The Witch's Tale. Samhain.

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This is it. The end of the witch for now.
:) Enjoy it.


Like some insane Pied Piper I walked at the head of my little band. My human body still did not match my evil self and so, being stark mother naked, was uncomfortable in the extreme on a night when the first snows of the approaching winter drifted silently through the skeletal trees. But the blood lust was upon me and my mind burnt with such fires of lust, evil and animal sexuality that the frozen ground underfoot and the spicules of frosty ice went unnoticed. Almost unnoticed. My human body itself was not totally at my command and my nipples stood straight out like tiny, thrusting pinnacles.
The Loup Garou shambled along beside me. Oedipus like, he lusted after his birth mother and his raking claws were constantly on me, scraping over my flesh, toying with my hair and touching my outhtrust breasts. His tongue lapped at my pussy, adding his wetness to my own. Sexual arousal was the companion of death and I was mightily aroused. Vulpa padded silently alongside and his ladies, three beautiful female snow wolves, followed him adoringly. At intervals one or other of them would howl at the scudding moon as it came and went amongst the torn shreds of blackened clouds.
Behind us, the zombies shuffled along. Rotting clothes dragging, the occasional gobbet of putrid flesh falling from their clacking bones. The stench of them was covered by the extreme coldness of the night and the wind which howled from the west. They conversed, a susurating low level sound that followed us like background noise, hardly noticed but always there.
The convent of the Holy Blood was a huge stone pile that in some former age had been a great country residence but now was fallen on hard times and it stood out, stark and desolate, against the pale moonlit sky. The inmates would be well asleep now. I had summoned my horde at the witching hour and now was the darkest, deepest hours of the night.
We came to the great western doorway. Thick planks of wood bound together with cast iron bands. It looked formidable and safe. No doubt those within felt reassured by this mighty portal.
What was such to a witch of my powers. I touched the great lock and it burned under my hand and fell away and I shoved the doorway inwards. My woman's body was insufficient for the task but the Loup Garou added his strength and the door rocked open with a grinding screech. We were inside. In a muddy courtyard surrounded by the darkened gothic facade of the convent. Another doorway gave access to inside and I knocked at this. Lifting the great wreathed ring of steel, I battered it against the plate on which it rested. I could easily have opened this one as I had the other but I wanted the prey to open the door to their own destruction.
I knocked again.
A light appeared in an upper window and I heard sounds of movement inside. I heard bolts withdrawn and scraping sounds and finally the door yawned inward.
A grey haired nun, still in her nightgown and dishevelled from sleep gazed at the nude girl who stood on her doorstep.
"Who are you? In God's name child, where are your clothes?"
And then I think, her sleep befuddled mind made the connection and she pushed against the door and crossed herself and said, "In nomine patre.............."
I gripped her throat and the others shuffled from the shadows. The wolves bayed and rushed inside and the Loup Garou grinned at me, revealing huge dripping teeth sharpened to needle points, and followed his canine cousins. I felt my fingers come together as the scrawny cartilage of the old woman's throat tore beneath them and I threw her body from me even as gouts of blackish blood glooped from her mouth.
I followed my friends inside. The wolves were scrabbling up a wide curving staircase that led to an upper floor. The Loup Garou had found a second nun who must have accompanied the first and was feasting on her corpse. I felt an indescribably powerful surge of hunger for hot blood but decided I would wait until it could be young and virginal. The walking dead were inside and pressed against me. I trusted the instincts of Vulpa and skipped up the staircase. The wolves were scrabbling at a set of solid double doors from behind which sleepy cries and squealing female sounds were issuing forth. I crossed to it and, pushing between Vulpa and one of his ladies, I smote down the lock and pushed the door open.
I looked into a large room in which rows of beds on either side proclaimed it a dormitory. Semi naked girls were sitting up, pushing aside bed clothes, sleepily yawning, rubbing their eyes and generally trying to come to grips with this disturbance to their night's rest. Vulpa rushed past me silent and intent. With a compression of his haunched rear legs he sprang in a bound onto the bed of a well endowed blonde girl and his jaws fastened on her throat as her breasts swung clear of her night shift, her eyes saucered in horror, and her mouth opened in a scream that never came as Vulpa tore out her voice box. The three female wolves hunting as a pack took down a skinny redheaded girl who had sat up in bed only to go down again under the attack of the three canine killers. One, the one who had first taken her, dragged the shrieking girl to the floor, a second wolf ripped her flimsy night dress to shreds and the third joined her sisters as they rended the flesh from the, now silent, girl's limp body.
A beautiful young brunette staggered from her bed and rushed for the door. I grabbed her and sank my teeth into her gorgeous soft breast. We went down together and her squeaks became screams and then silence as I sucked her hot blood from her wildly beating heart.
The female wolves took down a second and then a third girl, growling and worrying together at the flopping bodies of their prey. Vulpa bounded from bed to bed, ripping at the slender exposed throats of the frantic girls. The Loup Garou was raping a dark haired girl and I could see her legs waving and scissoring as she succumbed beneath his powerful furry body. The undead were now filling the doorway and madly fleeing girls were being torn asunder by the stinking, suppurating zombies.
I had drained my victim and with blood flowing over my chin and drooling across my breasts I sought another.
A pale dishwater blonde with a thin figure and surprisingly large, very firm, rounded breasts and a generous ass, ran screeching straight at me. I took her down, my hands around her throat. It was long and slender and her face was very pretty, with slightly slanting cat's eyes and a neat upturned nose and a generous mouth, her full lips still red with unremoved make up. Her pale hair was long and straight and would have reached the middle of her back when she was upright but lying beneath me, it spread out like a fan around her head. Her eyes met mine and I could see the horror in them as she gazed into my fiery, evil orbs. Her flat tummy fluttered in and out as she sucked in rapid, shallow breaths. Her night dress had fallen open and her big, soft breasts splayed seductively, crowned by enormous brown areoles and tight nipples.
"Please." She whispered.
I snapped her neck and her head rolled sideways as her body relaxed beneath me.
Straddling her corpse, I looked up. Vulpa had another long haired blonde by the throat and as he shook his powerful jaws, her hair swished back and forth. Her body lay straight out, unmoving. The female wolves had left a path of dead and dying girls and had a tubby little brunette amongst them as they worried flesh from her, still alive and screaming piteously. The Loup Garou was intent on rapine. I couldn't blame him, his sexual drives were monstrous and he was grasping girl after girl, battering their heads against the floor and when they went limp and senseless, he tore their nether garments away and thrust inside their exposed femaleness. The wandering dead were taking care of anyone who escaped the first onslaught and I watched fascinated as a rotting corpse, flesh hanging in black, putrid strips from its skull, dead brain pulsing within, forced its bared teeth and fleshless mouth against a young woman's mouth. It's clawing bony fingers clasped her to it, her breasts crushed against it's bony chest, it's long dead heart slowly pulsating behind it's stinking ribcage. She was trying to scream behind closed lips and, as I watched, her eyes glazed and rolled backwards in their sockets and she slumped unconscious or dead as the horror took her down.
I bent to my own victim and sank my teeth into her breast and felt the hot flow of fresh young blood from her still pumping heart. I drank deeply and the warm, viscous liquid ran down my throat and filled my belly with life and vigour.
Suddenly it was over.
Dead girls, stripped and semi-naked lay all around the room. A pile of five here, legs and arms sticking out at unnatural stiff angles, heads thrown back, throats ripped out, hair tumbling in profusion, dead eyes gazing into eternity. Single bodies everywhere. Cast in poses of death where they had fallen. Young breasts exposed, young wombs, never to know children, ripped open. Curly hair, stiffening with drying blood, barely concealing the dead vaginas that yawned wide around the room. Never for them the hot excitement of a lover's penetration. Never for them happiness, fufilment, motherhood. The smell of blood, coppery, salty, hot, filled the room. Mixed with the body odours from many young female bodies, scent, perspiration, the acid tang of urine freshly spilled and overlaying everything the stench of death.
Vulpa came to me tongue lolling, blood stiffening on his coat and a doggy smile on his face. I clasped him around the neck and he licked my face and breasts and nipped playfully at my skin. My nipples stiffened and my pussy felt hot and tight and wet. The Loup Garou looked down at me with longing and lust in his big brown eyes. I touched him tenderly and his cock sprang out enthusiastically. The female wolves waited patiently and I climbed to my feet slowly and smiled at my creatures.
"The master will be pleased."
I made my way carefully across the tens of sprawled dead girls.
My little retinue followed.
We left the house of death as the first rays of the dawn lightened the sky in the east.
Later that morning, alone now with only the wolves for company, we all bathed together in the crystal waters of a fast flowing, clear, cold, mountain stream. The blood and gore of the night's adventure washed away and I lay down in the sun, amongst meadow flowers on the banks of the stream to dry out. The wolves more like big happy doggies now, shook themselves dry, showering me with water drops and then joined me as we all dozed in the warmth of the winter sun.
Later, dressed once more, I took my leave of my beloved Vulpa and his lovely females and began the trek to the standing stones.


All Hallow's Eve.
The night when evil rides triumphant through this realm.
My powers are always formidable but on this night, the last of the Celtic year, I and the other evil ones are totally unfettered.
I stood by the stones. Great grey monoliths aligned in circles to channel the ley lines to this spot, concentrating the power of my master on this patch of earth. I could feel the stones vibrate as they began singing. Huge slabs of granite quivering like the dewy breasts of some virginal maiden. The song of the stones cleaving the air, high, clear and beautiful.
The pathway opened and I saw the supreme being, the Lord of Evil standing there. As always I was shaken by the sheer magnificence of this wondrous being. He was pleased with me and I saw the upcurling of his lips that denoted his pleasure. Just for a second he afforded me a glimpse of the maidens I had sent to him. Candice and Samantha, all of the girls from the Holy Blood Convent, the young nuns, Celeste and Magdalene, Sascha whom I had killed on these very stones. All twisted and tortured in eternal torment as their youth and virginity was violated endlessly by the demons of damnation.
I smiled, happy to have been of service, and he walked toward me. So satisfied was he with my efforts that he smashed me back handed across the face driving my body against the stones so that I slammed into them with sufficient force to stun me. He drove his fisted hand into my tummy and I folded over, robbed of breath. He kicked me hard and I straightened involuntarily. I was consumed with ecstasy and his marvellous cock was rising rapidly, aroused by my submission. He dragged me up, half senseless and bashed my head against the rocks and my mind whirled in a spinning galaxy of light and dark. He laughed and threw me down and ripped away my cloak and kicked my arms and legs out so that I lay spreadeagled on the turf. He mounted me, viciously and without mercy. I clutched his body to me, clawing my fingers down the rippling, corded, musculature of his back. He spat in my face that I should hold him so and I licked his spittle into my mouth and looked at him, lewdness, lust, submissiveness shining from my pleading eyes.
"Ravish me Master."
He laughed. A cold, merciless laugh and his cock pounded into my pussy as though it itself was a living being. My female genitals were battered by this relentless attack and he bit my breasts and upper body even as he ravished my cunnie. I screamed with unnatural pleasure as he assaulted my woman's body and my human mind. He pulped my resistance and I gave myself up to him surrendering any will of my own and his seed flowed inside me.
Bruised, battered, bleeding, I lay beneath him feeling his cock swelling with desire once more.
"You please me greatly Barbaria," he said.
(Barbaria patron witch of barbarity and Barbarians is my true name.)
"Take me, use me. I am yours master."
He took me.
His need and his wanting is insatiable, and my human form failed me as he set into me a third time and I lost all consciousness of what happened after that.
I became aware again to find myself lying, bloody and covered over every square centimetre of my body with blackening bruises and feeling as if the stones themselves had fallen on me and the Master, he was but a thought now, spoke to me and told me that I was his most favoured witch and my reward was to move across astral planes from this cold and forbidding place to another time and another place. The pathway stayed open for me and I must move quickly or risk remaining forever here.
I staggered to my feet and walked toward the stones and I heard his voice, soft, sibilant, urging me on. "The stones, Barbaria. Walk into the stones." I walked at the stones and they quivered and seemed to melt and I was dragged inside.
It was as if I were trapped in a maelstrom.
My body spun crazily and my mind whirled in confusion.
How long it lasted I have no idea. I found that I was looking at the sky and realised I lay on the grass on my back, still naked but unmarked. I felt every hurt that the Master had so honoured me with, but I looked completely untouched. The stones stood some distance away and I heard giggling and, turning my head, found a group of young girls in brown uniforms standing a little way away, hiding their faces behind their hands and tittering in embarrassment at the sight of a girl, lying here, naked and prone on the grass. An older woman came and hurried the girls away and with several disapproving glances in my direction, hastened them off.
It is a strange time this that I have been sent to by the Master.
The date as measured by humans is nineteen ninety nine and naked girls lying at the foot of ancient stones is seen as odd but not necessarily punishable behaviour. I was taken for a free soul, an alternative life styler and some beribboned and flower strewn hippies took me in and clothed me and I joined their little group for a while. I had sex with all of the men and restrained myself from ripping anyone's lungs out. The limited knowledge I imparted made them believe that I was blessed with wisdom and I found life with them easy and simple.
But I know the Master wishes me to carry on his evil and so I have moved to this big, crowded city. This is the twentieth century, on the cusp of the twenty first, and things have changed greatly from the peasant villages I knew before. And for you, those who live in this time things have changed too, for I am come amongst you.
I have come to harvest souls for Him.
I am the girl who serves your pizza.
I am the girl who checks out your groceries.
You will eventually meet me and be drawn to me.
I hope you will want to know me better.
Please do, but.....