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Posted by Barbanne on March 06, 2005 at 23:29:08:

SLEEPING, ER.............BEAUTY???

His name was Alan and he was a big, strong, good looking guy. Hairy chest, handsome, muscles and tatts. I'm a sucker for big guys and loved going down for him. He made female fight vids and photo sets and the thing about them was they are popular if one girl wins and another goes down hard. I was his perennial loser and part time sex partner. If I went down and out good then afterwards we'd have absolutely fantastic sex.
That's just how it was.
Today we were doing wrestling.
Oh and I mightn't have made this obvious but it was all pretend, way more sex than combat. No-one ever got hurt.
Lyn, just a centimetre or two taller than me and a touch heavier was my raven haired opponent. Like me she had way too much eye makeup on giving her eyes and mine a black, heavy lidded, erotically charged look of sultry sexiness. We had bright slashes of vermillion painted on our lips and being completely nude looked like two power sluts. Sheree, in satin shorts and halter top was the referee and the action was to take place in an empty ring in a gym with blazing overhead lights and cameras all around to record everything.
The bell rang for round one and away we went.
From the get go it was obvious to all that Lyn was way too good and too strong for me and that, for me, it was going to end badly.
That end came early in the third round when I rushed at Lyn, getting myself all off balance.
She grabbed my arm just below the elbow and dragged me towards her then spun me around and wrapped her arms firmly around my throat in a classic sleeper hold.
Now the sleeper hold is a great way to KO your opponent. In the carotid sleeper hold, symmetrical force is applied by the forearm and upper arm to the sides of the neck such that there is compression of only the carotid arteries and jugular veins and not the trachea. The arm is placed about the neck with the antecubital fossa or crook of the arm centered at the midline of the neck. The free hand grips the wrist of the other arm and pulls it backward, creating a pincher effect. This produces transient cerebral ischemia. The carotid sleeper hold impedes blood flow of the carotid arteries by pressure exerted on both sides of the neck by pincher effect of the arm and forearm. If properly applied, the compression of the carotid arteries will cause loss of consciousness in approximately 10-15 seconds. On relaxation of the hold, cerebral blood flow will be restored and consciousness will return in approximately 10-20 seconds, without any serious side effects. Beware though maintenance of the pressure is essentially manual strangulation, and if continued long enough will, of course, cause death.
(Not my words, quoted from the manual of karate and wrestling holds)
The overhead lights flooded down brilliant and hot.
Cameras whirred and clicked.
Sweat beaded on my naked skin and dribbled down onto the canvas.
My body was stretched out on my bum, legs stretched out and spread in front of me and my upper body was held, half upright and fast in that classic sleeper hold by Lyn. My legs scissored at the knees, my feet scrabbled across the floor of the ring. My arms beat feebly and futilely at the air and the fingers of my hands clenched and unclenched. I let my lower jaw go slack and my mouth gaped open, foam and spittle flecking my lips. My tongue lapped at my bottom lip and thick dribble rolled down it and onto my lip and oozed over my chin and dripped onto the skin between my breasts. My eyelids were slitted and my eyeballs had crossed over and rolled back so that only an eerie sightless sliver of white showed. My nipples were aroused and hard and thrusting upright and I twitched my tits and rippled my tummy muscles and used my vaginal control to let my pussy wink at the cameras. I was drenched in sweat and it dribbled out from under the crease of my breast folds and ran down my tummy, filled my belly button and soaked into my pubic bush.
I was going, going................
Lyn applied more pressure and my brain, starved of blood and oxygen, gave up and with a final overall shudder I was GONE.
I went totally limp and, for me, it was all over red rover.
My arms flopped with a thud to the canvas and my legs gave a final spasm and slid sweatily apart opening up my pussy, nestling in the valley of my upper thighs to the view of anyone who wanted a good perv. Sweat poured off of me and I let drool fill my gaping mouth and then a huge gob of it spilled over and snaked its way down my chin and throat.
Lyn was saturated in her own sweat from the incredible heat of the lamps and my soggy, wet body slipped in her grasp.
Talk about out cold!
I was the epitome of unconsciousness, senselessness and helplessness.
Sheree moved in and lifting one of my eyelids checked the rolled up eyeball and decided enough was enough. She waved Lyn away.
With a last crunch of my carotids Lyn scooted backwards and stood up. My body toppled backward onto the canvas with a wet meaty thump, my head cracked down hard on the floor of the ring ensuring I would stay out cold. Lyn grabbed one of my outflung arms by the wrist, checked there was a strong pulse and lifted the arm and dropped it looking for some sign of motor control.
Thump. Nothing.
She repeated the lifting and dropping with the same nerveless result and, convinced I was well and truly knocked out, began counting, holding up the appropriate number of fingers as she did.
...............ten!!!, up went both hands with all ten fingers extended and then, reversing her hands palms down, she waved them over my prone, glistening, naked body and said, "You're out."
The camera lenses rotated as they zoomed in for close ups of my naked body from every conceivable angle including straight above and telephoto probing of my spread crotch.
Then it was over and two muscular guys, their buffed and tanned bodies amazingly sexy in white shorts and tees, ran in and slid their hands under my armpits and knees and hoisting me up carried my floppily unconscious body out of the ring and into the dressing rooms. The guy between my legs got to admire my femaleness all the way.
They laid me out on a rub down bench and Alan came in saying, "Thanks guys," as he passed them on their way out.
He looked down at my senseless body.
"This is the part I love Barbanne," he said to me although, being out to it I supposedly couldn't hear him.
I groaned but stayed out.
He slid onto me and my body lit up with all sorts of thrills to find he was as naked as I was.
"Poor little babe, she's been put right out," he whispered. I loved it when he said stuff like this, it was, for me, an essential part of the love making.
He lifted my eyelid to make sure I was gone and I felt him grow hard.
Hard and rigid and I grabbed his cock and slid it inside of my hot, wet pussy. Enough foreplay, time to fuck!
Ooooooh how we fucked.
The next day I was back in the ring. Not wrestling this time, boxing instead. My opponent for this bout was Anni and she was taller than me and way bigger. Actually Anni was fairly heavy, fat even.
We both wore satin trunks, gloves and boots. No bras or anything totally bare chests. I jumped up and down arms in the air, no loser this time, I was gonna be a winner.
We went at it like two beavers, slugging it out to the finish. Her or me. Only one to be left standing.
Minutes later.
BOP! I stood there rocking on my heels, eyes crossed over so much my pupils looked like the two leaves of a gate my nose was trying to pass through. I was still standing but slumped with my arms dangling limply and my tits sagging and my tummy softened and rounded and I wore a blissfully, dopey, idiot grin on my face.
Anni moved in and putting her gloved hand on my chest pushed.
Down I went flat on my back, arms out and legs spread, tits up and out for the full count.
Sheree counted me out and the guys carried my drooping body back to the dressing rooms and laid me out ready for Alan.