The Evil

Posted by Barbanne on July 18, 2002 at 23:31:32:


The boy is besotted.
He lolls back on the bed, naked, his cock slowly growing limper, losing it's tumescence.
I smile impishly at him, my parted lips promising ecstasy even as they leak his cum.
He sighs in deep contentment.
I swallow his male emissions and kiss and suck at his nipples. His young, almost hairless college boy's body hints at manliness while still retaining his boyishness.
I kiss his lips and rub my hard little nipples against his chest. I grind my hot, swollen, leaking cunt against his cock and feel it stiffening as it stirs again.
His face becomes dopey with lustful pleasure, his eyes close and I slip the steel knitting needle forward so that it nestles between my thumb and forefinger. As my left hand covers his scrotum caressing his near bursting balls I say, "Like that my lover?" and as he nods dreamily I drive the needle into his nostril and up through the soft palate and past the sinuses and into his brain.
I wiggle the needle back and forth.
The boy, my beautiful boy, is shuddering and jerking and wracked by spasms. His balls are torn from my grasp by the violence of his juddering. His half stiff cock rubs vigorously against my pussy in a parody of sex and then he dies, pissing himself against my tummy.
I rise from his corpse and dry myself with the sheets.
Silly little boy.
To think I loved him.
Stupid child.
I have only one lover.
I can only ever have one true lover.
My brother Baal whom I call Bernard.

The Grimaldi brothers, Rino and Salvatore were vicious cheap hoodlums. Their thing was extortion and their vehicle was a loan of last resort business. Having handed out cash to desperate losers they then applied interest rates of ten per cent per week and more and the penalties for non payment were frequent beatings. In this way they had forced numberless women into prostitution and drugs.
Salvatore is an ugly bastard with shocking halitosis. Rino is a slick creep with greased hair and cheap, sickly pomade.
Together with Stanley Silvers their front man they are looking down at the crown of my head.
"Where's Maddy bitch?" says Rino.
He is annoyed that the poor Maddy is not here to provide him with a handful of cash or a blow job, whichever she can run to this week. All three are pissed off that all they can find is this strange shiela who says nothing.
"Maybe we take it from you," says Rino grabbing my bra strap where it sticks out under the shoulder strap of my dress.
"Lose your panties girl and spread your legs," Salvatore comes straight to the point.
"Look at me bitch," screams Rino.
I look up slowly and the little girly point two five I hold in my hand looks up too.
"What the fuck..........??" says Rino.
I shoot him in the nose blowing away his septum and making a mess of his brain.
"Jeeeeeezus," says Salvatore. He is very religious.
I shoot him in the gut.
Stanley runs for the door and I shoot him in the spine.
The boys came prepared to administer a beating and a gun always trumps fists and clubs.
Rino is a mess and Stanley lies very still and Salvatore is moaning. I walk around all three of them and put another bullet into their heads right behind their ears. If they weren't dead before they are now.
My brother and my very few friends call me Kay. What they are really saying is K.
I am Kali and I am death.

The twelve teenaged youths are a gang.
They have abandoned their muslim religion and have become feral.
They target white anglo celtic teenage girls and having picked a victim they round her up using their mobile phones to keep in touch with each other and ahead of the terrified girl. When they have her they gang rape her mercilessly.
Tonight they feel really cocky.
The girl was easy and she is almost paralysed with terror.
She is me.
As they move in Baal comes up on them from behind. Tonight we will do the rounding up. As the youths crowd in we kill them all. Our weapons are the long razor sharp blades we have used a hundred times before. My favoured mode of killing is a thrust just below the mandible through the myohyoid muscle and into the soft part of the throat and angled upward into the brain. Baal prefers the lightning throat slash, severing the windpipe. When all twelve boys are dead we strip them and pile them in a heap. While Baal makes a bonfire of their clothes using lighter fluid as an accelarant I use my razor edged blade to sever their cocks at the thick stem and jam their flaccid manhood into their mouths.
The fire will bring the neighbourhood and wives, girlfriends and mothers can see how brave their sons are now.

Don't get the idea that we are crusaders.
Like the dark gods for whom we are named Baal and I will kill any living thing.
Brother and sister, lovers, the children of a union between brother and sister, we have concentrated our genes by only mating with ourselves and have distilled and refined our intelligence and our evil.
Now we are evil itself.
Our father, Eblis, came from deep within the Carpathian Mountains and when his parents brought him and his sister, one year his junior, to this country, he found opportunities opened up to him to use his great intelligence and he became a successful medical scientist. After the death of his parents he married a woman from a good family and took his place as a pillar of society. Throughout his short marriage his sister, the pale and ethereal Lilith, lived with him and his wife.
The wife was a shallow, stupid, materialistically greedy woman and within six months their sex life together ceased. He turned as he had always done to Lilith. This angered his wife and, increasingly frustrated, she became bitter and harping and insanely jealous of her husband's intimacy with his strange and delicate sister. She spread rumours and her friends worried that she was becoming unstable. No-one was very surprised when she was found floating naked and filled with barbituates in the river that ran behind their home.
Least of all Lilith.
Lilith gave birth three years apart, first to Baal and then to me, Kali. Everyone thought that we were born out of wedlock and to different fathers but we were the children of the love of Eblis and Lilith.
Born of the evil ones we are THE EVIL ONES!

From an early age I was promiscuous.
Very promiscuous.
I craved the sperm of men and hungrily sucked this concentrated protein from their rampant cocks. I discovered there was no shortage of young men who were more than happy to thrust their stiffened manhood into my wet and willing mouth. When they attempted penetration however I found myself filled with both lust and disgust.
Lilith understood my problem without being told and came to my bed and lead me, naked and quivering with fear filled anticipation, to the bed of Baal and watched as he took me as no other man had or ever would be able to take me. As I reached my first ever climax my eyes rolled backward and I went out and I mean OUT!
Even Lilith was concerned when I finally came to.
In my collapse, what I came to realise was my "petit mort", I had grown very stiff and my body rhythms had slowed to barely noticeable and I had become as cold as ice. From this first coupling onward, whenever I climaxed with my brother I would wait until I felt him gain release before allowing my own climax to come and would then fall senseless in "Le petit mort." As my climax swept over me, my chest would become mottled and my face would become flushed and I would sweat profusely and then I would fall into a death like faint. Baal did nothing for me when this happened knowing that I would eventually come to and that when I did I always felt a wondrous feeling of peace and rest as though I had been reborn cleansed and guiltless.
Eblis and Lilith taught me the mechanics of death.
I was born craving the release of killing and only needed to be trained to use knife, gun and garrotte.
Baal had been born with those skills and after my parents had seen to my early tuition he became my guide and mentor.
Together we were a formidable killing team.
I craved men as victims.
I went out of my way to find places where I could watch them without too many clothes coming between them and my unholy lust. I sought out beaches, lakes, swimming pools and sporting fields. I watched half naked men disporting themselves and openly admired their hard muscled bodies. I freely ogled their flat tummies and powerful pecs and their sculpted legs and arms and their sexy feet and handsome faces. I allowed my lust to show and would often fondle myself discreetly while admiring a man. But only when he and I were the only ones who knew. I thrilled when I saw the gowing bulge in their speedos or trunks that signalled their appreciation of my presence and I killed in thedarkness of the night, as much a sex killer as the most evil man.
Baal was my true lover.
The only man I could surrender to.
He was gorgeous, thick, black, curly hair tumbling onto a face of Byronic beauty. I allowed him to do what he wished with me. I welcomed his taking and fondling my body. I lay inert in his arms as his hands explored any and every part of me. No protest escaped my lips as his fingers stretched and invaded my willing womanhood. I lay unresisting as he penetrated every one of my bodily orifices. I sucked hungrily at his emissions and pleaded with him to be ever more abusive and hurtful.
I worshipped my brother, my lover.

I cruise the shopping centres.
My ass rotates sexily, trapped within the tight faded blue denim of my jeans. My tummy shows between the low slung waistband and the bottom of my ribbed tank top. My arms are bare and my painted toes peek out of open sandals. My long, tightly curled hair swishes side to side. My blue eyes stare with lewd innocence from beneath heavily mascaraed lashes at any male who passes by. I like college boys best. I am well known as the girl who "puts out."
It is not long before a guy hits on me and scores.
I take him out to my car and give him a quick blow job before driving us both back to my rented flat.
There he finds himself in young stud's heaven.
Within moments he is naked and I am bringing him a shooter from the small kitchen. The little glass contains enough liquor to fuel a party, a party for two. My only garment, a pantie thong, is damp around the crotch, revealing the hot, wet, readiness of my pussy nestled in the dark pubic thatch made apparent by the transparently wet panties. The liquor conceals the presence of GHB, gamma hydroxybutyrate, within the drink. A colourles, odourless, tasteless designer drug. The date rape drug. Not enough to knock him out, just enough to rob him of his strength.
I lie beside him playing with his cock, teasing it with my fingers and teeth, kissing him, placing his hands on my breasts, letting him feel my aroused nipples. He is excited but confused. He wants me now but his speech is slurred and his hands fumble.
I use the phone cord as a garrotte.
He doesn't even register fear when I wrap it around his throat.
"Wha's this? some sorta game ?" he laughs.
I tighten the plastic wrapped wire and tug on it, biting it into his neck. He laughs stupidly and thinks it is some perverse fantasy game.
It is.
He passes from drugged laughter to brief panic to dying in quick succession. This is the part I love best. I watch his fit young body struggle and twist and shudder and absolutely love how his muscles flex and writhe as he dies. I am fascinated as ever by his cock growing and curving upward and backward as blood rushes from his head to his sex. I have rarely seen a bigger erection and as he dies I leap onto him, my mouth enclosing his ball bursting manhood while his body is still dying. I furiously suck his cum from his dying penis.
The next boy I do not drug.
I get him nude and on the bed with me and Baal strangles him with the phone cord. Throughout his death I crouch over him, my mouth sucking wetly at his erection, drinking in his orgasm as his body writhes in death beneath me.
Aaaaaaaaahhh the ecstasy of sex with the dead!
Afterwards Baal fucks me brutally and painfully and the more I cry out and whimper the more he abuses me.
At the moment of climax I pass out in the little death, le petit mort.
Baal does what he wants to my seneless nude body. And what he wants is truly beastly. Crude, obscene, gross, foul and vile.
I loooooooooooooooooove my brother.