Snuffo Flicks.

Posted by Barbanne on May 12, 2000 at 16:46:04:

When I'm in the mood I can really turn them out.
And I been in the mood lately.


I told you I'd work anywhere.
This place where I got a job as the front desk, get the lunches and do everything else girl, was called Supreme Pictures. That's Sooopreeem Pitchers according to how the guys pronounced it. The guys were Freddie and Spick. I think Spick's name was actually Antonio or something but everyone, including him, called him Spick. Spick was like ethnic, eyetalian or something, a chocko anyway. Freddie was a big dude who was from Texas or somewhere in the Yooonited States. That's what he said anyway. He talked like a yank and wore like cowboy boots and a stetson and drove a big old yellow caddy.
The boys made wierd pictures and they had wierd actors and all, but hell, it was a job.
On account of I was on the front desk and was like the first point of contact for Supreme Pictures, that's Sooopreem Pitchers, I tried to look really good. I wore my best, real fake leather skirt which was shortish but class. Because it was raaather short, I always made sure my panties were clean in case I had to bend over or stuff. I wore my pink tube top which sort of emphasised my bust some. I am sort of tits challenged and so must try to make the best of an ordinary lot. Over that I wore my very realistic, imitation angora bolero and with my ankle strap shoes and a streak or two of glitter in my hair I reckon I must have looked fantastic. My bolero was green, quite vivid but I reckon it offset the pink nicely.
That Tuesday I was doing my nails, I like to wear them this purplish black shade, and had finished my hands and was doing my toes with my leg up on my chair when Kylie walked in.
"Hi Kylie!' I said.
"G'day Barb," she said.
Kylie was youngish (all of the boys' actresses were) and she wore like tights and a tee shirt with a long black overcoat and Doc Marten boots. Kylie favoured black nails like me but she also went for black lippy and black eye stuff and she had more hardware in her ears and nose and lips and things than most Mitre 10 stores I reckon.
"Whatcha doin' today?" I said.
"Fucked if I know," she replied.
I reckon Kylie'd be fucked if she knew much about anything anytime on account of she was like drugged up during about twenty hours in every day.
She went into the studio which was behind where I sat. I had went in there a few times. It was pretty basic and the cameras and stuff looked fairly well worn but Spick said they were top quality gear. I could have told Kylie she was starring in "The Blood Crazed Creature's Revenge on the Street Slut." today, because that's what my desk calender had written on it. I reckoned they're all the same to Kylie but.
I worked on my toes.
The phone hardly ever rings and like no-one hardly ever calls in so I wasn't busy.
After a while Freddie came out with Kylie's clothes in a bundle and dumped them on my desk.
"Bag these." He said.
I stuffed them in a green bag, I don't think Kylie was much on doing the laundry regularly and they were pretty gruesome. I could hear Kylie grunting and moaning and stuff back there in the studio and I guessed she was emoting well in her role as the Street Slut. Then I heard her crying out and screaming some and then after a while there was silence.
Spick came out and I was finished doing my toes and was filing stuff and he said to my ass, "Can you clean up in here, Barb."
"Righto," I said, "be there in a tick."
I finished up and went into the studio and the lights were still on. Big camera lights that gave Freddie and Spick's flicks their clear quality. That's what they told me anyway. The Studio only had a few props, a bed and a couple of chairs and a long steel table that the boys got from some funeral house I think.
The boys were over in the corner where they had a sort of office and Freddie was using the phone.
Kylie was on the table.
She was nude except for her boots and she was staring at the ceiling like it was real interesting. She was sorta bloody and her gob was way open and her tongue was sticking out. I guessed Kylie had made her last flick for Sooopreem.
I got some sheets from a paper towel and scraped the most goopy blood off of Kylie's body.
"Can you give us a hand?" I called to the guys.
"Nah, you can do it." Said Spick.
I lifted Kylie up and pulled her off the table. She landed like crasho on her face on the floor. I grabbed one ankle and pulled her away and onto her back. Her pussy looked real red. I wiped the blood where she had landed and balled my paper towel and binned it. I got Kylie by her boots and dragged her out past my desk and over to the stair.
We were on the first floor and had this stair with steel strings and wooden treads and I went down that backwards, dragging Kylie behind me.
Her head went thumpa thump thump, as it bounced from step to step. Her ass would go phloomp and then her head would go thump.
Phloomp, thump, phloomp, thump, phloomp, thump.
I reached the bottom and dragged Kylie out into the side yard and (with difficulty) stuffed her into one of the dumpsters. I went back up and got the bag with her clothes and binned them on top of her.
The garbos have this huge compactor truck that scrunches all the garbage into a little wad and it has made getting rid of our retired actresses much easier.
I went back upstairs and used more paper towels and some water to clean up where Kylie had messed.
Matilda was an older dame, you know like thirty or more, and she starred in "Space Slag Sucks Saturn." Matilda was what you'd call generously proportioned and I had to ask Spick to help me get her started. He got ahold of one arm and I got the other and between us we got Matilda moving. When we reached the stairs he said, "She's moving now Barb and it's all downhill from here."
Thanks Spick.
It was all I could manage to lug Matilda down them stairs. I had her by the noose that had ended up around her neck and I struggled down them steps backwards hauling on the noose and with Matilda following behind. Her heels hit each individual step like cra..crack!! as first one and then the second heel hit the treads. The whole stair sang with her passing, a sort of ringing noise from the steel supports. Matilda looked kindov surprised and had this wide eyed starey look and her mouth had like flubbered open when the noose got her and had stayed flubbered open. She looked like she wanted to swallow something and whatever it would be, it would be a surprise. Her neck made creaky noises like creak, crack, creak, crackity crack, as I towed her along by that noose.
Boy, was she ever hard to get into that dumpster!
What a struggle for a wimp like me.
I got her sort of upright using the noose and I got my hands under her ass and I pushed and shoved and when she was kindov halfway there and teetering on the rim of the big old dumpster, my hand slipped and three fingers disappeared inside her ass and yucko! But I daren't let go because she'd topple back onto me and I kept heaving and plomp! Down went Matilda in a swan dive into the garbage dumpster.
I sneaked a peek when the garbos collected her and when that compactor went squoooosh, I swear I could see some of Matilda in liquid form oozing out.
Zita, star of " Swamp Slut meets the Ripper," was a young doll with an awful blonde job and black roots and zits on her chin and her upper chest and, I discovered, on her ass. She looked so young I reckoned she was a schoolie but Spick and Freddie said she was just going for the young look because that's what the punters wanted.
She too had body piercing jewellery in strange places. Probably caused the zits.
When Freddie told me to clean up I found Zita on the table where Kylie had conked out only Zita's leg was trailing onto the floor and her arms was crossed and she had this wierd look on her face like she never thought Swamp Slut was for the high jump and that mustov been a shock because her face in fact her whole head was on the floor under the table. It was during Freddie's chainsaw period.
"You expect me to get rid of this?" I shouted, hands on hips and real snarly I was.
"Yeah." Freddie wasn't much for talk.
"I'll fucking ruin my bolero."
"It'll wash."
I put Zita's head in with her clothes and wrapped another bag around where it came from and down the stairs we went, thumpity thump.
At least she wasn't too heavy for getting in the dumpster.
"Wild Western Wanton Wenches" was one of Freddie and Spick's most successful flicks commercially. Or so they told me. It musta been good and had to of had whole lots of action, because when they told me to clean up the studio, I found that Melissa and Kirstie and Sandi, all top actresses when they weren't doing drugs down under the railway bridge, had all succumbed in the big shootout which was the grand finale of "WWWW". I guess Freddie hadn't told them that the shooters for that final gun battle were loaded with serious lead. So there was Melissa, Kirstie and Sandi, naked as all get out except for cowboy boots and gunbelts and shot dead the lot of 'em.
I bounced downstairs with Sandi first.
She was an anorexic dishwater blonde with tattoos mostly on her ass and she was pretty light and banged her head on every step there was. I dumped her in and she landed face down, kissing the discarded prawn heads and with her ass pointing skywards. Kirstie was a rat faced little shop lifter with metal bits screwed to her nipples and pussy and her black dyed hair bounced down the stairs while bits of snot and other goop flew out of her nose and mouth all the way down. Musta been all the junk she'd sniffed in a short lifetime of serious sniffing. I dumped her on her back sprawled over Sandi's ass. Melissa was a fat girl, no two ways about it, and she took heaps of dragging and her bod was like a jello all the way down, wiggling and jiggling like you wouldn't believe. I had real difficulty getting her up and dumped onto the other two and then I dumped the remains of Freddie's beef vindaloo all over the three of them. Bet no-one woulda investigated under that.
It was just after the boys had done, "Bye Bye Blackbird." that was a beaut flick starring Angela. Angela had that glowing inky black skin that's almost iridescent and she was like gorgeous. I mean absolutely stunning. Only, when I collected her, she was more like grey and sorta dead looking on account of the part had been too demanding and poor Angela had succumbed, gone bye bye you might say. She had huge hooters and I couldn't turn her and had to lug her down the stairs on her face and her boobies went squishy phloomp, squishy phloomp, all the way down. Bashed her face about some too.
Anyway, it was just after that that Spick gave me two new scripts to type. "The Typist Tart Terminated." and "Gofor Girl Garrotted."
Huh! These guys must really think I'm some sort of truly dumb broad. As I was typing I could see what those dudes were thinking. They were going to filum "The Typist Tart Terminated." around my work desk and all and, this was where they musta really thought I was thick, they were going to use a actress who looked just like me.
Well, fancy thinking I was so stoopid I wouldn't realise I would have to be given a half day off while this actress type pranced around at my desk before being shot full of dope and taken in back for where the real action takes place. These fellas they must think that just 'cause a girl is only a typist person she came down in the last shower. No way. I'd make sure I got my half day when they were doing it.
When I had the script, I opened the door into the studio, I never knock, except if they're filming that is, I'm not sure I always want to see them actresses emoting. I opened the door and the boys were at their little office.
"....and we won't have to give her any leave in lieu." Said Freddie.
"Save heaps in superannuation," said Spick.
"I'm sick of her ass hanging under them nothing skirts anyway," said Freddie.
"She's got no tits worth looking at," said Spick.
"Yeah, typist tart goes west," said Freddie and he and Spick high fived.
Well like I said they must think I came down in the last shower. Must think I'm some brainless twit. I knew what they were thinking now. They were gonna get a temp in when I asked for my day off and I'd get no leave pay or anything. I gotta have dough to hit them shops.
I banged the script down and hoomphed out, nose up and ass wiggling to show them I was no dumbo they could just push around or walk over.
"Thaaaaaaaanks Barb," called Freddie to my offended ass as I went out.
Well anyhow when the day scheduled to shoot "The Typist Tart Terminated" came, they didn't ask me to leave and they didn't even get a temp. I sat there at my desk sorta huffy and waiting for this famous actress who would look just like me to arrive.
Freddie stuck his head out and said, "Barb gotta minute."
"Sure its just poor dumb me you want?" I said, insulted like.
"Yeah babe we really want you."
"Ok then."
I got up and went inside and Freddie grabbed me from behind and Spick loomed up in front of my wide open eyes and I saw a huge hypodermic needle.
I knew what this was. They were gunna get a new girl and I was going to get sacked.
"Shit!" I said.
Spick stuck the needle in my arm and shoved down the plunger.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh................." I said.
Ever been run down by a bus?
Well, neither have I, but I reckoned I knew what it felt like when I woke up. I was history. Whatever Spick shot into me it hit me like a herd of elephants. And I felt like I'd been fucked maybe fifty times. Funny that, the actress in "The Typist Tart Terminated," gets multiple screwed after she gets snuffed.
I was naked and lying under some bushes in the park outside the office. My clothes were bundled nearby. There was a little note pinned to them.
"Barb," it said, "we need a younger girl. Thanks for everything there's something in your pocket." It was signed Freddie and Spick. "PS," it said, "we decided that you were too much fun to let your acting debut go all the way."
What acting debut?
Jeez I'd never understand those dudes.
But there was fifty bucks in my pocket, the little one where I keep my supply of condoms. Thank goodness they were still there.
Out of work.
Hey, but I've gotten a new job working for royalty yet!
I'm housekeeper and companion to this Roooomanian count called Vlad and his girlfriends. His place is a bit out of town and sorta big and dark.
I think its because its soooo big and sooo dark that my normally pale skin looks positively blanched and I'm not sleeping well and I'm always tired.
But, its a job!