The Sentry - Slain, Searched and Secreted

Posted by Barbanne on April 11, 2005 at 00:53:47:

Here's another story.
Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile, if this was a play for two and I was auditioning guess which part I'd want?
Clue; it wouldn't be the narrator.
Hope someone likes it.



Her back was toward me.
I studied her.
A helmet of tightly curled, frizzled brown hair fell to narrow shoulders and a thin, well defined back. Her generous buttocks swelled seductively on either side of the long, narrow, embroidered strip of her loincloth. My eyes travelled on to skinny but shapely legs ending in sandalled feet.
She held her spear in her right hand, its base grounded between her feet. A vacuously pretty face, eyes scrunched up and bottom lip held between her teeth as she searched the darkness for signs of danger. As she turned her body I glimpsed small, softly rounded, droopy breasts. Stupid little fool, she thought the enemy lay without when in reality it lay within.
I crept forward.
I twitched the braided leather quirt in my left hand and, in my mind I pictured my right hand as a tempered blade and raising it silently I hit her once, hard under the right ear. Her spear clattered away and her knees sagged and I whipped my quirt around her throat.
She struggled in my grip, surprisingly strong considering the blow with which I had stunned her. Her legs kicked out and her hands lashed backwards, beating at my body. I kicked her hard in the back of the calf and she cried out and her legs stopped moving. I pulled hard on the quirt and it bit deeply into her throat.
She said, "Bllooooogggghhhhhhhh,"and her mouth filled as though she were going to vomit, her cheeks puffing out.
Then she expelled air. "" Pttthhhhhuuuuuullllllllll."
I wrapped the quirt more firmly around my fingers and tightened my grip until my knuckles hurt.
Horrible noises.
I knew most of her air, nay, all of it had to have been cut off. Whatever stale air was left in her lungs was all her body had to work on.
I kept my grip going. I knew she was doomed but I wanted it to be over and by pulling ever harder hoped to shorten both of our agonies.
"Uuuuuuuurrrrrrrcccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she was trying to suck air but nothing existed for it to pass through.
Her face was bright red and her tongue waggled like some vile slimy creature with a mind of its own.
Tighter, tighter, could I make the quirt ever tighter?
Her body shuddered and her hands clawed at my quirt where the braided leather encircled her throat in a band tighter and stronger than steel. Her bladder released and pee ran down her leg splashing noisily on the floor.
I kept the pressure going, willing her to die.
Her body spasmed and jerked so uncontrollably she almost broke my grip.
Horrible, horrible sounds. The acrid stench of urine filled my nostrils.
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyy.................," as the ghastly gasp died away I almost released her so painful was it listening to this girl die. After all what had she done? Who was she? Just some poor sucker who had pulled guard duty tonight and who had the location of the Queen's secret bed chamber hidden on her person.
I had to have that secret as I had to kill the Queen.
"Die girl, die," I hissed into her ear.
She didn't hear me, couldn't hear me.
I made a supreme effort and pulled the quirt even tighter.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh...............................," it was the sound of death, the rattle of a dying body.
Her face was changing from red to purplish black spreading up from the neck, her tongue drooled out, her eyeballs bugged.
Suddenly she thrashed furiously and I knew that for her the end was near then she stiffened and arched beneath me, arched so violently that I heard her spine crackling, felt her muscles knotting and I whispered, "Bye bye baby."
"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuueeerrrr..............................," a sigh softly whispered into the darkness and I felt her life leave with it and she sagged forward against the quirt and her body relaxed into limpness and I knew it was over.
Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
I listened unsure what I was hearing.
Ah, it came to me, the last few drops of pee dripping onto the floor.
I laid her down. Removed my quirt and tucked it away.
An ugly purpled indentation circled her neck where the leather had bitten into the soft flesh of her throat, white blood flecked sightless eyeballs stared out from under her lowered eyelashes, her bluish pink tongue had slid swollen, slug like and distended to an amazing length, out of the side of her mouth, lying quite horribly and obscenely over her parted lips.
Her face was bluish black.
Her breasts drooped across her chest, sagging to the floor, dragged down by gravity, and yet her nipples stood up like two hard pebbles. Her tummy was sucked in, completely evacuated as she struggled to breathe. Her fingers curled inward, the nails stained with the same black blood that discoloured her face.
Her body made weird gurgling, hissing noises as gas escaped from her slackened orifices.
I set about searching her for the secret location.
First her sandals.
Simple practical leather with the small personal touch of red glass beads sewn to the toe straps. I unlaced them and slid them off of her feet and studied them carefully.
No secrets here. I unclasped her loincloth, a strange tubular copper band held up the front and rear embroidered cloth panels and I marvelled at the richness of the scarlet and black patterning which transformed the basic white cloth to a thing of richness and beauty. I felt my way along the cloth and could find no item that I would suspect as that which I sought.
Her clothes had yielded nothing.
I picked up her spear and looked at it closely. Standard issue and as far as I could tell it had nothing to reveal the location of the Queen's chamber.
It was time to hide the body away somewhere where it wouldn't be easily found and where I could carry out a much more intimate search. Just then she twitched wildly and I waited as she settled back to limpness. I got my hands under her armpits and taking a firm hold started to drag. Some guardian, some brave defender I thought, in reality she looked kind of pathetic. Mauve faced, starily blind, pokey tongued, her hair tumbled forward over her face and her legs spread, her feet almost resting on their sides on the ground, arms dangling in front of her, tits crumpled on her chest, tummy bulging inelegantly into a seductive little pot, pubic hair damp and matted from her loss of control.
And her toes were curling upward, hah, I had heard of turning up your toes and it was true.
I dragged her into a stone alcove under the stairway leading to the upper floor and laid her out in the shadows where she would be invisible to anyone not actually standing right in front of her. As I laid her down, although quite dead, she twitched and spasmed violently.
I went back to recover her few clothes and her spear. The puddle of pee glimmered in the light from the lamps and I mopped it up using her loincloth. I gathered her sandals, spear and loincloth together and took them back to where she lay and tossed them down beside her.
I ran my eyes over her naked corpse, nothing visibly apparent. I started my search of her body. Using my smallest finger I pushed it into each of her snot encrusted nostrils in turn, rolling it around and probing.
I used both hands to prise her gaping mouth wide open and, pushing her troublesome slug of a tongue away, felt inside with my fingers.
I found nothing hidden there.
I combed through her hair not sure what I expected to find but drew a blank.
I rocked back on my heels and studied the corpse laid out in front of me.
"Maybe inside little one," I murmured.
The body still made strange noises and now with a loud expelling of wind from both mouth and ass it lurched upward banging it's head against the underside of the stone stair. I put my hand on the forehead and pushed it back down.
I pushed her thighs aside revealing her womanly slit. The curly hair covered mons mounded out from under her tummy and over the ridges either side of her cunnie. Firm, proud little ridges. I spread them with my finger and there, nestling just inside were her labia minor, her softly crinkled inner lips. I found her vaginal opening and eased my middle finger inside and searched, probing, feeling, pushing it further and further inside. Wet, soft, warm, slimey and slippery. I passed the hard little nub of her clitoris and wondered if she had orgasmed during death. I tingled with excitement at the thought. I leant down and forced my finger as far inide as I could, probing, reaching, seeking anything hidden inside. I could feel nothing but a dead, slick, love tunnel.
I pulled out my finger and rolled her onto her side and then, spreading her buttocks, stabbed my finger deep inside her poop chute and twisted it around probing once again for any hidden item.
Again disappointment.
I sat back on my heels again and considered her lying there.
"Not on you Babe," I said.
I used her bum to push her further into the alcove rolling her against the wall.
I picked up her spear and tapped it. Solid, no loose bits, that couldn't be it. I studied her sandals again but they hid nothing. I picked up her damp loincloth and felt it, searching for some hidden pocket, some thickened seam. Not there. Then I saw again the copper waist band. I tapped it with my finger. It was light and hollow. I turned it around in my hands until I found the clasp. It slid into a round matching receiver and when I turned this it moved and unscrewed and came off and the copper band was actually a flexible tube. Inside was a rolled rice paper scroll. I teased it out and unrolled it.
There it was, a sketch of the castle with one room marked with a crown.
The Queen's secret chamber!
I had it.
Soon the Queen would be dead and if this wretched little sentry had been so much fun to kill how much better would slaying the legendary beauty of the Queen be.
I smiled.
"Bye bye baby you were fun and you were easy, but I have to confess, I really enjoyed strangling you," I emphasised the last bit (STRANGLING) as I addressed the back of the crumpled figure before me.
I rose and slipped away eager now to get to my prime victim.