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Here's this story I must have written two years ago and its been living in obscurity at Diana the Valkyrie's site ever since. Knobkerrie made me do it. That man just keeps after me and after me to kill a few gals but this one was done as part of some competition for writers if I remember. (I didn't win of course)
So here you are K (my sweetie) this will keep you going for now.
I hope others enjoy it and its pretty self explanatory.

By Barbanne.

The castle was in sight.
I reined in my horse and looked for a safe place to tether her. A clump of trees offered shelter, concealment and safety. I headed that way. I looked down at my body, clad in leather armour. Slight, slim and hard, my body had been tempered by a life on the fringe of the law. I am Vara the mercenary. An outcast. Society's distaste for me has been driven by my sexual hungers. Constant, all consuming and urgent desire has put me into the bed of just about every noble in the land as well as a goodly number of the peasantry, earning me the hatred of my sisters' whom I have cuckolded. My inability to then perform, (I go rigid like a corpse whenever a man enters me), has made me despised as a cock-tease amongst the gentry. My needs are hot like spilt blood, but I am frigid, death like in a man's embrace.
I tied up my horse and checked my weapons. A sharp thin blade, known as a stiletto in Italy, it is new in this country. My sword. Well blooded it has served me well and will again. My own two hands. Some have gone to heaven in the grip of these two hands.
I set out for the castle.
Queen Diana has paid me well to bring her the corpse of Omphale, the renegade amazon. Omphale, tall, she would tower a full head over me, beautiful, her beauty is known and admired in all of the seven Kingdoms and a fearless fighter. I have yearned to battle with Omphale. Gorgeous, blonde creature that she is, her statuesque figure has dominated my dreams for months as she may well dominate me. My secret yearning for those of my own sex, my sisters, has found full expression in my love desire for Omphale. By bringing her low, by having, possessing her luscious, lifeless body, I will realise a fantasy ambition. My need to express myself with the limp, helpess body of this female paragon. I am driven by lust.
I will have to overcome Omphale's fellows. These glorious, young women, clad in their leather bras and leather pussy slings. Their long, lithe legs strapped around with leather sandal boots, they are known and feared everywhere. I will have to show all of my famed cunning to conquer these fabulous women.
My heart beat fast and my tummy shivered icily as I contemplated what lay ahead.
I had reached the outer castle moat. I slipped into the chilly water and paddled across. Clouds covered the moon and in the shadowy dark I climbed up onto the bank and dashed to the outer wall of the castle. My leather armour was more protective than that of Omphale's troops. Comprising a breast plate top and a short skirt it left my arms and legs bare and free to allow me to engage my foes without hindrance. I wore soft leather boots and all of this came off so that I could dry it as best I could. This left me standing in my new french panties. Soft, lacy, very high cut and extremely sexy they were the latest from France. In them only however, and with the wind howling, I was fast turning blue with cold as I wiped my outer clothes dry.
Dressed again, I set out to find a way in. Like all castles, somewhere there would be a small door for ingress and egress during a siege. Castles were built to repel a frontal attack by an army, not penetration by one small assassin. I circled the castle perimeter and found what I sought behind bushes on the southern side. Had I not been searching so diligently for what I had found I would never have found it. It was extremely well camouflaged.
I worked on the great iron lock. For Vara it held no mystery and within minutes I had the door open and was inside. I was in a dark, dank corridor. I hurried along it. Light at the end. I approached cautiously. The passage I was in connected with another, wider, lit by an oily lamp. This terminated a few metres away in what looked like a main hall with a large winding staircase. Standing between me and the hall, with her back to me, was one of Omphale's girls dressed in the two piece leather outfit which was their uniform. She was a couple of centimetres taller than me and had a lovely figure with wide spreading hips. She was fair and looked quite lovely, her hair crowned in a halo of light by the lamp. I moved over the intervening space like a shadow. I slipped my stilletto into my right hand and reached out and covered the girl's face with my free hand, my fingers hooking into her nostrils. She said something like "a-a-a-ah!" and I brought the stiletto around and slid it gently but firmly into the fold where her generous breast moulded onto her chest. I pushed it home hard. It pierced her heart and stopped it instantly. No blood flowed and she just quietly grunted and then collapsed back against me, limp and quite lifeless. I lowered her to the ground. Taking her leather bra shoulder straps in my hands, I towed her warm and pliant corpse under the stair and lay her out in a shadowed recess. I knelt beside her. She was very young, perhaps only fifteen years, and truly lovely, her eyelids closed over dead eyes. Her sweet, red, wet lips, parted, showed dazzling white teeth. I stooped and taking her face in two hands, I kissed the dead girl, long and slowly, absorbing her youth and vitality. It was sad. I was barely a half dozen years older than her.
I slipped in shadow to the edge of the stair where I could better see the way ahead. The stairs led up into the castle. It was there that the private rooms would be. I was going to slip out, mount the stairs, find out what waited up there, when I heard voices. Two leather clad girls were coming down.
"Omphale won't be seen again this night."
"Victor will be truly rooted come the morrow. And our beloved Omphale will be fucked."
The girl's laughed.
"She goes at it."
"Truly she does."
They had reached the bottom and they turned, almost running into me. One girl saw me.
"Gods! An intruder."
I grabbed a handful of her long black hair and slammed her face into the stair strings. Her head bounced and she went down poleaxed. The second girl was clutching for a sword. "Guards!" She cried. My stiletto leapt into my hand and I plunged it into her throat. She went like, "Gaaaaarkkk." and fell to her knees and then flat on her face, breasts crushed to the floor. I felt for a pulse. She was dead. Taking her shoulder straps I dragged her over and lay her with the fifteen year old. The other was out cold. I took her by the ankles and dragged her out of sight too. I listened. Their cries and the commotion seemed not to have alerted anyone. I waited five minutes and turned back to the unconscious girl. She was showing no signs of coming round. I took her scarf, she was the only one to have worn a scarf although I knew Omphale's girls often wore them, and used it as a garrotte, winding it around her neck as it had never been meant to be worn. I tugged on it and in a few seconds she passed from unconsciousness to death without having woken. I knew when she died as her body quivered, shuddered and then relaxed, limp and lifeless. Her bladder failed her. I dumped her body over the other two.
I cautiously emerged from the shadows and ran lightly up the stairs. Another of Omphale's girls stood with her back to me a few metres from the head of the stairs. She seemed lost in thought and hadn't noticed me. I flicked the stiletto. It spun in the air and buried itself under her shoulder blade, piercing her through the heart. She grunted and twisting, looked at me in shock before her eyes glazed and she hit the floor. I pulled out my knife. There was almost no bleeding as death had been so swift. I dragged her by the heels to a door and opening it found an empty room. I rolled her corpse inside, admiring the marvellous tautness of her buttocks. All of Omphale's girls were magnificently fit and it was a thrill to me to kill them.
I snuck down the passage. An open door near the end drew my attention. I could hear the animal grunting of humans involved in sexual congress. I moved to the door. Inside the room was richly furnished, the walls draped with colourful hangings and pictures everywhere illustrating the act of love. On a huge bed a magnificently big woman was on her back, nude and white, a very young boy between her legs, his youthful cock buried to the balls in her open inviting pussy. His buttocks rose and fell contracting and relaxing in spasms as he rode her like a stallion. Her hips rose and fell to meet him and she cried out. "Victor, Victor, be victorious. Fuck your Queen, it is my command. Ride me Victor, I am your willing mount. On, on Victor, we will make many trips tonight, Ooooooh..............Ooooooh............Ooooooh, Victor, ride me! Fuck me!.....Ooooh fuck me Victor! FUCK ME! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Omphale was enjoying herself.
"At least you'll die happy Omphale dear." I thought.
I crossed the room.
Omphale caught sight of me. She saw only a young woman. "Who is this come to join us?"
"Death, Madam."
I withdrew my sword in a smooth movement and plunged it through Victor's back, out of his chest, dividing his beating heart and into Omphale's breast, stilling her heart forever. Both of them quivered and spasmed and rose off the bed locked together at their genitals. Omphale impaled, nay skewered, by Victor and both skewered by my sword. I think they reached fulfilment even as they died. His buttocks went on pulsing and driving his ejaculate into her dying pussy. Omphale screamed "Aaaaaaaaggghhhhh." and fell back, Victor, already dead, on top of her. Omphale's arms dropped limply to the sides and her legs splayed and she flopped out dead on the bed. Victor joined to her by his cock and my sword.
"Farewell Omphale." I whispered.

I withdrew my sword, wiped the slick of blood from the blade and sheathed it. Taking Victor's shoulder, I rolled him off of Omphale. His cock withdrawing from her slippery sheath with a loud sucking, plopping noise as his body trundled over. Lying on his back, eyes wide and gazing for all eternity at nothing, I could see he was tall and very slim. I guessed his age at sixteen. His body was white and hairless except for tufts at the armpits and groin. His ribcage was obviously delineated and he had small flat brown nipples on a flat chest. I could see what had endeared him to Omphale as even dead and flaccid, his cock hung over his inner leg, its tip on the outside. It must have measured thirty centimetres unaroused.
Omphale herself was in her mid twenties. She was tall, a little under a metre point eight and would have towered over many men. Her body was magnificent. Round seductive breasts tipped by rosy pink nipples, splayed either side of her chest. Her long fine arms were outflung, long slender fingered hands, long red nails, curled upwards where they lay forever at rest. Her chest sank into a concave tummy with a cute belly button and a swelling, soft, rounded abdomen dipping into the vee of her sex. A pronounced mound of venus was covered in wispy red hair and her vaginal lips were pink and crepe-like crinkly and alluring even in death. Her firm buttocks remained out of sight but her marvellously shapely legs went on forever, strong thighs shapely calves, neat ankles and gloriously formed feet. Her face was beautiful. Eyes closed, long lashes caressing her cheeks, full red lips slightly parted, white straight teeth. Her mane of hair, like burnished copper, lay fanned out on the pillow. I contemplated this beautiful dead girl. I leaned forward and prising apart her lips I sucked the breath from her mouth and throat, absorbing her vitality. I ran my two fingers into her pussy and withdrew them, covered in a thick cream of her love essences. I sucked it from my fingers and swallowed it down. I repeated the process taking from her that which had made her, her.
Now I had a problem.
Omphale was a good twenty centimetres taller than me and outweighed me by a fair bit. I took one of her arms and lifted her into a sitting position. Her head rolled back on her long neck, hair draping her shoulders. I let her slump forward her head flopping over her breasts. I positioned my shoulder around about where her mid riff was and lifted with all my strength. She came up and over me, draped limp and lifeless over my shoulder. I got an arm around her thighs. She hung over me, lax, dead and submissive.
"I have conquered you Omphale." I said. I could smell the glorious odours of her body, her skin, her dried sweat, her blood, her sex.
I set off staggering slightly under my pulchritudinous burden.
I hoped I would meet no other now.
I carried Ompale's nude, soft, limber corpse out of the room and down the stairs and slipping under them plopped her in a pile on top of her three dead protectors.
"Rest well, my beauties. I'll be back soon."
I walked through to the front gate. I moved with great caution wraithlike and quiet. As I saw ahead of me the vast door to the castle, I heard voices. I slid along the stone walls. They were coming from an alcove to one side. I crept close. Inside two more of Omphale's girls were locked in an embrace, naked to the waist. I slipped out my stiletto and, in two lightning thrusts, killed them both. I laid their dead bodies side by side.
Control of the castle was mine. I went back to the stables and brought twelve horses belonging to the rebels. I tethered them together and returning to the stairs I again lifted Omphale onto my shoulder. I carried her to the lead horse and lay her over his back I tied her arms and legs to the saddle. Her long coppery hair brushed the ground. I returned, making three trips to bring my fifteen year old victim and her two friends back and slung them over horses and secured them. I staggered out with the bodies of the two gate guards and hoisted them onto horses. then I retrieved the body of the girl upstairs and finally Victor and draped them on horses.
I opened the gate.
I led my little procession of twelve horses and eight corpses, naked or nearly so, including the prize of Omphale, back across the bridge and over to where my own horse was tethered. I mounted and rode back at a slow trot, the rebel horses following, the dead women and one boy jiggling and swaying in the saddles as they straddled their mounts, arms and legs hanging down limply, dangling helplessly. I entered the camp of Diana and in the light from the campfires made my way to her tent.
"As you commanded Oh Diana!" I spoke.
I untied and lowered the bodies of the rebels laying them in front of her.
Finally I struggled down with Omphale's long, lovely body. I untied her, pulled on her shoulders and she slumped off of her mount and into my arms. I caught her under the armpits, my hands cupping her breasts, her pink, erect nipples pressing against my fingers. Holding her thus, under the arms, my hands like a living bra on her big, soft breasts, her head flopped backward against me, eyes closed, mouth agape, tongue lolling over her lips, hair hanging down in a cascade of gleaming coppery profusion, I dragged her over to Diana. I flooped her limp and helpless, lifeless, nude body in front of the Queen.
"Well done Vara."
"My Queen."
She handed me the bag of silver. Forty pieces.
"Now my guards.' She said. "Shall we kill Vara."
"Hey..............." I said.
Diana laughed and laughed and laughed.
A long pole had been prepared, mounted parallel to the ground on uprights set into the dirt. Omphale's girls were stripped naked and lashed to this by the wrists so that their nude dead bodies hung like so many beautiful, female, sacks in a row. Victor was added to one end, his thin, young male body looking almost androgynously like those of the girls except for his large slack penis which dangled in front of him. Omphale was hung in the centre. Diana came to her. She lifted Omphale's head by her hair and pressing her face backward and up, kissed her for a long moment on the lips of her dead mouth. Then she placed a hand on her breasts and thumbed her rubbery, erect nipples, pulling down on them and letting them pop free. She buried her face in Omphale's groin and kissed and sucked at her sex. She kissed her dead foe once more on her mouth and placed an arm around me.
"Vara, we are indebted to you. Come!"
I allowed her to lead me into her tent.
That night I lay with her and took my reward.

In the morning I rode away.
Killer, young, hard, woman. Frigid. Lover of Lesbos????
Mercenary Vara. Vara the mercenary.