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Subtitled: Pimples, Play acting and Passion.

By Barbanne.

Part One: The Teen Queen.
The only thing that stops me being perfect is zits!!!
I'm fifteen and a couple of months, a girl, and while probably not destined to be a super model, being shortish and freckly, (although I have got painfully skinny going for me), I have that perfection of a fifteen year old body and face. Unblemished skin, flat planes, soft curves, cute childishness growing into sexy adolescence. I am a sex dream for adolescent boys and dirty old men and I attract their gaze whenever I walk anywhere, unconsciously flaunting my innocence and, let's not beat around the bush, sheer sexiness.
And then there's zits.
Damn it, why can't they happen out of sight.
No, ............right on your face.
I attack them with zit killing lotions and stuff and wonder why nature plays this cruel prank on me, when I am otherwise at my sexually most attractive. Darnation, if I was a female animal, rutting males would be sniffing my bum like crazy.
Maybe animals can live with zits.

I live with a couple of relatives. An Aunt and an Uncle. Why them? It's a long story and not part of this one.
They are very religious and they are quaintly old fashioned and I am a bit too much for them. They never had children of their own and they don't really relate to this teenage kid and all her problems and stuff.
I mean, I like them heaps and they are really good to me, but they think I dress like a freak, and they would like it if I didn't get involved with boys, and they think my tastes in music and books and everything really are like from another planet. I think theirs are, well, not from another planet, but from this one before the flood. They're so ancient. All this wierd sixties stuff. Sorry Auntie and Uncle.
They are really good to me. And I do like them a lot. But!!!
For instance.
I am going for an interview for a part in a play and I am really well dressed. I want to make an impression. I've got on my denim skirt and jacket. The skirt has three big buttons down the front which don't actually button or anything and when you reach the third button, well, that's the hem of the skirt, but they're big buttons and all the kids wear stuff like this. I've got on my really good panties, pink, blue and green, sort of psycho deli pattern and they cost heaps at Target. I've got on a pink top that's got short little sleeves and a scooped neckline and comes down to the top of my navel. So a few centimetres of my tummy is showing, all the kids do that. I haven't got a bra on and Auntie is freaked about that, but if I did it would be a double A cup and even then I'd have room to spare. I mean I've got nothing but a couple of bumps. Auntie says you can see my nipples. She has trouble saying that word. OK, you can see my nipples. That's the idea. I have fairly decent nipples even at this early stage of my breast development. (Hope it's an early stage, don't want them to stop now.) I have my excellent shoes, high heeled, sort of chunky. Auntie thinks they look like clogs. Huh, you should see what she wears. I have a short denim jacket that matches the skirt, she doesn't have anything against that. My hair is permed, sort of fritzy, that's what all the girls have, and it's being itself today and Auntie says it looks like bird's nest. Huh. It's what all the other kids have got. Does she want me to look like a freak or something?
See what I mean?
They don't understand.
Talk about out of it.

Part Two: The Play.
I went to the interview and got the part in the play.
It's an amateur, with a capital A production and the cast consists of three boys and a girl. That's me, the girl. She's a harpy, a lippy little chick who is a major pain in the ass and in act one she gets accidentally killed and the rest of the play is about how the boys ineptly try to get rid of her body. It's a comedy. I mean they are like inept with a capital I and she is a proper little shit.
I suppose it's a black comedy.
I mean, even though she's a shit and all, she does get killed!!!
Anyway, I had to see this guy who's like the director and he thought I was brash and lippy and a pain in the ass and he wanted to kill me, so I was perfect. Besides, I only have lines to learn for the bit where I am alive, so that suits me fine.
Well, it's due to run about three nights and to play to the local community, so it's not exactly broadway, but it's my acting debut. The budget is so small that by the time they pay to run the lights in the hall it's near enough used up, so the costumes are by the actors and at their expense. I wear mine to the hall and it's a really short skirt that's made from a brightly patterned material, mostly yellow, and a black top that's like a cross between a singlet and a tube top, piped in yellow around the top and shoulder straps and it finishes just above my navel again. I have my psycho deli panties on (they HAVE been washed) and my chunky shoes. No stockings or hose or any of that stuff. My hair is being itself as usual, all crinkly permed and frizz, and I have lashed on literally heaps of dark eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick.
I think I look fantastic.
The play starts and I am mouthing off at these guys. I prance around and stand with my hand on my hip and wiggle my bum back and forth across the stage and waggle my finger, wiggling and waggling, and generally give a world champion, really excellent performance as teen sex bomb and sharp tongued bitch.
Well, in the plot they mix up this, like lethal, cocktail as a joke and it's sitting there on the table and in scene three, act one, in the middle of a real mouthing off, I pick it up and drink it down thinking it's something they made for me and thanking them real sarcastic like.
Then I go like, "Uuugggghhh...." and stagger over and plop on the lounge facing the audience.
Then I go, "God that was foul, what was that?"
Then I go, "Errrgggghhhh" and "Ooooowwwwer." and clutch my throat.
Then "Ughhh, ughhh, ughhh,................." and stick out my tongue and then I like grab my bare tummy and go like gurgle, gurgle, gurgle........and then I throw out my arms and go, "Uuuuunnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" and slide down the lounge until I'm lying on my back, legs in front of me, knees bent, feet rolled over on the sides of my chunky shoes and I'm dead.
What a performance.
Now that I am dead, I am presenting a view that's like knobbly knees, then white legs and insides of my thighs right up to my psycho deli panties which, because of the extreme brevity of my skirt, are fully on display. I'm there dead and I can hear the director saying "Psst, Barbara, don't show yourself like that." "Oh god what will people think." and "Cover her up." This last to my co-actors.
There's nothing much they can do, there not being a sheet or blanket on the set, so the last part of the scene has to be played with me showing my knickers to the audience and to two guys in particular.
One is David and he's sixteen and tall and slender and really cool and long haired and beautiful. Mister handsome. The other is Alex and he's sixteen and tall and strongly built. Mister handsome and muscles.
Both of these guys are looking at me and up my legs and up my skirt and seeing my colourful panties and knowing what sweet secret is a layer of pretty fabric behind what they can see, and as they have five minutes to view it, they both get a real hard on. I mean a sixteen year old boy's best friend, a jean straining HARD ON.

In between acts I get a real yelling out. I mean they go positively apeshit purple ticking me off. So when the next act begins I have been placed, stretched out on my back on the lounge, clunky shoe'd feet on the arm rest and my arm hanging down all limp and floppy and side on to the audience. Well, while my fellow players are walking around my corpse, acting out their lines, I use my hand that's away from the audience to little by little work my skirt up and up until the psycho deli panties are in full view again.
There's lots of like "Psst, psst, Barbara." and "For goodness sake girl." all sotto voce from the wings, but the upshot is that David and Alex get so hard this time, that when my part finally ends and my limp and lifeless body is carried off by two of the other actors, both of my conquests cream their jeans.
What an actress! Hollywood awaits.

Part Three: David and Alex.
The show over, I leave by the back door, still wearing my costume, which is of course, my street clothes.
Oh joy. There waiting for me are David and Alex.
"Hi guys."
"Hi Barb. Good play."
"Thanks David. Did you like it? Hi Alex. What did you think. Like it?"
"Yeah it was great."
"Course I wasn't much. Just there to play the victim."
"Oh no Barb, you were really great."
"Did ya think so. Really You're just saying that."
"No, I mean it you were excellent. wasn't she Alex?"
"She was terrific."
"Oh your just saying that."
"No, no, I mean it."
Good boys, I thrive on flattery and anyway most of my "acting" was a peep show for your benefit.
"You're really really sweet to say that." I lean up and give David a smack on the cheek and then turn to Alex and repeat the dose.
"ALEX!" It's his mum. I'm not her favourite girl.
"Come away boy, we're going home." She practically propels him towards their car. "Bye Barb. Loved the play." He shouts. I hear muttered words. "Really Alex, that girl! Of all the nice girls in your class, why do you want to see THAT girl.................."
"..........she's nothing but a common, cheap, brazen little hussy. I've never seen anything like the way THAT girl showed off her pants. And in front of everyone."
They drive off.
I turn to David. "Looks like I'm a hit."
"I thought it was very dramatic. The play I mean and the way you died and everything."
I smile sweetly and take his hand. "Thank you David you're very sweet."
"Can I drive you home?"
"OH thank you David." I clutch his arm.
He's got this old clunker of a jap compact and we climb in. He starts it up and we drive off. It's only a few blocks to my place. After we've gone a little way he says. "Want something to eat."
"Big Mac?"
"Yep, Coke....... the lot."
We pull into the golden arches and feed our faces. Afterwards, we come back to the car and I notice we have parked in a really dark quiet corner of the carpark, under some big trees. I am like, arm around David, half hugging him as we walk along and I say, "Wanna get in the back seat?"
"Oooh yeah."
I take his hand and tug him along and we clamber into the rear seat. Once in there, in the gloom, I put my arms over his shoulders and lean in for a kiss. He goes "Oooh" and I go smack, locking onto him and, squirming my breasts against him, mash away at his lips. We are going for the world record for holding our breath and smooching and I feel his hand inside my singlet like top, around my bare back and he realises I haven't got a bra on and he breaks long enough to go "Alright!" We're back at it, kissing that is, and he's brought his hand around the front and is squishing my nipple, and I slide my little hand down to the front of his jeans and he is straining to break free and I fiddle and try to grope my way to his zipper and he's going, "Uh, uh, uhalright Barb." I finally find the zip tag and ease it on down and get my playful little pinkies in there and find he has like tight underpants and they're even tighter than when he put them on, because his erect joy sick, the old clam digger, is busting to get free. I grope some more, locked in a BIG kiss all the time and get my hand inside his undies and find his, now enormous, tummy banana jumps up to greet me.
He's given up squishing my booby and has his hand down the back of my panties and is running it around the crease of my ass. We break for air and we're both puffing a fair bit and he says, "Wanna fuck?"
I think this over for like about a zillionth of a second and say "Yep."
We claw at each other's clothes and I get his jeans and underpants down to his thighs and he tugs my skirt down and practically demolishes my panties getting them down and I say, "Got a skin?"
"Condom, you know, put it on. I'll fit it for you."
"No, what? Whaddaya mean no?"
"Haven't got one."
"David, this is the age of AIDS. No jacket, No porking."
"You're not sinking your sausage in me without a condom, mate."
"Ooooohher,....I'm clean."
"Yeah, tell me when I'm dying of the big A."
"Ooooh................" Disappointment.
"David honey, I may not be all that hard to get, but I am a safe sex girl."
"I'll give you the next best."
I wrap my little fingers around his member which has stayed enthusiastic throughout our little discussion and I start in with a hand job, tugging him off.
No, more caressing him off.
I pull his shirt up with my other hand, "Don't want to splatter your clothes lover." Then we mouth wrestle some more while I rub him to conclusion. He's pretty worked up and it doesn't take long and splat, he drenches my hand and his tum.
He's going sort of "erh, erh, erh," and making these whimpering sounds and I reckon he has enjoyed himself in the circumstances.
I however am still pretty randy.
I take his hand and guide it down and into my dripping slit and he gets the idea and soon enough we're both whimpering.
We cuddle and kiss some more and then he drives me home. We kiss goodbye and I think he's a spunky pal. I go to bed and dream about how I wish he'd had a condom. I get so hot thinking about it I play with myself some more.

Part Four: The Beach.
A couple of days later, I went to the beach with Tanya and Leanne. Tanny, Lea and Barb, the three musky tears.
Tanya had her little sister Samantha, Sammy, eight years old, with her. Not exactly the person three predatory beach babes needed in tow, but, she was a great kid and always gave me plenty of laughs.
I had on my two piece. Sort of bluey grey, with a nothing top consisting of two triangles of fabric hooked together with a web of strings, perfect for my nothing bust, and a bottom that had little boy legs. Thats like short, short, shorts. It really stretched tight across my lovely round soft bum and the effect where the little boy legs met the crutch and wrinkled up, simply screamed girl sex, pudenda, mons!, to the casual observer.....and there were pleny of them!!!
We tramped down and camped on the sand in the shade of the pier. I burn like the devil and my good girlfriends had so little on, string bikini and mesh bikini respectively, that they needed all the protection they could get. Sammy we covered with a little shirt a big hat and heaps of sun block. We figured she'd have to win the eight year old boys with her personality, while we worked on their older brothers with a display of more obviously exposed girlie bits.
We romped down and splashed in the water. Screeching and giggling and not going in too far and just getting the cossie wet enough so that all the bits that were showing when it was dry, were showing even more so now it was wet. Wet and drippy and feeling great we ran back and towelled off. Sammy stayed in. She was where we could see her and getting her to come out was like impossible anyway.
We arranged ourselves on our towels for maximum effect. I was pleased to see my nipples were really obvious after my splash and that creased crotch was saying, "girl sex here" out very loud.
"Hi girls!"
I squint into the sun.
"Hi Alex."
"Hi Alex."
I squirm around to see him better.
"How are you Barbara?"
"Good Alex, ummmmnnnn, you here alone?"
"Yeah. Just came down for a quick swim and mum is picking me up later."
"Ummmnnnnnnnn, Lea, Tanny, mind my towel, I'm going to get an icecream with Alex. OK?"
"Yeah Barb, sure Barb. Whatever you say Barb." Giggling ensues.
I hop up and grab Alex's arm and propel him toward the pier.
"Uh. I don't know whether I should eat icecream Barbara. It's not good just before swimming."
"Alex, trust me. This won't affect your swimming................ In here."
I duck him in under the uprights of the pier. It's dark and shady and is protected on the sides by lattice worked timber. I put my hands on his chest and push him down onto the sand. "Barbara, the shop is up there."
"I know, I know. Alex for goodness sakes."
"Alex I was devestated when I missed going home with you the other night. I had to see you."
"Oh. Are we going to................?"
"Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn, sure honey." I stroke his face and kiss him open mouthed. He kisses back, but he's slow to respond. I flick the bow at the back of my top and toss it to one side. Taking his hand I place it over my bared breast. "Like that?"
"Uh, Uh,..............."
"Feel something you like?"
"We shouldn't be doing this. Barbara it's not right."
"What's not right about it? Do you like me or not?"
"Of course I do. It's just......................"
"Don't talk of right and wrong then, just kiss me."
We roll around and grope and I move his hand from breast to breast. I kiss him and squeeze him and just moosh him like mad.
"Oh Alex, put your hand in my pants." Grabbing it. "Down here."
"Oh Barbara. Oh god you're beautiful. We shouldn't....."
"There, there, touch me there."
I'm groping him through his trunks. I look up and see a little face peering through the lattice. Little voice,very slow. "BarBra. Why habn't you got your bathers on.?"
She disappears from view. Then in a voice that carries all over the beach. "Taaaneeeeeeeeeeee!!!!, BarBra habn't got her bathers on."
I scramble to put my top on.
Alex flies backward away from me.
Those other two girls giggle like crazy.
Oh noooooooo. Alex's mum. "Alex are you in there. Come out we are going home." "Alex are you with THAT girl?" Alex scoots out.
"Alex, is THAT BARBARA in there?"
"We were just having a cone mum."
"An ice cream cone................."He trails off.
I scramble out. Top on inside out. "Hello Mrs................................"
She stomps away and Alex follows dejectedly. He waves his hand at me.
Another disaster.
"Bit frusty Barb?"
"Thanks you two. Why don't you keep that bloody little bloody sister of yours under control."
"Wanted to go and look for "Barbra". What could we do?"
I trudge home defeated.

Part Five: Getting serious.
Oh yes, Oh my god yes. This is what I wanted, this is IT!
I am the filling in a sandwich where the delicious bread slices are Alex and David. Both about twenty to thirty centimetres taller than me, they really enclose me and I feel smothered but overjoyed. One is firmly inside my pussy and the other is just as firmly in my ass. Both are pounding away, ramming me with distended tumescent cocks that are causing me to tingle from my nipples to my toes. I am orgasmically excited and any second now I am going to blow. Suddenly Alex, or is it David says. "Barb you've got a zit the size of a strawberry on the side of your nose."
"Eh where?" I go cross eyed trying to look down my nose and see a large angry red lump. I stay cross eyed because just then they come together and my lower section is blown away as their cum meets in a fountaining explosion in my womb.
I jerk awake.
Nice dream.
But wait, have I really got a zit on my nose?
Bathroom cupboard. Mirror. Damn it yes. Just a little one. I drown it in lotion. What's wrong with my body? "Stop making zits on my face" I shout at my body looking it fairly in the tits.
It's time to get serious. I mean when I start having dreams like that I'm becoming sexually repressed. Time for a little girl power. Time to lead the boys where they want to go, whether they know it or not.
Later that day I go into the supermarket and buy a jumbo sized packet of condoms. They have little tiny weeny rubber fingers sticking up all over the outside of the sheath and guarantee that the woman (me) will have the experience of a lifetime. (I certainly hope so.) I take them to the checkout and hope the chick doesn't want a price check, shouted over the loud hailer....."Price check, jumbo sized condoms."
She doesn't, but she knows me from school and winks broadly. "Good luck Barb."
Head down, I mutter "Thanks." and race out.
Item one out of the way.
That evening I am playing netball and my two beaux are there along with the rest of the world. My attacking thrusts are spectacular but unfruitful and we are getting walloped. I consider popping my velcro tabs and dropping my skirt to give the lads an eyeful and a hint, but the coach who considers my morals about as good as my play, that is flashy but without substance, is watching me hawk eyed and I know that such a display will earn me detention.
Game over and I shower in a stall full of naked giggling girls. We were thrashed, so I'm not sure what we are giggling about, but it sure is fun. Then towel, towel, rub hair dry, hop into panties, struggle into bra and clothes on and off I go in search of prey.
The boys are waiting. I make a beeline for them.
"Good game Barb!" Liar. It was atrocious.
"Thanks, did you see me take that wide pass and beat three of the opposition down my wing." I hope they didn't as they may also recall I ended up getting dumped on my ass and skidded over the polished floor on my panties before crashing out.
"Yeah. Great move Barb." Liar again, but I love him for it.
"Want to eat?"
"Yeah." Where else.
I turn from David who has been making all the conversation to Alex. "You coming Alex or is your mum (spits word) picking you up."
"I'd like to come."
"Fantastic. Let's go guys."
We went and munched junk food and talked about everything and I held each of their hands in turn and then we paid, left, climbed into David's jap clunker and drove out.
"Lets go down and park by the seaside. It's beautiful in the moonlight." I told you it was time the girl took the running.
"Oh OK."
We drove down and parked.
We got out and sat on a bench seat. Me in the middle,my two handsome men either side. I put an arm around each and sighed as I looked at the ripples quivering in the moonlit waves.

Part Six: Now.
So here we are.
Well, I'll leave the rest for your imagination. I had my condoms (Jumbo size pack) and I had David and Alex.
You don't really think I'm going to tell you who I chose out of those two fantastic guys. Or whether I chose at all. Or what we did exactly.
Suffice to say, when the night was over, I didn't have to dream, all I had to do was remember.......and........when I did finally snore off and dreamed............
I sure had plenty to dream about.
Zits have cleared up too.

Part Seven: Post script. The Game.
Well, I found I had heaps in common with those two guys and we became like really close.
Then one day when we were talking stuff, and sex had come up, they both confessed to me that they had been turned on with a capital O-N by my playing a corpse in the play.
I told them I loved the fantasy of being dead and becoming a sex toy for my conqueror. They both got very excited at that and we talked about it and it didn't take much convincing to decide we should let ourselves go and play out this fantasy. I would be the victim and they would be the conquerors. I got goose bumpy thinking about it and very wet down you know where.
We needed a plot.
I thought of one.
Pirates, we would be pirates. I was to be a lady pirate (well maybe not a lady!) and they would be guy pirates and we would battle on the hot sands of a Carribean island and they would kill me and then become turned on and use me for fun.
We went to a very secluded part of the beach, in amongst the dunes, on a gloriously sunny day. We didn't have costumes but I compromised with a pair of nothing panties and a very, very short, denim skirt. They wore their swimmers. We put on scarves like pirate headcloths. I decided to be a bare breasted pirate dame and we were all bare foot and pretty naked. We had play swords and we fought in the dunes. I put up a pretty good fight and hacked and slashed a them, but at last, sadly for me, they overcame me and penetrated my defence and David ran me through.
Well, ran his sword between my body and my arm.
I stiffened and staggered and went ino an academy award dying scene, tottering around, dropping my sword, clutching at his, moaning and groaning, rolling my eyes up and then over I went and rolled down the sand dune to end up on my back, arms and legs outflung and showing my panty covered crotch under my short, short, skirt. I knew I looked pretty cute, my little budding breasts upthrust, my flat lean tummy stretched out and my long soft girly arms and legs spread. A yummy fifteen year old, teenage necrobabette. I sneaked a peek at them from my closed lids as they rushed to their fallen prey and they were both pushing the front of their swimmers out in a big lovely bulge.
Right on Barb!
When they reached me, Alex listened at my chest, his erection growing by the minute, and said "She's dead!" We had worked all this out before.
And then David said. "Strip her, she's our prize."
And then he popped my skirt buttons and pulled it down and tossed it aside.
"Let's see her naked." said Alex. And off came my nothing panties.
"Ah hah!"
Then each of them took one of my arms and they dragged me along the beach.
I was dead. I mean I was totally limped out and my head hung back and my hair scraped the sand and I just hung in their grasp as my heels dragged two tracks in the sand. They dropped me on my back on the sand, stretched right out, stark naked, and David said "Let's toss to see who ravishes her first."
"Me!" shouted Alex in triumph.
Then while I lay there completely limp and D-E-A-D.......DEAD!!!!!!!!!, David stroked and stimulated my nipples and Alex freed his throbbing cock and put it into me. He managed great self restraint and came rhythmically to climax and what a climax! I just about jumped up and down with the shuddering spasms of it, but I stayed dead. Then they swapped and David stuffed me while Alex stroked my poor dead corpse. David didn't keep it in quite as long and came pretty quick. I loved it but, and my cadaver was getting awash in cum and my own love juice.
I stayed dead all afternoon. Even when they were resting I just lay there sprawled out. They carried me around and tried me this way and that. It was fun. All three of us were in a state of perpetual erotic excitement, all of the afternoon. They killed me a couple of more times, once they strangled me in the dunes and took me and then they drowned me in the surf and towed my lifeless body around before taking me in the shallow water. That was fantastic.
What an afternoon.
What a fantasy.
And its ours now to play again and again.
I have set my fertile imagination to work on ways to let them kill me, or to die for them and our sex will be magnificent. Always condoms though.
I like to be able to keep coming back from the dead.
BTW I haven't had a zit for yonks.