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This was the day!
This was the day I was going up against Doreen and by the time it was finished either she'd still be champion or, if I won, I'd be the new champion.
Whatever happened one of us would be champion and the other would be stretched out on her back on the ground, dead!
Shot dead!
Well, not actually dead, but pretend dead, playing dead and at the mercy of the champion.
See the game was called Skirmish and it was a splatball game where you each had a gun that fired paintball pellets and the idea was you hunted each other and tracked after your foe and finally, when you got her in your sights you splatballed her and if the paint splotch was in a killing spot, she was dead and you were the winner. The loser had to be good and dead and the winner got to haul her ass off and use her.
Everybody played it and just loved the game. When I started I was hopeless and got my tits splatted so often I was forever being hauled off by the heels and felt up by other girls and occasionally guys. But this time I had gotten lucky and when I splatted Carrie right between the eyes, not only did I get to drag her out, (she was very good at playing dead) but I earned the right to face Doreen.
Doreen was the undisputed champion splatballer and had been for a while. But I reckoned I would get her this time and I was sure looking forward to it because I lusted for Doreen something cruel. Doreen was about seven centimetres taller than me and had really red hair (mine is browny copper) and her frizz perm just leaves mine for dead and she has a gorgeous body with firm round breasts and a cute firm ass and long shanked legs. Me I have chicken tits and a too wide ass.
I was in lust with Doreen and dreamed of downing her and getting to use that gorgeous body. See the way the rules were, when you "killed" your opponent she (or he) had to play dead for the next hour and the winner, you, got to handle them however you liked.
There was a lot of sex in the game and that was the way we all liked it.
I was getting dressed in my combat gear and so was Doreen. We'd played so often and seen each other naked so often that we didn't think ought of getting stripped and kitted up in front of each other. For combat, (and my outfit was the same as Doreen's and for that matter the same as all the girls who played) I wore a sort of G string that was made of camouflage material and had a ragged old khaki shirt that tied in front and was ripped off just below my bustline and I had a camouflage head band and wore boots, like Doc Martens and ankle socks and had a belt full of paint pellets slung low around my waist and carried a paintball gun. The only difference with Doreen was she had like thick explorer socks that came to her mid calf and her paint pellets were yellow and mine were red. Red's my colour and I insisted on having it whenever I played.
The game was played on the skirmish range which was a wooded area and an open area and a yard with old broken down car bodies and such junk. It was about a half a hectare and it was all interconnected. The shed where you changed was the only building and had a shower where you could wash off the paint. One time early on when I started, I remember, I had just about enough paint on my bare body to do a good sized room and really needed that shower.
Gonzo, he's the guy who takes your money, an uglier young man you can't imagine, he's sitting there chewing gum between his dirty gappy teeth and dressed like a pile of garbage, which he always is, he says. "Gunna win today Barb?"
"Sure am," I say and looking at Doreen I say, "and when I've done Doreen I might take her home and mount her over my mantel."
She goes, "Pshawww.."
And Gonzo says, "Maybe I'll mount both of yerz and it won't be over no mantel it'll be on me bed."
And we both go, "In yer dreams Gonz."
We were ready and loading up our paintball canisters we took to the range.
I went one way until I reached my start point and Doreen went the other. When we were in position, we couldn't see each other but had five minutes to get in place, then Gonzo blew a short blast on a siren and it was on.
I started sneaking through the trees and bushes, gun ready and keeping my wits about me for Doreen. I parked myself behind a big old tree trunk and started scanning the scrub for any sign of movement. I heard a noise off to the right and dived into the bushes. As I was going down I heard, "Got ya bitch!" and a paintball splatted the tree trunk above me. I rolled in the grass and stuff and snapped off a shot. Doreen was ducking back behind a tree and I saw my shot hit to one side of where she was.
I tunnelled through the undergrowth and came out the other side. That loose and floppy khaki shirt was pretty useless and revealed more breast than it concealed. My nipples were forever popping into and out of view. Doreen was the same and as her chest was far more impressive than mine, her curvature was positively eye popping. I snuck a look around and saw Doreen backing toward me from behind some bushes. All I could see were her two buttocks, looking huge and round and white. I wanted a clear shot at a vulnerable part and so called, "Doreeeen." She rolled away like a greased snake as I fired off a shot and saw it plop onto one cheek of her ass.
Not a killing shot.
I scrambled away and ran for the tree line bordering the used car dump. Peering around I saw Doreen running from tree to tree. She was going too quick and moving in a jinky little run and I knew I'd never hit her like that. Staying low I sprinted for the junk pile and ducked behind old car wrecks. I saw her flash past and tried to line up a shot.
No go.
I crawled between the rusty rubbish and watched for movement. I must have shown some part of myself for an instant because a paintball splattered the metal above me.
"Missed me, ya silly vagina!" I shouted and moved to my right. Then Doreen appeared from behind a broken down Ford ute and she had her gun to her shoulder and splattt, splattt, splattt! she fired off shots repainting the junk around me. I couldn't get a good look and wasn't game to set up for a shot because she was loosing such a barrage of stuff, she'd have got me with one of them for sure. I slid off to one side and crawled under an old truck with only one wheel and hoped it wouldn't collapse on top of me. After her wild attack, Doreen had scampered back and gone into a heap of junked spares and broken bicycles and as I watched from under my hiding place I saw her stick her head around the corner and scan the junk where I had been. She came out in a half crouching run and, still thinking I was where she had seen me, began crabbing across to where I lay concealed. I waited unable to believe my luck until she was only a few metres from me and, bringing my gun to bear, I called softly, "Hey Doreen honey!" She stopped like a rabbit in a spotlight and spun around towards me and I let fly.
My splatball hit her and exploded in a great red stain on the left breast, just to one side of the deep cleft of her cleavage. Like me, her shirt was useless and just about all of her breasts were bulging free, one nipple fully exposed and the other peeking half out above the faded khaki material. In anyone's language this was a fatal wound. Right through her heart. To her credit she knew it and played her part superbly. She dropped her gun and straightened up and sucked in her bare tummy and clutched feebly at her red stained breasts and dropped her mouth open and rolled her eyes way back before, slamming her eyelids shut and flinging her arms apart, she went down on her back in the dirt with a perphloomp!
There she lay, spread out like a crucified lady in the dirt of the junk yard.
I sashayed over.
"Got ya babe. I win. Yer me prize!"
I knelt down and ran my finger over her face and eyelids. She was marvellous and stayed as still as still.
"Now yer mine for the next hour."
Eyes closed, doing a terrific job of playing dead, Doreen said out of unmoving lips, "Dont haul me off by the heels Barb. I don't wanna get grass rash on me bum."
"Silence!," says I, "dead girls don't get a say in their fate."
But I knew what she meant. I have had awful grass rashes on my bare ass from being dragged around after losing the game. So I hefted her under the armpits and hauled her off, heels dragging, Doc Martens' scoring furrows in the dirt.
She was great.
Her arms dangled and her head bobbed and her hair trailed on the ground.
She was sooooooooo limp!
Doreen might of been champion before she walked into my gunsight, but let's be honest, none of us girls ever stayed champion for very long and now that she had been bested in the splatball game she knew how to play her part as a victim. She just limped right out and sagged down in my grasp and let me tug her about like so much dead weight. She really got into being my victim and gave no hint that she was other than dead as our game meant her to be dead.
She was heavy and I'm fairly puny and so I puffed some and truly struggled to tow her along. I thought of dropping her once or twice and my movements must have told her so, because she just cracked one eyelid a fraction and looked back at me with a rolled up eyeball and without hardly moving her lips said, "Don't even think about it Barb."
"Shut up, yer dead." I says but I couldn't help giggling a bit.
I got her to a place under the trees where it was cool and the grass was thick and had been mown recently and I reckoned that if she was mine to have and to use for the next hour this would be a place that would be comfortable for her as well as for me. I was about done in from carting Doreen's "dead' body along but made a final effort to lay her down gently, sprawled out on her back.
"Hee hee," I says, "got yer where I want yer now me beauty," and I cackled like some demented loony. I couldn't tell if Doreen was amused as she lay quite still with her eyes shut and her mouth slightly open, playing dead like mad. But I did see her bare tummy ripple some and guessed she was fighting not to laugh.
I took her arms, one at a time, and stretched them out above her head so that they were straight up, like if she had been standing rather than laid out, she would have looked like she was trying to stretch up to touch the sky. Then I untied the knot where she had tied her shirt in front and spread both sides out baring her breasts completely. Let's face it, that shirt, like mine, was utterly useless when it came to covering our tits. But rather than nipples peeking at me from behind cloth I had decided I wanted unrestricted access to my downed foe. The splotch of paint that had put paid to Doreen was quite dry and had started cracking and flaking off. I brushed most of it away and blew it off her tummy where it ended up. The red shadow of the mark remained as a distinct stain on her skin. I straightened out Doreen's legs and, hooking my index fingers in the side straps of her G string, I pulled it down, watching fascinated as the material rolled up on itself until it was just a scrunched up little band around her knees. She stayed in character, limp and compliant throughout. I knew how she felt because when I was a vic (and with my skills I was far more often the shottee than the shooter) I made it a matter of honour, or pride or something, to be as convincingly dead as I could.
Doreen was great.
She WAS dead!
Well, I thought, let's see just how good you are babe.
On my knees I bent forward and kissed each nipple in turn, taking the little nubs into my mouth and teasing them with teeth and tongue. Both hardened and extended and became tight, firm little buttons of aroused flesh. She wouldn't lose points for that, I could no more have controlled my own body when subjected to this than fly to the moon. I kissed down the soft undercurve of her breast, extending my tongue and turning it into a lick and licked her torso and tummy and dipped my wet tongue into her umbilicus and out again. I sucked on the index and middle finger of my right hand and then slid them inside her pussy. My thumb lay on her mons in amongst her thick chestnut pubic curls and my two fingers and brightly painted nails went deep into the moist dampness of her vagina. It was hot, phew it was hot and it was tight and slick. Her labia were pinking with blood flow and the lips were turning outwards, a certain sign she was highly aroused. I lay beside her and using my fingers, massaged her clitoris while with my mouth I suckled on her breast. Very rudely, speaking with my mouth full, I murmured, "Hmmn, this dead body is vereeeeeeeeeee sexy. Mmmmmmnn, sexy indeed. Sexeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."
She grunted, like, "Uuuuuuugghhhh."
"Naughty dead girl," I whispered, "dead girls don't make any noises," and I worked my fingers on that clit, feeling it thickening and feeling increasing sliminess as her pussy filled with wetness. I teased out a nipple with light tugging between my teeth and Doreen groaned, "Oaaaggghhhh.."
"Naughty shot body, groaning and grunting."
"Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, really loudly.
"Tut tut," I breathed, "moaning corpses, what next?"
Her pussy was jittering around my fingers and love mucous was flowing steadily around my hand. I leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth and her lips opened hungrily as I plunged my tongue inside the wet, saliva filled cavity. Her hips were juddering up and down and her orgasm came in a rush of whitish wetness as I kissed her deeply, my tongue buried in her mouth. With a strangling gasp she went "Eeerrrrraaaagggghhhhhhhhh........" and her breath washed out in a moan of delight.
"Really." I said.
"Ungh ungh ungh........" she gasped.
"Raising the dead am I?" I said.
Her eyelids fluttered open and her eyes, dreamy and unfocussed, gazed upward at nothing.
"Jeezus Barb..................." she moaned.
I giggled and then she giggled and I wrapped my arms around her and crushed her to me as we kissed passionately and wantonly, our breasts flattened against each other and her mons grinding against my G string.
Now it was my turn to be highly aroused.
I got naked and we got serious.
Afterwards, sort of rumpled, we walked back with our arms around each others' shoulders. Gonzo was staring at a girlie mag as we came in and looked up briefly and said, "Who won?"
"I'm the champ as of now," I said.
He leered, "Yer gunna mount Doreen?"
"As a trophy ya mean?"
"Like yer said earlier, yeah."
"Mebbe I already have."
He sniggered, "I'd mount both of youse babes if'n I had my way."
I looked at Doreen and she nodded at me. We were both still dressed in those uselessly revealing ripped off shirts and the camouflage G strings and we were coated in sweat streaked grime and muck. I fronted Gonzo and Doreen came up behind him. We both crushed against him so that we had him like the meat in a ham sandwich. I took his protuberant ears in each hand and pulled him forward so that I could rub my breasts against him as I kissed him open mouthed and moany. Doreen was rubbing her breasts against his back and grinding her crutch onto his ass.
"So you could mount us both Gonzo?"
He couldn't.
One of us yeah, he didn't do too bad and shot his load manfully, but no amount of trying could get him up for an encore.
We showered together and dressed and when we were leaving Gonzo looked over and plaintively said, "Can I try again now?"
"Had your go Gonz, you're all talk and wishful thinking."
I only lasted as champion for six days.
The next Friday night I got taken by Carrie whose turn at champion had come. She stalked me relentlessly and shot me with green paint all over my left nipple. It looked like a lime ice cream cone. Then she hauled me off while I played dead like crazy, enjoying myself intensely and aroused as all hell. She stripped me and dragged my limp body to and fro before using it as her playground.
I came and came again and again.............................
Being champion was terrific.
Being dead was the best!!!