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Vicki was her name and she was the key to it.
I knew if I could get to her, kill her, the rest would fall into place. Lisa, Therese, even Petra would be easy to get at once I had dealt with Vicki.
That's why I was sitting in my darkened car in a dimly lit street opposite the apartment block where she lived. I had watched her come home and go up half an hour ago. The lights had come on and I knew she was up there, probably preparing her evening meal. I also knew she was alone as her partner had left for New York earlier that afternoon. I cracked the car door and stepped out into the street. I stood for a while in the shade of the trees, knowing it would be almost impossible to see me should she look out the window. Dressed as I was in a dark blue cotton frock I was hard to see at night and anyway looked like any other young girl who lived in this area. I was fairly unexceptional and would not attract attention. I pulled on the plastic gloves. I touched the Glock.
The Glock!!
My beautiful, solid black Glock model 26. Fitted with a silencer it fired 9mm rounds from a ten shot magazine. I used Winchester silver tips, good punchy bullets. I had it in a webbed leather holster, mounted high under my clothes, so that I could feel its cold steely sexiness against the bare skin of my breast. It felt good. It felt lethal.
I crossed to the building and using the electronic lock wizard popped the front door lock. The tenant board was to one side. Vicki was listed there, top floor, apartment three one seven. I didn't look at it, didn't have to. I knew where she was. I climbed the stairs and emerged into the foyer of the top floor. The carpeted corridors helped me to make my way silently to the door marked three one seven. I popped the lock. The safety chain wasn't fitted. Silly girl Vicki, bad mistake.
I was inside her apartment.
I took out the Glock, shuddering as its cold metal slid across my bare skin. I held it, muzzle up and crossed the living room to the bedroom door. I could hear her in there, she was humming softly to herself. A song popular a year or two back. I opened the door. She was standing at the dresser, nude except for a pair of satiny white panties. She turned to look at me as I stood there framed by the opening door. Her body was magnificent, shapely, full breasted, wide hipped. Large brown aureoles surrounded her erectile nipples. Thick black hair framed her beautiful face and her brown eyes were wide open as was her mouth, forming an O of surprise.
"Barbanne?" She looked at the Glock held in my hand.
"Hi Vicki."
"Barbanne, what is this? What........................?"
"Bye Vicki."
I levelled the Glock at her. She opened her mouth even wider and said "Barbaaaaanne............" It came out as a scream. I fired once and then again.
The Glock spat its deadly message.
Two silver tips punched into the soft flesh of Vicki's bare breast. Crunched through the bone of her ribcage and exploded her heart. Two neat black holes appeared side by side on the right side of her left breast. Blood splashed and then stopped as her heart stopped. Blood trickled from her mouth and her glorious naked body was flung backward on to the bed. She lay sprawled out, arms outflung, legs apart. Her body rippled in a spasm, then twitched uncontrollably before one last vast shudder and she was still. Her eyes were rolled back and half hidden by her eyelids. Her mouth gaped open and her tongue filled it, protruding slightly.
I holstered the Glock. It was warm on my skin.
I crossed to the bed. Felt for a pulse at Vicki's neck. Nothing.
She was dead.
I sat on the bed. I ran my small hand over her magnificent breasts feeling the upthrust nipples under my palm. They had fully extended at the moment of her death and were rigid litle pillars beneath my caress. I closed her eyelids and leaning down, kissed her open mouth, covering it with mine. I sucked her tongue, tasting it's sweetness. I could smell the washed girl smell of her body under the overlaying acrid sharpness of the blood. I kissed her breasts, suckling the blood from her wounds. I slid my hand down over the firm roundness of her tummy and slipped my fingers under the waistband of her panties. I ran my index finger down through her bush and found the twin fleshy lips of her pussy. I slid my finger inside and withdrew the wetness I found there. I brought it to my mouth and sucked off her love juice. Nothing had ever tasted better. I pulled back my skirt and put my hand inside my own panties and finding my dripping cleft ran my fingers inside and jerkily finger fucked myself while holding Vicki's dead slit with my other hand.
I shuddered to climax.
Dead, she was so beautiful.
I felt relieved, sated, complete. Killing her had fulfilled some inner need of my being. I got up and searched through her apartment. I found the keys to Ennbees in a drawer of her bedside table. With it I found a security pass that would give me access anywhere I wanted to go within the complex. I looked down at Vicki. Her body lay where it had fallen. Her eyes were now closed and her mouth was just open, lips slightly parted. Her softly curved body was wonderfully erotic. The little creases where her arms met her torso, where her breasts folded over her chest, where her legs met her groin, all fabulously evocative of the pleasure her body could afford to a lover. A lover of the dead.
I joined her again on the bed and placing my arms under her shoulders, lifted her up off the covers of the bed. Her head hung back, limply dangling from her long neck, framed by her long, black hair.. Her arms fell away, drooping onto the bed covers, fingers curled in lifeless hands. Her panties were wet at the vee of her sex where I had touched her before. She was heavy, a dead weight, but I held her in my arms. Oh how I wished I had a penis, a rigid, throbbing stiffly erect sex organ to plunge into Vicki's dead pussy again and again. But I didn't.
I kissed her on her dead lips, probing her mouth with my tongue. I tasted the sweetness of her breath. Breath that no longer flowed through her lungs. Poor dead Vicki. She was magnificent. I laid her back on the bed and lying next to her locked my lips to hers while my hand found its way down to my panties and inside my slit and again I brought myself to a climax. A climax that left me faint from its intensity.
Reluctantly I extricated myself from Vicki's gorgeous corpse and let myself out.

I drove away from Vicki's apartment. I thought of her still, white body, lying there, going nowhere. I wondered who would find her. It seemed a pity that she would be found and the police called. She should be a prize for a lover. Her partner could find her there, dead, unresisting, yielding to his embrace and he could use her over and over..........
I felt wetness slipping between my thighs from the thought. I was still very aroused. I drove down the freeway and took the slip road that led to Ennbees. Approaching the large complex, I pulled into the car park and left my car in a back space under an overhanging tree. Not easy to see. It was nine o'clock and with daylight saving was just getting truly dark. I got out of my car and locked it. Crossing to the main entry I walked up to the desk and presented my pass to Jennifer who was on this evening.
"Hi Barbanne........boy! Have you been upgraded to triple A?"
"Yeah." I looked at her, she was really sweet. I wanted to take out the Glock and pop her right there.
"Lisa in?" I asked.
"Sure. She's down in the pool."
"Have a nice evening Barbanne."
"Thanks Jennifer. You too." Yeah, spread out dead on that desk when I pop you babe. I walked down the stairs and along to the pool complex.
Lisa was alone in the pool enclosure. She had been swimming and was wet. Her tiny perfect figure was clad in a skimpy bikini, basically three minute triangles of fabric held together with a web of strings. She was sitting on a lounger but stood when she saw me coming.
"Hi Barbanne."
"Hi Lisa."
"What's doing?"
"Not much."
"Anything going down?"
"Yeah Lisa. You babe. Bye Lisa." The Glock appeared in my hand and spat its deadly message once. The silver bullet pounded into Lisa's tummy, just above her groin. She gasped and clutched her tum. Blood spurted out between her fingers and the force of the impact flung her off the edge and into the pool. As she went her eyes stared, opened wide, at me and she mouthed "Why Barba........................?" She hit the water in a plume of spray and writhed in the green chlorinated wetness. Blood from her tummy spread out in ribbons and her body thrashed in a welter of foam. She clutched at her wound and thrashed at the water, her arms alternately thrashing and clutching. She went under and a heap of bubbles came out of her mouth. She came up gasping for air and groaned from the pain of my bullet inside her belly.
She went under again and her struggles were getting weaker. She was face down and slapping at the water. She clutched her bleeding tummy and rolled over. Water poured into her mouth and air escaped. She stared at me and her mouth moved but nothing came out. Blood was still pouring from her gunshot tummy and she was thrashing the surface of the pool. She was getting very feeble now. Her head dived forward and she went under. Bubbles came from her mouth and nostrils. She wriggled like a fish but in slow motion. Her body spasmed and she bent backwards and her mouth broke the surface streaming water. She slid back under and her head went down again under the water. She quivered a couple of times and then she was still. Very slowly she rolled over until she was face down. Her cute ass broke the surface and her arms and legs spread wide and she floated there dead!
I leaned over and hooking the strap of her bra pulled her to the side. She weighed nothing buoyed by the water. I got my arms under her armpits and dragged her out. She was bluish and very soggy and limp. I lay her on her back and unworried by the water wetting my clothes, I caressed my hand over and down her tummy and lifted the waistband of her bikini pants and slid my fingers ino her cold wet slit and withdrew them covered in her love juice. I brought my hand to my lips and hungrily sucked off Lisa's essence. I slid my fingers back under her pants and into her slit and with my other hand once more finger fucked myself to a shuddering dripping climax.
I leaned forward and sucked the oozing blood from her belly shot wound.
She was gorgeous. And tasty. And very erotically dead!
I dragged Lisa's body to the lounger and got her onto it. I am not very strong and she was a dead weight and I mean dead! But even so she was such a sweet and small pixie that I managed without too much trouble. I laid her out on her back and pushed her bra top up and off of her lovely round breasts. I fondled them playing with her erect large nipples which like Vicki's had stood to attention as she died. I kissed her breasts and sucked at them and covered her face and poor, open, dead lips with my kisses, suckling at her tongue and mouth. She tasted beautiful and she looked beautiful and it seemed such a waste for her dead body to be taken to the morgue when there were no doubt many here who would appreciaite it and use it fully. I hoped that one of them would find her first.
"Goodbye Lisa. My darling." I said and waved sadly to her still, silent, dead body as I left.

I walked from the pool room to the massage room a few metres down the corridor.
I opened the door and walked in.
There was a nude body, face down, on one of the tables. Even from behind I recognised the pale voluptuos curves and red hair of Therese. She seemed to be napping. I walked over and stroked her bare buttocks with my hand. She started and then turned to me. That brilliant red hair and those piercing blue eyes.
"Hi Therese!"
"Barbanne?" She sat and swung her legs to one side of the table.
"Oh I'm glad to see you. But how did you get in here? I didn't know you had clearance."
"Oh but I have Therese darling." I took Therese's arm and kissed her fingers and her forearm. She shuddered and her mouth opened and her tongue circled her lips, wetly, lasciviously. I took her hand and brought it toward my own small firm breast. Her eyes, those beautiful blue eyes followed my every movement. As my hand and Therese's approached the gaping buttons of my shirt front I suddenly dropped her hand and in one smooth, swift movement slid my hand into my shirt and it came out grasping the Glock.
"Bye, bye Therese."
The Glock spat its deadly message once more and a red, raw, bloody third eye appeared above Therese's two startled blue ones. Her mouth dropped all the way open and her body stiffened and then relaxed falling backwards until she hung sprawled out over the table. Her arms were almost touching the floor and her red hair streamed down in a cascade. Her legs were spread. Blood oozed and dripped from the hole in her forehead onto the floor. Her legs were on my side of the table and the way she was arched backwards over the width of the table had pushed her mons up and toward the ceiling. I placed my hand on her still quivering thigh, that Oh so soft and silky inner thigh flesh and then I worked it up and stroked the lovely so, so, soft crepe like flesh of her vaginal lips before plunging my fingers into her crevice and withdrawing them covered in the dripping wetness of her love juice. I bought it greedily to my mouth and sucked it down, licking my fingers to miss nothing and tasting the glorious musky, wet, sliminess of her female essence.
Her sex.
I dipped again and licked and suckled her for a second time. She was marvellous. I walked around to face her where she lay upside down from the table. I kissed her mons once more and worked my way down over the taught, stretched skin of her tummy, lingered over her breasts and upthrust nipples. What was it about the Glock that froze these girl's nipples in the erect position when it caressed them into death? Further down, over her smooth lovely shoulders and then to her face. Her wide, blue, startled, eyes staring at me. Her pink mouth agape and her tongue hanging out. I kissed her mouth, sucked her tongue, kissed her nose, her eyes, all of her. She was fantastic.
Therese looked wonderful stretched out over the massage table and dead as dead can be. Her pussy mound pointed jauntily upward at the ceiling and I thought she would be a marvellous find for someone. So compliant and so absolutely beautiful.
I hated to leave her.

I walked out of the complex.
I asked for Petra. Jennifer said she wasn't in tonight. Most probably at home.
I thanked her and then shot her in the left nipple which I could see clearly through her chiffon blouse. She grunted and fell back in her chair, arms dangling and legs spread showing the vee of her panties at her crutch. Her head hung backwards, chin pointing up.
I walked back to my car.
Now for Petra.
Ah Petra!
My God how I love Petra.
How the Glock will love Petra.

I drove to the sector of town where Petra had her home. A lot of University people lived in this up market area of the suburbs. The houses were all large and the grounds extensive and like the streets were lined with trees and beautifully landscaped.
I parked a block away from her house and walked the rest of the distance. I compared this elegant lifestyle in my head to the run down tenement in the inner city where I lived. I adored Petra and worshipped her for her breeding and her intellect and her success. Compared to me she was a winner in life and I was a loser. It didn't fuss me and it didn't affect my love for her but that's how life is.
I rang the bell and her husbie, that's how she referred to him, opened the door for me. "Yes?"
"Is Petra in?"
"Whom may I say is calling?"
"She's in the west wing. You'll have to wait."
I pulled out the Glock and popped him. He made a bit of a noise as he crashed over into the furniture, but I figured you probably wouldn't hear that in the west wing.
I walked through the house, heading in what I reckoned was a westerly direction.
Eventually I came to a large open room, well lit by huge south facing windows.
Petra was there in a billion dollar peignor.
"Barbanne. is that really you Barbanne?"
"I'm surprised husbie didn't stop you."
"Ah, he's having a lie down."
"Oh, Oh well......"
"Told you I'd come one day."
"And I'm delighted to see you dear."
"No as much as I am to see you."
I came over to her and kissed her, a little peck on the cheek. Then I took her face in my hands and kissed her long and slow and with a bit of tongue action. She seemed surprised and resisted me at first but then she weakened and went with the flow and soon we were kissing like mad and I had my arms around her and then under her peignor and I was stroking her body and kissing her and she was responding and we were both moaning and groaning.
She helped me get my clothes off. This was a bit tricky as I didn't want her to find the Glock. He wasn't due to meet her yet. Soon I was stripped down to my panties and my clothes and mister Glock were in a heap on the floor and I had Petra's peignor off and she had this billion dollar silk underwear on and then it was off and we were on the floor groping and rolling around like mad.
I kissed her all over and she responded with litle moans and whimpers and she muttered "What if husbie comes in now?"
"Let him enjoy the show. Anyway he's lying down I told you."
"But what if.....................?"
I put my finger on her lips and said "No Buts. Enjoy."
I kissed and suckled Petra's breasts, I kissed and tongued her tummy and then her pussy. I paid special attention to her breasts where they met her chest and to the inside of her upper thighs. We all enjoy to be touched there. I was specially careful to be very gentle and to make my touching and kissing like the brush of an angel's wing. Just a touch. The sort that really tingles your nerve endings and your senses.
She was moaning a lot and there was perspiration on her upper lip and her body was getting slippery with a sheen of it. I slipped my fingers into her pussy and just played teasingly with her soft wet opening and finding her little clitoris, I stimulated it with the most gentle of touches. She was breathing heavily and then she was panting and so was I.
I stroked her and then made it a little faster and she was sweating freely now and she was saying. "Yes, Oh yes, Oh Barbanne............" And I was saying, "Petra, Oh Petra, how I've longed for this moment how I've dreamt about you. You can't know how much I love you. Oh Petra."
"OH Barb."
And then whoosh I came in a rush and I reckon she did too, because we just lay there in each other's arms and our bodies were twitching and shaking in the aftershock of this earth mover.
She looked at me all dreamy out of those beautiful big doe eyes.
Her big statuesque body wet and warm in my embrace. My small skinny body wrapped around her like I was holding Venus or something.
I was so happy.
I gently disengaged and rolled away and came up with the Glock and Ppphhhttt, Ppphhtt, shot her twice in the breast. Just at the bottom right corner of her left breast.
Two neat holes.
She gasped and flopped on her back.
Her eyelids fluttered and then she gasped again and a thin trickle of blood came from her mouth and she twitched once, twice, then her beautiful big body arched like a bridge, spasmed violently, and died. She lay there sprawled out, limp and dead.
I scooped my fingers into her pussy and came away with a handful of love juice and sucked it down, licking my fingers in sheer unadulterated pleasure.
Then I loved her dead body heaps.
I kissed, licked sucked and stroked her and finger fucked myself over and over.
She was glorious, stretched out dead.
I have seen no-one that magnificent. Her body was perfection and her face was like so, so, beautiful.
Oh my God I loved that woman.

I have killed all four of the most beautiful necrobabes.
I am a bitch.
A selfish greedy hedonistic bitch.
But dear God they were beautiful corpses.
Maybe now I'll have to let the guys revenge those fantastic women.
Samson, Ripper, Scott, Crew, Bill, Mike, Aramon or.....................????????
I won't fight much.
They can kill me and then use my corpse as I used Vicki and Lisa and Therese and Petra. I won't be hard to kill.
Me and mister Glock.
Like hell I won't......................................

(With apologies to Vicki, Lisa, Therese and Petra. I only killed you in this story because you are the BEST! Sorry Jennifer but you were in the way. And with thanks to max5s for the Glock 26.)