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A new age girl.

I often walk the back streets of the city observing life.
Existensial human behaviour fascinates me.
People are such sewer rats. And the city is the ultimate human sewer.
I turned down a lane and then down another and found myself in a part of the city I didn't remember ever visiting previously. The main pavement decoration was overfull garbage bins awaiting collection. There was a steak restaurant, one of those places with a wooden door set in a plain brick wall and a sign that said "El Toro, Beef the way you want it". With salmonella poisoning I supposed. Next to that were three glass fronted shops. They had been boarded up and heavily graffitied and the glass was broken in two of them. A faded and decrepit sign announced that one had been a ladies hairdresser and another had sold fishing gear. The ass must have dropped out of those enterprises in this end of town because they'd been shut for a while. In fact only four businesses still survived. "Stormy's Private Club", very obviously a brothel, an absolutely filthy general store that sold cigarettes and groceries, a few of which were displayed amongst long dead flies in a dust covered window, "El Toro" and a bookshop named "Zena's Garden of Zen".
I went over and stood outside "Zena's Garden of Zen.", stroking my beard and looking at what was displayed in the filthy window. There were some rather battered volumes and a couple of faded and torn posters. On display were "Knife fighters of the Phillipines", "The Bizarre Magazine Compendium", "Penitentiary Magazine", "The Secret History of Zionism", "Wet Bondage" and "Earthquake Sex".
I went inside.
The shop was dark and unevenly lit and had a small front counter and a lot of ill matched and irregular shelves crowded with more books and magazines, the relatives of those in the window display.
At the counter sat a girl of indeterminate age, given the lack of light, who was picking at her teeth and reading something opened on the countertop.
"Hi!" She said without looking up.
"Hello." I said.
"Help ya?"
"Just browsing."
I walked around looking at the contents of the shelves. There was a lot of anti semitic stuff, gay and lesbian oriented photo books, eastern religions, new age lifestyle books, and feminist stuff. What I'd call nasty feminism. The Nazis had a section all to themselves.
I was looking at the covers of these, stroking my beard, which I do when I'm ruminating, when I became aware that the girl was next to me. Up close, she was probably about twenty eight, a year or two older than me. She had on tight black jeans that made her look like she had dipped her legs in black ink, sneakers and a pink lycra top. She was small, about one fifty five centimetres and had a beautiful body. Obviously she didn't wear a bra because her nipples were very pronounced as they thrust their nubby selves like two pencil points against the pink lycra. Her face was gamin like, an impression reinforced by her spiky black hair. Quite short, it radiated around her face like an aura. She had a lot of dark eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick and equally bright pink nail polish on her fingers.
"Hi!" She said, showing slightly uneven teeth, "Help ya?"
"Just sort of looking."
"I'm Zena, and I'd like to help ya."
She grabbed my arm. "Must be something you see you like?"
"Well, I did see one."
I walked back to where a book on existensial freedoms had caught my eye. Zena followed and when we reached the place, I picked up the book, and she placed her hand firmly on my left buttock. "Good choice." She said.
"Errmmm." I said and moved to take her hand. Quick as a flash, she moved it and grabbed my crotch. ever so lightly but effectively. She smiled at me like innocence itself.
"Zena?" I asked, "Where are we going here?"
"Where do you want to go?"
Her face was near mine and I could smell her sweet breath and her hand was still resting on my crotch. I'm not immune and my penis was rising. Penis rising. That was like a joke and I giggled nervously.
"You like me then?" She said and my obvious erection was not helped by her rubbing it with that soft little hand.
"I don't even know you."
"OK, we'll meet over lunch."
"Ermmm. Now?"
"Yes now and you're buying." she announced.
She walked me to the front door, said twelve fifty and took the money I offered, gave me back my book in a paper bag with the store's name on it and propelled me outside, snapping off the lights and closing and locking the door. She reversed an Open sign to read Closed.
Out in the street, even the weak daylight seemed bright and strong. I waved a hand to indicate El Toro. She wagged her head. "El Tummy Buggo! No way. Follow me." She took my hand and we set off down the lane. At the first intersection we turned into a well used street and I was surprised when we bypassed the Heavenly Karma Health Foods and lobbed into a fish cafe. Zena waved Hi to a surly looking waitress and led me to a table for two at the back of the shop. The waitress sauntered over with a pad in her hand and stood looking down at us, hips cocked.
"Hi Zena. Whatcha want?"
"The platter for me. And bring us some house white."
"And yer friend?"
I ordered the catch of the day with fries. The waitress, late teens, gum snapper and bad attitude wandered off. She was back a minute or two later and slapped down a carafe of piss coloured wine. I poured two thirds of a glass for Zena and the same for me. Zena sucked down half her glass and took my hand. More lay her hand over mine and stroked my fingers. "So, what's yer name mate?"
"Steve eh! We'll cut the bullshit."
I sipped the wine. It was ghastly.
"What do you do Steve?"
"Sort of psychologist and writer."
"Whatcha doin' now?"
"Between jobs."
"Unemployed student eh!"
I grinned despite myself. "What about you?"
"Bookshop proprietor."
"That's your shop?"
The waitress slagged back and put down two plates. Amazingly, it looked good and was. Zena worked away at hers and for a small girl she didn't stint, concentrating on her food until the plate was empty. She tore her bread into pieces and popped it in her mouth. "OK Steve, that was good thanks."
"It WAS good. Thank you."
"My pleasure."
I smiled.
"And talking about my pleasure what's your afternoon agenda."
"I ummm..."
"Nothing. As I thought. Well I've got something for you to do."
We finished the wine. The waitress strolled over like it was physically painful to do so. We declined sweets and had coffee. Zena hopped her chair around until it was almost on top of mine and began nibbling at my ear. Then she licked my neck and I could smell the sweet winey smell on her breath. Her hand was on my thigh and rubbed along it. Like I said I'm not immune to an attractive girl getting close and I felt my erection growing. So did Zena. Her hand was on me and she groaned and then ducked under the table and I felt her cheek on my bulging pants. "Ummmnnn good." Said Zena. Then she straightened up and said "Come on we're off." and led me from the cafe. I paid the girl and we headed back to the bookshop.
Zena opened the door and leaving the closed sign hanging where it was, closed it behind us and locked it again. She was by now clinging to my arm and she propelled me through the dusty shop and up a narrow set of stairs at the rear to a small flat above. The whole place had worn carpet and walls painted in bright but garish colours. Yellow and purple seemed to appeal to Zena and a lot of the walls were covered in posters. New age stuff mostly. Still grasping my arm, she pushed me into a bedroom. Walls purpley blue. Low, messy, but big bed. Posters, a bedside table with a lamp with a shade cut out in stars and moons, a robe with its doors hanging open and a jumble of brightly coloured clothes hanging there. She sat me on the bed and closed the door.
She looked at me and said. "I hope you don't want crack or pot, I don't do any of that shit despite all this." she waved her arm at the posters and stuff, "No, all we're going to do is fuck. And Stevie, believe me, I'm a good fuck!"
"Zena.........."I started to say but she dismissed it with a hand gesture.
Turning to me she stripped off her top with a crossed arm pull. She wasn't wearing a bra, I'd gotten that right. She kicked off her sneakers and undid her jeans and wriggled out of them. When I say wriggled that's what I mean. They were so tight she had to shed them like a snake shedding its skin. Peeling them down and off. She was naked except for a less than clean pair of panties, the sort that consists of a ruched strap and a vee of material that covered her pudenda and disappeared under her crotch where it turned into a thong and vanished into the crack of her ass. That ass was beautiful, round, firm, tight and sexy. She had small breasts with funny conical shaped nipples with very little aureole and everything concentrated into the nub. Those nubs were standing straight out and were crepey and excited. She had a very flat tummy, which was amazing given the lunch she'd just scoffed, but there it was, flat and barely convex with a big concave dent where her belly button ducked in, the pink bulge of her actual button sticking up out of the dent like a head popping up out of a hole.
She came to me and pushed me aside to make room on the bed for herself, lying next to me. "Well Stevie. See anything you like now?"
"God you're beautiful." I said. Dumb I know.
She tinkled with laughter, a sort of joyous giggle. She took my hand and placed it over the vee of her panties. They were soaking wet with her stuff, slimy and saturated and a massive turn on.
"Take off my panties."
I grabbed the ruched waist band.
"Uh Uh. Nope! With your teeth."
I got on hands and knees and stooping my head over her, got the waist band in my teeth. She smelt aroused and very cummy. I pulled back and they slid down over her hips and down her thighs and legs. A snail trail of cummy stuff stayed behind. She moaned and rolled her hips and closed her eyes and sighed and reaching down, she found my belt and loosened it and undid the button at my waistband and pulled my zip fully open. Her own scrap of panties were trailing around her ankles and she rolled over to face me and bending her knees pulled her legs up under her. She took my jocks and pulled them down and off pushing them into the legs of my trousers.
"I'll take them off." I said.
"No. I want it this way."
I said no more and she bent her head and started to lick my cock. She sucked me into her mouth. My erection was huge and she bobbed her head back and forth, pulling on my cock, her teeth scraping the skin, her lips like velvet. I felt excitement growing in my balls and my groin and then I felt that feeling of tipping over the edge and knew I could hold back no longer. My cock spasmed back and forth in Zena's mouth and I could feel the jism firing like bullets as it shot and shot out of me.
Finally I stopped.
"Mmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn....................." Said Zena, then, "Mmmmnnnnn sweet."
"Ugh." I said.
"You're cum is sweet, Steve. Some guys are tasteless, some bitter and some, like you, sweet."
"Yep..............You can strip off now."
I stripped off my clothes and we lay on the bed. Zena showed me where she wanted me to kiss her and tongue her and she started panting as I worked on her nipples, inside her mouth and in her pussy. She took my hand and guided it inside her. Her pussy was swollen and very, very sensitive, because she kept saying "Uh" and "Oh" and "Jeezus" and "Oh Jeezus that's good." She ran my finger over her clitoris, it felt big and throbbing. "Biggest clit I know." she moaned.
"How would you know that?"
"Measured it. Measured other girls too."
She grabbed my cock. It was hugely erect again.
"Ya can put this inside me. I know that's what ya want."
"Zena, I love you."
"Bullshit! But you can fuck me."
"Alright." I climbed onto her and she guided my cock inside her. I started pumping, tried to keep it smooth and hold back a bit. Zena shrieked and swore and uttered a stream of absolute filth and I kept thrusting then she screamed "Now you bastard, now!" I let it go and shot cum into her over and over.
Zena looked at me through dreamy eyes and said "That was good Steve."
Then she closed her eyes for a minute and opened them and looked at me through unfocussed pupils. "Come here at seven tonight and join my party." She rolled on her back and went limp and started to snore and I realised she was out to it.

I went downstairs and headed for the door. A big guy in a leather biker jacket was sitting behind the counter. He had greasy black hair in a ponytail and broken finger nails and looked tough. As I walked toward him he sneered and spat at me.
"So this is Madam's newest fuck."
"Beg Pardon?"
"Beg pardon. Beg pardon. Don't shit me mate, I know you've been screwing Madam Z."
I looked at him not sure what to say.
"Everyone does sport. You know what they say about Zena. Cock-a-doodle do! Any cock'll do."
"Mate, Zena's a cunt with limbs. Don't think you've got anything special there."
He glowered at me and I left.

I thought about it and decided I liked Zena. Maybe I just liked the sex. Anyway, I reckoned, bugger bikie boy I wanted more. I came back at seven.
All the lights were on and there were about fifty people there, they were drinking, smoking, taking dope and talking. A couple were groping on the floor. There were plates of finger food around amongst the bookshelves and Zena seemed to have a monopoly on the piss coloured wine. I walked in and saw the big guy I'd had the strange conversation with earlier behind the counter again. He looked at me and then looked away. I saw Zena come down the stairs. She had on a long black shift like dress and with her spiky black hair it made her face appear chalky white and her darkly made up eyes looked like black holes in her face. Black holes above a pink gash that was her lipstick.
She came to me.
"Stevie." She said and she kissed me and wrapped herself against me, legs either side of mine and groin jammed against my leg. She was grinding herself on my leg and crushing herself to me so that I could feel her unfettered breasts against my chest.
"Take me somewhere and fuck me."
"Zena! It's your party, your guests."
"Shits. Once I provide the place and the food and booze they don't give a stuff about me or who I even fucking well am."
She had practically adhered herself to me like a starfish and she grabbed my arm in her hot hand and said, "Come with me."
She pulled me through the shop and up the stairs to her bedroom. The door was closed. She rattled the handle, it was locked.
"Bastards." She said.
Then she screamed "BASTARDS!"
She turned to me and stamped her foot and then a sly look crossed her face.
"OK!" she said, "Come back at eleven."
"I just got here."
She disappeared down into the crowd.

I came back at eleven.
I couldn't not.
Zena, strange weird Zena, had me in her thrall. I could no more stay away from her than I could not breathe. She filled my thoughts, she dominated my mind. Maybe it was the fact that she was the most sexual woman I had ever met, maybe it was something else. Whatever it was, Zena attracted me like a magnet attracts iron filings. I could not resist her. If she had asked me to come to her, barefoot across broken glass, I would have done it happily.
The shop was dark and quiet. Everyone had gone home. I turned the front door knob and it opened and I slipped inside. Light was coming down the stairs from the flat at the rear. It diffused through the shop casting an eerie gloom over everything. The mess from the party lay all around. I could just see enough to find my way amongst the shelves. I walked through to the bottom of the stairs. Light shone down from above. I walked up the stairs. The bedroom was in darkness and the light was coming from the opposite side. I walked towards it and then stopped.
I was looking into a lounge room.
It had a three seater lounge and two matching armchairs. They were battered naugahyde, cream in colour. There was an upright lamp and it was from this that the light was coming. The carpet was the same tacky stuff that was in the bedroom. The walls were purple and covered in posters. The same new age crap that she had elsewhere. A wooden coffe table was sprinkled with magazines.
Zena sat in the middle of the lounge and I didn't think she had seen me.
I watched fascinated.
She had an old terry robe on and nothing else. It was open and gaping down the front so that I could see Zena's breasts, her flat, lean tummy, her pubic hair, badly bleach blonded and her gaping vagina. Her legs were spread wide at the hips and then bent at the knees and her feet were tucked under. She was slumped down on the lounge and her eyes were fixed on a corner of the room beyond my vision. As I watched she touched her vaginal lips with her fingers with their long pink nails. She stroked and rubbed her open slit with one hand while the other played with her breasts. Her face looked ecstatic. Then she brought down her other hand and with both hands cupped her pussy. She slid two fingers inside and groped for an instant as she found and located her clitoris. The biggest one she knew. She started rubbing and rubbing, gaining speed like a train accelarating, smoothly and evenly. Her mouth was open and dribble drooled down her chin. Her eyes were unfocussed and her hand was jerking furiously. Then her body bucked and bucked and her hand was covered in wet sliminess and she groaned, a deep and utterly primaeval groan. Her head turned slowly and she looked at me.
"Come on in Stevie. You can do this from now on."
I was embarrassed by what I had seen. But I was also painfully aroused and my erection was thrusting against my trousers making it hard for me to walk. Zena patted the lounge and I sat next to her. She turned to me and loosened my trousers and unzipped me and pushed trousers and underpants out of her way and then circling my hugely engorged cock with her thumb and forefinger, she lightly and expertly masturbated me to release. As I started to fountain, she squeezed me, holding it back, and then bent forward and released me so that my cum spurted out and sprayed her eyes. She groaned again and her head fell forward her hair trailing on my groin and she kissed my fading erection, hungrily, like a lover kissing her loved.
She lay for a while like that, licking and kissing me and then she stood and shucked off her robe and undressed me. When we were both nude she pulled me onto the carpet and we made very slow, very thorough love, leaving no spot or crevice on each other's bodies unexplored.
Afterwards, she led me, both of us completely nude, through to the bedroom and lying on it, she wrapped herself around me like a vine around a post and went instantly and deeply asleep.
I lay awake for a long time and felt such tenderness and such love for Zena that I wondered why I had never experienced this before. At last I too slept.

She woke slowly in the morning and we fucked again.
Then Zena surprised me by making a mouth watering breakfast and feeding it to me while she giggled and smiled, almost to herself. We both remained nude throughout breakfast and she wouldn't let me dress until we had cleared away the breakfast dishes and cleaned up. She was crazy and weird and odd and I loved her.
She watched while I dressed, herself still naked, and then said, "OK, out you get. You can come back tonight at eight and we'll see if you get lucky." She kissed me lightly and pushed me out.

All day I thought of nothing but Zena.
She was like a drug and I masturbated myself to my dreams of her.
At eight I was back at the shop.
I opened the door and once again the only light was from the flat.
I hurried through and found the lounge room lights on as they had been the previous night.
Zena was posed nude on the old naugahyde lounge.
One arm was extended along the top of the lounge, bent at the elbow and lying, fingers curled and relaxed, downwards. Her small, white body, revealed in its perfection, and glowing pearl like in the dim light from the lamp. Her head rested on her extended arm, wide eyed with eagerness, her lips parted and inviting. Nipples, dark and very erect, oversized for her small white breasts. Her black hair splayed out as though electric. Her legs were spread just far enough apart to offer a tantalising view of her bleach blonde pubic patch. Her other arm rested on her flat, smooth tummy, fingers spread and pointing at her pussy, which her index finger just touched, caressing.
"Hi!" I said.
Zena didn't move or speak, just gazing at me with wide eyed, excited anticipation.
I came closer.
I was within centimetres, my lips opening to touch hers when I saw the ligature. Hard copper wire biting into her slender throat, so tight it had been invisible.
Wide open blue eyes, not seductiveness, surprised. The final surprise.
Fatally surprised.
"She's dead."
Shock made me turn in a spinning motion.
The big guy with the leather jacket and the greasy pony tail was sitting in a chair, looking at me.
"Dead?" I turned back, touched Zena's face, her soft, downy cheek. It was cool.
"You killed her?.............why kill her?"
"Why not?"
"Why not? Why not? She was a..............."
"She was a cunt on legs. Nothing. A sex pouch for any man to stick his cock in and fuck. Zena never had a thought or a feeling other than desire."
"That's not right. Well, she was affectionate, loving.......and she was nice. A nice girl."
"Yeah, sure she was nice. When she was spread out under you, legs apart and panting.
"I can't believe this. You killed her. Why?"
"Stop you having her."
"That's crazy."
"Mate, you wanted her. Worse still, she wanted you. The stupid cunt was actually fond of you. Told me I'd have to fuck off, she was moving in with you."
"I never discussed anything............"
"You didn't have to. Zena had decided she wanted you and what Zena wanted, Zena got."
"But to kill her?"
"She was nothing."
"Bullshit. She was a girl. A healthy, funny girl. What right have you got to end the life of anyone, let alone a girl like Zena."
"She was a woman. Fur. A cunt. I'm a man, its my right to kill a cunt."
I sat down on the other chair. I couldn't handle this. It was weird. I looked at Zena. Those wide eyes. God she looked like she wanted sex. I couldn't get my mind around her being dead. Really strange. We sat, not speaking, looking at Zena. Dead Zena. Her looking at us. I began to feel funny, got up and went over to her, closed her eyes. I tried to close her mouth, but it fell open again. I came back and sat down. The big guy watched me.
"She wants you."
"She's dead."
"God, what are you saying. This is sick."
"You want her."
"She's DEAD!"
This was awful. I did want her. She looked so helpless, lying there, eyes closed, face peaceful. So submissive. My erection was growing. God! No, I didn't believe in God. Damn.....................Damn, I wanted her.
The big guy got up and walked into the bedroom and turned on the lights. He came back and took Zena by the shoulders. Her head fell forward.
"Get her legs."
Like a man in a dream, unable to help myself, I got up and took Zena's ankles. They were cool to the touch. Between us we carried her into the bedroom. She drooped, limp, lax, lifeless. We lay her on the bed.
"Lock up when you go."
He disappeared.
I looked at Zena lying there. She was really white now. Bloodless. Her lips were blue, her face was slightly discoloured. Purple. Her black eyeshadow and her pink nails and her cyanotic hue made her tremendously desirable.
I undressed.
I lay with her. The ligature around her neck, speckled with dried blood was erotic. Like a beautiful necklace. Necklace of death.
I made love to Zena's corpse.
She didn't move much and she was quite cold now.
It was fantastic. My orgasm was unbelievable. Far better than ever before.
I kissed Zena goodbye and left.

About three days later I saw an article in the papers. Page nine, about two short paragraphs. It said Zena Kowalski had been found murdered in the flat behind her bookshop, "Zena's Garden of Zen." It said the police suspected a sex crime as nothing was taken and from the positioning of the body when found. What it didn't say, but I knew, was that the police didn't care a damn. I saw nothing more about Zena.
Zena Kowalski. That's my name. Steve Kowalski. Kids from a broken home. I remember my older sister and I. I was ten, she was twelve. She pulled her panties down and let me play with her little slit. Barely covered with downy fur.
It wasn't so much I fucked my sister. Or even that I fucked my sister's corpse.
The city is a sewer and I belong.