Posted by Barbanne on September 08, 2003 at 00:02:32:

This, I think, was my second story.


Hi boys!
It' Barbara here. I am lying flat out on my back, pinned to a rather grotty bed by a big muscular guy who is holding my shoulders down and on whose huge pumping piston of a cock I am impaled while he thrusts it, pounds it I should say, in and out of me.
He's a bit of a hairy gorilla and not the sort of guy I really fancy, but I'll tell you his cock is like giant sized and it's really jerking me up and down. There's these hellishly bright camera lights shining on me and him, and over there are two other guys, one working a video camera, one sort of directing, and they're catching our performance on tape.
I was short of money, as usual, and agreed to make this porno movie, so here I am, all shiny after having been rubbed all over with baby oil, (so I would look better they said, although I thought they enjoyed rubbing me down far too much) and I am sweating like a pig, what with the lights and the workout the hairy guy is giving me, and it's like running down my breasts which are splayed to either side and pooling in my groin and belly button.
He's sweating too although he's grunting so much and kind of looking off through me. I don't think he realises or appreciates what a cutie he's got here or just how hard I am actually working right now.
Every now and again he mashes his bristly chin and wet slobbery mouth over mine or one of my tits, which will be covered with beard rash.
Now he's moving his hands from my shoulders to my neck, what's the crazy goon think he's doing now. I gotta tell you, although I don't care for him a great deal, his damn cock is so big it's bringing me along nicely.
Now he's squeezing my neck.
Hey what is this?
Hey let go your hurting me and damn choking me.
Egghhh, egghh, leave off you brute.
He's strangling me.
Fuck you, you creep, and the camera man is moving in for close ups.
Jeezus, I'm choking, I can't breathe and he's crushing my throat.
You creeps, what is this a fucking snuff movie?
It is. It IS a fucking snuff movie.
I would never have agreed to a snuff movie there isn't enough money in the world for me to do a snuff movie.
Oh jeez I am going like unconscious, it really hurts and jeez I can't believe this I am starting to come and it's like the greatest orgasm I've ever had and its getting dark and everything is fading and I'm coming and I'm going at the same time and here it comes, like the sun is centred in my cunt and the heat and the warmth, it's spreading out in all directions.
Oh God I am coming, its spurting down and out of me and my body is arching and I haven't had breath for minutes and my lungs are straining and my breasts are like heaving up and down, I'm bucking and thrashing and my stomach's in a knot and I can't feel my toes or fingertips or anything and it's like blackness coming at me from all sides and I'm quivering, shaking, jerking, spasming, twisting, one last huge orgasm, fantastic, my whole body tingling and filled with sensation, pleasure, all of it centred between my legs, and then a vast quivering spasm and I'm gone.
I'm dead.
In my last furious struggles before dying I have somehow ended up arched over on the bed with my head hanging off the end of the bed and hair streaming down like a banner. My eyes are open and staring and my mouth is sagging open. My arms are outflung and my legs are spread. I don't see anything or feel anything 'cause when I croaked, it all sort of switched off.
Hairy is pulling his dick out of me and the camera is still running.
They're saying stuff like 'fabulous, fantastic, Barb really knew how to die'.......... Creeps!!!!
'Hey look at the way she's hanging off the bed, mouth wide open' says hairy, 'I'll bet you could get your cock down to her tonsils'.
He's getting like really stiff and tumescent again and he comes around to the end of the bed and shoves his great stiff member into my wide open mouth. His balled up scrotum is banging against my nose and his dick is going like a piston in my mouth.
'Love the way her teeth are scraping me' he says to the other two.
He's getting huge and then splatttttttt!!! he squirts jism all down my throat. It fills my mouth, enough to choke me except I'm already dead.
Lets give Barbara a send off salute they say.
They flop out their dicks and start masturbating, dicks growing larger and longer and stiffer, hands pumping faster and faster and then one after the other, within seconds, their cum flies out and splatters all over me lying there dead, helpless to protect myself. A ribbon of white goop sploshes on my open staring eyeball. Goop from their ejaculations hits me like gunfire, spraying me, sticking to me, covering my breasts, my nipples, my belly button and my face and smearing my white, still body.
The three of them are standing around now, the camera isn't running any more and they are looking down at my dead body. I am covered in drying jism, my mouth is full of it where the hairy one mouth fucked me, and it is starting to run out and over my cheeks. My head is still bent over backward, my long frizzy red hair is streaming down until it reaches the floor. My arms have fallen off the bed and are splayed outwards, fingers curled slightly. My sightless eyes gaze patiently at nothing. my tits are upthrust, nipples erect and pointing at the ceiling.
They place a sheet on the floor and two of them lift me off of the bed. One has my feet and the other has me under the shoulders. My head dangles and my bum hangs down until it's almost scraping the floor. My body is cooling and the sweat and baby oil and cum are all drying together into a bit of a mess.
They lay me out on the sheet.
They fold it over me and wrap it around my body.
They take my, now wrapped, feet and shoulders and lift me up like a roll of carpet. They carry me outside and popping the boot of their car, dump me in.
I lie there while the car takes off and goes for a short trip. I roll around and bump up and down during this bit.
The car stops.
The boot opens and they lift me out again.
Held feet and shoulders, I am carried down an embankment and they lie me on wet grass and then roll me free of my shroud.
They walk off and get back into the car and drive away.
I am alone, on my back, arms and legs spread, eyes still open, mouth agape, lying on the wet grass, under the stars. My dead-white body is tinged blue by the light of the moon, the darkness of the night, My nipples stand out, almost black, my full lipped mouth is black.
So boys, here I am!
Come and get me.
You can have your way.
I don't want to go shopping, won't ask you for money, won't go out and buy a wardrobe full of new clothes, won't whine at you, won't complain at your disgusting habits and won't ask you to tidy up or do the washing up.
Do what you like!
Play with my tits.
Kiss me. Tongue me. Muck around with my cunnie. Do stuff.
I am your dream.
I am a dead girl.
Better hurry though as I'll start stiffening up in a couple of hours.