Samurai 3

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I can't swim.
And I sort of hate water, being in it that is.
But this day I had taken a little paddle, more of a splishy splash if you know what I mean. We were on top of that mountain, the mountain of the Yagmen, but none of them were to be seen and it was a glorious day, fresh, but wirh an amazing clear blue sky and the sun was warm and lovely. Koichi and Shailin had gone off to reconnoitre a path down to the other side and had left me here on some smooth, flat rocks beside a crystal clear mountain pool. The water was not warm but not cold either and I had stripped off to expose my pale freckled body to the sun and then the water had looked so inviting I had immersed myself in it, splishy splashing.
Now I lay on my back on a huge, warm, flat rock and thought in a dreamy way about Koichi.
Hot thoughts.
Dirty thoughts.
My fingers wandered over my body, carressing my nipples and stroking my breasts, barely touching them, just gliding, no drifting over my erogenous zones letting the feathery touch of my fingertips interact with my mind to arouse wonderful feelings.
Erotic feelings.
The sun beat down and my skin felt fabulously relaxed and a little excited. I let my fingers wander down until they touched the top of my pubis and thought of Koichi's lean, hard body and his wondrous cock and Shailin edged into my thoughts with her gorgeous womanly curves and I thought of myelf in between them and got very excited.
I let my fingers find their way into the soft folds of my labia and slide inside seeking my clitoris, my thrilled and thrilling clitoris. My eyes were closed and I squirmed and writhed on the rock as pleasure waves of tingling heat surged out of my groin and spread across my tummy. My nipples stiffened and thrust up, smoothing out their crinkles. I decided to go for it and let my fingers do the walking and my pussy started cooking and the tingles waved out from my groin and my self induced orgasm was coming, coming, coming......................
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhh," this was fantastic.
And then hands grabbed my arms and I was lifted bodily off of my rock, my shoulder sockets spearing with pain and my orgasm overlaid my brain and I was totally confused and terrified and I saw tanned legs and tanned arms and the fingers gripping my arms dug in painfully and my toes scraped across the rock and I didn't know what was happening but primal fear took over and I screamed.
Then, "EEEEEEEEEE.....," and then that was cut off abruptly as the hands holding me thrust me into the pool and down I went under the water my dying scream sucking water into my lungs.
Someone was trying to kill me!
"Aaaaaaaaaagh," now I was screaming inside my head.
My arms were windmilling, my legs kicking, my hands thrashing at the water, but those holding me were way stronger and pushed me down and down. I was staring through wide open eyes at the bottom of the pool. Eyes filled with water and terror. I could see little pebbles and weeds and sand and stuff.
I belched a big bubble of air.
Precious air.
Air I was running out of fast.
I struggled even harder and the hands holding me relaxed a moment and I pushed upward. The hands grabbed me again and rolled me over onto my back and my face broke the surface and I gulped air. I had a glimpse of two swarthy faces, men, very handsome and I mean drop dead handsome with long raven black hair and coal black eyes and I thought, "Yagmen!" and then the hands pushed me under and I shut my mouth tight and tried to hold onto my air as they pushed me down, holding me there, trying to finish me off.
I thrashed wildly and my naked arms and legs flailed endlessly, beating at the water and kicking and waving as I bucked and twisted and writhed.
I lost a little more air.
Thrash, thrash.
I lost a bit more.
Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.
I was becoming frantic. I was drowning. Dying!
The hands held me down, unyielding, without sympthy, without compassion, killing me as surely as night follows day.
I redoubled my efforts, thrashing like a slippery eel, a dying eel, a dying fish, a dying girl, a dying BARBANNE!
"Help me," I pleaded in my mind.
I threshed madly, the desperation of the dying, and my nose and mouth broke water again and I gasped noisily, gulping down air, "Thhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," I got maybe a half lungful.
The hands, annoyed now, pushed me down hard and through the roiling water covering my wide eyed stare I saw the distorted images of two amazingly good looking men, naked as far as I could tell, and intent on killing me stone dead, drowndead.
"Why?" I wondered, "why me?"
My lungs were hot, hurting, bursting with the need for more air and I tried to extract another morsel of oxygen from the air I had gotten.
Nothing there, just stale, carbon dioxide, stale, stale air.
I tried to hold it in, tried to keep my hope of breathing once more, but I couldn't. I had failed.
Two huge bubbles of air floated to the surface and water started rushing in and I gave up and started sinking to the pebbled bed of the pool. Odd, the hands didn't seem to be pushing me down anymore.
"Oh well," I thought, "fancy drowning," I thought, "and me who hates water."
That was it, it was all up for me, and I let go altogether and went unconscious, sliding into the black abyss of death.
"Funny," I thought, my mind totally disoriented and halucinating wildly, completely starved of oxygen. "I didn't know you dreamed when you were dead."
And what a dream.
Mad, stupid, crazy dream. I was rushing up toward the surface of the pool in which I had died being pulled by some enormous unearthly force and now I was out of the water suspended above it, silvery liquid streams cascading off of my nudity, my body limp in death, my arms and legs dangling and my head lolling, my mouth agape, my long hair, sodden and dripping and then I came down crash, face down, tits flattened on the rock where I had been sunbathing. Up again, down again, tits mashing against the smooth stone. "What a funny position," I thought, dreamily defunct, face down ass up, pussy and brown eye exposed to the world, "I'd be embarrassed," I thought, "except that I'm dead."
Up, down, up, down, and then water came gushing out of my mouth, flooding out and I thought, "This being dead sucks."
Someone was pressing on my back and water kept gurgling out of my mouth and nose and flooding over the rock and trickling downward.
I coughed.
Didn't know you coughed when you were dead.
And then my tummy spasmed and I threw up. More water. Heaps more water. Heaps, heaps more water!
Didn't know you threw up when you were dead!
Then someone rolled me over and I lay on my back, arms and legs splayed out and as soddenly limp as a saturated dish cloth.
I cracked an eyelid open.
Koichi and Shalin were peering down at me.
"She's breathing," said Shailin.
"Good although I suppose that means she'll soon be talking, jabbering away as she does."
"I don't jabber," I thought, "maybe chatter a bit."
"Oooooooooooooeerrr," I said.
"Ah she talks."
"What happened?"
"More important Barb, who were those two gorgeous men running away when we came up?"
"Yagmen I suppose, those bastards tried to drown me."
"Yagmen eh, hmmmmnn, we better get on top of them," she said, grinning.
I felt sort of odd and then a bit chilly, icy even and then my eyeballs rolled up and I went slackly limp and drooly, sprawled bonelessly across my rock.
"Oh struth she's leaving us again," I heard Shailin say and then I was out cold again.
Slowly I came swimming back up from the depths.
Shailin's lips were locked over mine as she breathed the kiss of life into my cold body.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnn, this was nice.
Koichi was rubbing my wrists and arms.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnn, thisWAS nice.
I took Koichi's hand with one of mine and led it to my breast and coached him on how to stroke that and draped the other arm around Shailin's neck and brought her kiss down close and intimate and hard.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm, I'm definitely coming back from the dead," I murmured.

After I had spent a short time recovering from nearly being drowned we travelled on up the mountain, Koichi and Shailin ahead and me dragging along behind them. Koichi, in the lead, held up his hand and I crashed into Shailin's back.
We had reached a spot just below the crest of the mountain top and facing us were a succession of dark, cave like openings, leading into who knew what.
"Mmmmm," said Koichi, "I will go ahead and see where these tunnels lead. Lady Shailin perhaps you could accompany me?"
"Of course," she said.
"And what about me?" I moaned.
"Surely Barbanne," said Koichi, "we can leave you here to rest for a time without your getting in trouble."
"Geez you can be a shit," I said.
"Shit, what is shit?" he asked Shailin.
"Come Koichi san," she said, "we will go." and they went.
I sat down to wait.
I must have dozed.
Suddenly I was grabbed by what seemed like dozens of pairs of hands and I popped fully awake to find myself in the grip of several of those men. Those bloody gorgeous looking men who had just tried to drown me. I struggled like mad fighting like a cat in a bag. I also opened my mouth to scream the mountain down but someone covered my mouth with a soft, well groomed hand. Geez these dudes smelled good, sort of like they were covered in Prada perfume. This was wierd.
I got my arms free and lashed out with strength I hadn't known I had, I was in a real fury. One of my punches got one of the dudes, a young guy almost a kid, right smack in the chin and he went down and out, flat on his back. Whee, lying there unconscious his cock started to swell and grow and the next thing I knew I was staring at one of the best erections I had ever seen. I was gobsmacked and as I gazed at his pork sword transfixed, the others jumped me and I went down under a heap of powerful, Prada smelling, male bodies.
Oh well if I had to be captured maybe this was OK.
They hustled me into one of the cavernous openings and down a passage lined with rooms into a space that looked like an arena, across that and into another tunnel corridor lined with big wooden doors. They opened one of these and threw me inside. I landed on my knees and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom I found I was in a staring match with another girl.
She was about my age with dark hair and a sweet face and an enviably curvy body.
"Welcome to hell," she said.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"Deirdre," she said, "who are you?"
"Barbanne," I said, "who are the Prada dudes?"
"Yagmen," she said.
"I figured that, why are they always nude and why are they always trying to kill me?"
"You've noticed your girlish charms don't work then?"
"Sure have but why?"
"Barbanne for these charcters sex is like with each other and the likes of you and me with tits and internal plumbing are for breeding or are surplus to requirements."
"So what are we? Breeders or.................................?"
"I think we're for their fun."
"And what does that involve?"
"Getting killed."
The door opened and a huge and amazingly good looking specimen of Yagman manliness?????? wearing a feathered headdress came in.
"Prepare yourselves women," he sneered that part, "one will come soon and then you can fight each other for the right to live another day."
"Fuck you sport," I said, but he was gone.
We sat there talking over our prospects. Deirdre told me that the Yagmens' only use for women like us was using us for their entertainment in arena fights to the death. We evidently had no attraction to them as breeders and so we were to be forced to fight and that fight would be to the death of one of us.
"What if we refuse?" I asked her.
"Then we'll be killed here in this cell."
"And what if we won't fight to harm each other?"
"Then they'll kill us there in the arena."
I sat there thinking how much this all sucked.
"Deirdre," bright idea time, "you know one of the Yagmen comes here to herd us around and presumably to return the winner to this cell?"
"Yeeeeees," tentativeley.
"Well, I have a plan, want to hear it?"
She did and I outlined my scheme. It was full of holes but if everything went okay it just might work.
We sat down to wait trying not to dwell on all that could go wrong.
After several hours another Yagman also with a headdress came in and using a spear as a prod pushed us down the passageway and out into the open where the arena awaited us.

Deirdre and I had our plan. We were rather evenly matched, although I was maybe a tad skinnier and so we felt we could fake it and pull it off.
The Yagmen had gathered in the seats surrounding the arena and both Deirdre and I had been stripped naked except for a loose golden belt around our hips and a golden chain linked head piece, a sort of diadem. These items represented something spiritual to the Yagmen and I figured other girls had gone to their deaths wearing them on the blood soaked sand of this very arena.
It had been made clear to us that one or other of us would be laid out dead on her back before the bout was considered to be over.
I was sweating lightly, sheened in perspiration, Deirdre was even damper. What a pity a really sexy catfight was to be wasted on these women hating dudes.
A Yagman, a big strong guy, who seemed to be some sort of referee entered the arena with us and bowing to the assembled crowd then turned to us and said, "Begin."
We circled around the arena studying each other and looking for an opening. I winked at Deirdre and made a dive at her. We locked hands and scrabbled about, each searching for a weakness in the other. We both strained our rather puny muscles and it wasn't long before we started to sweat freely. Two naked sweaty girls struggling and not a red blooded male withing cooee, what a waste!
I broke one hand free and grabbed Deirdre's hair and pulled her head back hard. She countered with an elbow to my midriff and I gasped and doubled over. She slammed a foot into my thigh and I went down on one knee wrapping my arms around her middle and then, both straining, we went to the ground clawing wildly at each other for an advantage. I got her by the shoulders and threw punches, more slaps really, and rolled her onto her back. She slapped back and I squealed and, hating the thought of getting hurt, covered up and tried to hit back at the same time.
We kept it going for a while, writhing and twisting and sneering and snarling and punching and putting on holds and all of that stuff, the complete girly cat fight. All the while the Yagmen looked on with what appeared to me when I could spare the time to look as total disdain. Girls were definitely not their thing.
Finally I sort of cornered Deirdre in one corner of the arena and, diving forward, grasped her around the tummy and flipped her over my shoulder and then jumped on her with a big splash and started to throw heaps of punches and she waved her hands feebly and then I punched her hard, knocking her lights out, and grabbed her throat and started strangling her and she put on a great show waggling her hands and kicking her legs and going pink in the face and then rolling her eyes backward and flopping her tongue out and with a big sigh she allowed a big globule of foamy spittle to slide out of her mouth and run down her cheek and it was all over, she was dead.
The Yagman who had bought us in re-entered the arena but I waved him away.
"She's my friend, I killed her I'll take care of her."
He wanted to keep coming but I snarled so fiercely that he back away.
I gripped Deirdre's wrists and jerked her up into a slumped half seated position. I stooped and lifted her onto my shoulder fireman style. I staggered out of the arena with Deidre's limp body draped over me and the Yagman following.
"OK Deirdre I'm counting on you," I whispered to the corpse, "do you think you can handle it?"
"Mmmmm," an affirmative I thought.
As we came into the stone passage leading to the cells I stumbled and the Yagman came close and said, "Can you continue?"
"I think so," I muttered, "give me a hand with the dead bitch."
As though about to handle poo he reached out for Deirdre's nakedness and she came alive slamming his head against the stone wall. I dropped her to her feet and the two of us were on him like crazed banshees. Between us we managed to bash him senseless and he went down, sliding down the wall and rolling onto his back, a fantastic specimen of inert male perfection. As his cock expanded out from his groin into a magnificent pillar of glistening, tumescent and, to Deirdre and me, absolutely useless flesh I regretfully took her arm and we ran off, she, like me no doubt, wondering at the awesome wastefulness of that fabulous walloper.
We were both still nude except for those little golden adornments but there was no time to worry about that. We had to find our way out of there.
We ran down the stone walled passage and into another, along that to a cross passage, turn right, running as fast as we could, how many damned passages did this place have? I had no idea where escape was but kept following my nose and Deirdre's ass in the hope that somewhere would be out. Out of this darned warren of passageways.
A few more twists and turns and we saw light ahead. We both scampered like mad and out into an open space, out into a well lit spacious area. We were out! Out into the Arena.
Fuck! Back where we started.
There were Yagmen everywhere and we ran straight into them.
Deirdre screamed and half turned toward me and a Yagman slugged her in the jaw. She came straight at me and I could see she that although she was moving she was out like a light. I caught her involuntarily and she sagged into me, her breasts crushed to my breasts and her open mouthed lips sliding over my face, kissing me.
"Oh shit Deirdre," I said, "this sucks." She didn't hear zip of course.
Then the Yagmen piled in and, trying to protect Deirdre as much as I could, I held her tightly hugged against me as we went down under the press of bodies. Deidre was completely out of it and I crushed her limp body against mine protecting her face and airways as best I could while a multitude of arms, legs, chests, abs, pecs etc, yes boners too, (at least I hoped they were boners) swarmed over us, smelling rather excitingly of Prada.
We stood no chance and within moments I had been pulled to my feet supporting Deirdre's senseless body in my arms. The big Yagman, the one with the headdress, the one who had first visited me when I had been put in the cell with Deirdre, strode over and Looked at us. Deirdre hung limp in my arms, her breathing laboured and her mouth wide open and I looked pretty crap too I imagined, my diadem all crooked and my belt hanging loosely around my waist.
"Bitches," he snarled, "bitches, you would defile the sacred rites of death."
He turned to the others.
"The bitch women are defilers. What is your judgement."
"The death of a hundred points," they shouted together.
What was that for gawds sake?
A few minutes later I knew. Two posts with cross beams had been set up in the arena and Deirdre and I were lashed to them, stretched out as though being crucified and hanging from lashings around our wrists and that cross beam. Facing us were maybe fifty Yagmen with bows and awfully lethal looking arrows and they were aiming at us. Thank goodness Deirdre was still out for the count.
The big dude raised his arm and smiling at the archers said, "Are you ready?"
"We are ready sir," they shouted back.
"Ready to kill these accursed, defiling women?" he spat.
"Ready sir."
His arm quivered.