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I looked over the barricade.
Barricade! Hah! Actually a ridge of heaped, junked materials and garbage and excrement all mixed into a muddle and baked hard by the sun. The Rags were coming. Five of them. Two tall ones, bare breasted and armed with stun lasers, a smaller brunette in a jump suit with a big belt round her waist from which trailed twin stainless steel forty-fives and a couple of skinny ones, one redheaded and the other bald, stark naked except for criss crossed leather harness bristling with knives. Little titties poking from their chests. Pussies twinkling as they ran.
I hoisted the AK six ninety and squeezed the trigger.
It blasted out shells like a bitch spitting words.
They ripped the head off of one of the tall ones, tore the other open from neck to groin. Blood, muck, severed tits, fleshy lumps all flew out in a spray of gore. The huge shells punched into the bald gal's tiny tits and took her down and out. Her body hit dirt and bounced, quivered and pitched over dead. I got a huge toss from seeing the shells take the redhead right in her cunt and she went down screaming. Screaming like all of hell's agonies were with her at the one time. She went on and on screaming, her crotch torn out. For incidentals the shells punched holes in the brunette and she went down in a heap, limp,silent and dead.
Five less Rags.
I grinned and felt good.
I looked over at the other two Stalks and gave them the old thumbs up.
We scrambled over the barricade. By the living daylights it stank. We walked to where the five Rags had gone down. The redhead was still slobbering and blubbering, the vee between her legs a bloody, pulpy mass. She looked up at me through startlingly blue eyes, clouded in pain and the certainty of her death. I slammed my AK's butt into those eyes. The bridge of her nose cracked and gave way, her teeth splintered and bits of enamel went every which way. Her head was smashed into the ground. That shut her up. She was good and dead now. They all were.
Damn it felt good.
Before we were out of sight, the brat rats had arrived. Naked, filthy, armed with knives, not one of them older than eight, they swarmed over the dead Rags stripping their corpses of anything and everything. They'd probably eat some of them as well. Not the good breast meat though. We had taken that.

The next night we caught three Rags.
It was our time. We had felt the need grow.
Mine was young, she was maybe mid twenties and she was gorgeous looking, thick blonde hair, curves on her curves, although in her daggy clothes it took looking to tell.
I bashed her unconscious. Once between the eyes stunned her good and then back and forth blows to her chin and she was out, limp and helpless under me. I pushed down her filthy skirt. Ragged blue denim it had been once. Now just filthy cloth. I pulled down her panties. They were surprisingly clean. I thrust myself inside her cunt, Damn, I was huge and had been erect for days on and off. I was long overdue. I fucked her good. Maybe half a dozen times. She said nothing. Couldn't. She was out colder than a dead mackeral, whatever that means. Damn I enjoyed fucking her young body.
I left her like that. Skirt and panties around her ankles. The other guys left theirs lying stretched out where they'd bashed them into dreamland and fucked them stupid too. I kicked her a couple of times as well. Just cause the other guys did. Didn't want to look a wus. Wanted to look like I could do rape with the best of them.
Rape was good.
Rape was how we impregnated the Rags, and if us Stalks didn't impregnate Rags, there would be no Brats born and without Brats who would provide the ongoing fodder for the war. That's what it was, War! War between Stalks and Rags. There was some shit talked about how us Stalks had lived with Rags a zillion years ago and how back then it hadn't been necessary to bash them and rape them to get relief and have Brats. That was such obvious bullshit. Rags would never have consented to live within a million k's of Stalks. Fuck but they hated us. That's why we killed them. Had to. Self preservation.

A week later we found a camp of Rags.
These ones were living with Brats. We had to go down there and get the Stalk brats away. Rag brats we'd kill if we could. We always did that. When we could. There were heaps more Rags than Stalks born, there was no balance at all. We needed the Stalk Brats so we could teach 'em to be like us, make Rag killers of 'em. Fuck knows what would happen if the Rags brought up Stalk babies and raised Stalk Brats. It'd be wrong. Maybe Brats like that wouldn't want to kill Rags. It'd be awfully wrong.
It was war.
They were camped under trees by a creek bed. That bullshit reckons that once them trees had green shit growing all over them and the creeks had water in them. Can you believe......water. Just like lying around. Shit there was a lot of crap talked.
We sneaked up just before dawn. Got as close as we could and then charged. We left a guy with the AK six ninety where he could take 'em out once we had the Brats. They were like mostly sleeping. Not even any guards. It was easy. We were amongst them before they knew it. I grabbed two Brats, quick check they were Stalks and then I was out of there. Bragger got two more. Jacko smashed up the Rags. They were pathetic. Weeping, snivelling, hollering out. I wished I hadn't had the Brats squirming there, I could have smashed a few Rags, beaten the shit out of them, really punched them good in them soft, soft titties. Me and Bragger and Jacko waited up the slope. Hollered and held up them Brats. That pissed the Rags off good. Course we made sure we were out of the line of fire of the old AK.
Out came them Rags, yelling and shouting, half of them naked, the rest as good as. BLAM! BLAM! BLAMMO!, he opened up and them shells tore them Rags to bits. Down they went like nine pins, whatever the fuck a nine pin is. There was dead and dying Rags lying everywhere. Ripped open, bleeding, dying, but mostly dead. The Rags bodies lay littered around what had been their camp. A couple of Rag Brats came howling and screaming up towards us. They was like really little but Jacko killed 'em anyway. That's how it was. How it's meant to be.
Damn it was great!

Them Stalk Brats howled some for a few days but we just ignored that shit and bashed 'em up a bit and soon enough they was kicking and punching shit every meal time just like the rest of us.

Well maybe a month after we liberated them Stalk Brats and killed their Rag birthers, we was back in Sinny. Once, the bullshit says, Sinny was a place where heaps and heaps of Stalks lived in them good old days when Stalks and Rags lived together. Ho Ho, can you believe that bullshit. Anyway, so the bullshit goes, then everything was clean and new and organised. What a load of crock. What a shit place! I liked Sinny now. It was busted and filled with garbage and excrement and they reckoned no matter where you were you could always see at least a half dozen corpses in one direction or another.
I was looking around, sort of seeing what I could find and on the make for any opportunity. I only had a forty five and a couple of knives, so I wasn't really out for big time action. Well, I come around into a sort of smashed up lane and there, trying to get water from an old pipe, was a Rag. I hushed up real quick and slid into a crevice amongst some brick heaps. I watched her. She was young, maybe twenty one, twenty two, round that. She was truly pretty. Had a heap of brown hair that hung down below her shoulder blades. She had on a pair of raggedy, ripped denim shorts and a bra top. Like a lacy bra like Rags wear under their other clothes, only on this gal it was her outside wear. She had like trainers on her feet and she was alone and really intent on trying to fill a bucket from that pipe. I snuck up on her and only just at the last moment when I was real close, she must have heard me and looked around, real startled like. I jumped her and got in a good shot with my right fist that took her flush on the chin and she went out cold. I caught her as she crumpled and hoisted her over my shoulder. She hung there, arms dangling and hair streaming down. I had my arm around her bare thighs and they felt warm and soft. Damn but she smelt good. Clean and sort of scenty. I set off with her over my shoulder just lying there and I could feel her titties squishy against me and her fingers kept tapping against me as her arms dangled. Mostly she was pretty naked and so was I and her skin was warm and soft against mine. I was getting powerfully aroused and ducked into a ruined church so I could fuck her good. I know it was a church cause Bragger told me once that churches was the ones with pointy tops. This one didn't have a roof and I found a spot behind a wooden wall thing and slung her down. She groaned and her eyelids fluttered and she was coming around. I thought of punching her out again but something made me stop.
Her lashes fluttered a bit and her eyeballs rolled round and round. She had pretty blue eyes. Then she sort of saw me. "Oooooh." she says and rubbed her jaw where I'd popped her.
"Don't hurt me." She said.
"Eh?" I said.
She put up her little hand and wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled me down and kissed me on the mouth. "What's your name?" She asked looking at me with those pretty blue eyes.
"I'm Angela, Trevor, and I don't want you to hurt me."
"But I'm gunna fuck ya."
"Alright Trevor but gently. I'll help you and we can fuck good."
"Eh?" I never fucked no girl when she was conscious before. Could you do that?
"You're a Rag."
"Gotta bash Rags before you fuck 'em. Gotta rape 'em so Stalk Brats get born."
"Trevor I can have Stalk babies without being bashed unconscious and raped."
"What's babies?"
"You had Brats before?"
I was puzzled and had to think about this. I was scratchin' a bit when I see Angela pops off that bra and kicks off them shoes and shorts and she's wearing nothing but a pair of panties so small I could have wore 'em as an eye patch. Then she takes off my belt and slips my pants open and works them down and off. I didn't like this. I didn't have my weapons, but Angela's working on me and I'm so aroused my stalk is near poking her eye out. Then she took my hand and placed it on her titty and I could feel her nubby nipple pushing against me hard and insistent and she pulled me down and kissed me again. I massaged both her titties and then she took my hand and slid my fingers into her cunt. There's something in there feels hard too and the whole things swollen and excited and then she guided my stalk in there and started pumping her hips and next thing we're fucking good and Angela's making little cries and groans like a kitten on heat. Then I came. Boy it had never been like that and Angela keeps pumping and a second or two later she came.
Shit! Wow!
She panted and puffed and she was all sweaty and she smiled at me, a goofy smile, lopsided and like she's smiling about something inside her head and she said. "Well Trevor, was it so bad my being awake."
"S'pose not."
"I had heaps more fun than I would have lying here under you, out cold."
"You bet yeah."
She drags me down and kisses me again. Wow what a great kisser this gal is. I'm breaking from the kiss and I see her eyes go wide like circles and she opens her mouth and screams, "Nooooooooo." I looked up and saw two really filthy Rags and one's got a huge lump of wood and whack!, she belts me right between the eyes. I crashed onto Angela and I knew nothing more.

I woke up with a belting headache where that Rag bashed me and I was trussed up like a turkey and lying on a crappy cot made of planks nailed to wood slats. I was inside somewhere and there was a fire burning and smoke made my eyes water and the two Rags that got me were talking with another old Rag. She had grey hair and was real old and seemed to be doing most of the talking, well, shouting actually. It wasn't hard to gather what was being said. Like I heard "Kill him." and "Cut off his balls." and "Filthy Stalk bastard.", stuff like that. I heard another softer voice and bent my head a bit and there was Angela on her knees and she was saying her piece and I reckoned she was the only one didn't want me killed right then. Well them Rags start in screeching at each other and waving their arms around and Angela hops up and says "Fuck you. Fuck all of you. He's mine and I'm keeping him and you dried up old bitches can go fuck yourselves." Then she giggles and holds her hand to her mouth and says, "Which is mostly what all of us do all of the time." That set her to giggling fit to bust and even the old biddy grinned at that. Those three seemed to lose interest in me then and walked away to where the other Rags were and Angela came over and sat by me and kissed my forehead and said. "I can't let you loose but I'll make you more comfortable."
She undid my legs which were tied to my ass by the feel of it and stretched them out and tied me to the cot by the ankles. Then she undid my hands and tied them to the cot at the wrists but loose so I could move a bit.
"Pretty gruesy Trevor." She said, "but otherwise its tied up like a joint of meat."
"It's OK."
"Probably isn't but its good for me."
"Hey, how's that."
"You'll see."
The rags had all settled down and were obviously getting ready for beddy byes and Angela undressed, (she was back wearing what she'd had on before I conked her) and when she was naked she climbed onto me and used me like a mattress. Well, watching her strip had bought on another erection and she settled down onto that letting it slip right inside her (very) hot and wet pussy and she snuggled onto me and kissed my neck and all sleepy said. "Night night Trevor." and next thing she's snoring off, softly like and I'm wearing her like a living condom.
I didn't get much sleep.

When she woke up in the pre-dawn dark, Angela was horny, or so she whispered to me, and pump, pump, up and down went them lovely hips and me along with them. Well, despite being pooped from no sleep and being tied up I acquitted myself OK and shot a monstrous load of cum into Angela and made her make those whimpery little noises that I now knew meant she was having a good time.
Well that fixed Angela's horniness and she scrambled off me and got dressed. Now watching that was something I'll tell you. The way she wriggled her plump little ass into panties and shorts and fingered her breasts as she pulled on her bra, it, stimulating, believe me. She went and got some food for me and let me loose so I could eat and then her and the two big Rags came back and untied me so I could go for a crap and a leak and wash. All the time I did they stayed close in case I lit out. The two toughs looked mean and Angela had a grin from ear to ear. They brought me back and tied me to the bed again and everyone got on with their chores. Them Rags were sure better organised than any Stalk camp I'd ever been in and had the whole place looking sparkling in no time.
About mid morning with no pre warning, like right out of the blue, BAM, BAM, BAM! Suddenly shooters were going off and it took me a couple of seconds to realise we were being attacked and shot up.The Rags started grabbing for weapons but they'd been caught good and proper and before most of 'em could grab anything bullets started smacking home. I saw a long, skinny blonde spin around and drop, a hole through her skull. A black haired Rag with really big tits got stitched with bullets in them tits and, blown off her feet, went tumbling backwards on her ass and then onto her back, dead. My two mean captors of the day before took slugs and went down, crumpled and bloody. Angela came hot footing and I screamed at her "Let me loose." She reached me and started untying my bonds and I saw two younger Rags get taken out in a hail of lead. One minute they were sprinting across the clearing, hair flying, young, firm, limbs pumping, the next they were bloody and stretched out not moving. Angela had my legs free and I was shouting at her to hurry. Bullets were seeking the Rags and, as I watched, helpless to move, a chubby, young Rag got turned into mince meat and her pal, a tall gal with really long black hair, caught one in the throat and went to her knees gagging. She only lasted a second and then another round went right through her and she toppled over and twitched and twitched in awful whole body spasms.
I was free and grabbed Angela's hand and set off at a gallop. She seemed to be stunned into a state of shock and I had to keep her moving. Suddenly she made a scream noise and tore free of me and rushed over to where the grey haired lady was crouched, shaking and shivering. Angela dragged her to her feet and came back toward me. Bullets were smacking all around and I had strong visions of seeing Angela pulped any minute. I grabbed both of them, sort of wrapped an arm around each and flung all three of us at a hole in a broken wall. We stumbled through and were in the clear. The Stalks, it had to be Stalks, were blasting where we'd been and any Rag still living was being knocked down. What the hell was I running from Stalks for, to say nothing of towing along a couple of Rags. Damned if I knew but I reckoned it was better to high tail it than to introduce myself in the heat of battle. Sure as hell I wasn't leaving Angela to be pureed by that mob and she was taking that old lady so there we were.
There was a heap of ruins around and we ran and hid in those, dodging and weaving until we reckoned we'd have thrown them off and it was safe to stop. We hid all day and although we couldn't see anything we heard the Stalks yahooing and getting all excited and an occasional shot as they found some poor wretched Rag who wasn't dead. Then the Stalks must have gone and we heard Brat Rats arrive and they were chattering and laughing as they stripped those Rags naked and took anything they found. Every now and then they must have come on one who wasn't fully dead and we heard awful screams as they cut their throats.
Come nightfall we took off and didn't let up until dawn, by which time we had reached the western ends of Sinny, and then we found our way into the bush where we could rest and find food and drink. The next night we walked into a sort of hidden valley and found a cave that was spacious and dry and there we set up camp.

We stayed there for four years.
Ellen, that was the grey haired Rags name, she had been like a mother figure to them other Rags and Angela was awful attached to her. A mother to the women she told me. Women, that was what Rags called themselves and they had a name for Stalks. Men they said we were. Well I made a home of our cave and Angela fixed it up pretty like. Angela bled hugely every month. They all did to a greater or lesser extent she told me. All women. When she bled she would wear protectors. They were her rags she told me, although she hated that word. She said it would fix her to get pregnant. That was Rag talk for birthing Brats. That came about if I fucked her good enough. Well, I sure gave it a try. I had gotten use to her being conscious when we fucked and sort of liked it. She could make me feel great and she sure showed appreciation for my efforts with a great range of noises. She insisted at times that we include Ellen and even though she was an old Rag she liked it plenty too. Mind you she was more of a swearer and screamer when she got going and I rather preferred Angela's mewling. Well, after a couple of months Angela got pregnant. I didn't notice much although her little tits did start swelling up and her nipples got huge. Her tummy swelled some too, although not much until about five months and then suddenly out it popped. I liked her like that and she was nude most of the time and I liked that. I told her "You're gettin' fat lady." and she told me with a little grin "I'm not fat. I'm just pregnant."
Then one day she started birthing.
Going into labour they called it.
I was pretty useless and Ellen did everything and it was real messy and going by the way Angela screamed and bit her lip and gripped me and went white it must have been painful. Then out popped a Rag Brat. Angela called her our daughter. Angela was buggered producing the brat and Ellen nursed her for days as she nursed the brat. Them women got their heads together and told me Angela could not have any more brats. Something woman talk, the way she used to bleed and the brat coming, she'd busted something. I didn't care. Long as I had Angela. She told me she was in love with me. She told me what we felt for each other was love.
Never heard of that before.
Well, whatever she called it I had never been so happy before. I couldn't go a day without seeing her, touching her, holding her. Ellen was good too.
The ladies got together, I'd stopped thinking of them as Rags, and they decided the brat would be called Elena. She was a gal and she was sort of cute. She called me Daddy and that made me feel special I can tell you. I got all swollen up with pride and pleasure. Angela she called Mummy.
I had never been so happy.
I should have known.
When Elena was three, nearly four, she and I and Angela were out walking. We did that a lot. In our valley it was cool and overcast and misty a lot of the time, but warm. So we didn't wear much. Elena was naked and just a very lively little brat. Her Mummy was nearly naked and so was I. I loved Angela in a way I can't begin to describe.
I didn't even hear the shot.
Angela was walking in front of us and she went "Oh!" and sank down to her knees. Then she called out "Trevor!" and I rushed over not knowing what was wrong. She'd been shot through the top of her left breast and it was all bloody. I grabbed her and crushed her to me.
"Angela." I cried.
"Oh Trevor." She said and I held her tight. Her blood, all red was bubbling over my chest. "Oh Trevor." She turned to me, "look after my baby." I was holding her tight, her bare breasts crushed against mine. Because of our near nudity I could feel everything from her body to mine. Then she gripped me really tight, her fingers digging in. Then she went all limp and her hands fell away and her head fell back, hair hanging down. Her face was dead white, her eyes closed and her lips parted and bluish.
I knew she was dead.
"ANGELA!" I screamed.
"Mummy?" Said Elena.

I carried her back. Ellen looked at her and said "Trevor, its no good. She's dead." She looked after Elena and I held Angela. Crushed to me. All that day and night. I felt her grow cold and stiff and then limpen up again.
The next day Ellen told me we had to bury Angela.
I cried and cried and held my daughter and Ellen and my grief was too great.
Then I dug a grave and buried Angela.
I piled up rocks to protect her from anything.
Ellen told me it was no good staying. They knew we were here and would come. I didn't care any more. We walked out of our valley and on the second night came to a Rags camp. It was big and there were many of them. I kissed my daughter goodbye and kissed Ellen and they went down to the camp.
I crossed the mountains and went into the desert.

I lived in the desert for a dozen years.
Sometimes I went with Stalks but when they went raiding I wouldn't kill women. I shot up the ground a lot and they thought I was a hopeless shot. Mostly I lived alone.
Then I heard that big battles were on. The Rags had a new leader. Her name was Elena and she was organising all the tribes.
I crossed the mountains and returned.
I asked and found that a huge Rag camp existed outside Sinny. I went there unarmed. The women captured me and led me inside. They put me up against a wall and six gals with guns lined me up. I reckoned I was going to die. I didn't care.
Then someone called "Trevor."
It was Ellen, she was pretty old now and she took me to a tent in back of the camp. There was a girl there. It was Angela. No it wasn't, it was her spitting image, but taller and fuller breasted.
"Elena." I said through tears.
"Daddy." She said.
We held each other tight as tight, hugging like mad.
We cried.
We howled.
I loved my daughter as its not possible to love any more.
I wished her well, said goodbye and kissed Ellen, and then the Rags escorted me out of Sinny. I'm back in our valley with Angela. Every now and then I hear how the Rags under Elena are winning. I hope they do. If men had let women make the decisions it would never have gone wrong to start with.
I sit and talk it over with Angela.
She just grins like she always did. She knew I would understand one day.