Barb and the Web of Doom

Posted by Barbanne on April 13, 2005 at 00:30:25:


Barb stands before the citadel of Aitchpee.
Inside are her friends from Necrobabes. She aches to be with them.
Stripped naked as were her Amazon sisters of old and armed with her electronic mouse and protected by the shield of 'Windows XP for dummies' she gazes at the impregnable fortress and the evil Emmess entity that guards it and it's vile servant Esspeetoo.
Only last year Esspeetoo defeated her and robbed her of all data.
Now Esspeetoo is attacking her again, winding its filthy rotten tentacles around her system, trying to crash her Peesee, irresistable, cloaked in evil.
"All the gods curse Emmess," she thinks.
She rushes at it clicking her mouse, flicking through Windows XP for dummies, her tits bouncing and her eyes gleaming with concentration. She tries again and again to destroy the foul Automatic download filth and keep the horrendous Esspeetoo at bay, but it is too strong, it sneaks in, it says, "Welcome," to her and pretends to be her friend when it is actually her fiend. "Call me a nice name," it says. It is disgusting, foul, vile and putrid like all Emmess shit that has gone before.
Barb pauses, sweating, her pale body wet with exertion, her fritzy hair wild and untamed.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaggghhh," she rushes at the Emmess entity again and again.
Esspeetoo sneaks up behind her and slithers its way inside her system.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she thinks and struggles valiantly.
Esspeetoo is inside her system!
With a scream of furstrated rage she jabs at it, clicking furiously.
It drags her system down.
The Aitchpee is dying.
Her chances of ever again being with her friends at Sam's place are fading fast.
"Damn," she shouts.
Emmess drives its fist into her head and with a whimper she goes down.
Esspeetoo winds itself around her and wraps its tentacles across her body.
She kicks, bucks and writhes but it has her by the throat.
She fights valiantly but Esspeetoo is too strong, far too strong.
Slowly, inexorably it crushes the life from Barb, its tendrils tight around her throat.
It squeezes, squeezes and squeezes.
She makes ghastly croaking, gurgling noises, struggles feebly, curses in most unladylike language, but all to no avail and all too soon it is over.
Emmess and Esspeetoo stand triumphantly over her, stradling Barb's limp body, all life crushed out of her, her tongue dangling in obscenity and her eyes slitted and sightless.
It is finished.
Emmess and Esspeetoo drag the limp corpse of Barb over to where a pile of sad disillusioned Emmess users lay stacked in death and flop her on top.
Cackling they go back to their vile crusade of fucking up someone else's system.
Barb lies still and silent in death.
"Fuck it," she thinks, "I'm finished with this fuckin' crap, this turd of a thing is going into the effing bin."
She realises it will be the end of her friendship with Sam's folks and it is sad, but effing Emmess wins.