Two Girls

Posted by Barbanne on January 15, 2004 at 22:50:51:


I reel back as the bullet whacks into my side. A cry is torn from my lips as a burning pain seers my side and I find myself thrown backward to tumble helplessly to the ground. I lie there where I have landed, hurting, winded, feeling like I have just been stabbed with a red hot poker. But I know what it was. A bullet. All day I have been dodging them but now my luck has run out.
I look down.
My tee shirt is covered in bright red blood and it has seeped onto the waistband of my denim shorts. I gingerly feel around the bloody patch. A chunk of meat has been gouged out of my side and I think I can feel broken rib bones.
I clutch my hand over the wound but the bright, red, arterial blood pumps steadily out and around and through my fingers. I cannot think clearly, don’t know what to do and realise that I could easily bleed to death.
I am numb, in shock, in incredible pain and the darkness is closing in.
“Here, let me help you.”
I look around for the voice trying to focus lack lustre eyes.
A small girl, a tiny beautiful girl is crouched behind me. She takes my free hand and smiles at me. Hope and encouragement shine from her eyes. I try to smile back and half sit reaching out for her and the pain stabs through my very fibre.
Cruel, cruel pain.
Her face smiles at me still, blurs and I pitch forward into her arms and blackness.
I waken. I feel like shit. My side throbs abominably and my mouth is dry and my head hurts and I groan. “oooaaahhhh!!” I am bare down to the waist. My messy tee shirt has been bound around my middle and the bleeding is contained inside it and does not seem to be pumping anymore. I am lying in shade half propped against a brick wall. My tiny saviour is sitting next to me looking at me with those beautiful kindly eyes.
I moan again....................look around.
Somehow she has dragged or carried my dead weight a hundred metres or more out of the line of fire into this haven of relative safety. My mouth feels furry and dry and my tongue feels swollen but I manage to say “Thanks.”
“Lie still.” She says. “Don’t try to move.”
“I’ve cleaned you up the best I can, but it’s not great.”
“We should get you somewhere we can get proper help, but it’s not going to be easy.”
I nod.
Of course it’s not going to be easy. Nothing’s easy anymore. Since society broke down and the city turned into a war ground for opposing gangs who hate each other so much that they fight to the very death, nothing’s easy. I had tried to stay neutral, but today I got caught in the open and in this firefight between two ethnically opposed groups of hunter commandoes.
Now my situation doesn’t look too flash at all. Without my little saviour I would be lying dead out there in the sun. As it is I am in no great shakes.
She tips a bottle of water into my lips and I suck greedily at the moisture. “Not too much, steady now.”
I look at her gratefully.
“My name’s Lisa, what’s yours.”
“Well Barb, I don’t think you’re going to die, but you’re not good.”
I look at her, she has the face of an angel, only a tiny girl, she is the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I feel such gratitude and something else. A feeling of warmth of love for this wonderful girl who has saved me and helped me and nursed my wound. I feel light headed and strange and then again I faint, falling towards her............................
...................I come too to the most delicious sensation. Lisa is bending over me and her mouth covers mine and she is breathing steadily into my mouth, resuscitating me. I put my arms around her back and draw her down to me and opening my mouth I kiss her full on the lips, exploring her soft sweet mouth with my tongue. I still feel light headed and strangely disconnected but I want Lisa. At that moment I want her more than life itself. I hug her to me, ignoring the pain throbbing in my side, and continue kissing her. She responds and has from the moment of my first move. Eventually I draw back and look into her tender, soft, loving eyes.
“Oh Lisa.” I breathe.
She doesn’t answer but slowly lifting her arms pulls her top off over her head, revealing a braless chest with surprisingly large breasts for such a small girl. She comes to me and we embrace again, my breasts crushed against hers, my bloody, sweaty body rubbing against hers. I hold her close to me and squeeze her tightly and opening my mouth again press it against her open mouth as we meld together in the most intimate form of joining.
I am insatiable. I fondle her body, rubbing my hands up and down her slender shapely form. I feel her soft round shoulders, the line of her ribcage, the slender beauty of her arms and I kiss her neck, her shoulders and then her breasts in turn. Taking each breast in my mouth I tease at her erect nipples with my tongue and teeth, sucking and pulling..........., Oh so gently and tenderly at the hard little nub of tissue that I know triggers such erotic thrills through the body of a woman. I tug at the waist band of my shorts and get them down past my knees and kick them off. Lisa must have removed my boots and socks while I was out. Now naked, I help her to strip off her shorts and then we lie together, crushed against each other, our bodies melding one with the other, like two perfect halves of a whole. Like the parts of a chinese puzzle fitting seamlessly into its receptor double.
I continue to move and squirm my body against Lisa’s and my right hand moves down and between her thighs. The velvety softness of her inner skin shocks through me like electricity and my probing little fingers find the sweetness of her slit and the downy softness of her pubic hair. I slide my fingers inside dear, sweet, loving, lovable Lisa and find that she is wet and slippery with anticipation. I move my fingers around and find her erect clit and stroke and manipulate it until with a gasping noise and a groan she comes, flooding my fingers with her love. Her breathing is ragged and gasping and although my side still throbs abominably, I ache with a different ache the loving ache of total surrender to this fantastic woman.
My saviour, my lover, my Lisa.
We lie in each other’s arms.
Happy, content, the peril of our situation forgotten.
My face is only centimetres from Lisa’s and I look into her lovely eyes with such an intensity of passion that my light headedness returns and I feel I might faint away again. She knows how I feel, without my saying anything, such is the depth of our feeling and I relax in the knowledge that she is there for me.
I place my hands on her perfect breasts and slowly move my thumbs on her nipples. They rise in response to my touch and I pull her down to me and move my hands down her glorious body. She touches me too and I feel her hand moving down my groin to my hot pussy. I feel her fingers slip inside me and start to work their magic. I squirm and groan and my throbbing wound becomes an additional stimulus as my body tingles and shivers with the absolute thrill of her presence. My erotic sensuality rises like water in a boiling kettle until I plateau and breathing strenuously, I hang suspended in delightful pleasure before orgasming explosively. My body bucks and twitches as my thrills are discharged. My vagina is wet, soaking from the release. I sink back into Lisa’s arms and lie like a kitten, too weak to move. She moves down to me and we embrace once more and kiss open mouthed, long and lovingly and sensuously.
I don’t even hear the rifle shot.
Just suddenly Lisa stiffens for a moment in my embrace and then collapses limp and lifeless in my hold. The high powered gun has ended her beautiful life in a split second of infinity. There is no bleeding as her sweet heart has stopped instantaneously. I look at her peaceful face, her eyes closed, mouth slightly open and I start to cry. Silently my sorrow wracks my body with the intensity of my misery.
I touch her face, stroke her eyelids, her cheeks, brush back her thick dark hair. I touch her lips with my fingertips, I stroke her shoulders and enclose the orbs of her breasts in my hands, lovingly, tenderly touching her, holding her, loving her. I hardly knew her but she was the person I always wanted and needed. I touch my lips to her dead mouth and kiss her tenderly at first then fervently. Even dead, sprawled in my arms, she excites me unbelievably.
I wish...................
I wish I had had more time.
I wish I had more time to be with her now.
I look up at the three big, hard men.
Big, hard men with ugly practical looking guns.
Oh, why does it end like this?
Why must men kill women?
What was our crime but to love and care.
I look into the muzzles and know that this is how it always is.
This is how it always ends.
Oh Lisa,.................Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.............................

Rodriguez looked at the two women.
The little tiny doll like one was dead. Of that there could be no doubt. The other one, naked except for a bloody bandage from which fresh blood was seeping, oozing across her tummy looked at him with eyes filled with resignation.
He looked at the others. As one they raised their weapons. The muzzles flashed and the thunderous crash of gunfire rolled. Three bullets crashed into the girl’s naked breast. Blood trickled from her nostril and she gazed at the ground a metre in front of her. Then blood gushed from her mouth and she fell sideways, dragging the other girl’s body onto her.
The two dead women lay entwined in each other’s arms. Their bloody nakedness made them look pathetic and vulnerable.
Rodriguez turned away.
The others rushed forward.