What do you think of this???

Posted by Barbanne on April 01, 2001 at 23:57:17:

Here's an email I got recently and I want to sincerely thank the sender.
I thought it was gorgeous.
So much so I want to share it.
I have concealed (I hope) the identity of the person involved. If he wants to reveal himself (WOW!!!) I'm all for that. If not well..........
So here it goes.

Audience hushed with anticipation, curtains slowly part. A hideous
apparition appears......GASP!!!!
"This is the winter of our discontent (dribbles), made glorious
summer....................by the........sun of yooorrrrrrrrrk!!"
Gazes around. Ghastly visage lit by the lurid glare of the limelight.
Audience shrinks...a woman screams.
Horrible bulging eyes sweep the stage, alight on a tender young slave girl.
Tiny bikini barely covering acres of tender young female flesh.
Tongue licks around lascivious lips. Eyes glare from mishapen head.
Raises finger and beckons.
"Bring the whore here"
Two huge meaty guards. Eerie lights flash on well oiled muscles as they
grasp the helpless girl and bind her quickly.
Delicate eyelashes flicker on exotic blue eyes. She....
struggles...demurely. Several little feminine squeals escape her sweet
They drag her to HIM!!
Bloodshots eyes take in her helpless form. Saliva drips from pendulous
bottom lip as he sees a NIPPLE.
Audience roars
Reaches forth with claw like hand. Places filthy finger nails on girls
body. Feels soft breast.
Throws head back and guffaws
"What is your name......slut!!"

"HA!!!!!!!!!! The same who haunts my dreams!!!!!!!"
Twirls greasy moustache.

She wriggles ineffectually.
"Subdue the sorceress"
Guard wallops Barbanne over head with club. She rises on her tiny feet and
collapses, limp and helpless.
Audience roaring now, hurling rotting vegetables at the stage.
xxxx paces back and forth on the boards. Evil gargoyle like features
xxxx takes club, glances at the audience. Women are fainting, men
He looks at the form of the sweet helpless girl at his feet.
"Why....the wench still lives.....ha ha ha ha ha!!".
Barbanne raises her head...looks plaintively at the audience.
xxxx raises club.
Audience silent.
Club descends.
Barbanne is wide eyed. Goes crosseyed. Eyes roll up. Tongue unravels
Falls back on stage



Riot in theatre. xxxx takes Barbanne's slim ankles. Drags limp form off
stage. (Evil laugh)

A shadow appears at at back of stage.
xxxx is ripping the remaining garments off Barbanne's body.
The silhouette of an enormously erect appendage appears.
More women faint...others display a mild interest.
Men are absorbed.
Rest of the show in shadows.
He "does" Barbanne. Repeatedly. Expores ALL avenues. The man is vile!!
Falls back exhausted.
Curtain falls

Wild applause

xxxx (rather soppy looking individual now the house lights are on) and
Barbanne (stunning!!) appear.
Flowers for the leading lady
Five curtain calls.

Another show tomorrow night.