The Date

Posted by Barbanne on August 27, 2002 at 23:26:39:


I have a date with Dave.
He's a beautiful man and if there is one thing I know for certain it is that I am going to have sex with him tonight.
We met on an internet site where we were both looking for our fav fantasy. I just totally love playing "dead" and he, along with heaps of other guys, is turned on by a woman who is helpless and submissive as in dead or unconscious.
He arrives at my door and we make small talk and then I serve up a light healthy meal. I think he would prefer something with more meat and stuff but he is very sweet and polite and eats my healthy "rabbit food" and says how much he likes it.
I clean up and we sit and chat and I let him come close and we kiss and grope some and then I tell him I'l change into something he'll like. I am already aware that he is aroused and I have decided to give him the thrill of his life and so I scamper into my bedroom and change into a garter belt and fish net stockings and high heels.
That's all.
No panties or bra or anything but this most basic of seduction outfits. For one instant I worry that revealing all will turn him off but I think what the heck Barb, go for it!
I sashay out trying to look as sexy as hell and he looks up and gulps and I know I have scored a hit and then my damned heels, they are like stilts, catch on the carpet where it has frayed at the doorway to my living room and I go ass over and crack my head on the edge of the buffet. I am going to have like a bruise and a goose egg and I am sort of stunned and feeling hurt and stupid when I hear Dave suck in his breath like as though I have just done the sexiest thing.
In that instant I have a rush of erotica and decide to stay down and go "out".
I sigh, a sort of groaney sigh, and then I go real limp and just let myself flop into a boneless heap on the floor.
"Oh god," Dave says.
I hear him getting up and I lay face down utterly limped and pretending to be out colder than an Antarctic winter.
"Oh god Barb," I hear Dave say and then, "Oh god she's knocked herself out."
My head is hurting, but by now I am getting hot and wet and very aroused and am breathless with anticipation as to what he will do with me.
He is beside me and he says, "Oh struth, Barb's knocked herself out cold and she is so sexy and I should call an ambulance but how would I explain the way she's dressed and damn it but she's so bloody sexy and I want to................"
"What Dave?" I think, "What do you want?"
He feels my neck for a pulse and finds I am bumping away nicely and then he strokes his fingers over my forehead and I have to fight to stop myself shivering and my pussy is swelling and heating up and tinglingly wet.
He takes my shoulders and rolls me onto my back.
I flump like a raggedy doll.
His hand covers my breast which is rising and falling regularly.
"She's OK," he says, "I'm sure she's OK, just knocked out."
His hand covering my breast strokes upward his fingertips rolling around my nipple which is poking upright like a hard little pillar.
"God I hate myself for feeling like this and for wanting to do this but oh struth I want to play with her and she loves dead play and I know if he was able to she'd want to play "out" for me only she is out for real and I want to have her and use her and I know Barb would agree if she could."
Right on Dave I thought.
He leans forward and kisses me and its all I can do not to kiss back but I let my lips floob loosely.
He kisses my throat and then holds my breasts in his hands, pushing them up and kisses my nipples.
I am hot.
He kisses his way down my tummy and then he is down there, his face between my thighs.
He kisses my inner thighs and then his tongue probes my slit and his fingers spread my labia and he finds my clitoris and his tongue works it and I gush wetness.
He draws back.
"Wow Barb, you might be asleep but your body is awake darling."
He strokes down over my legs and then he takes off my heels.
"Naughty high heels," he says, "look what you've done you've knocked Barb out and put her at my mercy."
I hear him toss them like clunk.
"Thanks high heels," he says and laughs.
I'm really hard pressed to stay silent.
His soft gentle fingers unclip my suspenders and he rolls my fish nets down and off and then he pushes my belt up and his hands cup the curve of my pudenda and his fingers split my lips and one slides inside and finds my hard little clitoral mound and strokes it. This is too much and I am leaking like crazy now and so tightly hot and slick inside that his finger is in danger of being crushed.
He is kissing me again and then his cock, hard and erect like a hot marble carving is at my open mouth and it is dribbling on my lips and teeth and then he spreads my legs and then is astride me and his cock feels itself round the outside of my swollen cunt and then it is inside and he is riding me hard and I am ready and as he rides me I respond and when he shoots cum from his overfull balls into my vagina my own love juices flood down to join it.
"Oh," he groans.
"Like that?" I say.
"Damn it, how long have you been awake?"
"Long enough."
"All the time."
"You minx, you entrapped me."
"Sure did."
"Forgive me?"
"For what?"
"Taking advantage of you when you were knocked out."
I giggled.
"You weren't knocked out?"
"You've got a shiner."
"That bit was real," I rubbed my goose egg tenderly.
"You mean you let me go on doing that and you were awake all the time?"
"Wicked aren't I?"
"You sure are."
"What's my punishment?"
"Being made love to until you squeak."
"You little ripper...................................."