Attack of the Space Aliens

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The Remlacian mother ship approaches a hapless earth. As it does, several alien commanders are given their final orders. Each gets into their shuttle and departs the mother ship in order to fulfill their orders. Commander Barbanne guides her ship to a landing first in the earth country of Canada, from there, she can teleport to the other locations she needs to enter in order to execute those earthlings that might know too much. if any news of alien sightings actually slipped out, it could be bad for the armada to follow.

The small girl with the wild, fly away, corrugated hair and the blue eyes in a speckledy, freckled face, stepped from the lift. She was Barbanne, one of Juli's alien assassins and she looked down at the note pad screen which Juli had given her. On the screen the names of the four victims Juli had assigned to her were written clearly.
Kimnikki- Scott- Petra and Mookie.
She smiled and let her imagination roam.
Killing was such fun.
But you had to use your imagination. You had to respect your target and do them the honour of devising a suitable death. Barbanne smiled and thought about her own death. It would come one day and when it did she hoped her own killer would give her a suitable death. She almost yearned for it to be. She lived to die. On the alien planet all of the women were raised from infancy to eventually be sacrifices. She wanted to die well and to be dead well. Being a good and useful corpse was a girl's highest achievement.
Barbanne paused outside the door.
Kimnikki was first.
The door was locked. What a joke. She had it open within seconds. She slid inside, into a dimly lit lounge room. She shook off the plastic raincoat she was wearing over her killing suit. A vivid tangerine orange, stretchily elastic, spandex catsuit, moulded to her body like skin. Every crack and crevice revealed intimately. Her nipples pushed against the material, her crack showed where the bright suit moulded between her thighs and over her mons and into her cleft. She slipped out the knife. Long, thin, shining, lethal.
She glided across the floor.
Kimnikki was in the bathroom.
Barbanne slipped into the steamy room.
Kimnikki was lying in her bath, relaxed, eyes closed, humming softly to herself. Her nude body was awash with water. She was gorgeous. Beautiful. A glorious female. The alien assassin was so quiet that Kimnikki remained completely unaware of her presence. Barbanne stood just behind her head listening to the tune she was humming. She placed her mouth by Kimnikki's ear.
"Hmmmnn..." Kimnikki spoke from the relaxation of her hot bath.
"Goodbye my darling."
Barbanne pushed the fine, sharp blade into the fold where Kimnikki's breast rolled onto her chest and sank it home.
Kimnikki's body emerged from her bath, water streaming away. Her eyes were wide open in disbelief. She half turned but the blade had sundered her heart. Her mouth opened to speak and thick, viscous blood drooled out. Her hands pounded the water, splashing it over the floor. She was arched out of her bath, her heels and head resting against the sides and bottom, her body like a bridge, bent like a bow.
"Uuuuuuggghhhh......................." her last sound emerged in a flood of frothy blood, staining the water pink. Her body quivered and spasmed along its whole length and then her eyes fluttered closed and she subsided back to lie in the reddening bath water, twitching in her last throes. She made soundless mouthings and her eyes opened and closed, skittering about.
A hissssss of air and she slumped into a limp flop half submerged.
Barbanne came around and kissed the dead girl on her blood flecked lips.
She got her hands under Kimnikki's armpits and dragged her streaming from the bath. Water pooled on the tiled floor. She dragged the body outside and across the lounge room floor. Kimnikki's bare feet scored the carpet as she dragged along. Barbanne pulled her limp and compliant victim into the bedroom and hauled her upright. Kimnikki's body flopped against her and her arms dangled helplessly. Barbanne flopped her onto the bed on her back. She pulled Kimnikki up until her body lay stretched out on the bed. She spread her arms wide and parted the dead girl's legs. Kimnikki was indeed a gorgeous corpse. Barbanne picked up the phone and pressed redial and when Kimnikki's lover's voice answered advising that he was not home and please leave a message after the tone, Barbanne breathed into the mouthpiece, "Darling, it's Kim. I'm at home and I want you and I'll be in my bedroom as you've never seen me before."
Barbanne put down the phone and smiled.
Scott was next.
Barbanne, dressed in her raincoat, slipped into the place where he worked.
Scott was waiting for a call out and sat in the change room alone, dressed in a tight, white, tee shirt and running shorts. his pecs rippled and the muscles across his back corded with latent strength. She saw him look up as she entered.
"Hello yourself."
"Can I do something for you Ma'am?"
"Mmmm Hmmm."
"What can I do?"
"Die for me."
The thin blade was in her hand and she swung, a round arm stabbing motion. The blade sank to the hilt in between Scott's ribs. He shuddered and stiffened and reeled back. Barbanne pulled the blade free and sank it into the area of Scott's chest, just below his rib cage and angled upwards. The blade stuck for a second as it cut through the powerful muscles of his torso and then it sank home, ripping through vital organs.
His eyes rolled back and his teeth bared in a grimace and then he staggered and sat heavily onto the bench. He sighed and his hands clutched at the wounds in his body where blood was soaking through his tee shirt. Barbanne watched and Scott clawed at her, but already she could see his eyes glazing over. She smiled as his clutching hand missed her face by many centimetres. Scott groaned and fell sideways and Barbanne watched, bloody blade in hand, as his body quivered and shuddered before twitching once, twice and then going still.
She lifted his eyelid and stared at him. His eyeball stared back, steady, open, fixed, lifeless. Grasping his arms she towed his body off the seat. He was heavy. Way heavier then her and she struggled with his corpse. Finally she got him moving and dragged his dead body into the shower room. She peeled his bloody tee shirt away and off and pulled down his running shorts. He had died with a massive erection and she worked his jocks off around it. When she had stripped him naked, she lay him out on his back and her small fingers brushed lightly over his flat nipples and his bulging pecs and down across his rippling abdomen. She took his erect penis in her hands and bending forward so that her ass was in the air she licked at the tip before sucking hard on the head of this hard marble shaft. Scott's body twitched and his abdomen rippled and Barbanne felt a final orgasm firing Scott's last ever ejaculation into her mouth.
"Thanks pal." she said.
She smiled and waved him a finger farewell as she left.
Petra walked into her house and found the little assassin sitting there in her orange suit. Of course she didn't know she was looking at her assassin then.
"Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?"
Her voice was angry.
"Barbanne. And I have come to kill you."
"Don't be ridiculous...................................."
The rest of Petra's words were lost as Barbanne's hand went back, elbow bent and then slashed forward. The knife spun end over end and buried itself in Petra's breast, ripping the expensive fabric of her suit coat.
She crashed backward into the door and her hands clutched feebly at the hilt of the knife. No good, it was buried deep. Petra's legs gave way and she fell to her knees and then heavily thumped to the floor where she lay side on, twitching.
Barbanne crossed the room and pulled the knife free. Blood gushed from the wound. She finished the twitching, moaning, Petra with a sharp jab into the throat, the blade entering just above her adam's apple and just below her chin. Petra's eyeballs rolled way back leaving only her pinkish whites showing under her half shuttered lids.
Barbanne began stripping her victim.
Petra's clothes were expensive and beautiful, although somewhat bloodstained, and when Barbanne had stripped the big girl down to her underwear, she paused to admire the fine, voluptuous, suntanned body clad only in fine French lace. Coffee coloured lace that matched her brown skin. Barbanne finished removing this too and then taking Petra's wrists she dragged the long legged, dead girl into her master bedroom. There she got her onto the bed and laid her out on her back. Petra was fantastic, still warm and soft and supple, her heavy breasts sagging away from each other and her surprisingly large mound nestling under its curly bush.
The small girl undressed quickly and joined Petra on the bed. She used every skill she knew to make slow, necrophiliac, lesbian love to her fallen victim. Finally she came noisily, her love juices soaking Petra's fingers as the dead girl's dead hand bought Barbanne to fulfilment.
Barbanne rolled away and dressed.
With a final lingering kiss to the pouting lips of the corpse, she waved farewell and left the room.
Mookie brushed his long hair and considered himself.
"Not bad," he thought.
It was his last conscious thought as the orange clad girl was only glimpsed before she slugged him with the loaded bean bag she wielded like a club.
Barbanne dragged Mookie's limp body out to the pool. She stripped off his shorts and top and tore off his underwear before dressing him in the brief swim trunks she had found in the cabana. She got Mookie under the arms and dragged his near nude body into the water. His heels thumped over the tiled steps. She towed him out into the pool until it came up to her bust. Her nipples were wet and standing out, aroused. Mookie was still out, although groaning and showing signs of coming around. She pushed him under and, only half conscious, he struggled feebly as she held his head down by his long hair and forced his mouth open. Mookie wriggled weakly and then water gushed into his mouth and nostrils. Barbanne held his mouth open and watched satisfied as air bubbled from his mouth. Finally there were no more bubbles and Mookie was very still. Very still indeed. Dead actually. Very dead. She laid him on top of the water and watched as he drifted around floating. His yummy buns covered in shiny thin fabric, and deliciously wet, popped out of the water like a floating island. Twin isles.
Barbanne found Mookie's floating corpse very sexy and with difficulty she got her hand inside her catsuit and rubbed her aroused pussy to orgasm. Her love oils floated out, whitish and streaming.
She walked dripping from the pool and smiled back at Mookie's floating body.
"Bye sweetie," she blew a kiss.
Barbanne reported back to Juli.
Four mortals, as listed, now mort.
Very mort. She allowed herself a grin of satisfaction at her joke.

News soon gets back to Juli as she is guiding her shuttle to a landing near a large Remlacian base on earth. She smiles at her sister's success.

Princess Juli then headed her Remlacian shuttle toward a large city. It was her assignment to investigate the phenomenon called sexual pleasure. For about two years, some Remlacians have held a number of humans in an isolated and controlled environment. The poor humans have not even noticed that they are like animals in a zoo to their captives, and for a fact, have not noticed that they were captives. Juli's assignment is to complete the investigation and to dispose of the main captives and return the others to Remlac for further testing.

As she enters the facility, Juli is met by the commander of the facility. "I am quite honored to have you here Princess." "I am happy to be here, what of the humans, how can I best finish the task" "I would suggest that you use the transformer to become one of them and then proceed. I would suggest you become Bill. He is the husband of Rachel and tied to both Philip and Kelli." "Very well, bring him here and I will make the transformation. Let me use your infusor to put all the information you have in my brain."

As she uses the infusor a knowledge greater than Bill's available memory is placed in her head as the infusor would drain information from the captives each night as they slept. She gained knowledge of Bill, Kelli, Philip, and Rachel. Finished with the infusor, Juli removes her uniform and stands naked in the room. Her body and total visage human. Her breasts jiggle slightly with her breaths and as she walks and picks up the two probes of the transformer. The commander returns with a stunned Bill and grins wickedly as he sees the naked princess. He leaves Bill with her and exits as Juli walks toward the captive. "Do you like my body, earthling?" "A..A..A yes you are very beautiful. Who are you and where am I?" "That will be answered soon enough." Juli approaches and presses her bare body against Bill. He is drawn to her eyes, which seem to mesmerize him as his hands reach to move up the smooth skin of her sides and to enfold her in his arms as he is drawn to kiss her passionately. As he does, Juli shoves one long thin sharp probe up into his skull from the back base of his neck and the second between the ribs of the thorax and into his heart. She holds him tightly as the probes extract information from him and transfers it to her in electrical flashes. The room is lit to a sunlike brightness and when it subsides the Princess Juli stands in the form of Bill, and the true body of Bill lays on the floor trembling slowly into death.

The commander re-enters. "Excellent, you look just like him. You could fool and human, male or female." "That is the idea commander. Now show me the entrance to the test area." The commander leads the disguised princess to the area where the test subjects are held and transports her into it. As she enters, the Princess reviews the past history of the main test subjects. She notices that some of the thoughts of Rachel have an effect on her newly male body. "Damn inferior creatures, I will be happy to get my female body back again.!" She enters temporly so that Rachel does not even realize Bill has been gone.

Rachel looked at the TV aimlessly. She was totally frustrated. She loved
fucking her husband and vice versa, but she wasn't satisfied. Just the thought of riding his hard shaft got her wet, but it never seemed to be enough. Despite everything they tried (and they did try damn near everything) she just couldn't orgasm with Bill. Silently, she thought of fucking her husband. She enjoyed the feel of his big balls smashed against her tight ass as she rocked back and forth. After about 10 minutes or so Rachel would begin to feel the early tingles of orgasm building inside her. She would concentrate on her husbands hard shaft and how good it felt inside her. She concentrated on his big warm balls smashed against her ass, full of hot cum ready to explode inside her. She would concentrate on her own body and how her own big breasts bounced and jostled around as she rode her husband faster and faster. Then she would feel herself getting close. She would slowly lift her well-toned ass up making her husband's shaft move out and in as well as back and forth. Sometimes she would look over her shoulder into the full length mirror on the wall and watch as her husbands thick pole spread her wide and impaled her over and over again. Her breathing would be heavy then and she would lean slightly forward pushing her ass even higher so that her husband's throbbing rod slipped out a good 4 inches or more with each thrust of her hips. He would wrap his powerful arms around her, smashing her big breasts into his bare chest as he began jerking his own hips upward, ramming his shaft into her forcefully.

Rachel loved feeling her husband's hot cum erupting inside her like gieser but it was too late to push her to orgasm. Instead she would have to relish the closeness of being with him as his rod sputtered and jerked inside her till it finally subsided and began to soften. Soon he would be sleeping soundly and she would slide off of him, clean herself up in the bathroom then shamefully go out to the living room where she would fuck herself to orgasm with her big dildo her husband had bought her.

Reaching under the sofa where she kept her special "toy" Rachel grabbed
the rubbery shaft and pulled it out. She scanned the length of it longingly. It was 10 inches long and just about as thick as her husband's prick. Truth be told Rachel was like any other woman, enjoying thickness over length but then again, the thought of sticking something so long up inside her helped her reach orgasm even easier than with her husband. It was a phenomenon that she could not explain. Rachel kicked her blanket aside and began rubbing her red pubic haired folds slowly as she rubbed her fingers up and down the vieneous shaft. "I've come to a conclusion," her husband startled her as she shot her hand to her blanket and covered herself back up.
"What?" Rachel blushed as she tucked the toy under the covers and pulled
the blanket up to cover her naked breasts. "I want you to have an affair," Bill said as he came out into the livingroom wearing nothing. His healthy prick swung limply between his legs as he plopped down into the livingroom chair and waited for his wife to respond."What are you talking about?" Rachel asked as she scooted up to a sitting position and kept her blanket wrapped around her. "I want you to enjoy sex," Bill said with a serious tone in his voice. "I want you to enjoy it as much as I enjoy it and I don't care any more how you have to do it.""Honey I do enjoy sex with you," Rachel protested.

"No, it's not the same and you know it," Bill pouted. "I can never make
you cum. I want you to cum for once, not just me." Bill comforted her. "I know a lot about you Rachel. You know as well as I do that having sex with another man would really turn you on. That's why you cum with that thing, because it's another hard shaft besides mine. "Please," Bill protested. "Do this. For me."

"I couldn't," Rachel blushed brightly again. "I mean who would I even
do it with?"Bill knew then that he had her."I'll find someone from the office," Bill said. "Just come to the Xmas party next week and pick someone out. I'll invite them over sometime for a game of cards and you can seduce him here. Soon enough the party arrived.

Rachel remained passive most the night, clinging to her husbands arm
more tightly then usual as she casually scanned the available men in the
room. She felt like a complete slut as she began to size men up against
each other based on what she thought they had in their pants. This was
just going to be for sex, she convinced herself, why not go for the biggest
prick she can find? Shamefully she found her eyes darting down to men's
trousers, checking to see if there was any particular bulge that stood out
amongst the rest. It was getting around midnight when Rachel was coming to realize she had to make a choice soon. She had checked out every man in the room and found several extremely attractive men that had no distinguishing bulge to make the choice easy.

She was just about to settle on a cute twenty-year-old executive when he walked around the corner. He was a incredibly handsome man, much more attractive then the cute "boys" she had picked out before but more importantly he sported a tremendous bulge in his loose fitting slacks that caught Rachel's attention seconds after they made eye contact. The man smiled at her when her eyes flashed back off his crotch and Rachel blushed beet red. Bill hadn't even noticed his wife's choice as he was chatting with a friend beside them. Suddenly, just as the man was about to come strolling right toward her a beautiful buxom blonde appeared from his left and hooked her arm in his snugly. "There you are darling," the incredibly attractive woman smiled at her husband. "I'd lost you for a while there." "Maybe because you were too busy entertaining my friends," he said with a quick snap and then smiled as he stepped up to Bill and Rachel.

"Bill," the handsome man interrupted. "Glad to see you made it tonight.
Is this your lovely wife?" "Mr. Marlowe," Bill spun quickly noticing his boss standing there with hand outstretched. Bill took his hand and pumped it twice in greeting. "Call me PHILIP," Mr. Marlowe smiled. "And you are?"
Philip turned to Rachel and held out his hand to great her. "Rachel," she said as she extended her hand and let the gentleman take hers gently and lift it to his lips where he kissed it lightly. "Nice to meet you."Rachel felt a shiver go down her spine. This man was incredible. Handsome, hung and charming to boot. If it only weren't for the fact that he was married and that he was Bill's boss. That would just complicate things too much. Bill saw the glazed look on his wife's face and the flushed look about her as she smiled and tried not to stare at him for too long. Bill smiled and squeezed his wife's hand.

"You know Philip," Bill said smoothly now. "Rachel and I were just talking
about inviting you over sometime for dinner, weren't we honey?"
Rachel blushed brightly again as her husband put her on the spot without
"We'd love to come over," the stunning blonde at Philip's side interrupted.
"Oh," Philip stammered. "How careless of me. This is my wife Kelli."
"Nice to meet you," Bill offered as he took her hand and repeated the
gesture Philip had given by kissing her hand.
"Ooo," Kelli bubbled. "Thank you. Nice to meet you too."
Rachel looked at her husband and noticed the way he stared for a moment
longer than necessary at the woman's large chest before looking away.
"When would be a good time for you?" Bill asked.
"How about later this week?" Philip asked. "Say Friday night?"
"Sounds good," Bill said. "We're looking forward to it."
"So are we," Kelli bubbled again.

Rachel was stunning that night. Her long red hair was pulled up into a
single pony tail atop her head cascading down around her lovely face. She
wore a loose fitting half top that showed a large majority of her flat
toned midriff and which would, when bending over to serve food fall open
exposing the undersides of her breasts held in her tight black bra. Her
skirt was short also, just barely falling below the curve of her ass and
leaving an excellent view of the swell in her leg before her ass.
Bill smiled when the doorbell rang, "Go get 'em darling."
Philip and Kelli were dressed to the nines. Philip was wearing a full tux
and Kelli, who wasn't dressed formally, still looked good at his side
wearing an all white jump suit that clung to her curvy figure like a second
layer of skin. Through the jumper it was easy to see she was not wearing
any underclothes. A light patch of pubic hair showed through faintly at
her crotch and her giant heaving breasts easily drew attention to the dark
circles around her nipples and the tiny hard peaks that jutted out from the
fabric.Philip looked over Rachel's thin frame with a long thoughtful stare as Bill did the same to Kelli. Suddenly both men turned to each other and gave a knowing smile "If I didn't know any better," Philip said as he stepped inside with his lovely wife. "I'd say we all had the same idea about tonight."
"I certainly hope so," Rachel smiled and winked at her husband.
"God it's refreshing to meet open minded people," Kelli bubbled as she
wiggled her way inside.
"I hope you don't mind my saying this but your wife has a nice set of tits
on her," Philip said gruffly."Thank you," Rachel replied with a blush.
"Not at all," Philip smiled back. "They hardly compare to your wife's," Rachel smiled at Kelli.
"Well Kelli does have quite the stack," Philip agreed. "But yours look
more than perfect to me."
"Maybe you'd like to see my wife's tits better?" Bill asked. "Why don't
you take off your bra for our guests honey?"
"Now that's absolutely delightful!" Kelli chimed in.
"Then maybe you should show your tits to Bill in return," Philip added.
"I'd love too," Kelli beamed as she began unzipping her tight white
jumper in back.
"Well, this is moving much faster than I anticipated," Rachel took a
deep breath as she stood up and began working at her own bra clasp in back.
"Relax Rachel," Philip said in a soothing voice as he leaned back and
watched her undo her bra. "We all have all night."
Kelli beat Rachel to the punch and quickly rolled her tight jump
suit down over her giant naked breasts. Her mounds were huge and stark
white where her tiny bikini must have been last time she was out in the
sun. Kelli wiggled her chest from side to side making them bounce
heavily for all to enjoy.
"Those are amazing," Rachel said as her bra popped loose and she
embarrassingly held the bottoms of her large breast from Philip's sight. "I
feel so small."
"Don't be silly," Bill told his wife. "You have beautiful tits. Show Philip
what you've got honey."
In the meantime Bill couldn't help but stare at his bosses wife's hugemelons.
Rachel dropped her hands allowing Philip to see up into her blouse where
her big breasts hung freely, their dark red nipples hard as rocks.
"Let us all see," Kelli said as she noticed her husband staring wide-eyed.
Rachel slowly pulled her half shirt up revealing to all her naked
breasts. With a quick movement she pulled the shirt off and tossed it on
the floor."Well," she blushed. "There they are."
"VERY NICE," Philip admired as he sat back and put his hand in his crotch to rub himself. "Very nice indeed."
"What do you say we get a little more relaxed," Bill offered. "You two go
to the living room, and Kelli and I will go to the hot tub." "Sounds great to me," Philip said as he got up sporting a giant erection in his pants as he walked to the couch.

Wrapped in her transformed body, the princess leads Kelli to the hot tub. She notices as she walks that the male appendage hanging from her has awakened and is becoming very stiff. She can feel the male urges welling up inside her and as she helps Kelli down into the warm water, she positions her over some jets of water and turns and steps between Kelli's already spread legs. Bracing Kelli's back against the side of the tub, Bill's hard shaft slide deep inside her slippery wet opening. Soon it is throbbing inside Kelli as it moves quickly in and out of her. Kelli moans as she wraps her legs around Bill and his hands begin to massage her large breasts.

Faster and deeper, giving Kelli the fullness of his shaft the Princess feels how a male climax will feel for the first time as she feels the rhythmic pulsation as gobs of cum begin to be deposited into Kelli's depths. As the cum spews into Kelli, Bill's strong hands grasp her tits firmly and pull her from the edge of the tub and shove her down until her head is under the bubbling water. Pinned down by strong hands and impaled on a large shaft, her body contorts as her lungs scream for air. Her legs alternately squeeze and contract until a mass of bubbles can be seen coming from her lips and nostrils. Her eyes are open wide and an expression of shock and dismay is on her face. Her body twitches slightly for a few minutes and then as she is releases and floats off the impaling shaft she turns over face down as she floats on the surface of the tubs water. The jet of water still striking her large hard nipples.

Princess Juli feels the tingle of the kill even in the transformed body of Bill. She has always been in favor of using the humans of this planet to test different killing techniques. She finds the male portion of her is still excited by the sex and still hard and throbbing. She shakes her head at the ease she and her sisters would have in overwhelming the male population.

She goes quietly into the living room in time to see Philip and Rachel still entwined but definitely in the final stages. Rachel is moaning and bucking as Philip drives his large shaft in and out of her. Bill picks up a long thin bladed letter opener on his way back to the sofa. He walks up behind Philip as he is rising up and driving his huge rod in and out of Rachel. Philip turns and looks at him grunting, "How was it?"

Juli uses Bill's strong hands to reach out and grab Philip on either side of the head and with a quick twist to snap his neck like a twig. Philips arms and legs begin to twitch and his cum begins to spew into Rachel. Without control of his body, Philip's shaft slips out of her and sprays over her flat belly. Rachel has her eyes closed and just moans. Bill pulls Philip off of Rachel with ease leaving him laying beside the couch as his body shudders and twitches and he gasps for air with the strange angle of his neck cutting off his breathing.

Quickly, Bill's still hot, hard, throbbing shaft is shoved back into Rachel. Though stretch to fit Philip in her, she soon adapts and her eyes open. "Bill?" she looks around and sees Philip's body twitching on the ground. "What has happened?" as she screams. Bill's cum is quickly added to that of Philip inside Rachel's deepest depths as he leans down to kiss her passionately and squash her tits to his chest. As they kiss, the sharp blade of the letter opener is shoved into her belly from about 3" to the left side of her navel and angled so that the point penetrates her uterus. Rachel gasps and her eyes open wide as her uterus and vagina begin to contract and for the first time she begins to orgasm with Bill inside her.

The blade is withdrawn and shoved into her again between the ribs just below her left tit and angled through lung tissue into the base of her heart. The princess arises and watches as Rachel squirms on the couch her belly and crotch covered with sticky cum as small trickles of blood flow down her sides to the fabric of the couch. "Guess you were just dying to cum, or you needed to die to cum" Juli says. She leaves Rachel squirming and goes back to the entrance to teleport out of the test area. "Damn I want my body back."

After leaving the area, the Princess Juli is transformed back into her female form and downloads the memories into a message to be sent home. The remainder of the 100 or so other earthlings are put into cryogenic suspension to be transported to the home world for further testing. Soon the Princess is underway to join with her sister interstellar travelers for the trip back to Remlac.