Road Kill

Posted by Barbanne on August 23, 2003 at 01:08:05:


I saw my chance, a break in the stream of traffic, and stomped on the gas pedal. The big Ford engine growled into action and the back end fishtailed before the rear wheels bit and I catapaulted out of the feeder road onto the expressway, headed north.
Red with black upholstery, my old Mustang was my pride and joy and I floored it, watching the speedo climb rapidly to a hundred and twenty kph. The big Detroit motor thumped and I honked some old dude with a hat as I sailed imperiously past him. I scared some dame with a car full of school kids shitless, and then cut off a little secretary type in a little jap auto. Then it was open highway ahead and I let the Mustang run.
I felt like singing. I felt FREE!
It was a bright, blue, sunny day and I was wearing my pink bikini and a pair of tight white shorts with exposed buttons up the fly, that were so short the bottom five centimetres of my ass hung out of them when I stood. Together with my wrap around sunnies, my bare feet and my frizz of hair blowing in the wind, I looked like the quintessential beach babe off for a day of sand and surf.
The car burbled along and I hoped I’d spot the cops before they spotted me. I thought of all the white knuckled guys I’d had in the seat next to me and how they all called me “little miss lead foot.” Well, so I liked to drive fast, so what? Give it the gun!

I thought back to when it had all started, only two days ago, when Debbie had met me for lunch. We had been mates for as long as I could remember, Debbie and me, since school, since we were kids. We had discovered sex together, with each other, tentatively, childishly. We had paralleled at classes, gone out together with boys, done everything together, sort of like sisters. I loved Debs as I called her, with that pure all forgiving love that one human can have for another when you totally trust and respect them.
Lunch was at one of those sidewalk bistros in the east end of town and we sat at a table outside. The weather, like today, was just as near perfect as it gets. We ordered and the food was great, healthy but really tasty and not so much that you felt obliged to struggle through it. Just a very yummy light lunch. I felt so at home with Debs and we were so natural with each other that it was like being with another side of my own character. We watched the passing parade and made comments, almost like I knew what she would say as soon as I said something. We laughed a lot and it was fantastic, it always was with her. Then she leaned over to me and I knew she was going to share a confidence. We shared everything, always had. I leaned in toward her and we must have looked like two conspirators if anyone had bothered to look.
Then she hit me with the bombshell!
Showed me the ring.
Biggest diamond I had ever seen.
Told me that she and Bob were engaged. Going to get married in the autumn.
I couldn’t believe it. After all the promises he had made to me. I just couldn’t believe it. And to Debs. I had introduced them for God’s sake. I didn’t even know they were an item. I thought I knew my best friend and my lover.
I went cold inside.
I was very good, showed nothing, but I felt like wood. Felt I had been poleaxed where it hurt most. She was going on and on, bubbling, excited, full of it!
I excused myself. Said I had to go to the ladies. She said she’d come too. Like in a daze I followed her. Let myself into a cubicle and sat down on the seat.
My emotions were in overdrive. I felt cheated, betrayed. I wanted to bawl my eyes out, scream, rage, smash something. But I got myself under control. I lifted the lid and dropped my panties and sat and twinkled. When I was finished I wiped myself, flushed the toilet and went out. It was like I was ice inside. All of my raging emotions frozen up in one big iceberg inside.
I went to the basins and washed my hands.
Debs looked at me in a strange way. “You alright?” She queried.
“Yes, yes....” I knew it didn’t sound right but I did my best. I asked to see the ring again, ooohed and aaghed when she showed it to me, tried my best. She still regarded me strangely, but we parted good friends. I hugged her and kissed her and told her how happy I was.
I hated her, hated him. Jealousy wormed its way through me like a sickness and I plotted my revenge on them all the way home.

I was coming up behind a big old Nissan, ancient guy driving with a straw hat for christ’s-sake, woman next to him, almost certainly his wife. I ran up until I was almost on his bumper, nearly in his boot, then I blasted the horn! Wow, he nearly brownied his pants. He jumped and jerked the wheel and the car swerved sideways and waggled like a trout going upstream. I powered past him, engine thumping. He was trying to control his car and look shit at me at the same time. His wife was mouthing off at him all the while. When I was level, I flipped the left cup of my bra with my free hand, gave him an eyeful. He was trying to take that in, shout at me and cuss at his wife all in the one breath.
I roared away.

Thinking back.
When I got home, I rang Debs, sounded excited and told her she had to come around to my place the next day. We had to celebrate. She sounded pleased, happy that I was OK again and said she would.
She arrived in the afternoon of a beautiful day. I have a small flat with a north facing window wall and the sun was beaming in through the glass, flooding the room with light and warmth. I made coffee and we sat on the lounge while she told me excitedly all of the plans for the wedding, my role as bridesmaid, who else would be there, where they planned to go, everything. I listened, my tummy turning sour with jealous bile. She had the ring and I had to move next to her to look at it. I was so close I could smell Debs and feel her warmth. I had always suspected that she loved me in ways other than just a friend, and I put my arms around her wanting it to feel natural while I cooed at her ring and then I took her chin and turning her face toward me, kissed her full on the mouth. She resisted at first and then responded, I opened my mouth and felt hers open too. I poked my tongue into her and felt around, kissing and suckling, I bought my hand up and felt her breast through the fabric of her shirt. She was squirming, half away from me and half into me.
“Oh Barbara, no.” She said breathlessly.
“Please, Debs,” I said. “let me show how happy I am for you. Besides I’ll be losing you.”
“No, Barbara, never.” She breathed.
I kissed her and moved down her neck. She groaned and I sat back, looking at her our eyes a few centimetres apart. I unbuttoned her blouse and she watched my fingers, fascinated. I pulled it open and helped her shuck it off. I reached behind her and popped her bra catch and lifted it off her. We both stood together, holding each other and while I worked the waist buttons of her skirt free, she unzipped my frock and I helped her peel it off and let it fall to the floor. I pulled her skirt and panties down in one movement, so that she stood before me in her suspender belt, stockings and high heels only. I held her warm body to me while she undid my bra and took it off, then lowering herself she pulled my panties to the floor. I joined her on the carpet. The sun was right into the room now and we lay on the floor in it’s warmth. I cupped her breast in my hand and fingered her nipple. I played with the soft skin on the inside of her groin with my other hand, rubbing, stroking, letting my fingernails lightly run up and down her leg. She moaned and sighed. I kissed her on her closed eyes, face, lips, neck. Working down I kissed her shoulders, her breasts, her taught ribcage and then her tum, playing my tongue in her navel. I rubbed my face in her bush and then found her slit with my mouth, my tongue flickering in finding the hard little mound of her clit. She moaned and squirmed under my touch and I slid my now sweat slicked body up against hers. My fingers were in between her thighs and she ground them together against my hand. I gently stroked that softest skin and she spread her legs and I found again her sweet slit with my small fingers, the now quite rigid mound of her clit and I stroked it quicker and quicker, pleasuring her as I had often pleasured myself. Deb’s groans had become panting and she was breathing very hard and emitting little mewling sounds. I looked up and her head was back, her lips parted, her tongue was licking around her lips and her eyes were unfocussed and staring at the ceiling.
“O-oh, o-oh, o-oh, Barb........”
I could feel her love juices flowing now, onto my hand and I kept up my touching, stimulating her as she made grunting noises and then a rush of wetness and she groaned very loudly and I felt her body relax, quivering next to mine.
That’s when I plunged the knife into her tum.
Her moment of purest ecstasy became her moment of death.
The knife, from my kitchen set, was very sharp and it sank in to the hilt. Her blood flowed as her love juice had and my arm was saturated in it. She half sat up, her hands clutching the wound. She looked at me, eyes wide open. “Barb..............why?”
Before I could answer her eyes glazed and blood ran from her mouth and she subsided back onto the carpet.
I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned Deb’s blood off me. Then I put a loose gown on and rang Bob.

The sun was getting very hot and I could feel my butt, where it stuck out of my shorts, was glueing itself to the upholstery. I had been going for a few hours now and I was getting hungry and wanted to pee badly. I saw signs for a roadhouse up ahead which when I reached it, turned out to be one of those where big rigs were pulled up outside like a wagon train in camp. I tooled in and stopped at a pump. I filled the car with gas and then drove it into a lay-by parking spot. Gathering my purse, I went into the toilet and had a welcome piddle that seemed to take forever. I washed my hands and went into the diner. I paid for the gas I had used and got a salad roll and a diet coke. There were about ten guys in there, big guys, truckies and I felt them watch me, watch every move I made. Their eyes covered me like a blanket and I could almost physically feel them on me.
“Hi fellas!” I waved at them.
They answered in a sort of unanimous noise like a groan and a Hi mixed together. I reckoned I was a hit.
I took my food outside and sat at a little plastic table and chair in the shade of the awning. Another dozen guys were out of their cabs and standing there watching me as if watching a girl eat was the most interesting thing they had ever seen. When I was finished I tossed my trash in a bin and walked back to the car. A few cat calls and stuff accompanied me. “Hey lady, wanna make a truck driving man’s day?” The speaker was a guy with a beer belly to be proud of. I cracked the door of my car and climbed in. I looked over at fatso and crooked my finger at him. He ambled over.
When he was only a metre or so from the car, I looked at him, lowered my sunnies and formed a kiss with my mouth. He reached out.
“Get fucked, fat boy!” I advised him and with a squeal of rubber I departed.

When I called Bob I told him he had to come to my place right away. He didn’t want to, but I insisted, got quite shrill and after a while he agreed. I figured when he came he would realise it was me he wanted all along and he could help me get rid of Deb’s body and then after a bit it would all be alright again. I looked at her, stretched out there on the floor, my knife still in her bloodied tummy. I still loved her, but I couldn’t believe what she had done to me. She was beautiful, even dead she was beautiful. She was a couple of months short of a year younger than me and about ten kilos heavier and a few centimetres taller. The extra weight was, a lot of it, in her breasts which were really round and soft and nothing like my own small insignificant mounds.
I got down beside her and started to rub her breasts, slowly moving my outstretched fingers in a circular motion over her lovely soft flesh. The way she was lying, on her back, they were splayed out either side hanging down and over her ribcage and the feel of them under my hands was sensual and erotic. I kept rubbing with my left hand and put my right hand down between my legs finding my soft vaginal lips and the clitoral mound just inside. I had given Debs pleasure before I killed her and now she would pleasure me. I rubbed myself , first slowly and steadily and then ever faster and faster until I felt the warm tingling spreading out from my groin and I came wetly all over my hand. All the time I was stroking her soft dead breast and now having climaxed I snuggled in against her still warm flesh, holding her and rubbing myself against her.
That was how Bob found me.
“What the hell have you done? Barbara for God’s sake, what have you done?”
It startled me and I jumped up and ran to him.
“I killed her darling, for you and me, I killed her, the bitch wanted you and I know you want me and now she’s dead and we can be together and if you’ll just help me get rid of her, we can be together for ever.”
“For God’s sake Barbara!”
He crossed to Debbie’s body and felt for signs of life.
“She’s dead.”
“I know she’s dead I told you I killed her for us.”
“God Barbara she’s dead.”
“I know darling. Help me get her out of here.”
I stood by him. My gown had fallen open when I lay with Debbie’s body.
He stood slowly and turned toward me. Then suddenly his fist crashed into the side of my head and I fell back onto the carpet, stunned. I lay there unable to gather my senses.
“This might be alright.” I heard him say.
“This way I can get rid of two stupid bitches at the one time. My god how sick I am of the pair of you.”
I lay unable to move not believing what he was saying.
He kicked me in the side of the head and I almost blacked out.
“Barbara killed Deb in a fit of jealous rage and then unable to live with what she had done she swallowed a bottle of pills.” I heard him rummaging in the bathroom.
“Sleeping pills, not really right but they’ll take care of you, Barbara dear, while I go out and get something more lethal.”
He knelt beside me and I heard him unscrewing a bottle cap. I struggled to clear my head. He grabbed my face with one hand and poured pills at my mouth. I shut my lips but not before one or two went in. I spat them out and struggled free. I rolled across the carpet. He jumped on me and held me down. I could see the open bottle of pills in his right hand. His left hand grasped my jaw and he was using the fingers to lever my mouth open, the bottle wavering above me. I thrashed with my arms, trying to push myself up, but he was too strong. he held me down and his big hands were working my mouth open, I tried to block the opening with my tongue. I bucked and thrashed about. My right hand came down on something soft and wet.
Debbie’s bloody, wounded tummy. I clutched and reached, the pill bottle only centimetres from my face. My mouth was screwed open and I could see the pills rolling forward in the bottle. My hand was scrabbling in blood, I touched the hilt of the knife, wrapped my fingers around it. The pills were cascading into my mouth. I held them there wouldn’t swallow, mouth full of pills. He was jamming my mouth shut forcing me to swallow the deadly dose. I pulled the knife free, heard the schlup as it came out. I jammed it where I thought he was, felt it sink into flesh and muscle and cartiledge. He let out a huge groan and fell off me. I turned my head to one side and spat out everything in my mouth.
I lay there winded.
Puffing, panting, gasping in air.
After a while I recovered enough to sit up. Bob was lying curled on one side, eyes open and staring into space. He looked dead. My knife had gone into his side between the ribs and must have pierced his heart. I staggered to my feet.
I went into the bathroom and spat and rinsed my mouth.
I came back out and rolled him onto his back. He was dead as they come. I stripped his clothes off, item by item and tossed them around the room, where Debs already lay. I figured to put their bodies together so it would look like a passionate session of violent sex had turned nasty and they had killed each other.
I needed another knife.
I bought one from my kitchen set.
Bob was lying on his back, his lovely legs outstretched, arms outflung, muscular, strong. How had I prevailed over one so powerful? My knife protruded from the side of his manly chest, his sculptured pecs, the dark flat nipples, his lean ribbed abdomen and surprise, surprise, he had an erection I couldn’t believe. Even in death. I decided the bastard could be of use to me one last time and spreading my legs I lowered my vulva over that magnificent upright cock and slid down onto it until it was buried inside me. I pumped myself to a fantastic climax on his last erection.
Thanks buddy.

The truck was ahead of me and climbing slow. I came up behind it and then blasting my horn, sped around him, flipping him the finger then cut him right off as I swerved in, I heard the air brakes hiss. I kept showing him the forks as I left him for dead.................”Asshole!”
Talk about Duel in reverse, or revenge of the red car. I laughed fit to bust.

I moved Bob’s body over next to Deb’s. He was a heavy guy and I struggled to handle him, but eventually I had them face to face. I put her hand around the knife in his chest, wrapping her fingers around the handle. Then I put the new knife into the wound in Deb’s tum and wrapped his fingers around the handle of that. I studied my handiwork. It didn’t look all that convincing but hell it would have to do. My prints being on everything wouldn’t matter, it was my place after all. I wondered what the cops would make of it. There was blood where there shouldn’t be, Oh well, they could make what they liked of it. With any luck they would assume he had killed me too and be dragging rivers and dams for days.
I chucked some stuff in a bag and took off. I decided to leave the door unlocked, more realistic I hoped. I worried that someone would break in and pinch my stuff, but heck I wouldn’t be back for it. I was out of here. Bugger, they might steal my PC. I wouldn’t be able to tell my mates on the net that I was going to be off line for a while. Oh damn, it was only the guys on necrobabes who I would want to tell and they wouldn’t believe any of this anyway.

I am motoring up into some coastal hills, through deep cuttings with signs that say “Beware of fallen rocks”. The day is still hot and I run my hand along my sweaty thigh. It feels good and I rub it against my groin, between my legs. I am wet down there and its not all sweat. I touch myself and it feels good. Shit, there is a fallen rock, I swerve but not quick enough and the front wheel hits the rock, tears the wheel from my hand. Why wasn’t I watching where I was going?
The back end breaks away and the car starts to spin.
I grab the wheel.
Now what was that shit about you steer into a spin or something.
Hell that’s not it, it’s getting worse.
I’m losing it.
Stuff it! I am going to hit the verge.
Bugger, bugger. bugger......................!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mustang’s side wheels left the bitumen and the car started to tilt. Slowly at first and then it passed the critical point and began to overturn, whumped on it’s side and rolled.
The car flipped over and over rolling down the embankment.
The girl was tossed out and landed with a thump on her shoulder then careered wildly down the slope.
The car came to rest with a crash, wheels spinning, motor dying.
The girl cannoned into a tree and lay face down and still.

Aaron heard the smash when he was looking for game in the woods near the freeway. Hell he thought ‘nuther car crash. He walked towards the sound, saw the car upside down and went to it. Stuff was scattered everywhere. He found a purse, there wuz some money, he took that and cards, he chucked them, but not before he saw a name.
Bar-bra. That wuz it.
He looked around and saw the woman down by the tree. Face down and ass up and a nice ass it was and plenty of it showing under them tight white shorty pants. He walked down. She groaned as he came near and sort of wiggled a bit. Her little pink brassiere thing wuz all twisted up and they wuz a bare tit showing there. He went over and clasping his big paw on the tit he felt it good.
She groaned.
“Help me please.”
He laughed, mirthless, dark laughter.
“Get help, please.”
He laughed again.
“Oh shit, help me............fuck, I need help and all I get is some retard feeling me up. Please help me........I’m hurting.” She squirmed around.
Dang woomin, thought Aaron, why don’t she shut up. He grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her head. He turned his calloused hand into an axe and whacked her real hard in the side of the neck.
Something snapped.
That wuz better, she wuz quiet enough now and not a’squirmin’all around.
He dropped her. She lay still. Dead still.
Bar-bra, he thought.
He pulled her up. She wuz all floppy and loose. He tossed her over his shoulder and got a big hand around her ass. He carried her to the cabin and kicked the door open. His boys wuz there, Jethro and Gorth and Wintler. He walked to the table where they wuz sittin’ the girl draped over his shoulder. With one sweep his big calloused hand cleaned the table of everything on it, swiping it to the floor. He dumped the girl down on her back on the table..............whumpo!!
“Fresh road kill.” he announced.
Them boys loved a fresh road kill. They fell on her and in nanoseconds, Barbara’s body was stripped naked and them boys climbed on and had they fun with her.
Eventually they had had enough and Aaron got some twine and bound her ankles together real tight. Then he put his paw under the small of Bar-bra’s back and swept her up. She dangled, arched backwards in his grasp. Her feet dragged on the floor and her head and arms hung down. He carried her to the big old cold room and opened the thick wooden door. He got a meat hook and hung her up with the other three. Hanging from the meat rail, in amongst the sides of beef, bound ankles, arms spread, they looked like chickens with trussed feet and wings dangling.
There wuz Vee-kee and Pay-tra and Tee-reez. And now there wuz Bar-bra.
Tee-reez wuz gettin’ a bit stale, them boys wuz pretty much sick of her, he thought he might gut her and bleed her and she’d do nicely for Sunday lunch when Grampaw and Granny came.