The Herd

Posted by Barbanne on February 26, 2000 at 22:05:44:

This is sort of tongue in cheek.
So PLEASE don't take offense as I have used some of your names to make the story more tribal and inclusive. Believe me, all of the people mentioned here I consider friends and its my tribute to that friendship to include you.
(If I haven't included you and you feel I should have, I apologise.)


The herd was grazing down the western aisles away from the escalators.
In David Jones store that meant jewellery, cosmetics, gloves and a smattering of lingerie.
I was slowly grazing in the jewellery section admiring the Barcs and Oroton stuff and gazing wistfully at the Rado watches and the silver and amber accessories in Michals.
I looked up and saw the bobbing heads of Kim and Lisa and Vicky and Petra and Morbidia and of course Juli was out in front. They were moving along slowly, checking out the stuff and chattering. We love chattering while grazing. We chatter about everything. Clothes and our health and our weight and sex and the nice things we can't afford and sex and the mother's talk about their kids and we all admire the young men in the crisp white shirts and dark pants and then there is the different sizes of men's dicks and sex and............oh, stuff.
The herd, there was twenty or so of us came out of the browsing section and back into the brightly lit mall where we would continue slowly moving along window shopping.
Our bull was waiting for us, his herd of cows, necrobabe cows, the necrobabe herd.
Our bull right now is AlOmega. He bested old T Rex in a really bloody contest last spring and they had to haul poor old T Rex away. I think he was dead. He looked plenty dead when they hitched his body all naked and bruised and bleeding to the tractor and dragged him off.
There's young bulls circling who fancy their chances.
Mookie and Sandgroper, they are both fine young men and I like eyeing them off as they circle when they don't know I'm watching.
Short skirts are the order of the day in the herd and mine are the shortest. If I find someone has beaten me, I roll the waistband over a bit and hitch the hem up a centimetre or so until its riding the tops of my thighs, just skimming the crotch of my panties. I like nylon mix skirts, light and loose and gathered and whirly and in creams and off whites with big floral patterns. Singlet tops, no pantyhose and mid height platform shoes, that's me.
Petra's all short, tight, leather skirts and she exudes class. The other babes are like whatever turns them on.
Al was watching those young bulls real close, his head was up, sniffing the air and eyes darting to and fro, checking for a sneak attack. A side rush from the lift lobby or a rear attack from the corridor to the toilets, they're always hard to guard against. But Mookie and Sandgroper were just watching us and pawing their sneakers on the tiles and waiting.
We moved slowly back downstairs to DJ's basement and into Food Glorious Food.
The babes just LOVE browsing down here. They spread out and went for cappucinos and pastries and the chocolate counter was like a magnet. Me, I always browse at the health foods and vegetarian and drink at the juice counter. The other babes reckon I'm dullsville and I suppose its why I am sort of scrawny and maybe has something to do with my failure to get pregnant.
Pregnant is what the babe herd is all about.
After we finished here at FGF, we would drift across the road and downtown a few blocks to the downstairs gym and pool under the Hilton. There we change into cossies and that gets Al all excited and he can start mounting us and doing his duty. It's not always easy to come on heat when Al wants you and to be mounted dry can be uncomfortable, painful and not at all satisfying, so some of us babes have taken to playing with each other and getting ourselves aroused so that when Al moves in, we are ready to drop for him.
At the pool I changed into a two piece and as Al didn't seem to want me right away I got into the shallow end with that pretty blonde Carrie and we fooled around underwater. She slipped her fingers inside my bikini pants and worked on me and I kissed her nipples making sure to keep my back to the herd and my head down. Pretty soon I was hot and tight and slickly wet down there and it had nothing to do with the heated pool.
As Al passed by heading from Kim who was lying crosseyed on a lounger and intent on Petra who had donned a tiny black bikini, I called to him from the water and batted my eyelashes furiously. He saw the pinkness of my arousal and grabbing my wrist, hauled me bodily from the pool and sploshed me onto the tiled surround, pulled my bikini pants to my knees rolled me onto my face and kicked my legs underneath me so that I presented bum up and jackknifed and he plunged the reason he was king bull into my spread and swollen labia and rode me like a bronc.
It was over way too quick and I had to finish off by myself, but I had been inseminated.
As I lay there musing on how nice it would be to have time to do it properly, I saw Mookie at the archway and he winked at me. I mouthed a kiss and blushed.
The kids were born in autumn and a lot of our grazing in the last four months was in baby clothes shops and baby stuff places. I had failed to get pregnant yet again and when the mum babes dropped their young I was left feeling out of it.
It sorta worried me and with good reason because when the men came to cull the older babes from the various herds in winter and they started the round up for the abbattoir trucks, someone said, "Take Barbanne, she's fuckin' useless and she's barren." They gazed at me from mean eyes and he added, "and with all that vegetarian health food she's like grain fed meat.............nice and sweet to the taste."
"No! No! No!" I had a zillion reasons why they should give me another season at least, but all to no avail. I was hog tied hands and feet and lumped into the truck with a crowd of older necrobabes whose offspring had matured enough to join the herds.
The truck bumped out of town and stopped in the yard of the abbattoir.
It backed up to a long shed with stainless steel rails and benches and lots of tiled surfaces and I didn't like it one bit.
The men, they were all men, wore aprons, big leather aprons that covered their clothes and hats like hairnets and had brawny bare forearms and they dragged one babe off. She was screaming but they chucked her roughly on the floor and untied her hands but left her ankles bound. They cut and ripped her clothes off and when she was nude, one guy dragged her up by her hair so she was in a kneeling position and another came over with an electric poleaxe with a huge cable running from it. While the guy holding her by the hair kept her fairly still, this other guy pushed the gun thing against her forehead, right between her eyes, and WHAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She jittered like every muscle in her body had turned to electric jelly and fell down dead. She had pee and stuff running out of her. The guys put an S shaped hook between her ankles and hooked it to the stainless steel rail. She hung upside down with her arms outspread and I noticed her fingers were curled over, sorta like hooked. Her rather large breasts hung out and pointed down and her hair hung straight down. They pushed her ass and she slid forward to where another guy started hacking her hair off.
The guys killed a second babe and hung her upside down.
That electric poleaxe was going flat out.
I had been first on so was up front but they were getting to me fast.
The nude dead babes all hung upside down and after their hair was hacked off another guy gutted them with an awesome single slash of a huge knife and they moved on to where their entrails was scraped out and then, arms flapping, tummies turned into empty caves they passed around a corner and I couldn't see what happened then but electric saws were buzzing.
I had visions. There I hung, dehaired, gutted and bled and turned into a carcass and as I limply swung from the hook they started in butchering my body into cuts and joints. I couldn't get the picture out of my head. I couldn't get the screams of the other babes out of my ears.
When there was only me left in the truck bed someone said "That'll do for the day." and I fainted down in a crumpled heap.
I woke up, still hogtied and awful hungry in a corner of the shed in a sort of stall.
The smell of blood and guts and pee and the other permeated everything.
I just cried.
I mean I knew this was what we existed for but I had never thought it would be so bad. I wished I had been whapped first up and not have lived to see the rest.
I cried myself to sleep.
A hand gripped my mouth jerking me awake.
I looked up in the dim and misty light to see Mookie.
"Shut up. We're going to get you out of here. Or do you want to be here tomorrow?"
I nearly shook my head off my shoulders.
"Then be quiet."
He untied me and taking my hand guided me outside. The moon was full and by its light we sprinted for the woods. Mookie had a car and as he jumped in the driver's seat I hopped in beside him.
We roared off.
As he drove I turned to him and touched his cheek.
"I'm barren you know Mookie. Can't conceive. It's why I was there."
"Doesn't matter babe."
"But don't you want to be the king bull?"
"Sure. Doesn't mean all of my babes have to be dropping young all the time. Some I'll keep for fun."
I snuggled close to him.
"You gunna take on Al?"
"Nah. Thought we might move on. Start another herd of my own. Got a seed cow after all."
"Oh mookie, a seed cow. Me a seed cow. How romantic."
I leaned over and kissed him and he squeezed my butt.