The Strangler

Posted by Barbanne on August 22, 2002 at 00:12:59:


The flat was in a block of four and it was on the upper floor at the rear. The block was in a neat and heavily treed street in an orderly and well maintained suburb on the edge of downtown and real estate prices here would be way above average.
The man paused at the door and wondered that this creep lived in such an upmarket address.
He rang the bell and a girl's voice emerged tinnily from the speaker beside the door.
He said his name, the name by which he was known, and she buzzed him in.
He climbed the stair and pressed the buzzer outside the flat. The door was opened by a small, too thin girl in tee shirt and shorts with a bad blonde job overlaying mouse brown unwashed hair. Her face was over made up with heavy eyeshadow and lashings of mascara and bright red painted lips. Nothing however could hide the deep dark circles beneath her eyes and the look of utter exhaustion that marked her young face. Very young he realised.
The tenant appeared from a corridor to the left of the room. He looked shitfaced and rough.
"Get us a drink," he said to the girl.
She scurried past him.
The tenant crossed to the lounge and flopped into it. "Jeez man I'm wasted."
The man looked at him.
"It's done, it's in the back," said the tenant.
The girl came in carrying a tray with two beers and two glasses balanced on it. The man could see from the way she carried it that she had had waitressing experience. The girl put the tray on a coffee table and poured two beers. Minimum froth, expertly done.
"Get that stuff for the man," the tenant ordered her. The girl looked blankly at him and walked out.
"Jeez man," said the tenant, "I gotta get some stuff. You got the money?"
The man peeled off three hundreds from a roll he kept in his top pocket. The tenant grabbed it and looked at it and then a sneaky look came into his eyes.
"For another hundred I give you something."
The man looked at him raising his eyebrows questioningly.
The girl had come back and was standing inside the door holding a package.
"Her," said the tenant waving his hand at the girl.
"What's her name?"
"Yeah that's it, whatsername."
The girl put the package on the coffee table and stepped back. The man slid out another note and passed it to the tenant.
"Thanks man. She'll do anything you want." He got up surprisingly quickly and left, slamming the door. The man and the girl stood there looking at each other until they heard the front door close.
"Whaddaya want?" she said.
"Bend over," said the man.
A sad grin curled her lips and she said, "OK."
She stripped, her shorts and tee shirt curling to the floor to be followed by a rather grubby pair of panties and bra. She got down on hands and knees, face toward the lounge, her ass elevated and pointing at him. He ran his finger down the bumps of her spine and pulled the cord from his pocket.
"Whatcha doin'?" she said.
"What do you think?"
She giggled.
He ran his finger between her legs finding her tight slick cunt and running his finger across the crease between her labia. She giggled again. He pulled the loop open and dropped it over her head and snapped it tight in one movement. Her fingers flew to her throat and started scrabbling at the cord and she tried to turn to look at him. She was flailing like a trapped bird and he pressed down on her using his weight to push her down while keeping the cord taut, biting into the flesh of her throat. She flopped and twisted and struggled and her back arched and fell. Her heels were banging against the coffee table and she was grunting and drooling. He reared back on his knees dragging her with him and then stood gripping the cord and lifting her up until she hung above the floor suspended by the cruelly tight garrotte, only her toes touching the floor. He gripped the cord with all his strength and shook the girl back and forth and back and forth and then he dropped her to the floor, not letting go of the cord, keeping the pressure relentless. He straddled her buttocks and jerked back on the cord, viciously, again and again. Her fingernails clawed at the carpet and three of them broke off. Her spine arched as she tried desperately to save her life but it was the final futile move and her fingers curled inward and her hands paddled spasmodically and her tongue unrolled out of her gaping mouth and her eyes bulged and faded and she died.
He leaned back breathing heavily and sweating.
The girl lay face down her head turned to one side, blood pooling.
He retrieved his cord and returned it to his pocket.
Grasping one thin shoulder he rolled her onto her back. Her dead eyes gazed fixedly at the ceiling as though something very interesting was there. She had bitten her tongue and blood filled her mouth and had stained the carpet. He covered her breast with his hand. It was soft and warm and yielding. Her breasts were quite big and round unlike the rest of her skinniness. He could see her collar bones and the outline of her ribs. Her tummy sank inwards below her ribcage and above her pronounced venus mound. Her cunt was wet.
He spread her legs.

The tenant felt ghastly.
He fumbled with his key and staggered against the door as it opened. He tried to find the light switch and failed and tottered forward and his foot hit something soft and he went to his knees in the dark. He groped around with his hand and found a breast. Conical, soft, pliable, topped with a hard little nipple and awfully cold. He fumbled it and felt around. Probed with his fingers. Another icy breast, a cold flat tummy, pubic hair and thighs and a cold dead cunt. His fuzzed brain struggled with the problem. A dead girl, whatsername and she was dead. He felt more and realised she was cold, stiff and naked as the day she was born. Born, he laughed at that. He touched her cold dead breasts and found her cold dead cunt again. Oh jeez he was getting aroused, aroused by a dead girl. He fumbled with his trousers and slid them down and groping with his hands got himself on top of poor dead whatsername. He started to move and not even all the junk nor all the booze could stop him and his balls filled and he shot a load into poor dead whatsername's cunt.
He felt like shit.
He had to get rid of the corpse.
Fuck but he was wasted.

The man looked down at the woman.
She lay face down across the desk. A big polished mahogany desk with a green leather writing tablet.
Her back was bare. Her dress and panties and pantyhose were all rucked down around her thighs. Her ass spread into the swivel chair in which she sat. Her arms were circled above her head and her face was turned to one side. Her breasts were pressed onto the desk top, bulging out to either side of her body. Her golden hair curled tightly in a helmet around her face. As he stuffed his cord into his pocket he noticed that it had dug savage creases around her neck, forcing her tongue out so that it lay pinkly across the desk top. Her eyeballs had bugged from their sockets and although he had close her eyelids the eyeballs still protruded behind them like two marbles. She had bled from the nose. He remembered pushing her back across the desk, his cord strangling the life out of her body even as he had been raping her. Then dumping her into the chair, her bare ass smacking wetly against the leather and letting go of the grip of his fingers in her hair to let her flop face down as she was now.
He punched her dead back, a vicious kidney punch. His teeth gritted in hatred of her and of all of them.
Deidre! Deidre, big fucking lawyer! Well one thing was for certain, she wouldn't be lawyering any more.
Fucking bitches!

The cop looked into the dumpster. The garbage truck driver stood by.
"That's how I found her. A bag fell off and I had to get down to toss it back in and that's when I saw her."
The cop nodded and looked down at the face staring innocently back at him. Death had wiped away the awful tiredness and the grey face with the half shut eyes that looked up at him could have been that of a child. She was young and she was thin and a crust of dried blood rimmed her mouth under her nose. She was crumpled nude amongst the trash with her face upturned, gazing sightlessly up at the sky above the dumpster lid.
He called it in.
Whatsername's name was Jill Matsen and Jill's short tragic life had now entered it's very last chapter.

The man looked at Ellen.
She was something else, a real piece of work. He had never known another woman like her where sex was concerned. She loved it! Couldn't get enough and every damned combination. He reckoned she sure had a few loose hinges, but hey what the hell. Her head bobbed up and down sucking his hard in, in and out, sliding her lush lips along his whole length, like a velvet massage.
He ejaculated and she sucked noisily swallowing his cum.
"God I love the taste of that," she purred.
"You're a special Ellen. There isn't another woman like you."
"That's because I truly love sex," she said, "I can't get enough of it and every time I do it I want something different, I crave variety."
"Happy to help anytime."
"Great because a friend of mine told me that if I let you choke me a bit, while we're doing it, I'll have an orgasm like I never had before and I want that badly."
He smiled. He could hardly draw breath. Was this really happening?
"I've got this silk band and I want you to hold it tight around my throat while we do it, not too tight just enough that it causes me to hyperventilate when you're in me and don't mark me please and don't hurt me."
"Ellen you'll have an experience that will be the ultimate climax." His heart was thudding.
"And I want it all on film," she hopped up nude and got a video camera from her wardrobe and set it up on a tripod so that it was focussed on the big bed. She set it running, the red recording light blinking. He had stripped off his underpants and now she held out a band of silken fabric about a metre long and two centimetres wide and brilliant red in colour.
"This is it," she lay back on the bed and wound the silk around her throat carefully keeping it flat around her neck. She held out the ends, Pull these tight while you're doing it not too tight mind."
He smiled and covered her, kissing her breasts tonguing her hard little nipples. He was very hard and slipped inside her finding her fleshy pouch hot and slippery wet. He started to move, started to drive and she pumped her hips beneath him and began moaning.
"Now," she said.
He took the silk in his hands and gently tightened it.
Her breathing came faster and faster, she pumped against him her hips rising and falling.
"Ooooh yes," she groaned.
He felt himself starting to orgasm.
She was moaning loudly and panting and sweating and her cunt was filling with hot slick wetness.
He tightened the silk and she panted harder. Her eyes looked at him in ecstatic transport and then widened in surprise as he jerked the silk viciously tight.
She was jerking rather than pumping now and her eyes were bugging and fear filled.
He tightened the silk pulling it as hard as he could.
Her tongue came out white and spittled.
He pulled on the ends of the garrotte with all of his strength.
Her face was going blue. She was heaving her body, her breasts thrusting up, nipples hard as pebbles.
He felt her spasm and her pussy tightened on his cock, her vaginal walls gripping him hard. He loved the feeling as she writhed beneath him, his cock trapped but still thrusting inside her convulsing cunt.
He shot it inside her and as he did her eyes rolled back behind her eyelids and her breath whooshed out and he felt the loosening as her body gave one last mighty contraction and then went limp.
He lay across her corpse breathing heavily.
Eventually he got off and went over and turned off the camera. He took it off of the tripod and brought it over to the bed and shot several minutes of video of her dead body. He removed the cassette.
"Thanks for the memories babe," he said waggling the plastic rectangle.
He dressed and stood looking down at Ellen.
Her body made odd windy noises and a trickle of urine emerged between her thighs.
She really had been something else.

The man looked down at the girl hanging below him.
Her hands were scrabbling at the noose trying to relieve the pressure but her body weight was defeating her.
He watched as she got slowly weaker and her grip slipped and her body dragged her down against the tightening rope collar. She lost the fight to over come gravity and he enjoyed watching as she twitched around below him like a hooked fish.
It took her a long long time to die but at last she hung limply from the rope.
He had really enjoyed that.
He hauled her back through the trapdoor.
Now he would enjoy her death.
He was the strangler.