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Colossacorp had taken over the convention center and the five hotels along the river front beside it. Barricades had been erected all around the buildings and nobody without a pass was allowed through. City police and Colossacorp's own security troops guarded everything.
I stood amongst my friends waving my placard and chanting with the others.
"What do we want?"
"Our freedoms back."
"When do we want it?"
"What do we want?"
"Our freedoms back."
"When do we want it?"
And so on and on. One thing you have to say for us protesters we're nothing if not persistant.
The wind off the river was bitingly cold and I seriously questioned the wisdom of my attire. Most of the others wore duffle coats or nylon windbreakers or plain old pullovers but I had decided I wanted to show off my tee shirt, the one that said, "Save the Whales," and "Save the Seals," and "No more Nukes," and "Save the Forests," and heaps more including, "Say NO to Globalisation," right across the chest in big red letters.
I was freezing.
My nipples were so hard they just poked through the material like two tiny torpedoes awaiting launch. The rather risque short denim skirt I had chosen was letting cold air stream up my legs and swirl around my groin despite my panty hose and I could visualise getting cystitis again.
It started in to drizzle and our banners got wet and went limp and my placard got soggy and I was thoroughly miserable but determined to be heard.
A huge black limo arrived and we surged forward chanting loudly.
The Colossacorp security guys pushed us back and I found myself in the front row, nipples hard, hair wet and stringy and placard smudging in the rain.
"Global PIGS," I screamed.
A tall guy in a Brooks Brothers suit looked over at me from under an umbrella.
The security pushed us back and suddenly I was looking into a pair of vivid blue eyes, way bluer than my own, staring at me from below a visor above a face that was covered by helmet and mouth guard.
Our eyes locked.
I felt myself growing hot with......................
Anger? Frustration? Despising?...............attraction?
I was hot and angry and cold and miserable at the same time and my damned body was betraying me and my cold hard nipples were tingling and warmth was spreading into my groin and heat was radiating down there between my legs.
Then they pushed us back and I spat at him.

I was sitting at the bar waiting for a cup of tea and thawing out and Michelle and Sandra were with me chattering about the demo.
The crowd had been cleared away, everyone who was coming was inside the convention center and we had come here to the tavern to get warm and have something hot to drink.
He walked in and headed for a table by the windows.
He no longer wore his riot gear and his uniform blues hardly looked like a uniform at all.
But I knew it was him!
I had looked up just as he entered and our blue eyes sparked at each other across the bar.
He ordered a beer and a waitress brought it over.
The girls were making no sense and I said excuse me and hopping off of my stool walked over with my cup of tea and sat down at his table and said, "Why do you do it?"
He looked up at me and said, "Why?"
"Yes why?"
"Because I believe in order. Order and progress."
"But what about individuality. The will of each of us."
"Hundreds of years of that got us what? Poverty, sadness, inequality. At least this way everyone is truly equal for the first time in history."
"Oh yes, equal, equal in a blighted world, a world with no reality, a world with no freedom, no rights of each and everyone to make their own decisions."
"Nobody starves."
"Nobody eats real food anymore either."
"They get plenty of nutrition."
"Packaged, artificially created, radiated nutrition."
"Order prevails."
"Oh sure but where are the trees, the wild animals, the wilderness, all that made life exciting and liveable."
"And dangerous."
"OK dangerous but its amazing how generations of people existed in this so, so, awful and dangerous world before the fucking megacorps came along and gave us all this bland, mindless coccoon of boredom.
"You're pretty when you're angry."
"Don't give me that shit. You're a fucking megacorp bully boy and one of their mindless morons."
"I love the way your nose twitches when you get really worked up and your freckles twinkle."
I stood up knocking my chair over. He hopped up and picked it up and put it back by the table. I tried glaring at him but his blue eyes met mine and their piercing azure gaze melted everything inside me.
"Umm umm," I said.
"Let me take you home."
"Hooo gawd that's rich. Haven't you heard anything I've been saying. You think you can just pick me up after saying what you say and being what you are?"
He touched my hand and said, "Please."
I was in turmoil. My mind said this man represented everything I hated. My body ached for his masculinity. I looked over at Michelle and Sandra. They were both on their way to being pissed and had ganged up to charm some guys from the demo.
"Don't expect anything OK! What's your name anyway?"
"Lucas," he looked enquiringly at me.
"Barbanne. You can call me Barb. If you call me Barbie I'll emasculate you."
He laughed.
I walked toward the door, he followed. My good friends were too busy to notice my departure.
He had a car parked a block away and he held the door for me as I got in.
"What's this condescending bullshit," I snapped, but I loved it.
When we got to my place I showed him in and made him coffee and more tea for me. We argued more about his working for Colossacorp while we drank it but in a more civilised way. I was fascinated by his blue eyes, his comic book good looks and the powerful maleness he exuded unknowingly.
After a while I said, "I'm cold, wait here."
I went into the bedroom. Five minutes passed.
"You can come in here," I called.
He walked in slowly and found me sitting on the edge of my ratty double bed with a blanket around my shoulders.
"Is there something I can do?" he asked. He was always such a bloody gentleman.
"Come here," I said and as he joined me I let the blanket slip away.
Underneath the blanket I was nude.

He took my shoulders and pushed me gently onto the bed.
I let him do it and as he stooped lower I took his face in my hands and kissed him
I helped him undress and we got under the blanket and I said, "You can hold me some and kiss me."
"You're so fucking polite all the time."
"Shouldn't I be?"
"You're a megacorp nazi, I can't figure."
"Good..................! You're beautiful by the way."
"Oh shit don't give me that crap."
"My mother told me to always tell the truth."
"I didn't think you had a...................." I bit my tongue.
"Pretty Barbanne," he said, "that's a lovely name by the way. Pretty, angry Barbanne, wanting to save the whole world."
"What's wrong with that."
His arms enfolded me and he kissed me and his mouth moved down onto my shoulders and his big strong hands covered my breasts and I moaned and my nipples stiffened and my tummy melted and my groin started heating up. He pulled away the blanket and we lay together totally nude on the bed and I nibbled at him and his mouth moved over me and then he was at my groin and his kisses tickled my sensitive inner thighs and I giggled but it came out as a sigh and then his fingers spread my labial lips and his mouth was there kissing and then his tongue quested inside me and found my wetness and I groaned out very loudly.
"Let me do it to you," I said, wanting to share.
He rolled onto his back, his cock was erect and enormous, I shivered at the thought that soon it would be inside me. I ran my lips very very gently over it and kissed it from where its thick stem emerged fom his scrotum up to the very tip. I kissed the tip and tongued it and licked the droplets of semen and he moaned in ecstasy.
"Now, now, fuck me now," I mumbled.
He rolled on top of me and the head of his cock nuzzled at my cunt and my small hand grasped it and guided it inside and he pushed and I rose off the bed spreading myself to take it in and then it was inside me, throbbing, huge, demanding and alive! I started jerking my hips and his powerful gluteal muscles spasmed and relaxed driving it into me, pumping, pumping, unstoppable, authorative, wanting, insistent, MALE!
I hammered the bed with my bum as I rode beneath him.
I was woman and he was man.
How it had to be, needed to be, how it was. He controlled, I aquiesced. He was dominant, I was submissive.
He ejaculated, I received.
I lay there panting, exhausted and totally fulfilled.

We made love again and again. It was beautiful.
Some time, long after midnight, he said, "I have to go."
"Stay," I said, "spend the night. Fuck me again."
"You're truly amazing," he said, laughing. "What a pocket amazon."
We both giggled together and I held his nakedness against me while I kissed him and kissed him.
I got up and helped him dress and then, still naked, I made tea and we drank it and I told him how much I loved him and he smiled and then he had to go.
I kissed him again, long and hard.
"See you at the demo," he said with a wicked grin and then he was gone.
I stood there nude with tears running down my cheeks.
That was when the others arrived.
Simon looked at my naked body with disgust and then sneeringly said, "Alright Barbanne are you ready?"
I nodded as my tummy roiled.
They started in.

I staggered into the police station and clutching the edge of the counter looked into the WPC's eyes and choked out the words, "I've been raped!"
My mind was racing and I felt cold and funny and felt myself sliding down onto the floor.
The WPC called out "Give me some help out here," and rushed out from behind the reception area. She caught me just as I was hitting the floor. Then the room was filled with blue uniforms and I was hustled away down a corridor and into a room which I later learned was their rape suite.
My clothes were ripped and torn and I was covered with streaks of blood, all of it mine. The WPC helped me onto a low bed and I lay there in a surreal fog until I became aware that someone was talking to me. I don't know how long I lay there nor did I have any clear recollection of what happened.
The woman, it was a woman who was talking to me, was a medical examiner. She and the WPC helped me out of my clothes talking to me all the while, calming me, soothing me. I had taken a terrible beating and was in shock or so they decided. Together they photographed the damage done to my body and then the medical examiner took vaginal swabs and then oral swabs and treated my injuries.
I had extensive bruising, two cracked ribs, a fractured cheek bone and cuts and abrasions. A lot of semen was recovered from inside me.
After I had been sedated and had rested the WPC and a senior detective took a statement from me. I told them how I had been attacked in a park late at night and raped by a member of the Colossacorp security guards. Colossacorp's corporation police were called in and slowly and painfully I went through their book of employee photographs and picked out Lucas's photo.
DNA sampling from the semen taken from me confirmed my identification.
Photographs of my beaten face and bruised and injured body were published in the local press and the cause of the protestors gained enormous public sympathy and support.
Colossacorp withdrew from the city and put their plans on indefinite hold.
To assuage local feelings the trial of the rapist was moved to an adjoining jurisdiction and all media were given full access to the courtroom.

The trial attracted a huge amount of attention. Not just locally but nationally and internationally. Here was one of the megacorporations found doing exactly what they promised not to do. Interfering in and breaking the laws of one of their asset cities.
I was driven to and from the trial and gave my evidence on the one day.
Because of local sensibilites I wasn't aggressively cross examined and my story was largely believed in total. I admitted to having met the defendant in a tavern and of accepting a lift home, but little more until I was raped later that night.
I only met his eyes once.
I couldn't bear the look in them.
I hated what I was doing.
He knew the decision had already been made and that for him it was over. What he couldn't understand was why.
The jury verdict was unanimous.
The judge ordered the death penalty as set down by the megacorp charter.

I can't live with what I did.
That's why I have come here to the vertical cliffs overlooking the beach.
A hundred metres directly below me angry surf roils across the razor sharp rocks.
Slowly I strip myself nude so that even standing here in the bitterly cold wind I can touch myself once more where he touched me. Feel again the warmth of desire I felt then.
It is too much to bear and I start to weep and weep uncontrollably, shaking with the cold and with emotion.
It is too awful.
Perhaps somewhere else I can find forgiveness, find peace and recapture love.
I walk to the edge, look down once and then step out into the void and nothingness. My last utterance, a scream of his name, "Lucas..................," is whipped away by the wind.