Skirmish 2

Posted by Barbanne on September 26, 2001 at 18:45:10:


I stripped down to my undies.
Bet Gonzo was peering at me through some bloody spy hole, the man is a totally unreconstructed pervert. Well this would give him something to dwell on.
I had decided that today I wasn't going to wear either a bra or panties. Not that the tiny
g-string I had vanishing between my buttocks was enough panties to worry about anyway. I slid them off and popped the catch of my bra (one of those that clipped at the front between the cups) and tossed it.
Nude I stretched my arms above my head.
"Enjoying yourself Gonzo?" I asked out aloud.
"Very lovely."
I spun around. I didn't know this girl who stood smiling at me and who had inclined her head in a "you look very cute" gesture.
"Oh hello," I said, "didn't know you were there."
"Is someone else here," she was looking around, "only I heard you talking or I thought I did."
I blushed crimson. "Oh I was asking Gonzo was he enjoying my show. I suspect he spies on us. Have you met Gonzo?"
"The guy takes the money?"
"The same."
"Yeah and I can appreciate what you say, what a creep?"
"Oh he's harmless."
I held out my hand.
"I'm Barb."
"Kari Lynn, actually its Caroline but that's hardly a kick ass name."
"Hi Kari, so are you playing today?"
"Sure am. Are you one of my opponents?"
"Yeah. I was champion once."
"Well we'll have to see about that Barb."
We laughed.
I had a new outfit. Camo bike shorts that hung below my tummy bulge and came to mid thigh and a khaki crop top that was like an abbreviated singlet and high top lace up boots and a camo head band. I also had a velcro webbing belt that slung around my hips and carried my paint pellets.
I started puting it on.
"No undies Barb?" said Kari.
"Not today," I giggled.
I looked at Kari and boggled. She was a tall and heavy girl, not fat, but well padded and she was awful pretty and had long straight blonde hair, beautiful hair, not a frizzy bush like I was trying to control with my headband. She had put on a camo thong and a camo shirt with only one button done up and wore long black combat boots. Like me she had no bra and it was obvious!
She donned her ammo belt and we collected our guns and went outside.
Doreen was fighting today and another girl called Kellie. She was young and worked as a despatch clerk at the big warehouse complex. She was devestatingly pretty.
They were waiting outside for us. Doreen was dressed as she always did which was more or less the same as Kari except she had more buttons done up on her shirt and her tits were less apparent. Her bright red hair shone like fire in the early morning sun. Kellie was dressed all in camo gear and she had on long pants and a tunic and boots and everything looked newish and neat and I just knew she was wearing her undies like a good girl should. She was amazingly lovely and when we all introduced ourselves and shook hands all round I saw something in Kellie's face that said to me she and you are the same Barbara.
We discussed the rules and agreed those and then we all checked each other's guns were the standard issue and then smiling at each other one last time we scattered into positions to wait for the starting signal for the game.
The siren blew.
I was in amongst the old used car dump and stared crabbing along trying to get a handle on where the other girls were.
I sighted Kellie and then she slid out of view and I could see Doreen behind her and about forty metres away. I made a low waddling run from the car bodies into the shrubbery twenty metres off. I had lost sight of Kellie but could still see Doreen's red hair and darting forward I got within fifteen metres of her and fired a pellet. It missed by a whisker and splatted into a tree to her left and she ducked away and disappeared. I crept forward and came up with the red marked tree and peered intently into the undergrowth. I couldn't see anyone.
I had a funny feeling someone was watching me and thought "Gonzo you bastard."
Then a twig snapped.
I looked about but saw nothing and moved sideways until I could hide behind a big old gum tree.
I waited listening with all my ears.
Just a whisper.
"Hey Barb."
My tummy flipped and I felt the icy certainty of imminent defeat.
I dived sideways and twisted to look behind me.
"Not champion today Barb."
Kari was only five metres away. How the hell had she snuck up on me like that. Her gun was aimed straight at me. I fumbled with mine but SPLATTTT! a red paint ball burst on my khaki crop top right over my left breast and I knew that from now on in the rules of the game I was dead and Kari owned me for the next hour.
I scuffed backwards on my heels and then went down on my back, dropping my gun and flinging out my arms and legs. She had shot me in the chest, it was a clean kill.
I died with my eyes half closed and my mouth open and a sort of "duuurrrhhh" look on my face.
Kari was humming as she came up to me.
"Girls who fight that badly and get killed that easily have to be humiliated Barb," she whispered.
She leaned over me and pushed my crop top up until it was scrunched under my chin and my breasts were exposed. She lightly thumbed my nipples and they popped up and I barely controlled a shiver.
"Gotta lose your dignity Barb," said Kari in a quiet murmur.
She pulled my bike shorts down around my hips so that my pussy was uncovered. Then she ran a finger inside my slit all the while humming some tune very quietly. With my clothes all rucked up and semi nude I played dead as only I can and Kari collected my gun and then, taking me under the armpits, she dragged me through the scrub to a position amongst the trees, my heels leaving twin tracks on the ground behind us, and dumped me on the grass. She took my upper arms and moved me up another metre and twigs and stuff scraped my bare ass.
I stayed dead.
"Now Barb you stay here like a good corpse and I'll get you some company."
She walked off as silently as she had crept up on me.
I suppose lying there half stripped of my clothes, on my back and knowing Kari Lynn was gone I could, you'd reckon, have sat up and gotten comfortable but that could not be.
Like all of the other girls I take the skirmish game deadly seriously and when you have been knocked down and killed that's what you have to be! And dead bodies don't sit up or get comfortable.
So I lay there with a twig up my ass and grass rash and even ants crawling around my bum and just pretended that I was truly dead and that I was Kari's prize.
Her trophy and hers to do what she liked with.
After a few minutes I heard her come back and she was carrying Kellie over her shoulder.
(I peeked without breaking my dead role. I can't help it I had to know...I'm a girl alright!)
She flopped Kellie down next to me.
"Now," she said and I could tell from the noises that she was stripping Kellie, "here's another loser to keep Barb company."
She let up with what she was doing to Kellie and pulled my crop top right off leaving me topless. Then she pulled my camo pants down around my ankles so that I was lying there in boots, camo bike pants around my ankles, a webbing belt around my waist and a head band skew wiff over my hair. She then lifted Kellie up by the shoulders and lay her on top of me. Kellie was stark naked except for her boots. (I could tell because she was lying on top of me tummy to tummy, breasts crushing breasts, pussy against pussy.)
I hadn't played with Kellie before but she was good. She just played dead completely.
"Now you two darlings keep company," said Kari, "while I get the other one."
We laid there pressed against each other.
I was determined that I was going to play my part and just lie there limp and dead. I sensed that Kellie was like me and Doreen and that she was a born death fetishist and I noticed that she hadn't moved since Kari had plopped her on top of me. She was absolutely limped out and had it not been for her warmth and the faint beating of her heart I could have believed she was truly dead. She wasn't a very big girl but being (in this pose) a total dead weight, she bore down on me and it was only by completely limping out and drifting off that I was able to bear the load of her body on mine in this position. We were face to face and our lips brushed together. The urge to kiss her was almost unbearable and I fought against it. She must have been suffering too because I felt her lips, wetly moist and soft, quivering as they touched my own open mouth.
We lay together two killed girls embracing in their nudity.
Kari came back after what seemed an eternity but was probably only a few minutes. She was dragging Doreen and I realised that wherever Kari had learnt to play skirmish she had learned well. She was really good.
She laid Doreen down next to us.
I have played with Doreen plenty of times and I know her body scent which she exudes when she is highly sexually aroused. She was highly sexually aroused right now. My nose told me that. It also told me that I was emitting my own "take me now" pheromones and if I was any judge Kellie was on the verge too.
Kari was squatting next to us.
"Well, well dead ladies," she said, "I'm sure you all know the rules and that from now on you are all mine for the next hour. One hour after the last kill in the case of a multiple kill like this and as Doreen only succumbed to me a moment or so ago you are all mine for the next sixty minutes."
I heard her fiddling with Doreen and she stripped off her camo shirt and pulled her g-string down around her ankles.
"Now to get my naked trophies where I want them," she muttered.
She lifted Kellie off of me and placed her on her back on the ground. Then she moved our limp and compliant bodies around until she had lined us up side by side with me one side and then Doreen in the middle and Kellie on the other side of her. Doreen lay the other way around to Kellie and me, her feet beside my head and her head between Kellie and my feet.
"The good skirmish conqueror always comes prepared to deal with her vanquished foes," said Kari, "and so ladies I have with me this jumbo bottle of baby oil." She giggled.
Then she kneeled beside me and started rubbing oil all over my body from kneck to knees. My nipples sprang outward as her strong hands massaged my breasts coating them in slippery baby oil. Her hands then slid across my tummy and vigorously covered my skin with slippery, shiny goop. I was very, very excited and it took a conscious effort to play dead convincingly. Then when she rubbed her oily hands over my pubic region and down the insides of my upper thighs and rubbed her fingers against the folds of my slit, I grew very tight and hot and slickly engorged inside my pussy and my clit throbbed and wet ejaculate filled my pussy channel.
She moved on to Doreen and then Kellie, oiling them up.
I was on an unrelenting peak of sexual excitement and craved release.
If Kari meant to finger fuck us or whatever I hoped she would get to me and quickly.
But she didn't.
Instead after covering her stretched out victims in oil she stood and stripped completely naked and then covered herself from head to foot in a sheen of oil. I knew because I had to risk a slight peek from between my mascaraed lashes.
Then I knew what she was going to do and another rush of wetness slipped out of me as I realised what was in store for us and my arousal reignited to HOT!
Using our three bodies as a slippery matress, Kari lay herself down across us and started to slide around kissing bare flesh and rubbing herself over a film of oil as she writhed her body on ours. She had very wide hips and a very furry pussy and those hips and that pussy slithered across my face and I could smell her rampant sexuality as it grew towards climax. Then she rolled through one hundred and eighty degrees and her large breasts filled my open mouth and I sucked at her highly aroused nipples.
Like some exotic dancer her body writhed and wriggled across ours as we lay side by side face up and covered in milky oily turbulence mixed with body emissions.
Then she took my wrist where my hand lay limply stretched out on the grass and forced my fingers into her own swollen and hot pussy and whispered "fuck me," into my ear. I don't think the others heard her. I found her clitoris hard and ready and using my middle finger which was almost lost inside her amazingly wide vagina I stroked and rubbed her until there was a gushing of wet stickiness and she grunted loudly and said, "Oh, Oh, Oh, these dead victims are darlings."
She removed my hand and let it flop back onto the grass.
For several moments she lay across us breathing heavily. My own heart was pounding like a hammer. Then she slowly slid herself upright and starting with Kellie she used her own fingers to bring her to orgasm, all the while kissing and sucking her upturned breasts. Kellie squealed as she came. Then it was Doreen's turn and she came under Kari's ministrations with a low prolonged moan of sheer pleasure.
Then it was my turn.
I was boiling with unfulfilled sexiness.
Kari was good.
She kissed my breasts sucking their oily mounds and enveloping each in turn in her wide wet mouth and all the time her finger was inside my tightly swollen cunt stroking and manipulating the hard pleasure filled nub of my clitoris.
I went shooting up like the mercury in a thermometer in boiling water and exploded in a huge bang of heavenly orgiastic outpouring.
My heart was thumping and I was saturated in sweat and my own emissions.
Kari's hour was up.
Us shot "dead" girls got to our feet and dragged our clothing (such as it was) back on.
Together we all made our way back to the dressing room and a joint shower to wash away baby oil, dirt and the reminders of our sexual fulfilment. The joint shower was great fun but our real reason for all piling in together was Gonzo's miserable penurious ways. It was heaps cheaper to all use the one stream of water than to enjoy separate showers.
I dumped my soiled fighting gear into a plastic bag and dressed in the tee shirt and jeans in which I had come to the skirmish range. When the other girls were finished we all walked out and fixed up Gonzo. He wasn't game to stand up and took our money sitting down, leaning forward. The little slime had been perving on the showers and was keeping his boner private.
"See ya Gonzo," I said, "don't get friction rash whacking off!"
He looked pained.
On the way back to our cars the talk was all of how good Kari was. We complimented her outrageously hoping to get some insight into her skills but she just smiled enigmatically and stayed mum.
We agreed to meet again for a return bout next weekend and Kari left.
Doreen, Kellie and I hatched a plot.
The next Saturday was a beautiful day and we were out on the range early.
I was dressed in the same camo bike shorts and khaki crop top and stuff as last time. The other girls were all wearing their same gear too. Like mine it was freshly laundered and nice and clean.
We gathered at the start spot opposite the car dump and when the siren blew off we went.
We vanished in different directions and melted into the undergrowth.
Kari Lynn felt she knew our tricks and moved very confidently through the cover. She spent about ten minutes tracking and saw nothing of any of us three other girls and intrigued by the silence then started retracing her steps. She moved quietly through the scrub alongside a well marked track and slid around a bend hidden by two big gums.
There, stretched out like a slaughtered pig ready for a barbecue, lay me.
I was on my back with my arms straight above my head and with my camo shorts pulled down and wrapped around my ankles and with my crop top wrapped around my wrists. I hadn't been wearing any undies again and so apart from my boots and head band and my clothes scrunched around my feet and hands, hog tying me, I was naked. My gun lay where it had fallen, my webbing belt beside it and three paint splotches splattered my tits and tummy. My eyes were closed and my mouth sagged open.
Kari knew I was someone's trophy but no-one was to be seen.
She crossed to where I was and stooped down and muttered, "Oh my," Her fingers drifted over my jutting hard nipples and slid into my slit and then it dawned on her.
"Ah shit!" she said and coming up fast she swivelled to face her rear.
Phuttt, Phuttt, Phuttt, Phuttt!!!
Two guns, two rounds each and four paint splotches bloomed on Kari's breasts and she went down hard.
Kellie and Doreen appeared and high fived.
"Looks like we're winners," said Doreen and Kellie giggled.
I heard them stripping Kari and then a two (live) on one (dead) girl finger and tongue fucking took place. I could hear both Kellie and Doreen grunting and occasional moans and squeals of delight as they enjoyed Kari Lynn's magnificent body.
I just had to stay where I was.
Dead and neglected.
When they eventually finished and their hour was up I was allowed to come back to life for the walk back.
I decided to give Gonzo a thrill and carried my shorts and crop top in my hand and walked back nude. The other girls thought that was a fab idea and stayed nude too.
Kari was a really good sport about having been ambushed by us villains and we were all in fine forn when we got back to the dressing rooms.
We walked in past Gonzo all four of us dirty and sweaty and nude and he gave a strangled groan and I said to the others, "Join you in a minute, this poor dope needs help."
They laughed and went on in and I dragged Gonzo on top of me on his crappy little desk and made him ride my frustrations at being left out of the sex back there away.
He performed heroically.
I might let the drip take me out some time.
I joined the others and showered and cleaned up and dressed for the trip home.
In the car park we talked about next weekend.
Two separate contests one on one.
Doreen v Kari and then Me v Kellie.
I couldn't wait.