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It is the year 2237.

Having been used and abused

by the hateful citizens of a dying earth our girl

hero escapes from the disgusting sect where she has been imprisoned

taking a teen victim (eighteen plus) with her. They stow away on a star cruiser hoping to be

carried way off into the galaxy and escape from a life of victimisation only to find they are trapped on an alien ship.

Now read on..............................


I was bound hand and foot and slumped against the wall of a large cabin on the star cruiser whose ion drive, fusion thrusters were propelling it at warp speed through limitless space.
My stolen uniform was torn and dirtied from the brief struggle I had managed to put up against my captors.
The most dreaded of all alien races.
Pirates of space they terrorised all of the other races as those races tried to carry on normal interplanetry commerce.
What Tharks had been doing on that landing pad at the spaceport on earth I could only guess. Something evil and rotten was obviously being fostered yet again on that corrupt sewer of a planet.
These human bodied, dog headed monsters with frames at least twenty percent bigger than the average human were known and feared for their utter ruthlessness and total cruelty toward all but their own.
When they discovered me cradling the teen in my arms they ripped her away from me and two of them set about me. I fought as hard as I could but they soon overpowered me and bound me and brought me to this cabin.
Light glowed out from the translucent walls revealing a space empty other than for a moulded table in the centre under a particularly bright circular light. The senseless teen lay stretched out on her back on this table stripped completely naked. Three Tharks, females as far as I could tell were studying her.
They pushed, prodded and probed at her flesh.
One had both of her breasts held by the nipples in her long bony fingers and was pulling them up into cone shapes and then dropping them to flomp back across her chest. A second Thark was probing the teen's pussy, her long prehensile fingers deep inside that soft damp slit. The third Thark was using her fingers to investigate the teen's mouth and nose and eyes, exploring, investigating and scrutinising everything. Her fingers lifted the unconscious girl's eyelids and she studied the blank stare before turning to her companions and chittering away in the odd sing song language of the Tharks.
The teen groaned and started to come out of her fog.
Her eyelids blinked of their own accord.
She became aware of the unholy trio bending over her and screamed and screamed.
I staggered to my feet and hopped over, head butting one Thark and shouldering another aside. The third lashed out at me knocking me to the floor. I writhed in my bonds shouting abuse at them all.
The teen was shrieking fit to bust.
One of the Tharks produced a neuralash from the folds of her robes and placed it just above the teen's ear and zapped her.
She slumped limply, bonelessly, out for the count.
"You bastards," I scrabbled to my feet.
The Thark turned to me.
"Shits!" I rushed forward waving my tied hands.
A Thark grabbed me. She was strong.
The neuralash appeared before my eyes and then it was against my forehead above the bridge of my nose and a pulse of pure agony flashed through my brain and I slid downwards jellified.

I had never been neuralashed before although I had seen it's effects.
My body was totally limp, without the power to move any muscle.
My brain was working but able only to observe. I realised that, like me, the teen must be conscious but frozen. I tried to give her some sign of recognition but couldn't even move my eyelids.
I was clad only in the torn and filthy uniform skirt which I had been wearing when captured. The coat which I had wrapped around my companion lay discarded where it had been stripped from her. I was securely bound hand and foot.
One of the Tharks checked I was quite docile, using her foot to roll me onto my side and back again. Then all three of them left the cabin carrying the teen draped between two of them, one holding her feet and one grasping her shoulders.
A short time later one of them returned and untied my bonds and then with ease threw my limped out body over her shoulder and carried me, arms dangling helplessly, hair trailing over my face, down a succession of corrdiors and into another room where she discarded me on the floor.
I was in some sort of prison cell amongst others. The teen lay beside me.
I moved my eyeballs, the only things I could move, and looked around.
I could see the teen's body lying prone beside mine. Over the twin cones of her young breasts I could see three other human girls dressed in the ragged remnants of some sort of uniform from one of the out worlds. In the far corner I saw a man dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. He was about my age and blessed with a shock of brilliant red hair and he was big, strong and handsome. As I watched he got slowly to his feet and came over to where we lay.
"You poor devils," he said, "being neuralashed is bloody awful."
I smiled but no muscle moved.
He slipped his tee shirt off and pulled it over my companion's young body, hiding her nudity. (although her butt still hung out from under the hem) He turned to me and touched my shoulder.
"Sorry I can't cover you too my friend but this poor naked girl's need was greater."
I tried to show him that was alright but only my eyes registered.
"Looks like we are all stuck in this hell hole together. My name's Sean and I'm from earth, these other girls are from Arcadia and welcome to our prison. We'll talk when you recover."
The girls finger waved but otherwise looked pretty miserable.
I lay uselessly.
After about two hours I started to feel pins and needles and then a burning sensation and slowly my nerves reawakened and although the pain was awful I started regaining feeling and movement. I bit my lip and fought hard to hide the hurting but it was hard, very, very hard and I heard the teen whimpering and knew she was suffering too.
Sean joined me again and his strong fingers massaged my upper body easing the ghastly pain of my reviving nervous system. The girls had come over and all three were massaging the teen to ease her stirring awareness.
Within a further hour we had both recovered although my body still tingled with a shivery, hot, hurting.
I sat up and Sean's strong fingers worked on the knotting in my neck and shoulders.
The girls gave the same comfort to the teen.
I half turned my head and smiled at Sean.
"That's nice."
"As I said, Sean's the name and these three girls are........"
"Melody, Justeen and Olivia," said one of the girls.
Looking closer at them I realised they were all pale blondes and could easily have passed for sisters.
"I'm Barbanne," I said.
"And I'm Alison," said the teen, "actually we haven't had time to introduce ourselves."
Melody, Justeen and Olivia looked at each other and then looked at us.
"So what brought you girls here?" asked Sean.
"We stowed away and that was a big mistake," I said.
We exchanged stories. The girls had been snatched from a patrol cruiser inside Arcadian air space and Sean, who turned out to be an independent trader, had been captured when his little interplanetary space tramp had been stopped and looted and then destroyed.
"So why are the Tharks keeping us?" I ventured.
"Who knows," said Sean but whatever it might be it isn't good."

Together for something like another twenty four hours we became a tight knitted group bound together by our common peril.
All five of us girls found there was much we shared and we bonded in a way I had never before experienced with strangers. Sean provided great comfort to us all but gravitated towards me. I was flattered and delighted because from the moment I first saw him I had realised I was powerfully attracted to him in a way that I had never ever experienced with a man before. He spent time with me, holding me and reassuring me and I fluctuated between embarrassment that I was in the presence of a man with whom I was falling in love and half naked and pleasure that, because my breasts were bare, every touch and embrace and cuddle was an erotic thrill for me.
At the end of that twenty four hour period the star cruiser's motion changed and those among us who were familiar with space travel (not me or Alison) announced that we were in parking orbit around a planet.
Sean crowded against the barred opening in our cell door from which he had a partial view of the planet below. He told us that he believed it to be Arcturus a planet none of us had ever heard about excepting Sean and he was unsure whether it was hostile or friendly or even whether it was a member of the confederation.
One thing we all agreed on was that now we should try for our freedom.
Our choices were limited.
Arcturus was at the edge of our known star system and either we were to become slaves there or we were to be carried beyond the limits of our human boundaries.
I had noticed that Sean had spent a lot of time studying our prison and he now fiddled with an almost imperceptible cracked panel in the ceiling of one corner, the corner where he had been sitting when I first saw him. This panel popped and swung open revealing a duct space disappearing into the darkness above.
"I'm going to investigate this," he announced.
"It must lead somewhere. I'll check it out and should be back within an hour at the latest."
"Oh Sean," I said, "be careful."
"I will."
He pulled me to him and kissed me. My bared nipples tingled and tightened.
The other girls giggled and Melody whistled lasciviously.
Sean pulled himself into the duct and closed the hatch behind him.
We waited.
The minutes crawled by.
A half hour.
Then an hour. I started to get nervous.
An hour and a half.
Two hours.
I was feeling sick.
When four hours had passed with no sign of him I was in a proper stew and sunk in my own misery to such an extent that I didn't notice the door open until the Tharks were there in the room among us.
Their were three of them and they carried laser weapons and using these they herded us outside.
That was when they realised that Sean was gone.
They chittered amongst themselves and then started pointing and chittering at each of us in turn.
We pretended ignorance of what they were indicating and they started hitting us.
They shoved us ahead of them and down the corridor.
Melody was beside me and she said, "Let's take them now."
Justeen and Olivia nodded almost imperceptibly and I twitched my lips in agreement.
What did we have to lose?
I was about to find out.
As we passed into a wider pocket in the corridor, Melody dived one way and Justeen another and Olivia spun and shoved the leading Thark back into the other two.A Thark weapon zapped and a laser beam drilled a smoking hole between Olivia's eyes and she crumpled to the floor dead.
Justeen and Melody came up together and wrestled the Thark murderer's weapon from her and blasted a hole in her tummy.
She puked green slime and folded up like a deflated balloon.
The other two Tharks were struggling with their weapons and I grabbed one's arm but she used her free hand to bat me away. My head collided with the wall and I was momentarily stunned.
Melody fired again and a hole blackened only millimetres from the Tharks.
A Thark fired and the searing beam hit Meldody right between her breasts and she sighed and died.
The second Thark fired and her beam penetrated Justeen's head right behind her ear and poor brave Justeen folded onto the floor where all three girls now lay dead.
Alison had helped me up and she hugged me as I watched groggily as the Tharks advanced until their weapons were trained directly on us only a finger's breadth from our faces.
I prepared myself to die.
I looked into the cruel yellow eyes of the dog headed Thark and saw pitiless hatred.
Then shock.
Then blankness as first one and then another Thark vomited green bile and sank away from my sight to be replaced by Sean's face.
"This way," he called.
"What about these girls?"
"Nothing we can do for them we must leave them."
"They died to save you Barbanne, don't waste it."
Dragging Alison along I ran after him.
Down corridors, across rooms past crossways and down stairs into the launch pad in the hold. We passed several dead Tharks until we were at last standing beside the cruiser's landing docker.
Sean popped the canopy top and pushed first me and then Alison inside.
We crouched together hugging each other in the small space behind the cockpit.
Sean heaved himself in and settled behind the controls.
He fired up the thrusters and then flicked a switch and the bay doors swung down and we dropped into black space and the thrusters fired up fully and the docker peeled away and raced down toward the surface of Arcturus far below.
A green planet girdled by cloud.
I clutched Alison, she clutched me.
Sean said "Here goes nothing."
We swooped downwards to the planet below.
Safe haven or green hell?