Samurai 2

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I wriggled my bum and wiggled my tits, trying to sink into the ground in an attempt to become invisible. Beside me Shailin was as flat as she could get, not quite as flat as me though, told you she had a bit more weight.
Oooh that was bitchy.
God I'm a bitch.
So these were the Anasaka.
We were watching two camp guards from our hidey hole. Koichi was off somewhere to the left figuring how to get us past this armed fortification which had absolutely heaps of these warrior broads inside. We were assigned to watch these two and if necessary keep them from sussing out our Samurai friend. How we were to do that I had no idea.
The two guards were nearly naked, a brief cloth skirt and sandals and some arm and neck ornaments, together with bow and arrows, seemed to be their fighting gear, and from what I had seen these two were typical of the Anasaka. These women were all big, not so much tall, although they were centimetres taller than me, but rather, heavily built. What I mean is these babes had big breasts, big hips, sturdy arms and legs, crusher thighs and so on. Not that they were some sort of brutes, no way. No they were just big, strong, voluptuous girls and I hoped I'd never have to face one in any sort of contest. Wheew, that would definitely result in bye bye Barbanne. And, it was still fairly cool, not frigid like it had been further up the mountain, but nippy and yet these girls went nearly nekkid, I tell you these babes were tough cookies.
I looked over at Shailin. She turned and we smiled at each other in a sort of sickly grin way.
After a few moments one of the guards disappeared to some other part of the camp's perimeter. We watched but she didn't return. We settled down to wait. This was getting a bit boring and I was having trouble keeping my attention focussed. My attention span is normally that of a gnat.
Then Shailin punched me in the arm and jerking up I saw that the guard had seen something off to the side and whatever it was it had grabbed her interest. I looked but could see nothing. Shailin gripped my arm and pulled me over and when I joined her I could see what it was that had alerted the guard. Koichi was approaching the camp some two hundred metres away and, although blending really well into his surroundings, from this angle he was clearly visible.
The guard had spotted him too and as we watched she was fitting an arrow to her bow and reaching for a horn she had strapped to her quiver, no doubt to summon her mates.
"Come on Barbanne," hissed Shailin and then we were up and running.
I am anything but strong but I am wiry, some might say stringy, and, launching myself, I landed on the guard's back wrapping my arms and legs around her and trapping her arms and hoping Shailin had a plan.
The guard grunted and shrugged and nearly dislodged me but I hung on and managed to knock the horn from her grasp. The momentum of my charge buckled her knees and we went down together. Shailin rushed in from one side, a big rock in her hand and pounded the guard in the head. The guard snorted and redoubled her efforts to dislodge me and I could barely keep my grip of her and then Shailin bashed her again.
This time she weakened noticeably and I shouted, "Hit her some more."
Shailin did.
And then again. And again. And again.
Snotting a big gobbet of phlegmy stuff this time, the guard went down like a poleaxed steer, taking me with her.
Together we lay face down, me straddling her and her just lying there.
I realised that Shailin and I had a very big, very dead lady on our hands.
"Stop pleasuring yourself on our dead friend Barbanne and help me get rid of her."
"Mmmmm," I staggered upright.
Shailin grabbed her by the shoulders and I tried to sort of push carry her legs. Nothing. We didn't move her a centimetre.
"We're both going to have to drag her."
"Looks like it."
I got on one side of the corpse and Shailin got on the other and we both got an arm under one of her armpits and we lifted and dragged and off we went. The Anasaka babe's head had fallen back on her neck, her mouth gaped open and I found myself looking into her nostrils and down her throat. She had these pinky membranes and what I suppose were her tonsils and her tongue was swollen and sort of filling her bottom jaw. Every now and then we'd bump over something and her head would bob up and her wide open, sightless eyes would stare briefly into mine.
And she was starting to leak a little blood into her nose and mouth.
I was really glad when we got to a thicket of shrubbery and could dump the guard in where no-one would find her. Not for a long time anyway.
I was puffing, hands on knees, and Shailin set in stripping the guard of everything.
"What are you doing?"
"You'll find out. Here carry these and come on we have to go back and get her weapons."
We collected the dead guard's bow and arrows and then scuttled down to where Koichi was concealed and studying the camp.
"Not come up with anything yet Koichi san?" said Shailin.
"Hnnh, what are you doing here? Where are the guards?"
"One's dead and the other is gone."
"I've got an idea."
"I have got the dead guard's clothes and weapons here. Barbanne can put them on and then, posing as a guard, she can take us down to the camp and once inside, well, that's up to the great Koichi san."
"Excuse me," I said.
They both looked at me.
"If you hadn't noticed I'm a squirty gaijin not an Anasaka babe and those bloody clothes, if you call them clothes, won't go anywhere near fitting me and this is a crazy idea."
"There are some problems," said Shailin.
"Hmmmm, just do it Barbanne, we have no better plan."
"Just DO IT Barbanne."
So, mumbling and fuming, I stripped naked and donned the guard's skirt and sandals tying the skirt around myself nearly twice and slopping in the sandals. I put on the ornaments and slung the bow and arrows around my shoulder.
"Geez this is dumb," I muttered.
"It will do," said Koichi, "here take my sword we are supposed to be your prisoners."
So I did and holding his sword I pushed them both in front of me and away we went. Shailin had bundled up my clothes and carried them with her.
We came up to the gate of the fortified camp.
"What is this?"
"Prisoners. Strangers I found lurking outside, let me enter."
"Hmmph. Very well, open the gate."
It swung open and we went in.
The Anasaka were waiting inside. Heaps of them.
"What trickery is this," said one particularly big broad, "you are not Anasaka."
This was me she was talking about, we were sprung. I tossed Koichi his sword and everything happened at once. Anasaka came from all sides and someone lurched at my head with a spear. I ducked away and saw Koichi flash at my attacker turning the spear upright and the flat of the heay blade slammed against my head and I went down on my back, tits up and out cold.

I came sliding up out of the cold, grey fog of unconsciousness to realise I was still nearly naked and lying on my back on a chilly stone floor and as I just barely cracked one eyelid I saw Shailin's face hovering above me and Koichi's face peering over her shoulder.
"Is she dead my lady, please say she is not dead."
"Do you then care so much for Barbanne Koichi san?"
"She makes me laugh I must admit, I would be very sorry to see her gone."
"She breathes Koichi and yes she has a pulse."
Thank gawd, I thought.
Cracking an eyelid I saw stone walls and a barred prison door. I let my eyelids flutter down shut again.
"Well that was a crap plan," I said.
"Ah you are back with us," said Shailin.
"I take it we are in prison," I said.
"Mmmmmmm," said Koichi.
"In the Anasaka fortress?" I asked.
"A small set back Barbanne, even now the Lady Shailin and I are working on a way to secure our release."
"Oh yeah," I said and sat up. My nipples were freezing. "Lets hear this new plan."
"Hmmm it is not final yet."
I laughed. "We're stuffed that's the truth isn't it?"
The cell we were in were in was a stone walled rectangle about four metres square with a barred door leading to a long stone corridor. Guarding us was a big, fit Anasaka warrior and her clone was at the end of the corridor, just visible from our cell.
"I think maybe I've got a plan," I said, "do you want to hear it?"

"Oooooooowwweeerrrrrrooooooh," I moaned and rolled on the floor of the cell, my hand caressing my pussy and my finger deep inside and stimulating my clit. Koichi and Shailin were wrapped in their cloaks and seemingly asleep. My naked body writhed on the floor and I moaned again.
The guard couldn't resist it, I knew she wouldn't be able to. If there had been one big weakness in my plan it was that the guards would do something ridiculous like stay at their posts and act like guards rather than humans.
I rolled around in a transport of ecstasy with my fingers bringing my pleasure centres to a big climax. After all, I'd done this before a few times and knew what was expected, add to which that I was really and truly, actually arousing myself.
"Ooooonnh, Oooooonnh, Ooooooonh," I was enjoying this part of the plan.
The guard opened the door and crossed to where I was.
"No need to be alone in this little Gaijin." She lowered herself onto my body and her face hovered above mine.
"Oh yes, yes, love me my big, strong, jailer."
I took her face in my hands and, drawing her down, kissed her fiercely.
Koichi grabbed her head in his hands and with an awfully sudden, sharp yank and twist and a horrible creaking of tendons followed by a loud crack, snapped her neck finishing her instantly.
Her body flopped heavily onto mine and lay there twitching uncontrollably. Yeeeeeeecchhh!!!
When the second guard hove into view at the end of the corridor she saw the door to our cell wide open and her colleague lying dead on the floor, her head at a wierd angle and her sightless eyes studying the stone floor close up and drool puddling beneath her cheek. My naked body lay across hers, bent backward, quite dead, and with my head hanging down, hair dragging on the floor and gazing, wide eyed and lifelessly, straight at her.
She started running down the corridor.
"Don't blow your horn," I willed her.
Koichi and Shailin stood either side of the door hidden by the walls.
She rushed into the cell and stooped over our dead bodies.
Koichi and Shailin sprang.
The guard didn't last thirty seconds. I'm not sure whether she was throttled or had her neck broken but soon there were two corpses on the floor and one, mine, miraculously arisen from the dead.
We hastily arranged the bodies, disguising them to look like two of us sleeping.
"Come we go. Come go now, go quick," hissed Koichi.
"Hey," I wailed, "unless you hadn't noticed, I'm naked.......and cold."
"Always complaints Barbanne, always complaints."
"There's nothing to wear Barb," At least Shailin was sympathetic.
"But I'm naked and cold," I wailed again.
"Hmmmm, I like when you are naked," I could have sworn Koichi mumbled.
"Take one of the guard's skirts," said Shailin.
"They're fuckin' useless," I said, but I did, wrapping it around me twice.
Then we went racing down the corridor, Koichi and Shailin armed with the dead guards' weapons and me, unarmed, to all intents and purposes undressed and unshod.
Fuck why is it always me?

At the corner of the corridor we skidded to a halt while Koichi sussed out the lie of the land.
Koichi sneaked forward and peered around the corner, "There are three guards about fifty metres away. Barbanne here is what you will do."
"Me, why is it always me?"
"Barbanne," Warningly.
I listened and then I staggered out into the corridor, gawd knows what I looked like, naked except for a tatty skirt and somewhat dishevelled from what could only be called a bad night. I stumbled, my knees buckled and my hips wiggled and I almost fell and then I staggered toward them again, mumbling and moaning, my head wobbling helplessly on my neck and my eyes rolling wildly and unfocussed and then as I saw them drawing close I sighed and went down, measuring my length on the floor. I twitched once or twice and then went deadly still. They bent over me and one kicked me with her sandal.
"Is she dead?"
"Who is she?"
"The Gaijin prisoner."
"How did she escape?"
"I don't know but however she did she is dead now."
Then Koichi and Shailin were upon them and very quickly it was these three guards and not me who were dead. Once gain we dragged three Anasaka babe stiffs, well more limps actually, but well and truly carked if you know what I mean, into the shadows and hid them.
"Come, said Koichi, "we must go back to the gatehouse and recover my sword, you remember where it is?"
"Yes," said Shailin.
"No actually on account of I was in dreamland from the time I got whacked with the spear," I whined, "but I'll follow you guys. Hey are my clothes in this here gatehouse?"
"Possibly," said Shailin.
"Well that would be good, at least I could go around feeling sort of warm."
"Complaints, always complaints Barbanne."
"Well I'd reckon even you must be sick of seeing my bare ass by now Koichi."
"Some things are never too much."
"What is pervert?"
"Oh come on lets go to this effing gatehouse."
Down corridors, round corners, up more corridors, across open spaces we ran until we finally reached the gatehouse. We only encountered one other guard along the way but I did my "dying" trick and she died!
There were two more guards in the gatehouse and I distracted them too until Shailin and Koichi finished them and there was his bloody sword and, thanks be to heaven, my clothes.
Dressed, warm and feeling sort of human again and part of the team, I trailed along as we set off to find our way out of the fortress.
We travelled along darkened passages and through dimly lit spaces and past various guarded positions, being careful to stick to the shadows and avoiding any clashes with the Anasaka. Koichi seemed to have an idea where we shold go in order to pass through the Anasaka fortress and emerge on the other side, free then, we hoped, to continue our journey to the land of the Shogun Akirichihai.
We had been travelling for about twenty minutes when Koichi held up his hand and hissed, "Stop." Shailin and I cannoned into each other before banging into Koichi's broad back. We crept forward to where a red light spilled around the corner of a dank stone wall. Crouching together our three heads peeked around the edge of the wall and a wierd sight revealed itself to my eyes.
Inside a large cavernous room were a dozen or more Anasaka dressed in leather aprons and gathered around a huge fire burning within a crude stone fireplace, more of an oven actually. All of them were sweating as they went about their task.
And that task!
Six naked people knelt in terror on the damp stone floor. Four were women and two men. As we watched in some horror two of the Anasaka dragged one screaming woman to her feet and while one pinned her arms behind her the other raised a large wooden mallet and, grinning nastily, slammed it into the woman's forehead right above the bridge of her nose. She went down in a heap, twitching violently. Before she even stopped moving two other Anasaka dragged her between them to a stone slabbed bench table and lifted her still flopping corpse onto the slab where three more of the Anasaka butchers, wielding monstrous knives gutted her and began butterflying her sprawled body. Still more of the Anasaka butchers carried her filleted remains and pushed them into the oven using big flat wooden paddles. By the time she had started grilling or was it roasting, another victim, a man this time, was on the slab being cut open while yet another woman was being hammered to death.
Koichi pulled us back and turned to face us his eyes filled with disgust.
"Enough. We bring vengeance for those slaughtered."
Then he rushed into the room, his awful sword scything like a windmill as Shailin and I scampered behind cheering him on. Such was the ferocity of Koichi's attack that I had to be careful to evade his swinging blade lest I too get skewered, but it lasted less than a minute. All of the Anasaka lay stretched out on the floor, gutted and shuddering in their death throes.
"Come, follow us," I said to the three victims who had escaped being cooked.
Koichi wiped his blade clean on the bodies of the Anasaka and slid it back into its scabbard and we all hastily crossed the reeking charnel house and ran down a passage leading on to the way to freedom.
There was one more obstacle to overcome.
When we came in sight of the big iron banded door that led to the outside Koichi's reconnaissance revealed yet another Anasaka guard. Only one this time and sneaking a peek I saw that she was woman about Shailin's age with shoulder length black hair and a mature body showing just a hint of cellulite here and there. In other words a voluptuous babe who would probably be a fantastic lover. I whispered my latest plan in Koichi's ear and he nodded approval. Shailin was having trouble keeping the near hysterical, would be main courses, in check. They could barely keep quiet and only when Koichi looked at them as though he might consider filleting them himself did they shut up completely.
I walked boldly down the corridor making no attempt to conceal myself.
"Halt," said the Anasaka, "stop right there."
I did.
"Come here," she said, "with your hands up where I can see them."
I came. When I was about two metres away she said, "Who are you? What is your business here?"
"I am a Gaijin concubine, much in demand with the others and not being able to sleep I thought I would seek out another who is condemned to a long lonely night and make her time pass more quickly."
"What exactly do you mean?"
"Let me approach and I will show you."
"Alright but keep your hands in view."
I came up until we were nose to nose. She was pretty with dark brown eyes and a cute nose.
"Here," I said, and taking her face in my hands kissed her long and hard.
At first she was stiff and unresposive but I soon melted her and it wasn't long before we were nude and kissing, her hands all over me and my hands finding her special spots and stroking and stimulating them.
She was moaning softly and then as her hand moved inside me searching for my clit and as I wrapped her in my embrace and our mouths locked together, Koichi strangled her.
It's a really wierd and strangely arousing sensation to be being intimate with another person as they die.
I felt the woman's shock and fear as Koichi's hands encircled her throat.
I felt her body quivering.
I felt her nipples harden and her hand inside me thrashing as though she were desperate to bring me to climax in the seconds left to her.
I felt her fear as a physical thing and then her resignation and acceptance and I felt her life depart and I was left holding a dead body, suddenly gone very, very heavy in my arms. Our faces were still millimetres apart and I saw the red bursts in her eyeballs and her tongue lolling out and the spittle oozing from her lips and the snot sliding whitely from her nostrils nd I felt her nipples gone as hard as two stones and then she became too heavy and I let her nude corpse slide limply to the floor.
I felt terribly sad.
But then the door was open and I was dressing again madly and we were outside and free from this citadel of the Anasaka.
The charnel house prisoners went running away, headed for their home village and Shailin, Koichi and I were off up the valley of the Anasaka and headed for the palace of the Shogun Akirichihai.

The next morning we crested a rise leading out of the valley. Ahead loomed a forbiddingly rocky mountain.
The land of the Yagmen. Male warriors, all practically nude of course and even more fearsome than the Anasaka.