Posted by Barbanne on May 02, 2002 at 23:49:38:


The phone rang.
He looked at it and waited.
It kept ringing.
He looked down at what he was doing, hoping it would stop.
It didn't.
Reluctantly he got up and crossed to where it jangled on it's cradle and slowly picked it up.
"Bob, it's Marge. Is Barb there?"
"She's lying down."
"Well get her up."
He looked at Barbanne's splayed feet tied together at the ankles with the nylon rope that trailed on the floor. He looked up her legs to where her pussy nestled between her thighs under the overhanging bush of her pubic hair. He looked up her flat tummy ridges to where her breasts poked up like twin cones. Between them he could only see her chin, her face concealed because her head hung back over the side of the bed. Her hair framed her chin and he could see the fat pink slug of her tongue where it hung out of the side of her gaping mouth.
"I can't raise her Marge, she's just dead."
"Well can she call me back?"
"I doubt that Marge, even when she leaves the bed she's going to be tied up the rest of the day."
"Oh that girl! I have to talk to her about the club's social."
"She can't talk now Marge."
"She's in charge of the trophy presentation. I have to talk to her now."
"She's really dead Marge."
"Damn it, well I'm coming over there, I'll soon get her off that bed."
"I doubt that Marge."
"We'll see, I'm on my way."
"I wouldn't if I were you Marge.
"Oh Bob you're far too soft."
"Don't come Mar.........................," but she was gone, the phone dead.
Bob continued tying Barb's body up. He lashed the rope around her wrists and then pulled them down and looped them around her ankle bonds. He ran a length of rope around her neck and pulled it tight, dragging her head down onto her breasts.
He admired his handiwork.
Barbanne's nude, strangled body was trussed up on the bed like a Christmas turkey.
The front bell rang.
He sighed.
He walked through slowly.
The bell rang again.
He opened the door.
Marge was there, blonded hair gleaming dressed to the nines.
"Where is she?" She pushed past him.
In the bedroom.
She bounced down the hall and opened the bedroom door.
She said, "Oh my god."
Then she said, "Errrrkkkkkkkkkkk."
Thens she said, "Arkarkarkarkaaaaaark."
Then she said, "Ikikikikikikikikikkkkkkkkkkkk."
Then she said, "Ooowooowooowooowooow," and dribbled and peed herself and died.
Bob finished trussing Marge's nude corpse up just like Barb's.
He carried the two bundled bodies downstairs to the basement and dumped them in the boot of the Ford.
At the lake he watched as tied to a weighted bag filled with rocks the two nude and white bodies sank down and down into the grey depths.
He drove home.
The phone was ringing.