The Room

Posted by Barbanne on February 22, 2002 at 21:47:04:


I could hear the traffic roar along the Western Distributor, endless traffic noise as people went about their business on this busiest of roads.
The room in which I lay had been formed by knocking out three walls from an upstairs flat in a two storey building adjacent to the highway. A thirty year old building which also contained a laundromat and a sex shop on the ground floor. Parking spaces for three cars were all that separated the building from the stream of traffic which never slackened day or night.
I was lying nude on my back on a stainless steel hospital bed with my eyes wide open and gazing sightlessly at the ceiling. My mouth gaped open. Clear plastic tubes emerged from my arm to which they had been taped and my mouth where the tube was clipped to my lower lip. I had a band aid on my cheek and another on my left breast. My legs were spread apart and elevated in padded stirrups. I was surrounded by the guys, cameraman, photo director and other "actors." Studio flashes lit each scene. The building faced west and despite the blinds being drawn I was hot enough to be sweating freely.
We were shooting a spread for PLAYDEAD MAGAZINE, subtitled "Interment for Men."
Today I was an accident victim who was, for the purposes of this shoot, freshly deceased.
Enter a girl dressed as a nurse.
No ordinary nurse, this sexy trollope's white uniform dress was so short it missed her stocking tops by centimetres. White stockings of course, white sensible shoes and a perky little cap.
She came over to me and looked down at my fixed and dulled eyeballs and tut tutted and using her fingers slid my eyelids down and closed off my death gaze. She fussed around and removed the tube from my mouth unclipping it and then slid her hands down over my body, thumbing my nipples which bent rubbery like and then sprang back up.
Producing a stainless steel speculum she lightly kissed my pussy and then slipped the cold metal inside me and expanded my opening so that my labial lips spread wide apart.
Now she came up with an enormous, flesh coloured and very realistic plastic dildo. Withdrawing her speculum she licked the dildo, running her overly made up and collagen enhanced lips over it before pushing it into my yawning slit. In and in she pushed until it had all but disappeared leaving only enough showing for her to hang on to. I felt as if I was truly STUFFED!
Back and forth the sexy nurse worked the dildo giving the poor dead girl one last thrill.
The flashes popped and the camera whirred and clacked and every piece of the action was fully captured on film. (or digitals)
My "dead" body quietly orgasmed covering the dildo in whitish love essence and the nurse withdrew the wet and slimy pleasure tool and slipped it between my teeth and worked it back and forth leaving my own cum inside my wet and open mouth.

Another day, the same warm and noisy room.
Naked and unadorned I lay on a stainless steel mortuary table.
This time the fantasy was dead girl in the morgue.
A guy, one of the many who worked here as an extra (like me) was dressed in mortuary scrubs and was sitting on a wheeled stool adjacent to the stainless steel table on which I lay so that he could scoot himself up and down along my full length.
The cameras were covering every move, every scene, every bit of the action. Playdead's readers were going to love this one.
The guy had a face mask that matched the green of his scrubs (in case I had some awful disease) and as the shoot started he snapped on strong, thin surgical gloves.
He positioned himself beside my head and prised my eyelids open, first one and then the other. I was doing my best death gaze and so my eyeballs, when uncovered, were fixed and unfocussed, looking way away far beyond the ceiling of the room which was masquerading as a morgue. As always at this time of year the room was uncomfortably warm and I was sweating ever so slightly. The endless cacophony of the traffic droned on and on.
Having satisfied himself that I was truly dead and deserving of my place here, naked and stiffed out on his examination table, the guy gripped my lower jaw with one gloved hand and, holding his other hand under my nose, pulled my mouth open and peered into the wet cavity. He pushed his fingers in and felt around and found my tongue and pulled it out and studied it for clues and then let it hang from one corner of my shiny pink lips.
He slid his chair along and thumbed my nipples.
They responded by erecting in a most un-corpselike way.
He cupped the soft flesh of each breast in his hands and palpated them gently back and forth and around and around. Satisfied with that he let them flop back so that gravity would help them find their own resting pose.
He scooted down to my feet and taking each in turn in both hands, rotated them and separated the toes and generally played about with them.
Then he moved back to my groin.
He placed his hands inside my thighs and pushed them apart, pushing my knees as well and sliding his hands down my legs in an outward motion until my legs were spread apart. He fingered the soft mound of my outer labial lips, my visible slit. Then he used his thumbs to open them out revealing the soft crinkly inner labia and he inserted thumb and forefinger and pushed those aside to open up the wet, red, raw meat looking inner surface of my cunt.
The camera, fitted with an all revealing macro lens, followed his hand into my womanhood.
Expertly, the gloved finger found my clitoris nestling behind its hood at the front of my vulva and, with the ball of his finger working against the restraint of my clitoral frenulum, he started stimulating it, rolling it back and forth and causing it to engorge with blood and become stiffly erect. Blood also coursed into my labia and it started swelling upward and outward, trapping his fingers in a hot, slickly wet grip. Bartholin's glands started to secrete mucus and the whitish, thick cream oozed out of my vagina as excitement welled up from deep inside my hot and over excited cunt.
It was all I could do to lie still and unmoving as my body grew more and more aroused and the heat of erotica welled and then gushed lava like from my slit culminating in the quiet shuddering of a "playing dead" orgasm.
He slid away on his wheeled stool while he and the director discussed the next scene and I oofed as something heavy landed on my tummy. I cracked an eyelid and peeped.
Agatha, the studio ginger puss was sitting on my tummy overlapping onto my groin and she padded up and down oh so delicately, combing my pubic hair with her sharp claws until I felt I would either laugh (she looked so stupidly beautiful) or cry (she was hurting like hell) when suddenly she plonked herself down and shooting out a leg with balletic grace started to groom her ass with her tongue in that disgusting way pussy cats do.
Afterwards, when Agatha had finished using my "corpse" as a trampoline, we finished off the photo shoot, the guy rolling me sideways for a rectal examination before lifting and holding my limp body and finally returning me to my stretched out mortuary customer position.

This day I had the plastic surgical gloves on.
I was on the rolling stool and stretched out on the mortuary table in front of me, absolutely bare assed nude and sporting a huge boner was one of the guys who worked as an extra here with me.
He was slender and well built and had thick wavy black hair and a sprinkling of black hairs across his pecs and down the middle of his abdomen running into his curly pubic bush, and it was from that that his wondrous stiff hard cock emerged.
What a glorious thing is a man's rock hard erection!
Hard, curvy, pumped with blood, gleaming translucent skin and throbbing veins.
(I know corpses don't throb with pounding blood, but I'm writing this fantasy OK, so I'll have throbbing veins if Iwant them)
My hand cupped his soft, firm, full scrotum. I could feel his semen packed into his balls. Lovely jizz just primed and waiting for me to release it. My fingers ran so, so lightly up and down the length of his glorious erection and as I fairy touched the soft flaps of skin underneath I saw his cock quiver and twitch, bursting with desire to release its hot squirty load.
"Not yet my darling," I whispered.
I pulled my lab coat off revealing that I was nude and sweaty underneath.
I scrambled up onto the mortuary table with him and crouched in reverse above his recumbent "dead" body. My swollen and wildly aroused labia brushed across his nose and I felt myself leaking as his flesh touched my hot, wet womanliness. My hands were on either side of his hips and my tits dangled down like two sagging sacs as, balancing on one arm, I used my other hand to stroke along the full length of his hard upright penis.
It was all too much for my poor corpse what with my ass and pussy in his face and my hands giving him a world class hand job and as I watched in erotic fascination his cock stiffened and stiffened again and then exploded cum. The first great gobbet of it hit my breasts and his cock wavered and then unloaded again and another splat of white semen slammed into my chest.
Uh! Uh! Uh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............
His cock shot its full load in decreasing spasms of orgasmic shots.
Settling slightly so that his nose was inside my dribbly cunt I watched in sadness as his erection faded.
I slipped off and resumed my seat on the stool, still nude.
I massaged his cum onto my breasts and tummy and licked my fingers clean.

After a bit I started in on my corpse again.

And yet another day.
Sun beating at the lowered blinds.
Air hot and dry.
Traffic pounding past unabated.
I was sprawled on my back across an old, tattered vinyl lounge. Fake bullet holes stitched their way from my crotch to my chin. Victim of a mob hit. My life ripped away by a hail of bullets from a machine gun.
Two guys clad only in shorts were considering my peaceful corpse and contemplating violently violating it.
Slaughtered, slain and about to be raped.
Oh well.
I love it actually.
Stripping, posing, sweating, dying.
Its all in a day's work.
Here in the room.