Something else.

Posted by Barbanne on July 15, 2000 at 16:58:31:

I got this email the other day from a guy who shall remain nameless (unless he wants to reveal himself) and we have exchanged emails before and I sent him a pic or two of myself and anyway he wrote this little fantasy about what he would like to have happen and I LOVED it sooooooooooo much I'm putting it here for you to enjoy too.
BTW I'd love to have had the rest spelled out but I'll just have to use my imagination.
Here it is:

I get home from work. I see a light on where there was none before I left. I enter. In a ray of light from the study I see those eyes, your eyes illuminated I ask why you are there, threaten to call the police. You take the phone from my hand and replace it on the receiver. Always a sucker for a pretty face I allow you to. Then you tell me. You've found the hiding place. All those floppy discs. The pictures, the stories, items from message boards. How would the management at work like to see those (Gosh Barbanne, I NEED that job), and what about that woman you've been seeing. Wonder what she would think if they came through the mail. I'm aghast. There seems no way out of this. I'll just have to pay her I guess. Why, why did I ever access those sites? I knew this crazy fetish would get me in the end. That's when I notice the scarf in my hand, the one I wore to work. Very cold here at the moment and I have had the flu...again!! What if I, what if.....? You turn your back momentarily. Before I know it the scarf is around your neck. What am I doing? As a kid I threw up when my uncle took me fishing!! Now I'm strangling someone. Pulling the scarf tighter and tighter. You struggle, man how you struggle. I never thought it could be this difficult. But I am desperate now....desperate. I squeeze even harder. Put all my strength into it. You thresh about. Kick chairs over. Lash out, scratch my hands. Then almost as quick as it began, it is over. You convulse a couple of time, cease to struggle and collapse limply in my arms. What have I done...what HAVE I done? I let you slide to the floor. You lie there, gazing up with unfocussed eyes. What to do? I'm soaked with perspiration, panic stricken. I take in the scene. Have to get rid of the body. Maybe it would be better if she had no identification on her. I pick you up, place you on the nearest surface , which happens to be my dining room table. As I lift you I feel your body against me, feel that slender waist. You lie there on the table. Slowly, nervously, I begin to remove your clothes. Rolling you over to facilitate the task. You feel so limp, so warm. I go on. Search your purse, find money there which I leave to one side. And then, there I stand with your naked body I take it all in. I begin to find that I am aroused?, it can't be, I couldn't be like that. And yet, there is no one around after all. I can do what I want. She did try to blackmail me after all. I mean, why not. She wont object...can't object.; And so, driven now by lust I begin to explore........
And thus it goes.