Skirmish 3.

Posted by Barbanne on December 20, 2001 at 13:52:14:


Oh wow! this one was going to be different.
One on one, girl on girl.
Me and her!
My name as you know is Barbanne and her name was Ursula.
Me you know, she was a fox. Exotic dancer actually. But believe me this girl was a fox. Not only did her neatly wrapped assets qualify her as a fox but her face wore a positively vulpine look that definitely meant this babe was foxy. Cunning and cute.
I was going to have to watch myself.
She had sneaky written all over in her deep brown almond shaped eyes and her sharp straight nose and her small mouth all set on a heart shaped face crowned with hair so bouffant and black that I unkindly suspected the use of a dye rinse.
But it was her bod that really qualified her as a fox.
As we changed together I surreptitiously stole looks at her nakedness and admired what I saw.
She was maybe a couple centimetres taller than me and was beautifully proportioned. Long shapely legs, gorgeous muscle tone, wide prominent hip bones that created a valley of her groin from which her mons rose like an erotic mound nestling in wiry black hair so maybe she was naturally raven black. Flat tummy and small but hard breasts thrusting upward without fear of gravity and hugely nippled. I thought mine were big but hers were really big. A small brown mole sat in the aureole ring of her left nipple strangely sexy in its imperfection. Perfect sloping shoulders and long straight arms. Her hands and feet were elegant and her nails were varnished a glossy black. Purple lipstick and heaps of eyeshadow finished off her witchily wolfish look.
She slid into a pair of ultra brief nylon panties and as she settled them over her soft moist slit she rubbed her fingers over the shiny material in the most provocative gesture I could imagine. I was sitting nude and gobsmacked on a change room bench watching open mouthed and so wrapped up was I in filthy thoughts about Ursula that I didn't realise she was watching me watching her.
My eyes jerked up to her face and she laughed.
"See anything you like Barbanne?" she said.
I swallowed hard.
"Its yours if you win," she said mischievously.
I looked down embarrassed.
She loomed over me and her hands touched either side of my face and slowly slid down my neck and over my shoulders to rest lightly around my breasts. Nipples hard and aroused. She giggled and muttered throatily, "Of course if you lose then I shall have you as you've never been had girl."
I found myself blushing.
She continued dressing and I pulled on my outfit. The same camo bike shorts and khaki crop top I had worn before with head band and sneakers.
Ursula wore a black camo outfit, loose tunic and pants with boots and a bush hat.
We armed up.
A sort of automatic paintball hand gun with a side magazine of paintballs, mine were red, hers yellow.
We had the range to ourselves. Not even Gonzo was here today.
This one on one challenge had come about because of a silly bet one Friday after work.
I had been with my friends Doreen and Kellie and Kari Lynn bullshitting about our prowess at Skirmish games and Ursula was the entertainment. As she danced above us wearing only a thong and pasties she leaned over and said "Bet I can take any one of you within fifteen minutes."
"Piss off," I said.
"You'll do sweetheart," she said, and then to the others she said, "I got fifty bucks says I can take your girlfriend in fifteen minutes."
"You're on," says Kari Lynn.
"Hey wait just a minute," I moaned.
"Done," said Doreen.
"Next Saturday," said Kari Lynn, "and wear some clothes gal cause Barb's gonna kill you're ass."
So here we were.
Doreen had gotten the key from Gonzo and she, Kari Lynn and Kellie were going to wait twenty minutes in the office and then come out to see who won.
For those twenty minutes it was going to be just me and Ursula.
Alone on the range.

We had decided we needed five minutes to get ourselves positioned.
Together we made our way to a point near the old car dump from which most Skirmish games started. When we got there I said, "OK Ursula go for your life and I'll go for mine and then lets start stalking each other."
She grabbed my arm and said, "One moment Barbanne."
"Come on," I said, "the girls will be coming soon and you and I have to play it out before they do."
She pulled two tubes from her camo pants. Tubes filled with paintballs and then she held them in front of me and said, "I have a variation to the game Barb. A variation to make it truly interesting and a real contest."
"Oh yeah and what's that?"
"These paintballs are filled with paint but paint that has been mixed with an extremely powerful hypnotic barbituate drug that only needs to make contact with a person's skin and they're out for at least an hour."
"Well girl here's what I propose. We replace the cylinders we have with these and then we both get naked, and I mean stark bollocky naked, and then we play the game. That way Barb, a hit means a real hit and whichever one of us gets hit well, they really will be the other's victim. Imagine it girl. One or other of us is going to be down and out cold and think of what that means to the winner. You know how in this game the winner gets to play with the loser while that loser plays dead, well with these," she held up the tubes, "the winner gets to play with a vic who will be just as pliant and willing as its possible to be. You love it don't you? You love that concept, I just know you do."
She was right. I was hot thinking about it.
This was the game at its ultimate. A real knock down drag her out fun fest. Maxima erotica.
"How do I know what you're saying is true. Those pellets could cause damage."
"No ill after effects. You gotta trust me on this Barb."
I had already decided I would but I felt I should say something.
""Well, I dunno............."
"Yes you do."
She started peeling her clothes off and I joined her. Soon we were both nude except I had kept my sneakers and she had kept her boots. The ground around here was hard and littered with stuff and it seemed silly to run around bare assed and bare footed. We made two neat piles of our stuff and unloaded the paintballs we had put in back in the rooms and loaded up with the knockout slugs.
"Tell me," I said, "why didn't you just load up with these and you could have zonked me and I would have known nothing about it?"
"Thought of that," she said, "and believe me I'm still intending to have you babe but tell the truth I half want you to win."
"Yep, I'm like you Barb. This is a sexual thrill for me big time, win or lose."
"Lets go then," I grinned.

We headed off in opposite directions, packing our shooters like pistols, totally nude (except for sneakers) and looking for fun.
I held my paintgun out in my right hand and ran like hell for a thicket I knew about and from which I planned to start my hunt. The hunt for Ursula which was going to end with her down and out at my feet. Then again she might get me. I had been wrong about Kari Lynn and that had gotten me splattered so maybe Ursula was as good as she thought. Then I'd be going down.
Out cold.
Not playing.
Really unconscious.
Unconscious and in Ursula's hands.
Oh wow that really turned me on and my nipples prickled and my pussy got hot and I felt wetness slipping out. Out and being used by Ursula! Maybe finger fucked. Maybe kissed all over. Her slobbering my tits or maybe even inside my puss. Oh geez I touched myself down there and felt the wet. I was awfully aroused. If I stayed like this I wouldn't last long. Maybe about ten seconds. I had to pull myself together.
I sat quietly in my thicket for a short while and then set out on my hunt, stalking Ursula.
For the next ten minutes we pursued each other around the skirmish game ground. Both of us had narrow escapes. I saw Ursula twice and got shots away but only splotted the trees. She caught me unawares on three occasions, once I saw her and ducked away just as one of her anaesthetic paintballs zoomed past, the other two times I didn't even see her and paint splashed against the undergrowth only centimetres from where I lurked.
Finally I found myself back almost where I started in the same thicket of trees and stood as silently as possible, listening as hard as I could for some tell tale sign or noise that would tell me where Ursula was.
I could hear nothing.
By now I was sweating from my exertions and trickles of perspiration ran down my back and dampened my groin. My hair was stringy and wet. Beads of moisture popped out on my face and tummy.
I had to make a move so I slipped around the tree.
There was Ursula three metres away and peering into the bushes to her right.
I swung my gun up.
She heard me and pivotted bringing her own gun to bear. I had a second of panic and fumbled with my gun and then tugged at the trigger. The gun jerked up and to the left but the paintball flew straight and true. Ursula fired and her paintball sailed past my ear only millimetres away before splatting into the trunk of a gum tree. My paintball splatted in a big red splosh just below Ursula's collar bone above her right breast.
That drug, whatever it was, worked like lightning.
She twitched twice and her arms extended and her gun fell from her curled fingers. Her eyeballs rolled inward and upward and disappeared altogether under her eyelids. Her knees buckled and her legs folded and she pitched sideways and down and hit the ground and rolled once and was still.
She was out. I had switched off her juice and she was gone.
Not a twitch, not a movement.
I picked up her gun and looped both hers and mine over my shoulder and grabbing her ankles I dragged her towards a grassed clearing twenty metres away. Her skin, where I gripped it, was dry and goosebumpy although overall she was sweating just as freely as I was. As I dragged her along her arms spread wide and her black hair trailed out around her head. Her eyes had closed although I suspected that her eyeballs were still rolled back.
In the clearing I tossed the guns and laid her out on her back and stretched her arms out either side and spread her legs apart. I nuzzled her armpits revelling in the powerful scent of her bodily odours. She smelt and tasted of a mix of cheap perfume, sweat and BO. I sucked at her breasts and kissed her mouth which had fallen open when she went down. I moved down below and kissed her shins and kissed and licked my way up one leg after the other until my face nuzzled in the space between her upper thighs. Her bodily scents were almost overpowering in that valley. I spread her thighs with my fingers finding her labial lips and tongued her slit and slid my tongue inside until I was licking busily at her clit. I give good cunnilingus and she was getting the full benefit of my slurping and licking. Even though she was well out her body responded unconsciously and her clit hardened and her slit thickened and love juice dribbled onto my tongue. Then she spasmed hard twice and I figured she had had an orgasm.
I moved up leaving my left hand cupping her mons and slit with my middle finger inside carressing her stiffened clit. I settled my mouth over her left breast and tried sucking her nipple upright.
I heard Doreen's voice say, "There they are."
Then I heard Kellie saying, "Looks like Barb won."
Then I felt a wet stickiness on my left cheek and ear and thought Oh shit! Just for one second I knew what I had done. I Had rubbed my face onto the remnants of the paintball with which I had put Ursula out.
And it was still potent.
Realising just how weird it must look, me with my mouth encircling Ursula's breast and my fingers inside her slit, I felt the blackness descend as though a cloak of darkness had been tossed over me and then I joined my victim in the black nothingness.

I struggled back to wakefulness.
I was stretched out on my back with my head in Kellie's lap.
Ursula was still well and truly out cold although someone had wiped the paintball residue off. I touched my face but the paintball was gone from there too. I looked around groggily. Doreen was out to it just off to my right.
"What have you two been up to," said Kari Lynn.
I looked up to where she stood grinning dopily.
"It was Ursula's idea, use a paintball with a knockout drug thats absorbed through the skin. Sharpens the contest, only I forgot to wipe it away after I scored a hit and when I touched it I nosedived too."
"Yeah, so did Doreen. She hauled you off of Ursula and then flicked the stuff with her fingers and out she went."
"Powerful stuff."
"I'll say. Kellie figured it and wiped it off with your top which we found folded up back there."
"Yeah you gotta get naked to expose your skin to play this game."
Doreen was groaning.
"You and Doreen only got a small dose," said Kari Lynn. "Ursula got a good hit and I reckon she's down for the full count."
I grinned stupidly.
Lying in Kellie's lap was nice and I nodded off again for a bit.
I struggled back to full consciousness and with Doreen's help we both tottered back to the change rooms. Kari Lynn and Kellie carried the nude and senseless Ursula back between them. She was just a total dead weight lump and drooped in their grasp as they hauled her ass back inside.
Once inside Doreen and I carried Ursula into the showers and we all stood naked under a blast of icy cold water while we tried to revive ourselves fully. Ursula escaped from our hold and slid onto the floor where she lay tits up with the water spraying all over her.
I started to feel heaps better. The drug obviously didn't have too much residual effect and this was further proved when I felt Ursula's hands groping my leg. She was coming out of it and I looked down to see her sliding up off the floor using my slippery legs for purchase. I leant down and helped her up and she slumped against me, hanging on and moaning softly as the blasts of icy coldness brought her back from dreamland.
Eventually we three were fully recovered and we dressed and headed home.
Ursula suggested going for coffee but Kari Lynn and Doreen cried off, saying they had places to be. Kellie, Ursula and I headed into a little coffee shop on the corner of the main street and ordered lattes all round. We talked about the morning's battle and Kellie admitted to being turned on when she and the other girls found both me and Ursula laid out and intimate. I could tell Kellie wanted to play the game using the skin drug but apart from saying we must do it again sometime I made no firm committment.
Throughout the time we spent in the coffee shop Ursula was touching me, a hand over mine, a foot on my foot, a touch on my leg. I was aroused. The morning's play had convinced me that something existed between me and this dark witchy girl and so when we were digging in our purses to pay our shares and she whispered in my ear, "Come home with me," I nodded just slightly.
Outside we said our goodbyes and Kellie ran for a bus.
Ursula walked me to her place. She lived in a one bed flat over a shop not more than half a kilometre from the coffee place. It was small but nicely furnished and as soon as we were inside she put her hand on my shoulder and turned me toward her and drew me into a kiss. I felt melty and warm and responded enthusiastically and we stood facing each other as we each undressed the other.
Nude we fell into an embrace and collapsed onto her double bed. We petted and cuddled and stroked and kissed and I snuggled my bare bum against her mons as she wrapped her arms around me, her hands cupping and carressing my breasts. My nipples grew hard and tingled and she thumbed them and then we were stretched out on the bed, me on my back and her crouched over me and she kissed me everywhere that I liked and then her hands covered my flesh and her fingers found my intimacy. Her long fingernails scratched across my hot, swollen, aroused flesh and as I writhed in ecstasy across the sheets she brought my clit to climax and a rush of wetness accompanied my orgiastic surrender.

We fiddled around some more and then showered together and I left promising myself a return bout with Ursula.
And, I decided, it would be sooner rather than later.