Posted by Barbanne on December 23, 2004 at 22:04:41:


Me Oog, me a cave dude, a trog.
Me big and strong. Me want have a wooman.
She Barba, she small and cute and me like her. Me want her.
Me hide down by the rocks on the path where the woomen come down to fill their water jugs. Me like wooman's jugs, like them a lot. Barba come down wiggling her fine little ass and me finger my club. Me like Barba's little ass and me also like her boobies and her belly button and her long brown hair and her slim legs and her cutesy ankles. Me watch Barba, she only got a little rabbit skin mini dress draped around her hips and her tits plainly on show and bouncing along good. Me like and me grip club harder. Not my only club I discover, my cock thing grown hard and upright down between my thighs.
"Uuuugh," good.
Barba singing a little song and smiling to herself and as she go past I jump out and she gasp like "Eeeeeuuuuwww."
She staring at my cock and she say, "Eeeuwwweeee Oog that some club you got there boy you goin' to slug me with it?"
"You betcha Barba," and I raise my club.
(The knobbly one, knobbly one you clowns not the knobbed one)
Me swing club up and back and then down BOP! right on the crown of Barba's head.
She go "Oooooooooh," and then her eyeballs cross over and roll back like she trying to see where I bopped her on the top of her head and then she drop her water pail and her knees buckle and she slump down all limped out like she got no bones at all.
I grip a big bunch of her hair with my fingers and drag her in behind the rocks. Her furry mini skirt catch on the outcrops and get pulled down around her knees and, "wheeeeeee!" she got plenty more fur between her thighs.
My cock harder than them rocks by now and any minute I reckon she gonna come around and start cussin' me.
I lay her out on her back and like Ooooops I notice she not breathing any more. I put my hand on her titty and feel for her thumping heart.
I must have hit her too hard just like Betteelee last week.
Barba dead.
Still, girls got internal plumbing so they can have sex even when they dead.
And my cock painfully hard now.
Don't know if Barba gonna enjoy this much but I sure am.
I strip her skirt off and throw it away and then I plunge my cock past that fur and into her soft, sweet, wetly inviting little slitty.
I kiss and suck and slobber on her titties and I fuck her good.
Barba look sorta surprised, her eyes half closed and her eyeballs rolled back and her mouth slack and her little pink tongue poking out and I guess she didn't expect to die today. Hmmm, I suppose she not really enjoying this after all.
I am though.
I go and get Gog and Dog and Bog and Log and Hog, 'specially Hog, and we all gonna have plenty fun fucking Barba until she start to pong or go all starey and stiffy and like dead.................
...............and she go off!!

I discovered I had a killer cock after the prom with Mary Lou.
We wuz messin' around in the back seat of my car and she groaned and pressed against me sayin', "Put it in me Brad, put it in, fuck me Brad, fuck me hard."
So I did and she died.
Then I went with a girl in the back room of the road house and when I fucked her she died too.
Six dead girls later and I knew I was cursed (or blessed) with the dick of death.
Soon's I put it in a girl's cunnie it kills 'em deader than meat.
Tonight I'm goin' out with that there Barbanne. She's one sexy little devil. I'm sure sorry she's gonna have to die 'cause she's real popular with the guys and she puts out for anyone.
We had a meal and then it was back to her place and I knew I was going to score. I mean she'd started out rubbing her foot against my leg during the soup and then she was like stroking my hand throughout the meal and when she ate her tiramisu she was like licking the cream off of her lips with a positively prehensile tongue.
When we got inside she asked did I want a drink and I said, "Whisky babe," and she slopped a generous slug over some ice cubes and before I'd taken more than a slug of that she was all over me, kissing me and fumbling with my clothes.
I shouldn't say fumbling because actually she was pretty damned efficient at getting naked and first my coat and tie and then my shirt and singlet disappeared and then she unzipped my pants and had them off and all the while she was positively ripping her own clothes off and so by the time I was down to my boxers she was stark bollocky and she dragged me onto the bed and she was on top of me, her head going down on my groin and she pushed my boxers down and swallowed my dick into her full red lips and her head was bobbing up and down like she was bobbing for apples or something and she sucked me off good.
Damn I was excited.
I watched her wondering whether the dick of death did its work when ingested orally. If it was hurting her it didn't show.
"My turn," she pouted and slipping her middle finger into her cunt she rubbed herself off making me lick and suck her hard little nipples all the while.
She gasped and came and then grinned lopsidedly at me and said, "Now we'll fuck properly."
She grabbed my stiff upright dick and slid it into herself and as I felt it surrounded by that warm, wet, meaty pouch she snapped at me, "OK Brad fuck me and fuck me good."
I did.
I rode her hard and she bucked and writhed and squealed and wrapped her legs around me and thrust her groin at me and fondled her tits with her own hand all the while and when I felt myself coming, straining to fruition she was screaming, "Now Brad now do it now Brad, oh Brad I'm ready nowwwww, OH BRAD, THIS IS SO GOOD, SO FUCKIN' GOOD, OH BRAD THIS IS SO PERFECT I COULD DIE!"
"No problemo Barbanne," I whispered.
Then my dick of death fired its full load of ball packing cum inside her and she squealed and arched and shuddered and as I watched her, joined together as one, plugged deep inside her, I saw a little smile twitch her mouth up at the edges and then her eyeballs rolled clear out of sight and she arched again in one last violent spasm and then fell back onto the bed limp, drenched in sweat and slightly blue in the face.
My dick retreated and I pulled it out. I wiped it off against her tummy and got dressed again.
I leaned over her and checked for a pulse at her throat and wrist but I knew there'd be none.
I prised her eyelid up but her eyeballs were white and filmy and she wasn't seeing anything nor was she going to see anything ever again.
Barbanne was dead meat.
Killed by the dick of death.
I kissed her cold, blue lips.
"Bye babe," I whispered, "you were good babe, you were the best."
I left her naked and dead on the bed.
Tomorrow I have a date with Kimmy.

Stupid, stupid Jason.
He always did think with his dick.
That's why he let me get on top in this big tub of warm water and now with his stiff, hard erection deep inside me and pumping away like fury, slopping waves against the sides of the tub, he thought I was in a transport of ecstasy thanks to his manly prowess.
Wrong Jason.
That's why with his eyes rolled up and his brain totally focussed on fucking me he didn't see my hand come up until I placed it on his forehead and smashed the back of his head against the rim of the tub.
Shocked and stunned he stared at me in amazement, his eyes wide and his mouth agape and I shoved his head under water.
That was when he realised he had to breathe and he gulped warm bath water straight into his lungs. After that it only lasted a few minutes and there he was, drowned. Drowned and quite quite dead.
I climbed off of him and he settled onto the bottom of the bath. His wide open eyes stared surrealistically up through the shimmering water as though he was looking at me and trying to figure out what had happened.
His dick was still stiff and hard and leaking cum and its little one eyed head broke the surface of the water in the tub.
I dried off and then, still naked, walked upstairs to the bedroom to where the sluts who had cheated on me with Jason were tied side by side and nude on the king sized bed where Jason and I had fucked innumerable times.
Sadly for Jason so had he and they.
I walked into the room and looked down at them spreadeagled out and tied hand and foot to the corners of the bed. The effects of the rohypnol and vodka mixture I had plied them with had worn off and they were groggy but awake.
"Hello ladies," I said, "Jason's dead."
Sheri screamed.
Sheri, aging showgirl, god she was at least thirty and old and getting wrinkly. Big tits, sloppy pussy, that must be what got stupid Jason going, god she disgusted me.
"Dead?" said Lyn, Sheri's younger sister and fellow fucker.
"Dead," I said, "quite, quite dead."
Lyn started to cry.
"What are you going to do to us?" said Sheri.
I just laughed.
They both started snivelling and weeping and I got the thin nylon cord and wrapped it around both of their necks connecting it together in the middle where I wrapped it around a wooden spoon I had taken from the kitchen.
They'd gotten the picture now and were both bawling and pleading. I knelt on the bed between them and started winding the spoon around and around. Now they were really carrying on and praying and shit like that.
I loved their humiliation and I loved hating them.
I wound my spoon around and around.
The garrotte is a wonderful thing, Spanish Inquisition I think, and of course the double garrotte is amazing.
They started gurgling, their bodies arched and twisted and their faces empurpled.
Eyeballs bugged, tongues waggled, dangled and drooled and nipples hardened.
Wind, wind.
Wind, wind, wind.
Winding, winding, very tight now.
"Gluk, gluk, gluk, gluk."
Very, very tight.
Almost impossible to turn now. Cord biting viciously into soft female neck flesh.
And then all too soon it was over.
Sheri and Lyn were dead. Eyeballs protruding, tongues hanging out indecently and faces suffused purpley blue, lips cyanotically coloured a deep cobalt blue. Their nipples thrust defiantly upwards.
I removed the garrotte and untied them and left them sprawled on the bed.
Stupid Jason couldn't keep his dick under control.
Stupid bitches Sheri and Lyn couldn't keep their twats closed.
I left Jason's house. Jason's house of the dead.
I'd been very careful.
Let the cops figure this one out.

Gwendolyn and I were in the ring sparring, sort of boxing, but just for fun. It was an excercise workout and we were having a ball. Amber and Chiara were leaning on the ropes urging us on and I was having the time of my life, after all these were my best mates and we did everything together, we were like the fab three.
I was barefoot and my spandex shorts couldn't have been shorter or tighter and my sports bra halter kept my little titties under control and I had on those speed gloves the ones you wear to work on the bag and Gwendolyn was taking my (puny) punches on opened palms on her training gloves.
"Go Barb go," urged Amber and I bored right in throwing punches wildly and Chiara was giggling and I imagined myself Kostya Tzu and my arms pumped back and forth and Gwendolyn laughed and threw a punch back and it caught me by surprise and snapped my head back and stunned me a bit and then my feet slipped and my legs went out from under me and I went down hard on my butt and then the back of my head cracked against the canvas and I knocked myself out and was lying there sprawled out, eyes shut, mouth slackly gaping and senseless.
Well not really out because I could hear everything the other girls said but I couldn't move a muscle or open my eyes or close my mouth.
It was wierd.
"C'mon Barb stop fooling around," Gwendolyn was squatting beside me her hand holding my jaw and rolling my head to and fro. I couldn't do a thing although I wanted to tell her I was OK.
"Wow Gwendolyn you've knocked Barb right out," said Amber.
"Out cold," echoed Chiara.
"Nonsense I hardly touched her."
"Well she sure looks like she's in dreamland."
"Out like a light."
"Hmmmmmnn," said Gwendolyn.
"We better get help," said Amber.
"No wait on a minute," said Gwendolyn.
"What wait on?" said Chiara.
"Well how many times have we talked about this, you know one of us being out, really out and helpless and basically the love toy of the others, I mean its been our fantasy and Barb talked about it more than anyone. I'm sure she wouldn't mind."
"You mean................."?"
"Like we could..................?
"Yeah exactly."
Gwendolyn had stripped the gloves from my hands while talking and now I felt her fingers in the waistband of my shorts and then she peeled them and my g-string down and over my knees and off. Breathing heavily, Chiara and Amber had pulled my sports bra up and off and I lay stretched out on the canvas, nude and totally helpless while the girls giggled excitedly at their increasing arousal.
"Oh Barbanne baby," said Gwendolyn.
"Struth she'd kill us if she knew what we were doing."
"Not necessarily Chiara," I thought in my wierd, dreamy knocked out but not out state.
"Do you think she minds?" said Amber.
"Struth she was the one first talked about it."
"So you think she wouldn't mind?"
"Nah never, in fact she'd love it I reckon."
"S'pose she would eh?"
"S'pose I would," I thought in my shadowy abstracted mind.
"God she looks cute."
"I'll say."
"I hate to admit it but I've often thought of this."
"Don't be embarrassed we all have."
"Ooooh Barb," Chiara crooned and she started kissing and suckling my left breast.
"Aaaagh..................," Amber was kissing my mouth and her thumb stroked my right nipple.
"Love ya Barb," said Gwendolyn and she pushed my thighs apart and her fingers slid ever so tenderly down my outer labial lips and then prised them apart so that she could find my wet inner labia and my clitoral hood and frenulum and then her tongue was exploring and all of my errogenous zones were being attended to by one girl or other and they were zinging and then Gwendolyn found my clitoris and "Ooooooooooooohh............................."
I hovered on orgasm and then it came in a rush and at the same time I recovered control of my body and as my wetness gave me away Gwendolyn said, "Hey Barb can't be completely out of it."
"Little scamp."
"Cunning fox."
"Might have known."
I grinned.
"You....................................,"said Gwendolyn.
"Hey let's go again," I said and we all laughed.

"If you don't get off that phone Barbanne, I'm going to KILL you," said Alex."
I dialled another of my girlfriends.
"I warned you," he said, "I'll kill you good."
And he did.
Killed me all afternoon camera clicking all the while.
Strangled me good and thorough, leaving me stretched out on my back, arched across the sofa, tits and pussy on display and of course wearing my bestest strangled face, eyeballs popping and tongue dangling.
Shot me through my 'see through' bra. Nothing else, naked as a jaybird except for the disarranged bra and the blood seeping out through it. I looked kinda surprised to find myself propped against the sideboard shot to death.
Drowned me in the bath. Just held me down relentlessly until I stopped squirming and lay there glooped out and soggily drowndead. Pussy curls waving limply in the water, good that bit eh?
Clubbed me to death with a baseball bat. Like whack behind the ear as I (as usual) wandered around inexplicably naked and slugged me so hard I went straight down tits and face first, ending up eating carpet with my ass in the air displaying my cunt and asshole for all to admire.
Stabbed me through the heart. Naked again of course and skewered through the left titty, blood oozing down over my tummy and sliding wetly crimson out from between my teeth and down over my chin.
Poisoned me with a glass of cyanide. Why was I drinking in the nude? Go figure. I sucked down my drink like I was dying of thirst and then it hit me, shudder, shudder, shake, shake, twitch, spasm, plenty of spasming and kicking of legs and clawing at the floor with my fingers and then drumming of heels and then "Bbbbbllllllleeerrrggghhhhh.............," out spewed a heap of frothy white goop (toothpaste well brushed up) and then I was dead.
Quiet and still and dead.
Legs wide opened.
Pussy glistening damply and well lubricated.
Primed for simulated sex.
This was the part for him.
Afterwards he said, "That'll teach you girl, gonna get my dinner now?"
"OK, but got a couple of girls to call first."

"Welcome ladies, welcome along to your DIEMAN MORTUS store and this evening's showing of our autumn collection which, I'm sure you'll agree, is to die for.
Tonight our lovely models will be showing the shrouds and accessories that any fashion conscious young lady WILL want to be seen dead in this year.
And here is Bruno with our first model tonight, the ever popular Barbanne and Bruno is dragging Barbanne along the catwalk using the hangman's noose that ended it all for her just a few moments ago. The noose is tight fitting and rides high on the neck and comes in all natural tones and the exciting today texture of hemp. Barbanne's lovely shroud is of bleached calico dappled in bold splotches of mouldy green and brownish, slightly unmentionable stains and is tucked high over the bust and knotted under the left armpit, leaving the neck and shoulders bare and then falling seductively in loose drapes down Barbanne's limply dead body. Barbanne has chosen not to wear any underwear today allowing the shroud to mould to her natural curves, enhancing, accentuating and emphasising the femininity of the dead body beneath. Ladies you will notice how this specifically reveals the bust and particularly the very erotic expression of the well nippled breasts of our model. Notice also how the folds open in a long slit from the waist down revealing a stunning amount of leg from quite daringly high at the waist.
Barbanne has used minimal makeup from the Poppee Morticia's "Dare to be dead' range, highlighting her sunken, vacantly staring eyes with deep black eye shadow and matching eyeliner and using blood red lipstick blazoned with gilt sprinkles to best show off her dangling and drooley tongue. Barbanne's only other accessory is her shockingly pink plastic toe tag containing everything the receiving mortician needs to know about our luscious corpse.
Now as we watch the soles of Barbanne's feet disappearing back into the curtains here are our two black slave boys carrying the still twitching and damp body of freshly drowned Emmy who tonight has opted for the wet look of.................................."

"Come agen, woddoo I do egzackly?"
"You play dead, pretend to be dead."
"Hooz this mob then didja say?"
"Its a web sit called Slain Sheilas and it does photo sets and vids of girls being pretend dead."
"Wowee and peeple get off on this?"
"You could say that I guess, that's the general idea."
"Blokes I'll bet."
"Probably, there's a few girls I think."
"I dunno, I mean like I toldja I mostly do like showing me tits and sticking me finger in me cunt and then lickin' it and lookin' ya know sexy, stuff like that."
"Well my dear Barbanne all you have to do here is pretend to be dead and pose like that and, I guess, look sexy."
"I'll givvit a go yeah."
"Alright now in this you have been strangled so strip down to your undies and I'll show you what I want."
(Barbanne strips.............wriggle, grunt)
"Ugh.........., like these, this is me smallest g-string and the bra is red lace and ya kin see right throo it."
"That's fine. Now we'll pull your bra strap here down and let that cup fall away so you look like you fought hard."
"Pop me tit out eh?"
(Barbanne giggles)
"Here I'll just wrap these panty hose around your neck, that's what you've been strangled with."
"Bloody panty hose, wouldn't wear them sport."
"Well just for this pretend you do."
"Round me neck like hey?"
"Yes," (sighing)
(Barbanne giggles some more and fiddles with her panty hose choker)
"Now I'll get you to lie back over this divan and look strangled."
"Like this?"
"Well you're a bit stiff can't you relax more?"
"Ha I thought the idee woz for me to be stiff, a stiff eh, get it?"
(more horrid cackling)
"Just relax, limp out, think dead."
"Like this?"
"God girl you're like a store dummy, loosen up."
"I'm doin' me best."
"I've seen better cardboard cutouts."
"I'm dead see, dead."
"Like a cigar store indian. Can't you get more limped out?"
"Strewth I'm doin' me best."
"Well try looking dead, stare sightlessly as if you're dead."
"Oh my god you look like a clown."
"I'm tryin' alright."
"You look like a store mannequin grimacing like a clown."
"Fuck ya I'm tryin' me best, I do tits and cunt anyway that's me thing."
"Try a bit will you?"
"I'm tryin'"
"You're trying alright girl. Trying my bloody patience."
"There, there, howz that?"
"'s bloody awful."
"Well fuck yerz then git stuffed I'm fuckin' off ouutta here."
"Wait! wait, Barbanne wait."
"I'll just adust the panty hose, maybe then we can try again."
"Now, let me just tighten it............LIKE THIS!!!!!!!"
"Now you look dead you stupid bitch, because now you ARE FUCKING DEAD."
(Barbanne, totally strangled, has finally achieved the right look, eyes rolled up, tongue drooling and body slack in death)
"Now if you'll stop peeing in your supposedly sexy undies, which can all come off anyway, we can get down to photographing you're bloody difficult corpse you dopey, dumb bitch."
(grabs a bunch of crinkly permed hair and hauls her head up. eyes rolled back and mouth gaping open and drooly spittle dribbling out over an incredibly long, dangly tongue)
"Bra off."
(pop, flick)
"Panties off."
"Now you foul mouthed little creep just let me drag your ass up, Jeez you're big bummed and heavy. Now how does that pose look baby? face down, dead as a doornail and with your bum sticking up and your so called 'sexy' pussy exposed for all to see, that wasn't so hard, was it? I mean how bloody hard was that? you could have done that couldn't you? If you'd tried hey, you could have couldn't you? you're doing it fine now you stupid dumb creep."