RUNNING DEAD (with Shelby)

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Barbara turned into her street, steadily jogging, keeping to the rhythm that served her so well each morning. She turned into the driveway of her apartment building and jogged to the front entry. She let herself in and walked up one floor to her level and opened the door to the small one bedroom apartment where she lived. She stooped and unlaced and then kicked off her running shoes, she stripped off the crop top halter she wore without a bra and pulled off her shorts and cotton panties in one fluid movement. Dumping her running clothes where they fell, she continued on into the bathroom and turned on the hot water tap to run a shower. She waited until it was sufficiently hot, then stepped into the cubicle and adjusted the cold tap until the temperature was just right.
Barb stepped into the shower and taking her shampoo bottle, lathered her hair. While that was working, she ran her soapy hands over her body, washing away the sweat of the run. She soaped her breasts, working the creamy lather over and around them, fingering her nipples, feeling them growing erect. She moved down with the thick lather, slipped her fingers between her legs, soaped everything, working up more creamy white lather on her bush. Fingers coated in soap, she slipped them inside herself, touching her clit, rubbing it, feeling the familiar aching wetness.
He had been there again today, the dark, saturnine, good looking man.
DarkFant, that was his name and he had been watching her for a week now.
Barb had started fantasising about being with this man of mystery, feeling his hard body pressed against her softness, feeling his erection pushing against her, having it inside her, pounding her, impaling her.
She came with a shuddering spasm of her whole body, pussy juices mixing with the soap........................ DarkFant, Oh DarkFant!!
She ran the shower over her body, washing away the soap and the evidence of her infatuation. Gradually she added cold water, cooling her hot body, returning her heartbeat and pulse to normal. “Barb”, she said to herself, “you’re some sort of sex addict. Try and go half a day without thinking about it.”
She turned off the shower and stepped out. She towelled off, blow dried her hair, applied some makeup and went into the bedroom. Taking her silky high cut bikini’s and her contour bra from the drawer she slipped into them. The whisper of the fabric on her skin made her feel hot again. She saw the dark handsome man again, there in her mind’s eye. Her pussy was aching again.
Quickly she finished dressing and left for work.

The next morning she rose early. She lifted her nighty over head, letting it float to the floor. She pulled on her high cut cotton sport briefs, her short length bike shorts, dark blue with a red on white stripe down each side, the matching crop top with matching stripes from the armpits down that stopped just below her breasts in a red elasticised band. Sitting down she pulled on ankle socks and running shoes. She laced them up and locking the door behind her set out.
Would he be there again today?
She ran down the street, following a well known route, around the corner and through a pattern of streets that finally led to the path through the park. In there in the deep shaded section where the trees met overhead he would be waiting to watch her.
She saw the shaded entry, ran into it, into the sudden gloom.
He was there.
As he always did.
She thrust out her chest, making the most of it. Bent her back to stick her bum out. Might as well let him see the best I can offer she thought. Mustn’t look at him though. Don’t want him to think I’m fresh..........or fancy him...........or anything.
Looking straight ahead, well just a peek sideways now and then, Barb jogged past the lounging man. As she drew level, his foot shot out, tripping her and she sprawled onto hands and knees on the grass.
“Shit!!!!” She stayed there on all fours. “Damn!!! What did you do...............?”
He was walking toward her smiling sardonically, left hand extended.
She took his hand, still muttering and in one swift, smooth, movement he pulled her up and towards him. She was too surprised to say anything and had visions of being pulled chest first into him. Then as his face loomed in her vision, his right hand, fisted, punched out, travelling no more than a hundred millimetres.
It crashed into Barb’s chin and she was knocked out cold.
Lights out!
Goodnight girl!
Unconscious she kept coming at him, her arms, flailing helplessly, wrapped around him and then fell to each side, her body hit his and then she started to slide down him. He could feel her little breasts flattened against him as they slid down his chest. Her face, mouth open, slid down him, almost as if she was kissing his chest. He stepped back and her knees buckled and she fell face down on the grass.
He looked down at her lying face down, out like a light.
“Nice back.” He thought.
“Nice bum...........nice legs.”
Stooping he rolled her onto her back. She flopped limp and helpless, arms and legs unco-ordinated and slack. Her head rolled on her neck as though she were made of jelly. He took the two shoulder straps of her crop top in each hand and used them to lift her and pull her along. The little top bunched up under her armpits and her breasts popped free. He admired the view of her thin, softly curvy torso, her belly button, rib cage and the two little globes above, both nipples standing out, erect, aureoles darker in colour than the skin around them.
Very nice, he thought.
He pulled her along, her nice blue bike shorts getting stained by the green grass, her shoes dragging two parallel trails in the wet grass. He dragged her through a thicket of bushes away from the path, into a natural clearing in the undergrowth next to the freeway embankment.
No-one would see them here.
He had her at his mercy now. She was his.
She was still out, not even a twitch. He laid her out, flat on her back and sat down to wait for her to come around.
After a while she groaned.
Barb groaned again, her chin hurt awfully and she felt lousy. Slowly the fog cleared and she realised she was lying on her back on the grass and her tits were uncovered and they were cold. She put her hand up and tugged her top down until it was more or less in place and her chest was covered again. She half sat up and saw DarkFant sitting there looking at her.
She remembered.
Remembered running toward him, making a display of herself, and then being tripped, and then him offering to help and then crash she was out to it and could recall nothing more until now.
He must have slugged her.
Why’d he do that?
She looked over at him. He said nothing, just looked at her and she felt frightened. This was not good.
She said “Please don’t hurt me.”
He said nothing, just kept on staring at her.
“Please. Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you say.”
He sat silent.
“ You want sex?, is that it?. That’s OK. I’ll make it good for you, but please, please don’t hurt me...............please?
Still he said nothing, his dark eyes boring into her.
She got to her hands and knees and crawled over to him. She fumbled with his shirt, got her hands under it and started stroking his body, gently scratching her nails up and down his skin. She found his nipples, scratched them ever so gently and sensuously, placed her palms against them and rubbed him, slowly, erotically.
“Is that good for you DarkFant, I like you you know. You don’t have to hurt me to get what I know you want.”
She pulled her hands out from under his shirt.
All the time he said nothing.
She undid the buttons of his waistband. Took the zipper in her little fingers and pulled it down and open. She felt inside, in his under wear, found his cock, drew it out. It was big, tumescent, erect. She ran her fingernails under his tight scrotum, gently ever so gently scratching her fingernails against his loaded balls. She bent down, kissed the tip of his cock. Went lower and tongued his balls, then slid her tongue up the soft sensitive flesh under his cock until she reached the tip again. Opening her mouth, she took it inside her and swallowed it until she felt any more would choke her. She teased at it with her tongue, licking and sucking. With her hand she started scratching lightly on his balls again. She felt him getting even bigger. She moved her head up and down, sliding her open wet mouth up and down the length of his erection, letting the tips of her teeth just touch his engorged flesh, sensual, loving.
Darkfant was in ecstasy. Barb’s mouth enveloped his huge swollen cock and all pleasure was centred there. He could hold it no longer. It started at the bottom of his balls and then erupted up and out. Ejaculate pumped from him, filling her mouth, squirting down her throat. She sucked noisily swallowing it down. “Oh yes baby.” she moaned, “Was that good, was that good.”
He grunted orgasmically.
He looked at her. “Now you have to die, Barb.” The thought was unspoken.
Barb looked at him, knew from the look in his eyes that she was going to die. Her ploy had failed. She was terrified. But she was also filled with lust for him.
Tears formed in her eyes and her lips quivered. The tears ran down her cheeks and dropped onto her crop top, wetting it in small splotches. She was weeping openly.
He felt a twinge of pity, but she must die.
He reached forward, put his hands on her shoulders, then wrapped his long, slender, strong fingers around her vulnerable white throat. He started to squeeze.
She gasped and started to struggle, grasping his wrists in her little hands. But she was no match for his strength. Her tears continued to course down her freckled cheeks.
He tightened his grip. Started to strangle her.
She twisted and bucked in his grasp, but his strength was far too great. The relentless pressure was stopping breath from reaching her lungs, they heaved and strained to no avail. Her breast heaved in time with her labouring lungs. He saw it and was moved erotically by it. He squeezed tighter, tighter strangling off all chance for her, strangling the life out of her.
Her lips parted and her small pink tongue protruded. Cyanosis was turning her lips blue. Her eyes darted back and forth. There was no succour, no escape.
Oxygen deprivation was causing her to halucinate and now her eyes were fixed on his face. They glazed over and became unfocussed.
Near to death she still regarded him with lustful, erotic terror.
Her eyes rolled upward in their sockets until only a sliver of pupil remained in a sea of white. Her lips were quite blue and spittle was foaming on them.
She groaned and shuddered.
She made a noise like aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkk............... and then silence.
Suddenly she went limp in his hands and her head fell back, mouth agape, eyes rolled back and staring fixedly at nothing. Her hands fell away to her sides, limp and flopping. He felt her body go slack and suddenly she seemed to weigh much more. He kept up the pressure. The little hyoid bone in her throat snapped. He kept squeezing relentlessly. He held her, still strangling her, for a full minute.
Then two.
She was dead. No doubt about that.

He let go of her throat, bruised and purpling, damaged, ruined throat. so nice before, so pretty. Now discoloured and wrecked.............. the throat of a dead girl.
She fell down phlump!!! Stretched out at his feet on the grass.
He looked down on her. Leant forward and closed her eyes, pulling the eyelids down gently, her feathery lashes caressing her freckled cheeks.
He rolled her to one side. Eased her arm out of the crop top. Then to the other side. She moved without a hint of resistance, limp, helpless. He eased the crop top up and over her hair and off. He threw it to one side, admired her naked breasts. He took her bike shorts by the waist, slipping his fingers into the band on either side, peeled them down over her hips and then pulled them down her legs and off He unlaced her shoes and pulled them off. Made a pile of her clothes. He stripped off her socks and then taking her panties in his two hands, stripped them over her hips and down her legs and off.
She was nude.
Nude and dead.
He kissed her on the lips. The neck. The shoulders.
The breasts, kissed each one in turn. Thumbed her little upright nipples gently and lovingly.
Kissed her ribs, her tummy, her groin, her slit. Slid his tongue into her still warm and moist slit and found her clit and sucked her. Kissed the inside of her thighs, her legs, her feet. Kissed and suckled her whole body.
He was erect again. Excited. Excited by this lovely dead girl.
He slid it into her. Into her warm, moist, dead, pussy.
He began pumping, slowly at first, then quicker and quicker, his excitement growing, growing, tingling inside him, in his balls, his loaded weapon, coming, coming now........ until he exploded inside her. His cum drenching her dead pussy.
Barb, he kissed her dead lips, still just warm, but growing cold.
He lifted her into a half sitting position. She flopped in his arms, slumped limply where he put her. He lifted her to her feet, then up and over his shoulder in the fireman’s grip and carried her to his car. He laid her nude body on the back seat. Covered her with a rug. ‘Sorry Barb, but people just might not understand me having a naked dead girl on the back seat of my car’.
He went back and threw her clothes away.
Walked back, cracked the car door, got behind the wheel, started the engine and drove home, looking at the lovely shape covered by a blanket in the back seat.
His now.
His to keep and use over and over.
His Barb.