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The year two thousand two hundred and thirty seven.
They say that only a couple of hundred years ago the city streets were clean enough to walk on and the trees in the parks were actually green.
I don't really believe it, it could never have been like that.
Although those that say it claim that back then the sky sometimes looked blue. I mean how stupid is that? I have never known a day when there wasn't cloud and it wasn't raining. Raining that thick viscous sludge that coats everything and sticks to your clothes. And that's when it isn't storming. Storms are very prevalent and often quite violent. Storms destroy lots.
Hah, those "lets clean earth" people are truly wierd.
This is how it is meant to be.
Always was meant to be I reckon.
This is why the very rich live above the five hundred metre line where it only rains at times and where they say you can actually see into space. Lots and lots of people live on other planets now. Up there in the space beyond. Cities like this, See-ed-ernee, are so big now and so crowded that anyone who lives below the five hundred metre line rarely sees light at all. I do because I work as a governess for people on the hundred and fifth level of tower number A-666012. Of course when I have bedded my little charge down for the night as I had this night I return to my squat in tunnel number X-554412.
I have to don my air breather at the fiftieth level because below that its awful.
Really awful.
This particular night, when I had reached ground level, I decided to take the short cut through the park to tunnel number X-554412.
The park, Hyde Park it was called and the trees were all twisted and twiny and malignant and gruesome and in there somewhere was a memorial to a war fought in the twentieth century.
Isn't that just wierd.

When I saw the boys I knew I was in trouble. Should have taken the long way around.
They were all teenagers and had totally shaven heads and just heaps of steel body adornments and they wore the standard black leathers that marked them as wastrels.
I started to run but they quickly surrounded me and just as quickly and quite mercilessly beat me unconscious.
I screamed and shouted but no-one ever answers cries for help nowadays.
As I lay on the ground fading out I felt their piss splashing my face as they urinated over my body.
Its what they always do to their victims.
Especially females.

I slowly regained consciousness lying in a pool of piddle in the cold concrete culvert that served as a gutter in the park.
My hair was saturated and stank and it was all stringy and gross. My clothes had been ripped and one breast was exposed. I ached all over from the pummelling their fists had given me and from the other pains I was feeling I was fairly sure they had given me a good kicking while I lay senseless on the ground.
I sat up, slowly and extremely painfully and pulled my torn shirt across my chest. My ruined clothes were stained yellow and reeked of their piss.
I started crying.
I was so wrapped up in my misery and humiliation and blinded by my weeping that I only just became aware of the feet surrounding me.
"Get up!" said a harsh voice.
"Go away," I whined.
"Get up, on your feet bitch!" A foot kicked my side.
I groaned and blubbered.
"UP!!" A hand gripped my hair and hauled me howling onto my feet.
I stood there swaying unsteadily and then I saw them, two women and a man. Ground dwellers and opportunists. The man was the one who had dragged me upright.
"God she stinks............wastrels, she's been pissed over."
"They hurt me."
"Shut your face."
One of the women came close and peered into my face.
"Struth she sure stinks but underneath it all she's pretty enough. She'll do."
"You're coming with us," said the man.
"Let me go. I want to go home," I shrieked.
He laughed and the two women cackled.
"Please," I implored.
"Just get moving," he shoved me in the back.
They took me to an old dilapidated house nearby and it seemed they lived in three rooms on the ground floor. The upper levels looked dangerously unsafe and there was only just enough power to dimly illuminate the three rooms they shared.
There was water into a filthy bathroom and they let me wash myself in there. While I was bathing one of the women took my clothes away and threw me a threadbare towel. When I saw myself naked in the dim light and saw the bruising and blackening I wept anew.
For the next week the guy, his name was Koort, wouldn't let me dress and made me walk around their hovel nude while he watched my every movement. The two women, Hilda and Grizelle, were both ten to fifteen years older than me and they ignored me totally.
I expected Koort to attack me and I expected forced sex but nothing like that happened.
One evening after dark Koort led me down into the basement of the building and there I found Hilda and Grizelle who helped me dress in leather S and M gear. Then they manacled me to one of the damp stone walls and left me hanging there, my tits surrounded by webbing and my crotch exposed in a split g-string. I wore a leather face mask and straps held my gear together.
They went away.
After a while I heard them returning and when they entered the basement there was Koort and another man in his underwear.
This dude came across to where I hung and started fondling me.
When he was warming to his task Koort started flashing pictures.
That was when the poor sucker realised he had been set up for blackmailing.
They worked that little scam again and again until on about the umpteenth time the mark turned out to be a police plant and cops swarmed the place and after they had all had a really good laugh at the babe hanging from chains on the wall, we all got arrested.
So there I was sitting in a cold holding cell dressed only in S and M leathers and being looked at and giggled over by the female officers as well as the secretaries.
Misery added to misery.

I went before a justice court comprising five women, all law enforcers. I was allowed no representation and had to give my story to these tough dames in my own words. I decided to tell the truth just as it had happened. I did so very emotionally, barely managing to keep my tears at bay. They listened sympathetically and then sentenced me to an indefinite punishment confinement.
I was sent to a concentration camp run by the Lovers of Our Lord religious sect.
These christo nazis believed in salvation through disciplinary punishment.
I had wondered why the family for whom I had worked had not given testimony at my trial but the camp staff told me that decent folk like that had no time for scum like me and had not been informed of my detention other than being advised to replace me.
I was stripped of everything I had which was almost nothing and dressed in a prison smock made of woven paper fibres and was locked, manacled in a small underground cell. I wondered if suckers would be bought in and blackmailed by being photographed with me.
After a week of darkness and very little food I was dragged out again and marched to a room where I was told to bathe and dress in the clothes provided.
All of the guards I had seen in this hellish place were women. Healthy strong young women who would have been considered quite pretty if they hadn't been so obsessed with looking tough and relentless. As it was their black uniform suits and leather accoutrements, along with their hard unfriendly expressions, made them look like the head prefects from hell.
The room I was in looked like a hotel room in any big city.
I used the bathroom to clean myself up and took pleasure in dumping the horrible and, by now quite disgusting, prison smock into the disposal unit. I found make up in the bathroom and prettied myself up. On the bed I found clean underwear, very sexy lingerie actually and a tiny pink mini dress. I donned this together with the strappy high heels I found beside the bed and sat down to wait.

I didn't wait long.
Two of the prison guards came in wheeling a food trolley and right behind them came a man, one of the acolytes of the sect. A big, robust fellow with a heroic paunch and kindly face. The women had set the food out on a table and he invited me to dine. The food was delicious and very well prepared and I scoffed it down. The man ate slowly and drank some sort of white wine which he offered to me but I refused.
When we had finished with almost no conversation passing between us, the guards returned and removed the trolley and then returned again and, grabbing me as I sat in post prandial relaxation, they wrestled me onto the bed and spreadeagled me and bound my hands and feet to shackle rings in the bed posts which I had not noticed before.
They left and the man started in on me.
First he undressed me almost totally, leaving my sexy panties stretched across my thighs and he used and abused my body in every depravity imaginable. My screams and shouts and whimpering elicited no response from outside nor any slight measure of sympathy from my tormentor.
When he finished with me the panties had been ripped off and my breasts and neck and groin were covered in bite marks, my pussy was overflowing with his cum and I lay bound and sobbing until I fell into an exhausted and nightmarish sleep.

I was used and abused by, it seemed to me, every male member of the Lovers of Our Lord sect. I grew embittered and hardened to the abuse.
The bedroom where I had first been humiliated became my own personal torture chamber. On this occasion I had been stripped and forced to bathe nude with one of the younger sect acolytes. A handsome dark haired and well endowed fellow I could almost have enjoyed it had the circumstances been different and the compulsion missing.
We were together in the huge bath attached to the room and I was attempting to obey his demands and lower myself backwards onto his rampantly erect cock. I slipped slightly and momentarily fell back into him and heard a muffled curse and a crack as his head hit the rim of the bath. When I glanced over my shoulder to apologise I saw that he had stunned himself and had slipped low into the water. In a decision taken in an instant and without thought I pushed myself against him, settling my ass over his face. I am not a large person but like most girls I have a generously large bum and as I sat down the crack between my buttocks settled over his nose and forced his head underwater. I sat down hard using all of my weight. He was trapped under me and only semi-conscious. I sat through shudders and then fairly feeble struggles while his mind tried to save his body. Sadly for him, trapped as he was beneath my considerable bottom, he could not get me off of him. I heard a gasping sound and then the inrush of water and then a choking gasping croak and then sucking sounds and spluttering sounds and he briefly thrashed and then he went still.
I sat some more.
When I finally got up and peeked down he was lying drowned in the bath, his eyes and mouth open, the eyes staring up through the murky water. His cock was still monstrously erect and broke water like the mast of some sunken ship.
I hopped out of the bath and towelled myself dry.
That was when I heard a key rattling in the lock and recalled that he had ordered a meal to be delivered to the room.
Naked I sprinted out into the bedroom and cast about for a weapon, grabbing a solid glass statuette of a naked nymph from the dresser and padding swiftly into position behind the door.
The door opened and a solidly built blonde guard entered carrying a tray.
She locked the door behind her.
I raised the statuette over my head and offering up a plea for success brought it down in a smashing blow.
It crunched into the blonde haired head and the guard stumbled forward and the tray flew out of her grasp spraying food everywhere. She went down onto her knees and then collapsed face down and out cold.
I jumped onto her back but she was gone bye byes.
I unlaced her sturdy flat soled shoes and pulled them off. Reaching my hand up under her skirt I hoicked it out of the way and grabbed the tops of her pantyhose and peeled them down and off.
She groaned and I looked once at the pantyhose lying in my grip like peeled skin and then without further thought I wrapped the legs of the pantyhose twice around her throat and tugged hard on the free ends.
For several seconds (it seemed much longer) we were locked together in the ballet of death. The guard was severly concussed and struggling from memory and instinct only. I had the strength of total desperation. I pulled hard on my makeshift garrotte, hating the thought of throttling this woman, hating taking another's life but determined to escape from this hell to which I had been consigned. The struggle didn't last long. The guard twitched and spasmed and her eyes went from semi-consciousness to awareness and then panic and finally unfocussed glazed sightlessness as she stared into her own private purgatory.
I got off of the guard's warm dead body slowly and stood for a moment shaking with disgust and shocked relief.
I continued stripping her.
With difficulty, dead she was heavy and inert, I rolled her onto her back.
I stripped off her jacket and then slid off her skirt. She lay on her back, fleshy and once quite pretty with large breasts and wide hips. I popped her bra and tugged it off allowing those large breasts to flop apart, splaying sideways and rolled her panties down and off of her legs revealing a thick blonde bush of pubic hair.
Her prettiness was fading rapidly.
Her tongue had unravelled and lay poked out to one side of her mouth, quite obscenely, while her face was suffusing purplish blue and her lips were deeply cyanotically blue. I pulled her eyelids closed. They were almost translucent and bluishly tinged. Her eyeballs bugged visibly behind them.
I unlooped her pantyhose from her swollen neck.
I stripped off her jewellery and watch and grabbing her under the arms hauled her limp flabbiness into the bathroom.
I dragged her over to the tub and manhandled her into it. It was a real struggle, she was a truly dead weight. I rolled her so that she was over the top of the dead acolyte with her ass thrusting upward and I forced her open mouth over his upright cock. Using my fingers adroitly I pushed his cock deep inside her mouth, her tongue drooling across its rigid length. Then I pushed her head down underwater as though this was a wet blow job gone wrong. It might work for a minute or two. I looked down at my little tableaux. Dead acolyte, cock thrusting into the mouth of a dead guard and both underwater. Her butt sticking up out of the tub, her plump pussy squashed between her tight thighs. Lower legs under the surface.
I managed a grin.
I returned to the bedroom, cleaned up the mess and, tossing the guard's underwear and personal stuff into a bin, donned her uniform skirt jacket, pantyhose (fatal) and shoes and using her keys let myself out of my prison.

Her uniform didn't fit me by quite a bit.
I tugged and tucked and generally fiddled with it so that I only looked sloppy.
I made my way out of the sect building heading towards the outside as near as I could remember or figure it out. Several times I passed other guards and acolytes moving around the corridors and nodded or spoke briefly while all the time trying to make my ill fitting uniform look convincing.
Finally I reached a passageway that led to double doors through which I could see the gloom of daylight.
I walked purposefully forward.
As I was walking past a barred doorway within twenty metres of the outside an arm reached out and my sleeve was gripped by fingers.
"Take me with you, please take me with you."
I turned somewhat startled and peered into the cell. A sulky looking teenager, naked except for an extremely brief black g-string was clutching my arm. Her straight brown hair hung lank around her pretty but surly face.
I tried to adopt the sort of sneering indifference the real guards displayed.
"Get back inside."
"Please," she was snivelling, weeping, "Please I know you aren't a guard. I've seen you around. I watched while these bastards attacked you like they did me. I know you must be escaping, please take me with you."
"How?" I hissed.
"Pretend I'm your prisoner. You've got the guard's cuffs and weapons on that belt."
I glanced down. In my anxiety to get away from the dead guard who was now kissing cock back there in the bathroom I had paid no attention to the belt that encircled my uniform coat. Sure enough it contained cuffs, a neuralash and other gear all of the guards carried.
"But you're naked..............nearly." I glanced at her ripe body, only her pudenda covered by the scrap of black cloth.
"Aren't we all. Why did you have to steal a uniform? To cover your own nudity I'll bet."
I looked closer. What I had taken for pouting truculence I could now see was largely puffiness around the lips and eyes. This kid had been mistreated and had been crying heaps.
I knew how she felt.
"Dammit, OK but be careful."
"I will, oh I will."
I used my keys to open her cell and cuffed her hands behind her back and pushed her in front of me. She stumbled and staggered along on bare feet that were hurting I could tell.
We reached the door to the outside. An electrocar stood unattended on a roadway about fifteen metres away. I pushed the teen forward. Her cuffed hands were fluttering and she half turned toward me and silently mouthed "Help me," and her eyeballs rolled up and back, her knees gave way and her legs buckled and she slid down the wall to crumple on the floor. I knelt beside her. Her pulse was strong but she was out cold. Stress, excitement, exhaustion, I didn't know which, maybe all three, maybe even more. She had gone very white and was really out for the count. I saw evidence that to add to all of her other trials this girl had her monthlies. I didn't need this. Damn her. But I couldn't leave her she needed me. She deserved a chance too. Mumbling, muttering imprecations and cursing I got her up over my shoulder, my arm clamped around her bareassed butt. I peeked outside. Nothing. As quickly as I could I made my way to the electrocar and dumped her in the passenger seat. She slumped down limp and boneless, well and truly unconscious. I got in the driving side and fired up the silky smooth electro-ion engine.
Away we went.
We came to a gate.
I contemplated just buzzing straight through but opted to stop.
A large busted guard leaned out staring at my helpless passenger.
"Dumping her eh?"
I thought Jeez!!! but I said, "Yeah."
I fumbled as though searching for my disc and grabbed the neuralash and jammed it into the hollow of her neck. It must have been set at almost full charge as she arched backward, spine snapping and her head crashed against the booth wall and then she collapsed out of sight.
"Good one."
I glanced over.
My sulky teen was watching me from tired looking eyes.
"Yeah, works a treat."
She smiled and we set off for the nearest spaceport.

There was one ship on the tarmac which I thought would do.
A sleek silver, ion drive, fusion thrusted star cruiser.
We dumped the car and waited for dark.
When it seemed safe to do so I grabbed my friend's hand and we scuttled over to the star cruiser. Steam was coming from the thrusters and it was getting ready to depart. Using a pile of cargo as a ladder we climbed up and inside the hold. It was bitterly cold and my naked girlfriend was shivering fit to bust. Once inside I took off my coat and wrapped it around her and we hugged against each other for what little warmth we could muster. Now that I was topless the cold attacked my very bones.
We huddled in a dark corner.
The fusion thrusters reached maximum pitch and the ship made the jump into space.
I hadn't foreseen the awesome force of the g pulls.
We were both screaming in pain when the internal cargo hatch opened spilling light across us.
Suddenly the g forces dropped away as the star ship levelled into ion flight and the tall figures were all around us looking down.
The teen had passed out again and her head was pressed against my breasts, mouth drooling spittle. I looked up into the light and with a sinking coldness in my tummy recognised around the still undefined figures, the fuzzy aura of life alien to earth.