. I glanced to the side noticing the door to the next room slightly ajar, I strolled inside the room empty apart from a large leather upholstered timber desk and matching chair. Moving to the broom cupboard a slither of light widening exposing the pale lifeless body of a woman I had loved and laughed with on many occasions. I stepped up to her lifting her hair with the muzzle of my pistol the shimmer of saliva glistened on her chest and chin. My hand griped her hair tilting her head back, her mouth agape a bluish pale tinge to her once beautiful red lips. her eyes partially open revealing her dead stare that gazing nowhere.

"Barbanne babe, you fucked up royally this time"

I looked down over her pale form, her once tight body showing total relaxation, her tits draped down her chest, the once flat tummy distended, her creamy beautiful legs and feet splayed apart exposing her cunt, a slight shimmer glistens from her parted pussy lips. Sliding my finger in her mouth, such a strange sensation as I her cool flaccid tongue pushes aside, slightly warm verifying the guards observation. She was killed within the hour.

I slide my hands under her limp arms and lift her pressing her to the wall with my body, flopping her lip arms over my shoulders her head rests against my shoulder and jaw the familiar aromas of her waft in my face. I lean back gripping her naked butt cheeks lifting her against me I walk to the desk her arms flop to her sides, she sways gently. Pressing our hips together I push her butt onto the desk, her flaccid body drops back, my vein attempt at grabbing her arms to lower her down fails, she lands with a dull thud. her tits jiggle with he impact her head cocked to the side landing like a sand bag "shit babe, thatís gottta hurt" I knew if she were alive she would have laughed.

I touched her neck, the dark bruising I had seen before, I knew she was hand choked. I looked over her body running my fingertips down her chest over her cool tight nipples, aware of my cock straining hard to escape my jeans.

Ďímmm one last time Barbanne" I unbuttoned my jeans sliding them down, lowering my mouth to her pussy parting her legs with my free hand, inhaling her scent my nose in her curls, I tongued her sweet cunt the slight tang of urine overpowered by the sweet slick juices she oozed as she died, I knew she must have climaxed, itís a familiar taste ive experienced with her many times. My tongue flickered her clit, cool yet pumped like she was alive, silent her body gently rocking with my movements, unlike the quivers and moans I was accustomed to with when we were both willing participants.

I reached forward gripping her tits hard with both hands, pulling her to me her ass moved from the table, hips thrust forward as sheís suspended by her lower back, "you look so fucking hot babe" parting her legs I position my cock sliding in her tight yet unresponsive cunt, three long hard thrusts Iím deep inside her cooling body. I stroke long hard her body swaying, tits rocking with my motion, her head nods staring to the side at the empty cupboard. I grip a fist full of hair pulling her body into a slumped sitting position. My arms around her, her head flops back as I tongue her cool mouth. My balls ache as my hips work franticly.

"Ohh yess" I grunt and tremble in pleasure, cum squirts in her dead cunt, she flops back to the desk with a thud, I pull put and squirt hot cum over her belly, over her tits. "Ohhh yess babe, youíre still a hot fuck even dead" my sweat drips onto her body as I catch my breath. Her pale dead body lays so seductive I want her again but know time is short.

Pulling my jeans up, grabbing my phone, "my office, forget the grounds! Clean up this mess, two drums outside the front door, you know what to do" I slide my shirt on walking beside the desk, Leaning kissing my dead lovers lips. "the guys will take care of you babe, the feds will be here within the hour, you should be clean by the time they arrive"

The flight home was a long one, thinking of what I will do to Ms Trueblue
Helped tick the hours by.