Samurai Four

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I squeezed my eyes shut and waited to feel a barrage of razor sharp arrows penetrate my naked body.
The death of a hundred points!!
My wrists and arms ached abominably, but what did it matter, I was going to be dead in about thirty seconds. I hoped fervently that the first arrow would pierce my heart or smack into my brain as I hated the thought of pain.
I hung there waiting.
I felt things gurgle and knew that as well as dying I was about to embarrass myself with a loss of control.
Oh well......couldn't be helped.
I hung there my eyes clamped shut.
"Damn it," I thought, "kill me and be done with it you fuckin' torturers."
I braced for the arrows. I was going to die with dignity. I was so not going to pee myself.
I cracked an eyelid and risked a peek around.
The day had gone as dark as though the sun had shrunk. Nobody was looking at me and Deirdre. Everyone was looking off to one side. Even the archers had lowered their bows and were looking that way. I cut my eyes in that direction to see what was so fascinating. A tall figure cloaked and cowled, no face visible. Beside me Deirdre groaned.
"Shut up Deirdre," I hissed.
"Oh Barbanne this is worse than death."
"Eh? whaddaya mean?"
"It's the Lord of Darkness and I fear he has come for us."
"Yeah, is that bad?"
Deirdre groaned and slumped down, out cold again.
"Can it be worse than death," I said but my voice was a whisper.
A cold sepulchral voice came from the dark figure.
"Cut them down, release them." My heart skipped a beat and sang with relief. "They are mine," said the cold voice from beyond the grave and I have to confess I wet myself just a weenie bit.
The Yagmen seemed in thrall to the Lord of Darkness and they rushed to do his bidding. Deirdre and I were released from our bonds and taken down and hurried over to where the scarey dude stood watching. Deirdre was in and out and slumped in the arms of the Yagmen. We stood before him and still I could see no sign of his face in the folds of his cowl. His voice was like ice, no like death, death and corruption.
"Deirdre and Barbanne," he hissed, sibilant, like a snake, not really human at all.
(How'd he know our names?)
"Let them stand alone. Barbanne help your friend, come we go."
The Yagmen shrank away and I caught Deirdre before she fell. It's bloody hard to maintain your composure when you're both nude and as the Lord of Darkness turned on his heel and strode away I shuffled behind half carrying and half dragging poor Deirdre. The Lord of Darkness had a small retinue of two tall black haired bitches who were definitely witches and four huge muscular creeps who were naked from the waist up and hooded like executioners. I hadn't seen any of these people before as they hung back far behind their Lord and master trying, it seemed to me, to be almost invisible. He also had several huge black horses and he and his followers mounted up on these, one of the muscle dudes dragging Deirdre from me and hoisting her onto the front of his saddle and then one of the witches hauled me up in front of her. Without a word the whole company wheeled about and galloped away. I knew I would never again see Koichi or the Lady Shailin and that made me awfully miserable.
My particular witch managed to grope my tits while holding the reins of her horse and her sharp, pinched face breathed hotly in my ear and her rather foul breath assailed my nostrils as she whispered huskily as we galloped along.
"Ah Barbanne you and your little friend Deirdre will give my Lord much pleasure in your dying."
(Dying!!!!!....................oh shit!)
"And Carmilla (the other witch bitch I supposed) and I will enjoy you too."
Jeez, I thought, this truly sucks.
After an hour of fast riding we thundered past a huge escarpment and into a cave mouth and clattered along a stone passage before emerging into a vast cavern lit by flickering torches high up in wall sconces where we dismounted and small, black cloaked goblin types hurried the horses away. The Lord strode off leading us into a second smaller cavern and then up some dripping slimy steps and into a long stone walled corridor that led to a steel banded wooden door. He stood impatiently to one side as the witches opened the door and ushered us into a gloomily lit stone walled room with carpeted floors and tables and chairs. Hideous sculptured figures lined the walls and at one end there was a raised dais with three plushly padded thrones grouped in a sort of half moon arrangement. To one side of this dais there was a pool, the water in which glowed with a greenish luminescence. It could have been someone's bath but it could also have been a pond from the underworld. The Lord of Darkness took the central seat on the dais and Carmilla and her mate took the other two. The executioner types stood to one side flanking the pool.
Deirdre and I stood, naked and shivering in front of them.
"Come forward Deirdre," the Lord of Darkness said in his horrible cold voice.
Deirdre, hands clutched futilely in front of her breasts went forward.
"Look at me," he said.
Hard to do when you can't see a face let alone eyes.
But she did and she fell completely limp to the floor like some doll without any stuffing.
Two of the Executioner types dragged her by an arm each and laid her out corpse like on a long table in front of the dais.
"She is in the black sleep, dead and yet not dead," intoned the faceless Lord, "Barbanne her body is yours to use as you wish. Do with her whatever your perversions desire."
Struth I thought yet somehow I realised I was very aroused.
Not just aroused really really lustful.
What was wrong with me?
Here I was in some weird citadel completely at the mercy of some strange and totally evil Lord and faced with the naked body of the only friend I had, laid out before me like a side of beef on a slab, and I wanted to have sex with her helpless body so badly that I was wet down below and unable to refrain from touching myself. I didn't understand it and I knew not what was driving me, I didn't even know if Deirdre was alive or dead, but I wanted her so badly that I gave in completely to my wicked lust.
I stood over the table on which she lay and looked down on her.
Like me she was travel stained, dirty and somewhat pongy, but I loved her more than anyone or anything I had ever known in my life before.
Her left arm was above her head bent at the elbow. The other lay along her right side. Her torso was turned slightly to the left as was her head and her eyes were open but unseeing and I looked right into them. Her red lips were parted and her mouth gaped open, her black hair tumbled around her head. Her generous left breast sagged downward and her right coned upward, her tummy bulged a little and the flesh around her thighs wrinkled and rippled in pretty folds. A strip of thick black hair started at the bottom of her abdomen and curled down between her thighs and her fleshy slit glistened against the brown backdrop of her skin in this most personally secret of places. Her short but shapely legs were smeared with dirt and her knees were pinkly red. Her feet were dirty and her toenails badly needed a pedicure.
I loved her more than life itself.
I lusted for her such that I was leaking freely and moaning unconsciously to myself.
I leant forward and closed her eyelids ever so gently, unable any longer to withstand her senseless staring while I did this between us.
I kissed her open mouth and my lips locked to hers for what seemed a small eternity. I bought her left arm down until it also lay by her side and I rolled her onto her back. I commenced to kiss her body trying not to miss even the least significant square centimetre of her skin and lingering agonisingly over her breasts, her nipples and her belly button. All the while my right hand dwelt inside her pussy massaging her hard little clitoris and my left hand fingered my own pleasure mound bringing myself to orgasm after orgasm. Deirdre's body quivered and quivered and I knew that she was climaxing continuously with me even though she herself was in the thrall of the black sleep. There was nothing I did not do to her body or mine which left the tiniest feelings of pleasure untapped.
God I loved Deirdre's inert body in ways I hadn't previously known I could.
The Lord of Darkness watched it all seemingly unmoved although Carmilla and her friend, my tormentor, writhed and touched themselves as they joined in my ecstasy.
Deirdre's nipples drew me like the proverbial moth to a flame. They were big with large brown areolas and the actual nipple rose pinkly brown from the centre of these. Gorgeously tumescent flesh they sprang forth at my touch and reached upward pleading for my mouth to enclose and engorge them. Deirdre's hips were wide and fecund and she had a generous bum that also craved my attention and I worked tirelessly with my mouth to pleasure my friend. I could hear the two witch bitches sucking breath at the display of unbridled eroticism that I was providing with the assistance of Deirdre's senseless body.
At last I was orgasmically spent and knelt exhausted beside the table containg Deirdre.
"Come forward Barbanne," the Lord of Darkness's sepulchral voice summoned me and I found I had no will to resist rising and shuffling forward until I stood before him.
"Look at me," he said and against my will I did seeing something so old, so ancient and so powerful that my blood seemed to stop flowing. And then I fell naked and helpless to the floor and I too was in the black sleep.
Dead and yet not dead.
My mind was stirring and my pleasure receptors were on full but my body was as limp as a rag doll and I had no control over it at all. The big guys dragged me over to where Deirdre lay seemingly dead and laid me beside her. The table was long enough to accomodate both of our limp naked bodies.
The witch types started in on me and they were skillful, very skillful and within moments my breasts, my nipples, my cunt and my clit were aflame and burning and tingling and exploding with pleasure. I was drooling and dribbling and my fiery cunt leaked white secretions in copious amounts. I orgasmed again and again until it became a continuous almost painful arousal and then I lapsed into deep, black unconsciousness.

I drifted back to awareness and to the sounds of water splashing and feeble female whimpering.
I rolled onto my side and saw one of the brutish executioner types holding Deirdre in the foul greenish pool pushing her nakedness under the water and trying desperately to drown her. Deirdre's body glistened wet, water streaming from her skin and water gushed from her wide open mouth, snot dribbled from her nose, her long black hair streamed wetly and her arms and legs thrashed helplessly. As I watched her efforts became pathetically feeble and she sank back limply into the green water. I was suddenly fully awake and I flew off the table and rushed across the space between us with such suddenness that the others, who were intently watching Deirdre's demise didn't see me until I cannoned into the big bastard's back pushing him head first into the pool. I gripped Deirdre's shoulders and dragged her out whacking her across the face and pounding her back. She looked bluish and I didn't like that at all and then as she lay there I rolled her on her side and pounded her again. She vomited up water and her eyelids fluttered. The brutes were all around me and the witches were looking sardonic. What his Lordship thought I could not as alway tell thanks to that frigging cowl.
"Leave her alone you fuckin' bastards," I screamed.
"Death to both my Lord," asked the executioners. The witches smirked.
The cowled head nodded.
One of the executioner types, a particularly ugly bastard, grabbed my hair and yanked me upright. Deirdre was sort of peering around not at all sure what was going on. I pounded on the great brute's chest. I was so sick of being used and of being abused and of being bloody naked and cold and filthy dirty and I guess I was sort of hysterical. I was shrieking like us girls sometimes do and punching my harrasser (much good that did) and yelling obscenities at the top of my voice. He grinned a particularly nasty grin and clamping a big paw around my thoat he squeezed. My shrieking was cut off in flight. I suddenly found I was completely deprived of breath and my face was going purple and I could see blackness shrinking in on my vision from all sides and in the middle of this gathering gloom were pinwheels and stars and little pinpricks of light going poof!, poof! and I was hanging from the big shit's arm my toes wiggling clear of the floor and the whole thing sucked and I felt myself going, going, going. I was making like "erch, erch, erchity erch," sounds and it was pretty much all over for me. The fringe of blackness started lowering from the top just like a curtain coming down and I started going out to it, slipping into unconsciousness and death.
Then the fingers encircling my throat loosened and the grip slackened and my toes reached the floor and scrabbled around and my vision cleared a bit as blood pumped back into my brain and through slitty eyes I saw my tormentor's face wearing a really surprised look and a long sharp blade going in one side of his neck and coming out the other. The little pointy tip of the blade where it emerged from his throat was dripping blood.
"Wow," I thought, "this is weird."
Then his eyes rolled back and he went over backward and I got dropped and landed on my bum with a meaty whump!
(I really must lose a bit of weight from my backside)
Sitting undignifiedly on the floor staring wide eyed across the soles of the feet of the late and little lamented executioner type, I saw Koichi and Shailin standing in the doorway of the chamber. Shailin must have thrown the knife that skewered my strangler, whew I didn't know she could do that!!! The remaining three executioner type thugs (including the one I had dumped in the pool) rushed at Koichi and Shailin and that amazing blade of Koichi's whirled like spinning quicksilver and the tough guys ended up on the floor with their guts steaming beside them.
Yeeeeeeech! I hate when he does that even though I love him for doing it.
The two witch bitches came springing out of their seats screeching and whirling, doing somersaults and stuff and generally zooming around like they meant serious business and as soon as they got close enough Koichi spitted both of them with savage thrusts of his blade. The two witch bitches lay twitching on the floor, dead but not quite still. I'm not sure they realised they were dead but they were.
"Hey excellent," I said. Behind me Deirdre had passed out cold it all having been too much for her.
I heard sibilant hissing from the dais and turned just in time to see the Lord of Darkness disappear behind the throne he had occupied seemingly into a solid rock wall.
Koichi and Shailin were by my side.
"So Barbanne you lead us a merry chase."
I grinned kind of sickly like.
"Who is this?"
Deirdre was sprawled out completely senseless and showing no signs of coming back any time soon.
"Her name's Deirdre, we sort of fell in with each other in some dungeon or other."
"And what has happened here?"
"Too much to tell. Let's piss off out of here and I'll fill you in some other time."
"Where are your clothes?"
"Gawd know me I'm always getting myself nude for some reason or other."
He coloured slightly.
"Come then. Can you help your friend? There are nasty little creatures around here.............."
"Like goblins," said Shailin.
"........and I will need my arms free to combat them."
"Getting dressed is fine but what are me and Deirdre going to do for clothes?"
He looked at the two witches now stopped twitching and quite dead.
"Er yuk!!"
"Well you could ride with us nude but it may be chilly."
I dragged myself over to the two dead dames and screwing up my courage and my nose stripped them naked. I used their shifts and cloaks and shoes to dress myself and Deirdre (they were a lousy fit) and we were ready to go.
Deirdre was still out for the full count. With Shailin's help I got her up and over my shoulder fireman style and with Koichi in the lead away we went.
Out the door back along the passage down the stairs and into the small cavern where Koichi sliced up half a dozen or so goblins and then into the large cavern where Koichi and Shailin's horses stood snorting and neighing surrounded by more goblins. Koichi and Shailin slew a few of these and the rest took off. I commandeered a couple of the Dark Lord's horses for Deirdre and me and gratefully dumped her over the saddle of one and tied her in place. We mounted up and galloped off into the lovely fresh air outside.
As we passed out beside the escarpment the Lord of Darkness's disembodied voice rang out seemingly from the very rock itself, "Barbanne, wherever you go I go with are a dead woman from this moment forth."
"Get stuffed," I shouted but I felt sick to my stomach.
We rode on.

"Hey good to see you back," I told Deirdre as she sat blinking around.
We had stopped after about two hours riding when we at last felt safe having gotten well clear of both the dungeons of the Lord of Darkness and the land of the Yagmen. Deirdre had finally come round and was sitting opposite me as we all drank hot tea brewed by Koichi and nothing had ever tasted better to me. Forget your nectar this tea was the ultimate refresher.
"Thanks heaps Barbanne for carrying me like a dead deer draped over that horse," said Deirdre, "I'd have never known what fun it is to be black and blue from knees to tits otherwise."
"No problems Dee and hey after what we've been through its time you started calling me Barb."
"Okay Barb." She was grinning but she was awful bruisey thanks to riding the horse face down side saddle or should that be side straddle. I had introduced her to the others and now I looked at Koichi and said, "Now thanks for rescuing me just as I was about to be throttled, but tell me how did you manage to turn up in the nick of time?"
"Hmmm, we had followed you almost from the time the Yagmen snatched you and we really were puzzled as to how to stop you and Deirdre from being skewered in the death of a hundred points."
"Yeah that WAS tricky."
"But the Lord of Darkness solved that so we followed him when he took you and Deirdre."
"Did you know about him?"
"I have heard rumours."
"We'd have saved you sooner," said Shailin, "but when you were in the black sleep big K here wanted to watch."
I'll swear Koichi blushed.
"Not at all, I was just being prudent waiting for the right moment."
"I'll betchewer," I said.
"I guess its onward to the home of the Shogun Akirichihai?"
"And why Barbanne would you think otherwise? Just because a warrior is sidetracked by small matters such as the Anasaka and the Yagmen and this Lord of Darkness why would you think that he would lose sight of his primary mission. The code of the Samurai is quite clear on this." Then quietly he muttered, "Of course when a samurai is burdened with females, no, one particular female who delights in getting herself involved in every possible mischief it does complicate his task."
"Listen buster," my dander was up, "I didn't really chose to get into all this and just because I'm well, sort of accident prone, is no reason for you to single me out as the super dunce."
"Did I mention you Barbanne?" he looked at the others, "did I mention Barbanne by name."
Deirdre and Shailin were pissing themselves but nearly bursting trying not to show it.
"Hmmmmmmm," said Koichi.
"Hmm," said I and flounced away and got my foot caught in the damned witch's oversized cloak and went flat on my gob in a most undignified way.
"Bugger," I said.
Deirdre and Shailin started tittering and then broke into giggly laughter and even Koichi twitched his lips in the beginning of a smile.
"You.....You........YOU............," I said and then I was laughing to.
I marched up to Koichi stifling my giggles.
"OK big guy, I suppose I should thank you properly for saving my worthless hide." I launched myself at him catching him unawares and planted a big sloppy kiss on his lips that turned into serious pashing and a little tongue action accompanied by lots of breast squishing against his pecs. I could feel his appreciation pressing into my groin. I looked around at Deirdre and Shailin who were both wetting their lips with their tongues somewhat hungrily.
"OK guys," I murmured, "who's for some serious action????"
"Serious action Barb, really serious??"
"SERIOUS Deirdre."
It's amazing how fast some girls can get themselves nekkid.
No one faster than me though.