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"Drink up Barbanne."
I could feel the rough planking of the bench under my bare thighs and bum and the cold mountain air overcame the pallid warmth of the fire burning on the far side of the inn tap room to chill my bare shoulders and arms. And my feet were cold. This damned short cotton tunic and my bloody open strapped sandals offered me little in the way of warmth. Briefly I wondered how I had been stupid enough to seek custom from these three men.
These men, my warning signs were screaming at me, were Ronin.
The thin, rat faced one spoke again, "You like sake Barbanne?"
His two huge, dull faced companions looked at me with lack lustre eyes.
"Love it," I lied. I am no drinker. And that's a big understatement.
"Bottoms up," said rat face.
"Mmmmm, mmmmm," mumbled his friends.
I pasted a sickly unconvincing smile on my face and upended the tumbler.
The fiery liquid burned its way down into my gullet, hit my tummy, vapourised and rushed back into my brain.
"Good aiee," said rat face.
"Luvly," I slurred and realised his face was unfocussed and my eyes were crossing of their own accord completely outside my control.
I widened my smile, tried to concentrate, and then the wooden trestle table was rushing up to hit me and I heard my forehead crack against it with a bone numbing thud and one of the huge goons said, "She no drinker," and another said, "She out cold," and blackness descended and I was.

I woke with a pounding tympany drumming inside my skull and a foul furriness in my mouth and that cold mountain air blowing up my ass. I was bent face down over a big black horse with my hands and feet tied to that strap that goes round a horse's tummy tying the saddle on. My long brown hair was dragging in the dust.
"Oooooooooh," I groaned.
The horse stopped and rat face peered up at me.
"Aah Barbanne, best you go back to sleep girl."
"Uuhheeeer....?" I mumbled.
Then one of the goons, I really couldn't tell them apart, grabbed my hair in a bunch and painfully yanked my head up and I saw a huge hand fisted and rushing toward me. I had time to think how thick the little hairs were on the backs of the fingers and then it connected with my jaw and I went bye byes again, this time for the full count.

The next time I woke up the tympany had become a steady bass drumming and I knew I was going to be sick. My tummy was roiling biliously. My hands were tied above my head around a tree trunk and my ankles were lashed together with the same leather thongs that had tethered me to the horse. I was propped, half sitting, half slumped against the smooth trunk of a tree in some forest glade and it was snowing very lightly and I was freezing. My tunic had been torn down the front and flapped open to my navel and my breasts sagged on my chest exposed for all to see. I noted with a wierd detachment that dangling like this the inner slopes of my breasts had tiny puckers where the first bloom of firm round youth was giving way to age. Do breasts get cellulite, I wondered. My nipples were thrusting out, painfully aroused by the awful coldness. I knew from the discomfort that I had been assaulted while unconscious. I didn't need the sticky remainders gluing my thighs to convice me of that.
The Ronin, my captors and tormentors, were about a hundred metres away eating around an open fire, well rugged up against the cold and talking softly amongst themselves.
I knew that when they had finished with me I was a dead woman.
I gave way to despair and started crying, my silent tears rolling down my cheeks.
"Don't cry out," the harsh voice in my ear caused my eyes to saucer and my mouth to drop open, a scream forming in my throat.
A hand clamped over my mouth muffling my nascent cry and the voice said, "Be quiet stupid girl."
I felt the bonds restraining my hands severed and my arms flopped down, pins and needles tingling every finger as blood reluctantly started flowing again.
"Are you going to be silent?"
I nodded furiously.
My saviour, dressed in flowing robes moved in front of me and slashed the thongs hobbling my feet.
"Who are you?" I whispered.
"Samurai," was the hissed reply.
"Sam who............"
"Nnnnuughhh," he hissed again disgustedly and then he vanished.
I lay back against the tree rubbing my wrists and ankles and feeling lousy.
Samurai appeared as though by magic at the outer circle of my captors' firelight and said, "Scum. Defilers of women, prepare to die."
"Unnngghh," said rat face.
"Samurai," shrieked one of his oversized cohorts.
The Samurai turned his face from them studying the tree tops and stood there with his arms folded.
The three Ronin sprang to their feet and drawing their swords rushed at him. My tummy dropped.
At the last second his sword, which he wore in a sheath across his back, came flying out, whirling like an arc of lighting and slashed across rat face and then returned to wheel past his two goon pals.
Very, very, slowly all three dropped to their knees and their swords clattered to the ground and then their entrails came steaming out in snakey piles to flop onto the snow covered ground.
That was it for me and even before their corpses had fallen twitching to follow their guts I was vomitting exposively onto the forest floor, crouched doggy fashion on hands and knees.
The Samurai's strong fingers gripped my arm and he helped me up. His voice which I had thought harsh now sounded soft and warm and gentle, "Come little one your tormentors are dead."
"How can I ever thank you?" I asked pleadingly, clutching my torn tunic across my breasts.
"What is your name little one?"
"Very pretty. You are gaijin I think, are you not?"
I nodded.
"I am Koichi," he said. "Come we must go. Take what warm clothing you need from those vermin.
Averting my eyes I found warm cloaks and decent footwear amongst the baggage of the slain threesome. Nothing fitted but I gratefully put it on over my own poor tattered stuff.
Koichi helped me onto the black horse which had borne me there, but upright this time, and mounting his own magnificent roan stallion set off leaving me to follow in his wake.
After several hours during which I struggled to keep pace with him Koichi stopped and, dismounting, began setting up camp.
"You will do that which a woman should," he told me and I knew I was to be the cook and general factotum. I didn't mind and soon a welcoming fire was burning and I was preparing a meal from the ample supplies Koichi had in his saddle bags.
Without saying anything he watched me as I went about my tasks. When we had both eaten he indicated that we should sleep. I was ready for that, that was for sure. I looked around for somewhere to change and realising what I was doing that soft, warm voice said, "You can have no secrets Barbanne from one to whom you owe your life."
I swallowed hard and then, standing close to the fire, stripped off my motley wardrobe. He watched me. When I was naked he rose and taking me at arms length ran his eyes over my nudity slowly and very erotically.
"Another time," he said and then his lips brushed mine and heat stirred in my groin and flushes ran all over me. Then he turned and rolling himself in his cloak lay down to sleep. I made a nest of furs and turned in across the fire from him and lay there for a long time before sleeping, my nipples and pussy burning with desire and my femininity very alert to his proud maleness.

We travelled together for days.
Not once did he try to make love to me. And I wanted it, oh how I wanted it. 'Another time' was taking a long time to come.
Oh well, I made do with preparing his camps in a lovely, slightly frilly, way and cooking him meals the like of which I don't think he had been used to. Gradually he became more relaxed in my company and one relatively mild evening when we had eaten well and were sitting companionably around the fire he said, "Tell me about yourself and what it is to be a gaijin in my country Barbanne."
I told him how it was to have been poor and abandoned in this masculine land. I decided to hold nothing back and so told him the truth, that I had survived by working almost exclusively in the sex trade. He listened silently, his eyes watching me closely.
I told him of my life by quoting various anecdotes and elaborated on how Takashi and I had made good money performing Aburagoroshi or Oil Kill. This was a performance of which the Japanese were very fond. Both men and women I had been somewhat surprised to find. With my reddish brown hair and blue eyes and slight, white skinned and freckled body, very apparently a gaijin, I was much in demand to act in this little play.
A pool of oil covered the middle of the stage and Takashi, tall and very black haired, chased me onto this stage. We were both totally nude and shaved smooth and after a couple of squealing passes around the middle of the stage I slipped in the oil and went down and Takashi pounced on me and we began fighting. We screamed and tore at each other's hair and gnashed our teeth. Every time I tried to escape I slipped in the oil and Takashi pinned me down again. Dripping fingernails, oily hair, oily bums and breasts and knees and wide open, orgiastic mouths. Everyone in the audience knew it was going to end badly when Takashi sank her teeth into my bum causing me to thrash wildly and futilely. Takashi straddled me and pinned me down as my struggles became progressively more and more feeble. Then she slid forward so that her oily bum covered my oily face and she pressed down hard covering my mouth and nose. I became frantic as my air was cut off and my heels hammered on the stage floor, splashing oil everywhere and my arms thrashed crazily. Takashi was relentless and my desperate flailing become slower and slower and weaker and weaker until finally it stopped and I lay limp in the pool of oil. Takashi posed in triumph above my prone corpse and then dragged me off stage smearing the floor as I went and leaving a long slippery oil slick behind. The audience applauded politely which meant they had loved it. Sometimes Takashi took me by the heels and dragged me off arms trailing and tits jiggling and sometimes she took me under the armpits and let my bum do the smearing. Either way it was very popular.
Koichi looked at me when I had finished my recitation.
"I should like to have seen that Barbanne."
"Don't do it anymore, anyway Takashi's married now and no longer available."
"You covered in oil hmmmmnnn. And naked, hmmmmmnnnnn, and lying prone on the floor, yes I would like to see that."
I grinned at him. "Ah well Koichi keep liking, you never know your luck in the big city."
"But we are not in the city Barbanne."
I sighed, "Its an expression Koichi."

After about five days on the trail with Koichi I discovered where we were going.
The fortress palace of a mountain warlord where some chick called the Lady Shailin was being held hostage. Koichi was working for a shogun who desired this dame and we were to liberate her. Well, Koichi was, I would help wherever I could without making too much of an asshole of myself.
We arrived in sight of the fortress at dusk and after tethering the horses and studying it for a while I prepared a simple meal and we settled down to wait for midnight. Koichi dozed and I sat there biting my finger nails and imagining horrible things, like being captured and tortured, yeeccchhh.
At half an hour before the witching hour Koichi popped fully awake and off we went.
Soon we stood outside a huge wooden gate. Two men guarded it. Nice, young, bare chested men with brief loincloths and swords and spears and pecs and that sort of stuff. Stuff that glistened in the light of two long latticed lanterns.
"Whhfffooooo," I fanned my sudden flush away.
"Wait here."
Koichi slipped away and seconds later I saw him appear in front of the two guards and then a blur of whirling motion and the two guards were stretched out on the floor and he was back beside me.
I skipped along behind him.
The guards I was happy to see were not dead just out for the full ten count.
"Tie these dogs and get them into the shadows and then wait for me," I was told and then he wasn't there. Shit I hate the way he does that. Tie them with what? Shit. Oh well, only one thing for it. I stripped off their loincloths and tore them into pieces and tied both mens' arms and legs securely together. Then one at a time and nearly busting my pooper I dragged them into the shadows of the fortress walls.
I settled down to wait.
"Hmmmnnnnn," that guy had an amazingly big cock and lying there all slack and wasted it dangled over his thigh and almost reached the ground. "Hmmmmnnnn.........."
Where was Koichi?
Wow that cock was big. Imagine what it would be like aroused.
I leaned over and touched it and then stroked it and watched it grow under my fingers. I touched it again and then, bending forward, licked it like a popsicle, running my tongue up the underside where that crepey, crinkly skin was and watched in amazement as it stiffened and extended only millimetres before my eyeballs.
The guy was smiling. Still out cold but smiling.
I crouched over him and started sucking. Sucking and sucking and all the time the penis grew and grew....wheeeuuuw!
I sucked some more getting right into my task and was rewarded with a huge feed of protein in the form of cum shooting into my mouth. This was fun and I tried it again.
Woops someone was coming and I scuttled back to where I had been.
Koichi appeared with an unmistakeably female bum over his shoulder and female legs hanging down from it. I had no trouble seeing that as she was wearing some gauzy sleeping shift that concealed nothing! He flopped her down on the floor and tossed a fur lined gown at me.
"Put this on her."
I was studying the lady Shailin and I had noticed one thing for sure.
"She's a gaijin like me."
Koichi grunted.
I prised one heavily mascaraed eyelid open. "Koichi this bird's out colder than an iced mackerel."
Koichi grunted, "She talk too much, like you."
"So you slugged her? Hey big guy are you sure we are rescuing the lady Shailin or are we maybe kidnapping her?"
"Be quiet Barbanne and do what I ask. And hurry they will be here soon."
I started struggling the limp body of the lady Shailin into the gown, admiring her curvy body as I did and noting with satisfaction that she was maybe ten years older then me and sporting a little cellulite.
Koichi was looking at the guard I had been guarding and particularly the beatific smile on his face and an erection the size of one of the towers on the Imperial palace. He looked at me and I grinned cheesily.
"Hhhgggnnnhhh," he snorted in disgust.
Shailin was sort of in the gown now and Koichi hoisted her over his shoulder again and we scarpered out of the fortress. When we reached the horses he dumped Shailin over my saddle and tied her wrists and ankles to that strappy thing and smiling evilly said, "She is yours Barbanne, keep her quiet and try not to interfere too much."
My turn to snort.
Then we were in the saddle and galloping away.
As I galloped along behind Koichi I had time to study the senseless body draped in front of me or at least what I could see where it emerged from the gown I had covered her with. A mature body, long black hair, slender well formed limbs and a strong and handsome face although that was now against my horse's flanks.
We made good time for about ten minutes until we reached a copse of trees and there Koichi wheeled his mount to a halt and jumping down, handed the reins to me saying, "Take the horses and hide them Barbanne and keep them quiet."
"Keep them quiet?" I said incredulously.
"Keep. Them. Quiet." he spelled out menacingly.
As he disappeared behind some shrubs I cantered off and pulled the two horses into a thicket and shooshed them down.
"Untie me." It was Shailin who spoke quietly.
"Oh so you're awake?"
"You won't say anything, we gotta keep stum you know?"
"Trust me."
I untied her bindings and helped her down. She stood there rubbing her wrists.
Then she shrieked a high pitched wail.
"You promised," I whined.
"I lied," she said and opened her mouth to scream again.
Enraged I threw a punch and found out something about Shailin. She had a glass jaw. My puny punch barely landed but her eyes rolled up and she slumped into my arms out cold again.
I heard horses and then I heard Koichi challenge and then almost silent scufflings.
Shailin groaned and stirred and I bopped her again, keeping her in dreamland.
Then Koichi was there.
"Come we go," He looked at Shailin, "How did she get free?"
"My fault she conned me."
"Tie her once more."
I lashed Shailin over my horse and this time I gagged the bitch.
As we galloped out of the copse I saw a half dozen bodies their entrails steaming in the cool air. "Whew, that Koichi was dynamite."
We rode for two hours doubling back constantly until I was hopelessly confused and any likely pursuer would be totally stuffed. We unhorsed and set up camp and I moved about preparing a meal. I had propped Shailin against a tree and her eyes followed me everywhere. When Koichi and I had eaten I went over and squatted down in front of her.
"OK lady, do you want to be fed or do you want to starve?"
"Mmmff, mmmfff."
I pulled the gag down and she spat at me.
I cocked my fist quite ready to send her to sleep for good.
"No, no, don't hit me again."
"Why not bitch?"
"It hurts."
"Too fuckin' bad."
Warned, I let Koichi slide past me.
"We take you to the great Shogun Akirichihai my lady. He is much desirous of you."
"And what of my wishes?" I had to give it to the babe, despite having been repeatedly bonkered she could still manage a regal air.
"My master hoped you would welcome his attentions."
"And what of my life in the fortress palace?"
"You were a virtual prisoner my lady. Is that what you would prefer?"
Her mask slipped and I saw a young, uncertain woman. My heart melted and I felt empathy for Shailin.
"Perhaps not. Did Akirichihai truly send you, the great Koichi san, to bring me?"
"You are too kind my lady."
"The great Koichi san?" I snorted.
"Very well," she said, "I will come with you, but keep that crazed slagrous witch away from me."
"Crazed, slagrous witch?" I fumed.
"Silence Barbanne. Free the lady and attend to her needs."
I did so, fuming and with an extremely ill grace.
"I still think you're a bitch," I told her.
"And you, my dear, well we shall have to perhaps try again won't we?"
Muttering and mumbling I returned to my chores.

The Shogun Akirichihai dwelt far to the east and to reach his castle we had to travel through many dangerous lands.
I was a bit pissed as Koichi had given my horse to Shailin and I was doubled up with him. I lost no opportunity to denigrate my rival.
The evening of our first day away from the fortress I was preparing the evening meal and quietly cursing Shailin with occasional audible snide remarks about her uselessness and such.
"Why are you so hateful toward me Barbanne?" she asked after creeping up behind me as I stirred the pot.
"Why shouldn't I be? Why shouldn't I be? Why........................"
My voice shrieked upwards and I saw red and lost it completely. Dropping my spoon I rushed at her, claws extended and fully intent on murder. She backed away and tucked her chin in (sensibly) and I started flailing at her. Shailin outweighed me a bit and she started throwing punches in self defence and so blind with fury was I that I walked straight into one and my knees wobbled and I sat down hard on my bum. Tears came and the next thing I knew I was howling, blubbering uncontrollably.
God I am such a girl!!
Shailin put her arms around me and said, "Oh Barbanne, what can be so bad?"
I howled and bawled and hugged her and buried my face in her bosom and generally made a dill of myself, letting it all out.
Koichi watched imperturbably.
Oh god how I needed female companionship. I gripped Shailin and let my emotions crash over her.
Later I got it together and finished preparing the meal and found I had a new best friend and felt heaps better for having had a good cry.
Two days later we stopped and camped on an escarpment overlooking the steep gorge which housed the Anasaka people. Fabled women warriors who killed everyone who tried to cross their lands. The likes of me and Shailin would be summarily throttled and Koichi would be......, well, literally fucked to death.
And it was rumoured they were cannibals.
This was going to be hard.
Maybe it was the danger, maybe the prospect of imminent death, but whatever it was it caused me to become unbelievably horny.
After the meal was over I disappeared into the darkness and shortly thereafter I called from the darkness beyond the fire.
"Koichi, remember something you told me you'd like to see?"
Barbanne? Is that you?"
"I remember."
I walked into the firelight naked and covered in oil from head to foot.
Koichi sucked his breath in.
I walked over to him and started taking his clothes off.
"Sorry about the oil stains I'll wash it off later."
Koichi watched me as I removed everything, leaving him as naked as I.
"OK Koichi, the great Koichi san, show us your stuff."
"Can three play this game," said Shailin.
"Sure," I said.
Hey Koichi san was, no is, a fantastic swordsman I can tell you that and being the slippery meat in a Koichi /Shailin sandwich is something else too.
Later, in our bed, we all made spoons. I had my bum pressed into Koichi's groin and my breasts squished against Shailin's back.
I wondered if maybe I had just had my last ever sex. By this time tomorrow my throttled corpse would probably be being roasted by the Anasaka babes.
Next morning while it was still dark I made breakfast and then we packed up and as dawn slid across the eastern horizon we started down the steeply precipitous trail into the valley of the Anasaka.
Warrior women.
Big, strong, warrior women.
Cannibals even!!!