The Evil 2

Posted by Barbanne on July 24, 2002 at 23:31:18:

THE EVIL.........TWO

"Oh hello. Didn't see you there. You've caught me at an embarrassing moment. Yes, he's dead. Told you I liked young men and this one is so beautiful. So smooth and practically hairless and just yummy. Yes, yes, it's awfully embarrassing and yes I am blushing and so what? So I was snacking on him. Yeah that's right those are my little teeth marks and I have nipped out a piece here and there and I have to tell you he is delicious. I've taken to harvesting their testicles, did I tell you that? Yep, that's that mess down there. I'm going to do scientific stuff with them someday but for now I like to pickle them. In vinegar and sugar and spices in a jar. Like onions. They're amazingly good. Like to try one some day? I killed this one with the knitting needle, I quite like that method as it's really quick and not too messy. Yeah this stuff here is his brains, it sort of sticks to the needle. Anyway you'll want to know what I've been up to. Me and Baal. OK, well just a tick while I chew these nipples off..................."

I take a job at the local gymnasium. It gives me the chance to be amongst sweaty males working out. I especially love to watch them while they use the ring. The raw primitive sex flowing from physical combat turns me on enormously. I stand with my towels draped over my arm and gaze with undisguised lust at two alpha males slapping each other around with gloved fists.
It makes me very hot.
I go into the steam room while they relax to hand out fresh towels and adjust the heat and toss water on the rocks. I wear a loosely belted cotton gown and as I pass out the fresh towels and take the drenched ones I make sure that I position myself so that my gown gapes open and they can all see my tight little breasts and the aroused nipples that crown them.
My target is a well known footballer and I let myself rub against him and exchange words to be sure I have entered his radar. I whisper that I will be waiting for him when he is finished here.
I take him back to my flat and as soon as we are inside I strip down to my undies and bring him a drink. I want there to be no mistaking as to what I am offering. His cock rules his brain and he is all over me. I giggle and tease and insist that he drink.
He does.
The GHB works well. Even though he is a big man it knocks him down quick. He maybe outweighs me by twenty five kilos and is thirty centimetres taller and I really have to struggle to get him on the bed and tied hand and foot to the corners. He has come sort of half to and thinks we are playing a game and he laughs and then goes all moany as I suck him off. He pulls at his bonds and says, "Untie me babe so I can fuck you good."
"Soon sweetheart," I say.
"Geez babe what was in that drink?"
"Only nice things sweetheart."
"You're something else babe, yeah you're a real piece of work, now untie me and let me fuck your brains out."
He struggles some more and I produce my "things".
When he sees the blade he starts sweating.
He cries out insisting that I release him.
Then he screams.
Then he screams again. He screams a lot. Good thing I sound proofed the bedroom.
He takes a long time to die.
I just love a real muscular, sweating, blood streaked man's body.
Especially when it is dead!

I harvest five men from the gymnasium before it becomes too dangerous to stay there.
I take a job at a brothel.
Better than average and catering to upmarket guys. Stockbrokers, lawyers, stuff like that.
The tired redhead who hires me looks ridiculous at her age in spandex bike shorts, varicose veins and tube top. I strangle her and cram her body into the stationery cupboard in her office.
I go upstairs and one of the other girls, the one who acts as a receptionist, sends guys up.
I go from room to room dressed in a short, see through chiffon, baby doll nightie with furry trim.
I get the guys naked and suck them off before killing them. I use the knitting needle. It is remarkably effective. I am always amazed at how vulnerable a guy wanting sex can be. I do ten guys during three hours. Even for me its something of a record. As I leave the receptionist asks me have I seen Miz Hortense. I say "I think maybe she is tied up on some paper work."

I crave men's cum and their bodies. I have started taking their blood and tasty little snacks. I move around a lot but even so the papers are picking up on what they call the vampire killer. Because all my victims are young men they speculate that it is someone either gay or targetting gays.
For real sex I come back always to Baal.
His intercourse with me is becoming ever more violent and abusive.
When I have allowed myself to bring him to great shuddering orgasms I am going out ever more quickly into "Le Petit Mort" and I am staying out for longer and longer periods. My release from all sin following these episodes of unconsciousness is ever more deep and more satisfying.
I realise that I am seriously depraved.
Baal tells me that he is in need of a woman. Like me with him, the only truly gratifying sex he has is with me but every now and then he needs another woman. His selection is an absolutely gorgeous brunette. Slightly over weight she has long brown hair and very white skin just sprinkled lightly with freckles on shoulders and cheeks. She is in advertising and lives in a very upscale apartment. He picks her up and they date once or twice. He takes her out to dinner and when they get home to her place she is sightly tiddly and I am waiting. She leads Baal into her very lovely bedroom and soon they are both naked on the bed. She is voluptuous as only a full bodied woman can be and she has ginger hair at her groin and big dollar sized nipples, pale against her heavy splayed breasts. Her slight intoxication means that she dispenses with too much foreplay and opens herself up to Baal helping him thrust inside her and urging him on. She is surprised when I loom over her flushed face and even more surprised when I start strangling her with her own pantyhose. Baal rides her hard as I throttle the life out of her and as she succumbs her body spasms in death, tightening her cunt walls on my brother's cock and giving him the fuck of the century.
Afterwards he fucks me on top of her corpse and I have my petit mort and pass out for quite a long time.
He helps me dress when I am recovered and we leave the dead advertising lady and Baal confides in me that she was the best ever aside from me.
I wonder if maybe he would like to kill me as he fucks me and if that would be his abolute BEST.
I ask him this.
He confides in me that he would never want to lose me, but he also says with a lopsided grin that he has taken certain liberties and pleasures with my body when I am lying before him insensible in Le Petit Mort. I have noticed with a sly satisfaction that after waking from my "little death" I often have the red marks of bites on my pale white flesh and bruising to my inner thighs and neck.
I kill and feed on two more young men. College students I find working as waiters in fast food diners around the university campus. I have discovered that if I can kill them during love making by destroying their brain stems, not only do they expire almost unmarked but they usually retain their lovely erect penises. I like chewing on these after I have exhausted every other possible sensation.
Baal needs another woman.
This time his selection is a whippy thin athletic girl, quite tall and toothsomely cute who plays netball at a very high level.
I befriend her and introduce her to Baal.
She is bowled over by his handsome beauty and charm. They become an item for a short period. She lets him into her panties on the first date and craves him ever after. He brings her home to my small flat after an evening of heavy petting. Dinner out actually, but heavy petting and its aftermath were always the intent.
I make coffee and then make a big production of leaving. But I don't go far. Baal and the girl barely get started on the coffee before dragging each other to the bedroom and getting nude and entangled. The girl is crouching on the bed while Baal takes her from behind when I pop up from beneath the mattress and finish her using a hypo needle plunged into the medulla oblongata.
Total life systems collapse.
Instant death!
Gripping a bunch of her long blonde hair I hold her head up, peering into her clouding eyeballs as Baal finishes, his pleasure bought to an exquisite peak of sensuality by her spasming vaginal walls gripping his cock as her body crashes in extremis.
She has prominent almost rabbit like teeth and her lips curl back revealing these and her tongue slithers out and waggles and she drools clear spittle and then the very last glimmer of light fades as Baal's climax erupts shooting his wondrous cum deep inside her now dead cunt.

Baal owes me and I tell him he can get square by helping me have the man I have chosen.
My prey is a rich and handsome banker whom I noticed one day and have developed a lust for. He is rich and young, late twenties and has a fantastically gorgeous wife who represents everything that old money can buy in terms of looks, clothing and education. They live in a modest mansion on the north side.
We arrive on their doorstep dressed as befits two poll takers and suitably equipped with the appropriate credentials.
The woman comes to the door and is pissed at being disturbed by menials such as us.
We smile and begin our patter. She is trying to edge us out. I ask her to look at my question sheet and when she stoops to look at it I finish her with the knitting needle. While I drag her expensively clad body into the hall Baal goes off to find my quarry. I strip the wife nude and help myself to some items of clothing I didn't even know you could buy. When I find Baal and tell him there is a gift waiting for him in the hallway I find he has rendered my beautiful man unconscious and tied him fully clothed to the bed in the master bedroom. Baal leaves, helping himself to the wife on the way out and I settle down to my night of pleasure. It takes my banker hours to die and during that time he slowly loses his clothes and then his dignity and finally his being. He has orgasmed more times than he thought possible and I have gorged myself on his cum. I am very sensuous and extremely cruel and his death feeds me like no other before. I tire so much after he is dead that I lie beside him and waken hours later beside his coldly rigid corpse.
The wife is also quite stiff by this time and as I leave I think, "Just shows, money isn't everything."

"Oh damn!
Snuck up on me again.
I didn't see you there and I wish you wouldn't do that. Yes, I've chomped this one up a bit, but he is soooo lovely. Those pecs and those abs and especially those gluteals. I couldn't resist it. And he tastes wonderful and he had such good jism. I'll just drag him over here next to the other two.
I'm having what Baal calls one of my days out at the beach. I lurk here in the dunes in this teensy weensy scrap of a bikini and as the guys go up and down that track from the car park to the sand I let them get a glimpse of flesh and when they come in here under the scrub I nail them. Its my hunter gatherer strategy. I hunt, I gather and then I feed. If any of them resist my enticements I find that by tossing my bra and bobbing up and down in this g-string I usually get them. I'll get one or two more and that will do it for today. Oh hot damn but I love the taste of male flesh coated liberally in sun block and slightly warmed in the sun and if they have just a tad of body odour it makes it a gourmet meal. I just love men!
When I'm finished here I'll go home and Baal always loves me very specially when I've been out in the sun all day and smell of dried sweat and lust and dead boys. He'll fuck me like never before and give me the little death that sooo, sooo, refreshes me.
Then its off to work again.
We cracked this site on the net and got their master client list and they're all people who get turned on by death sex and well, me and Baal are going to give them the fantasy of their short lives. I'm really looking forward to doing a couple of the girls there. Men I love best and I haven't done girls much but these sisters will truly appreciate my attentions.
Oh well, gotta go get fucked so thanks for stopping by. Now see that guy there? He's the one.
Sssss, ssssss.......hi feller.............................................."