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The room was lavishly fitted out and furnished. The carpet was thick and richly patterned, the walls were panelled in polished timber. The round table at which he sat was so polished you could see your face in it, the legs were also highly polished stainless steel, the chairs were deeply padded and finished with embroidered fabric.
He leant back in his chair and looked at the two women seated opposite him.
Barbara, was a slender pale skinned girl with brown eyes set in a face you would call cute. That cute face was framed by a halo of reddish brown, crinkly permed hair that fell past her shoulders. Her shoulders were bare as were her arms and the upper part of her body down to the swelling mounds of her breasts.
Two shoestring black straps held up the little black tube dress that ended at her thighs, mini length. She had black net stockings and black sling back shoes.
She had black polish on her finger and toenails and black lipstick on her full mouth and dark blue-black eyeshadow. All this black emphasised the whiteness of her skin making her appear somehow quite naked and vulnerable.
He turned to Vicki.
Dark, slim, very beautiful, she was dressed in an elegantly tailored suit. The material was gold in colour and the coat was beautifully cut to show off her shoulders, tapering to her slender waist. The skirt was very short and again beautifully cut.
Her long shapely legs sheathed in sheer stockings that made them gleam were crossed, causing the skirt to ride high and affording him a great view of superb thighs. She had chunky high heeled Armani shoes.
Her hair and make up were perfect.
She looked divine.
Barbara was no slouch either.
What a pity he thought. What a pity we aren't here for a threesome of group sex. What a pity I am sitting opposite two of the most spectacular women you could wish to be with and they are two of the most dangerous industrial spies in the business.
And they have penetrated our business and gotten our top secrets, which one of them has secreted on her in the form of a chip right now.
Which one?
I suspect they know they have been sussed out and they know that's why we're here at this moment.
What are they going to do about it.
Barbara's going for her hand on guard. This could be it.
He watched Barbara reach into her bag, saw the glint as the tiny derringer slipped into her hand. In one practiced fluid motion he swayed sideways and the silenced gun was out of its holster and in his hand. Barbara was still raising her derringer when his gun appeared like magic at the end of his extended arm. He squeezed the trigger.
Another black accessory, a hole in her forehead, appeared on Barbara and she flopped back in her chair.
Vicki was out of her chair and dashing for the door.
His gun like a living part of his arm came around and the sights lined up on her back.
The bullet spat from the barrel and punched into her just below the shoulder blade, instantly stilling her wildly beating heart. As if crucified she was flung against the door and hung there for a second or two, dead. Then she rocked back on her heels, those oh so expensive heels, and like a tree felled in the forest she crashed to the plush carpet, spreadeagled on her back, arms and legs outflung like a starfish, eyes rolled back and just showing under her lowered lids as though she were trying to inspect the backs of her eyelids.
Barbara sat in her chair, arms out and hanging by her sides. The derringer had dropped from nerveless fingers to the carpet, unfired. her head was tilted back, chin pointing at the ceiling. Her eyes, already going opaque, were wide open and gazing at the ceilng also.
A thin trickle of bright red blood had run from her nose to her mouth where it had met another trickle and drooled down her chin. At the moment she had died she had peed her panties and a puddle had formed on the seat.

Grabbing a handful of tissues from a drawer in the table he returned his gun to it's holster and crossed to where Vicki lay on the floor. Half lifting her, he wadded tissues and put them against the wound in her back to stop it bleeding on the carpet. She had died instantly when the bullet hit her heart and there was almost no blood, but better to be safe he thought. Then he went to Barbara and mopped up the mess she had made. He slipped his hand under her skirt, no big problem given how short it was, and freed her stockings from the suspender. He pulled her sodden panties off and balling them together with the wet tissues went into the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet.
He returned to the room where his two beautiful spies lay silent and motionless in death. There would be no-one in the building at this time but cautious as ever he locked the door as he left the room and went to the lift.
He took it to the basement car park where he brought his car to the bay opposite the lift door and opening the car doors returned to the lift and thence to the upstairs floor.
He jammed the lift door open using his coat for the job.
He unlocked the door to the room and crossed quickly to Vicki. Her skirt had rucked up a bit as had her coat and he could see several centimetres of bare belly as well as her black panties. Taking her under the arms he lifted and dragged her out to where the lift stood open and waiting. Her heels dragged across the carpet quietly then clattered across the lobby. He manhandled her into the lift and lay her out on the floor, bending her long legs a bit to fit her in.
He went back into the room and lifted Barbara from her chair, her skirt had rucked up and he had a great view of her pantie-less crotch. He got her under the arms and dragged her out to the lift where he laid her out next to Vicki. Her slingbacks came off as he dragged her heels across the floor.
He returned to the room and cleaned up the spot of blood from the carpet where Vicki had lain. He cleaned the chair in which Barbara had died. It wasn't perfect but it would have to do. He gathered up the derringer and Barbara's slingbacks and the girl's bags and personal effects and dumped them all in a plastic carry bag. Putting this under his arm, he locked the room and returned to the lift where the girls patiently waited. They were sure not going anywhere without him. He retieved his coat, put it on and drove the lift down to the basement.
His car waited where he had left it. He dragged Barbara across to it and put her in the back seat, where he tied her in with her seat belt. She slumped against the restraining harness and if anyone looked in they might have noticed her skirt was hoicked up and her curly bush and sweet little slit were on full view. He hoped no-one would look in. He then dragged Vicki's limp and pliant body over to the car and got her into the front seat where she too slumped in the restraints of her seatbelt. At least he thought she's got panties on although there was more of them on view than Vicki herself would have allowed if she had been able to have her say.
With his girls safely aboard he closed the doors got behind the wheel and started the car.
"Well, sweethearts" he said "lets get you somewhere where we can learn YOUR secrets."
He drove through the night. In the quiet of the car, the girls bodies emitted soft liquid sounds, sighing from their flesh as their corpses gave up every last vestige of life.
After about an hour he pulled the car up in front of a darkened house. The two girls had been dead for about an hour and a half. He had four and a half more hours before rigor mortis started to set in. He had to be finished before that happened.
He cracked the door of the car and got out and walked into the house. He turned on a light enabling him to find his way to a large room at the rear. Entering this he turned on the lights in the room. These came on filling the room with light. The lights, powerful, directional, colour corrected, were mounted in the middle of the room and focussed onto a stainless steel mortuary table in the centre of the room. There was sufficient light to light up the rest of the room which was bare except for a divan type bed in one corner.
He went back out to the car.
Opening the back door, he leant in and unfastened Barbara's seatbelt and hoisted her out. Grabbing her under the arms he hauled her into the house and into the lit room, dragging her to the table under the lights. He rearranged his grip and hoisted her onto the table, she was heavy for such a skinny broad and he only succeeded in getting her back onto the table with her bent back over it at his first attempt. Holding her he changed his grip again to get a hand down and under her so that he could lift her onto the table. In getting her into the position he had, he had managed to ruck her dress up under her armpits so that when he put his hand around her he grabbed her firm smooth bum.
It was cold.
He grabbed it and lifted her onto the table. She flopped limp and lifeless onto the cold steel surface.
He arranged her so that she was stretched out on the table fully exposed by the merciless glare of the lights.
He went back to the car and opening the front door released Vicki from her seatbelt and dragged her inside. He took her through to the room and laid her on the divan, he noticed her flash shoes were ruined by all the dragging her heels had done.
Going out once more he locked the car and then closed the house after him as he returned, turning off the light he had used to find his way to the room.
Returning to the room he stripped down and put on a white lab coat. The room was kept chilled by its air conditioning and it was cold, but he ignored this he had work to do.
He turned his attention to Barbara.
Her dress was still rucked up around her chest and her lower body was exposed. He pulled off her net stockings. If Vicki's shoes were ruined, all the dragging around had positively wrecked Barbara's stockings. He undid her suspender belt and pulled it off. Lifting her he got the crumpled dress up and over her shoulders and off her arms. She had not been wearing a bra and of course her panties had been disposed of after she peed them.
She lay stretched out on the table in the searching glare from the lights, nude, limp, dead.
He gathered up her clothes and put them in a plastic bag.
He took a 35mm camera from a drawer under the divan and photographed her from every angle, full body shots, close-ups, everything. the overhead lights were powerful enough that he had no need for flash.
He started feeling through Barbara's hair, carefully raking his fingers through it searching for the elusive chip. Nothing there, he turned his attention to her face, covering it with his spread fingers he felt carefully all over, turned her head from side to side, looked in her ears, under her eyelids. He opened her lips and put his hand in her mouth, felt all around, her tongue her teeth, the lining her of her upper and lower palate.
He moved to her neck, with his fingers still spread he caressed her skin, across the smoothness of her shoulders, down her arms, lifting them he inspected her armpits, moved on to her breasts, lifting them feeling carefully, thumbing her upright nipples. Down to her torso, belly button, thighs, lifting her he felt around the globes of her buttocks. He pushed two fingers into her glistening slit, probed around inside.
He felt on down her legs, thighs, knees, calves, her feet, heels ankles, arch and instep. He separated her toes and looked carefully.
He hadn't really expected it to be here, on Barbara. It would be on Vicki, the master spy.
He gathered up Barbara's limp corpse, arms under her back and thighs, she drooped in his hold as he returned her to the divan, stretched her out next to Vicki.
He carried Vicki to the table, her arms and legs and her head and hair all dangled helplessly. She was surprisingly heavy, despite her slender figure. He laid her on her back, straightened out her legs and laid her arms out by her sides.
He took off the Armani shoes, they REALLY were wrecked.
He unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it down her legs and off. Pushing up her jacket, he undid her stockings from her suspender belt. He peeled off her stockings and the suspender belt followed. He slid her silky panties down her long lovely smooth legs and over her exquisite feet and off. He unbuttoned the jacket and half lifting her he managed to get it off, pulling the sleeves down her arms, turning her limp body first one way then the other until it was off altogether. She had on a silk shirt under the jacket. He carefully removed it. Bloodied bullet holes in the shirt and jacket, but like Barbara, Vicki had died instantly and little bleeding had occured. He half rolled her again to enable him to unclasp and remove her flimsy lace bra.
The clothes went into the same bag that held Barbara's.
Vicki lay there under those unblinking lights, smooth, curvaceous, lusciously nude.
Where he thought was the famous control now. Where was the icy coolness with which she had controlled board rooms and her underlings.
Not there now.
Now Vicki lay here, nude, defenceless, his to handle. She was dead and he was in control of her now. She could only respond if he touched her, moved her. She was HIS.
He took out the camera and photographed Vicki exhaustively, from all angles, all of her and the details of her, everything.
Then he started his examination.
The secrets were hidden on this gorgeous body.
He knew it.
They certainly weren't on Barbara, but then Barbara was not the number one lady, so they wouldn't be. No, they were hidden somewhere on this delectable corpse and he would find them.
He started with her hair, he combed through it as he had done with Barbara.
He looked at her face, beautiful, peaceful, in repose.
He looked in her ears, her nostrils, he opened her lips and his fingers gently explored inside her mouth. He lifted her tongue, felt all around, nothing there.
He studied her skin, the smooth skin of her neck, her lovely shoulders, he massaged her breasts, ever so gently thumbing her nipples up and down. He felt over her torso, her ribcage, his hands sliding lightly over her silken skin. He even played with her navel for a bit in case something was hidden there.
He went lower.
His fingers moved into her slit, sliding around, exploring, ever so gently, not wanting to risk missing something by being too rough
Finally he had to admit there was nothing there.
He slid his long fingered hands down her glorious legs feeling, probing, searching. He found nothing.
Then he was at her feet. Those fantastic sculptured, oh so elegant feet.
Of course.
Why hadn't he realised it? What part of her was clad in the most expensive item, the Armani shoes. Her feet of course. Vicki's feet. Where else would she hide the most important secret ever stolen by an industrial spy of her class.
Her feet.
He took one in his hands. He stroked his fingers along her elegant arches, he fondled her beautiful ankles, he caressed the soles of those fabulous feet. This was it he was sure. These feet were what Vicki would entrust her most important secret to. Somewhere on these white alabaster like, smooth, shapely feet, that's where it would be. He brought his face close, he smelt her feet, his tongue flicked out and he licked them, sliding his tongue down the curves of her arch, instep and sole.
He was becoming very aroused, his cock was growing hard and hugely tumescent. He stripped off the lab coat and stood there nude. He rubbed his large throbbing cock along her feet, first the tops , then the soles. His excitement grew ,knew no bounds. His cock would find it, seek it out.
Victoria's secret.
He let the tip of his cock play on the soles of her feet, felt it expanding, pulsating, about to burst forth its load of semen. He held it in as long as he could and then pulling it back he let it erupt, cum exploding out of it and onto Vicki's feet.
It drenched them, covered them, but it formed a distinct pattern that led to her toenails.
That was it!
He bent lower again, smelt Vicki's skin, her perfumed feet, the smell of his ejaculate all over her feet, mingling with her smells.
There it was.
One of her magnificently groomed, painstakingly painted toenails was false. It lifted off the real one beneath and there was the chip.
He had it.
He was sad.
He thought of Vicki bending over these fantastic feet, probably naked, painting the nails and loving the feel of her feet, her beautiful feet.
He was huge again. But this time it was her body that he wanted. Her beautiful dead body.
He climbed onto the table covering Vicki. He cupped her breasts in his hands, thumbed her nipples his erection slid into the tight slick sweetness of her, he started pumping.
He felt the velvety smoothness of her belly as he slid along her, kissed her cold lips, felt his feet rubbing on hers, toes entwining.
"Who's in control now Vicki?" he asked her. "Not you, that's for sure."
Poor dead Vicki.
Beautiful, lovely, limp and lifeless Vicki.
He rode her like a stallion, his pleasure tingling, starting in his tight balls and expanding up into his phallus, up to the very tip. He could no longer hold it, control it.
He exploded inside her. Filling her tight sweet pussy with his cum. One of the good things about being a girl. You can have sex, great sex, after you're dead!
He got off and went to where Barbara lay.
He carried her naked corpse back to the table and spread her out on her back. He manouvered Vicki's nude body on top of Barbara so that they embraced each other.
Face to face.
Lips mashing lips.
Breasts crushing into breasts.
Hairy crotch and glistening slits pressing together.
Feet entwined. Toes enmeshed.
"Goodnight Ladies!"
He turned off the lights and left the two bodies embracing in the stygian darkness.