Zero Gravity

Posted by Barbanne on August 29, 2003 at 23:16:58:


Here goes Barb, floating past me, head down, hair framing her face like tendrils of lank weed. A shapely arm outstretched, a rounded shoulder, a perky breast, her nicely delineated ribcage and small swelling abdomen, then the swelling flair of her hips leading my eye to her tight rounded ass. The shadow of the crack between her buttocks and the wispy beard of pubic hair hanging down between her spread legs. Her thigh and shapely calf and then her elegant foot. Pink painted toenails. I put one finger under her toes and flip and she tumbles over onto her back, breasts upthrust as she drifts out of my vision.
It's a long way to the next planet and strapped into my seat I have little to do.
So it's nice to have Barb to keep me company.
Barb, nude,dead and perfectly preserved in zero gravity.
Barb was my, or is my technical assistant. I'm the pilot. We set out weeks ago on this journey of many months to the far stars. Everything was very proper to start with, but about a week into the trip Barb came sneaking into my sleeping pod one night and I awoke to find her nude body next to me sucking and smooching me all over. I sleep nude myself in the perfect conditions on the ship, so it was a very pleasant awakening.
After that she came to me more and more frequently. Not just at night. I would be going about my tasks on the flight deck when I would find this naked and very enthusiastic girl wrapping herself around me. Well what could I do?
What would you do?
I responded of course and our love making became more and more pleasurable, more and more intense and eventually, I found, more and more weird, bizarre. Barb, I discovered liked to get down and dirty during her love making and asked me to do stuff to her. Hurt her. Be rough with her. Sometimes, nude, she'd rush a me and attack me as if she wanted to kill me, so that I would have to fight her off. A couple of times I KO'd her and then would find myself so turned on by her limp body that I'd make love to her while she was out. She'd come to and want it again and again.
It was very strange.
It was bloody excellent.
Well one night it was really intense and I got so carried away I can only remember my orgasm, the best ever. The best in the universe.
When I woke up the next morning and went to the can I came back to find Barb still in the sack, unusually quiet. I didn't think much of it although it was unusual. I bought a cup of tea in and that was when I found she was dead. I don't know if I killed her, I suppose I might have. That night's sex was very rough.
Anyway in zero g her body stayed and has stayed perfectly preserved. Still warm and pliable and quite healthy looking considering how long she's been dead. I was going about my tasks a day after she died and she must have floated free of the bunk I had laid her in and the first thing I knew, these little fingers were caressing my neck as she floated in the cabin behind me. It was a fantastic feeling and made my hair stand on end.
Well, since then I have her as my constant companion floating here in the cabin in zero g. She's completely nude and so am I, most of the time. I make up her face from time to time and paint her finger and toenails as I know she liked to always look her best. She looks at me out of those beautiful vacant, surprised, blue eyes and I love her very much.
Sometimes when I am at the controls she'll float up and I'll pull her down by her hair and use her open mouth to enclose my erection and masturbate myself with a great blow job. Other times I just hold her there, head in my lap, one of my hands cupping her breast and her body floating out limp and free. I tie her to the bulkhead by her hands or feet and then we can both float there while I make love to my beautiful dead girl. Of course when I do, I have to hug her body tight to mine or we couldn't get it together at all. At nights she floats freely around the place and often I'll wake to find her nuzzling against me as if she's still alive. Then I take her into my bed and we have sex you wouldn't believe. All of the time I am kissing her and licking her and smelling her and putting my tongue in her mouth and sucking her pussy and coming all over her.
I really love dead Barb.
I hope the trip takes forever.